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How Do You Move A Purple Mattress

What To Do With The Purple Mattress Bag

Need to MOVE a MATTRESS?? Best Way to Package, Transport & Protect a Bed

It seems like every time you buy a new mattress, it comes in one of those bulky purple bags. You wonder if they will ever stop making mattresses that come with these bags since the average lifespan of a mattress is only about eight years.

First of all, dont think twice before throwing out your old purple bag! Its probably not recyclable anyway and could have contained dangerous chemicals or bacteria due to bed bugs.

Second, use it as storage for off-season clothing or even extra blankets during winter months. Thirdly, keep an eye out around town by asking neighbors and friends if anyone needs some free stuff stored away until next spring/summer season rolls back around again! Lastly, donate them locally.

Who I Recommend The Purple Mattress For

  • Sleepers with pain issues should be really happy on this mattress. The Purples top layer of proprietary GelFlex Grid material is really pressure-relieving, which helps reduce pain.
  • Hot sleepers should be quite happy on this bed. The Purple Grid allows for lots of airflow, which helps with temperature regulation throughout the night.
  • Shoppers on a budget will like the fact that this mattress is very affordable compared to comparable beds on the market.
  • I think this mattress is a particularly good choice for combination sleepers. It has a really bouncy, buoyant feel that makes switching positions easy.

Use Soft Straps To Holed The Purple Mattress In Place

What kind of straps should you use? The best-recommended type is a strap that is both soft and strong. Think somewhere in the direction of bungee cord straps and you are on the right track. When straps are too hard or harsh, they will rub against the plastic. This, in turn, will lead to damage to the plastic bag and ultimately your mattress. Not a good thought, now is it?

The straps that will make the job easier and also keep the mattress securely in place are the type that comes with clasps. This is not 100 percent necessary but it will save you the effort of tying knots and untying them when things look a little too tight or loose.

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What’s Better Than Purple Mattress

Purple MattressmattressesPurplethanPurpleThe Top Online Beds For Side Sleepers

  • Memory Foam Mattress For Side Sleepers Layla Sleep.
  • Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers Nest Alexander.
  • Great For Airflow & Back Pain Purple Hybrid.
  • Soft Foam Mattress For Shoulder Pain Tuft & Needle Mint.
  • Best Budget / Affordable Mattress Nolah Original 10.

Purple Mattress Pros And Cons

Purple Hybrid Mattress review: Unconventional, yet comfortable for all ...
  • Unique technology that offers support, breathability, and softness
  • Hybrid options for people who like the more traditional mattress feel
  • Rated #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power
  • Smaller retail presence than larger, more traditional mattress stores, so harder to try out in-store
  • If looking for a more traditional feel, you have to purchase the higher-end, more expensive hybrid models that are more costly for delivery

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Are Purple Mattresses Good

As mentioned, Purple has three core mattresses: The Purple Mattress, which is the brands original mattress, and the Purple Hybrid mattress and the newest Purple Hybrid Premier mattress. At half the price of the Hybrid mattress, the Purple Original is outstanding value for money. Made from foam, it gives you the best of Purples cutting-edge mattress technology at a very affordable $649.

Ramp that up to the next level, though, and you have the Purple Hybrid or Hybrid Premium mattress, which you can customize to provide superior sleep comfort and support for your body and postural needs.

All Purple mattresses use the companys Purple Grid Technology. Essentially, this is a buckling column gel that dynamically flexes under pressure to support your body. It cradles and supports your shoulders and hips, and the open-grid design promotes airflow and dissipates body heat, so you shouldnt get too hot while you sleep. If you can grab one of these for less during a Purple mattress sale, dont hesitate.

The Original Purple mattress is classified as a medium mattress, whereas the all-new Purple mattress ranges in firmness from medium-soft to medium-firm, depending on what you select.

You Might Not Like The Purple Mattress If:

  • Youre in the market for a standard, run-of-the-mill foam mattress.
  • You cant spend over $1,000 on a queen or king bed.
  • You have a larger body type. Purple offers three hybrid mattresses that will offer more durability, comfort, and support in the long run.
  • Youre looking for an extra plush or an extra firm bed. Purple lands right in between firm and soft.

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How Does The Purple Mattress Feel

The grid makes itself known when you first touch the mattress top. Its distinctive and unique.

Lay down on a Purple mattress and youll again notice just how distinct the grid is. Im 62 and weigh around 195lbs. I found the grid supportive. Some reviews caution heavier sleepers may find Purple a bit unsupportive. Ill note this is subjective, and theres nothing official on the Purple website noting a weight limit.

One thing I can agree with other reviews on is the Purple may not be great for stomach sleepers. Im a side sleeper and had no issues with comfort when laying on the Purple mattress. Laying on my stomach I noticed the Purple was less comfy and supportive.

This seems to distill to the grid. Purples grid technology is a softer top layer than most mattresses have and was designed to support pressure points like your hips. If your hip area is face down, the grid will naturally cause strain in your back. Its just how bodies work!

Ditch the pillow and the Purple mattress was fine for face-down napping. The grid is still a touch soft for my liking when laying face-down. If youre a stomach sleeper, I suggest heading to a Purple showroom to test one for yourself.

Edge support could be better. Sitting on the edge of the bed, youll sink down a bit. If you share your bed with someone, edge support matters. The Purple mattress edges are fine for sleeping support, just not great for sitting on.

How To Store A Mattress

Packing a Purple Mattress for Moving
  • Strip the mattress and give it a thorough cleaning. Consider using a steamer, but let it dry completely afterward.
  • Wrap the mattress in a breathable plastic cover, and use packing tape to secure the top and bottom edges and along the side seams. If you intend to store the mattress for an extended period, be sure to find a cover that is both mold- and water-resistant.
  • Move the mattress to the storage unit, and store it so that it lays flat. This will help the mattress keep its shape and integrity. If you must store the mattress on its side, you will need to rotate it every couple of months. However, long term storage on its side will wear the mattress out more quickly.
  • Do not place anything on top of the mattress while it is in storage.
  • If you store the mattress in a traditional storage unit, place a portable dehumidifier inside to keep the humidity low. A damp environment may cause the mattress to become moldy. For the best long-term storage, try to secure space in a climate-controlled facility.

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Its Good At Isolating Motion

The Purple Mattress isnt super prone to motion transfer, despite its uber squishy and bouncy surface. My cat has a good bit of hefthes a Maine Coon mix and weighs 16 pounds. Yet even when he launched himself onto the bed, I hardly noticed. Thats not to say that a thrashing full-grown adult wouldnt disturb you, but its a good omen.

Four: Lift The Mattress Onto A Dolly

Once your bed is bagged and ready to be moved, it is time to put it on the dolly . If a dolly is not available, two people may be able to safely lift the mattress using proper form to lift it. No matter if youre with a partner or moving a bed on your own even if it is just moving it into the bag youll want to consider the following tips on heavy-lifting basics:

  • Dont be afraid to ask for help
  • Let your legs do most of the heavy lifting so your back and arms dont wear out before you can finish the move
  • Take a moment to stretch your lower back and legs. Do various stretches for about 20 seconds per stretch before lifting. This helps ensure your body is limber and ready to lift
  • Utilize dollies and hand carts when able
  • Wear closed-toed shoes and if need be, gloves to protect your body from possible injuries.

Its important to know proper lifting techniques, even if you arent moving for they can help with day-to-day activities as well.

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Who Will And Who Wont Like The Purple Hybrid

You came to this Purple Hybrid review for answers and were here to give them to you. Here are the types of people we would and wouldnt recommend the Purple Hybrid to.

Who might like the Purple Hybrid:

  • All body types, but especially sleepers over 230 pounds who need extra support
  • Hot sleepers looking for a super-breathable mattress
  • People who like light, airy-feeling beds
  • Anyone open to try a new, unique type of mattress
  • Back, stomach, and combination sleepers

Who might not like Purple Hybrid:

  • People on a tight budget
  • Individuals looking for a really soft bed, like petite side sleepers
  • Shoppers who want a regular ol foam bed

How Ro Move A Purple Mattress 2021 Online

Purple Mattress Review

Looking for How Ro Move A Purple Mattress

Lots of buyers are drawn to bed mattress made with natural, organic, and sustainable materials but are worried about price. Eco Terra set out to build a natural, economical mattress and the outcome is the Eco Terra mattress The business specifically offers this latex hybrid mattress, which is made with organic cotton, natural wool, Talalay latex, and upcycled steel coils.

The Eco Terra mattress is offered in two firmness alternatives: medium and medium firm . Having two offered firmness levels ensures there is an option for nearly every sleeping position and body type. Buoyant latex and responsive coils relieve pressure points while keeping the spinal column aligned.

The breathable construction of the Eco Terra mattress avoids sleeping hot. Considering that the mattress is made without severe chemicals or synthetic materials, it is searched for by eco-conscious shoppers. The mattress is handcrafted in California.

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Who Will And Who Won’t Like The Purple Hybrid

You came to this Purple Hybrid review for answers and we’re here to give them to you. Here are the types of people we would and wouldn’t recommend the Purple Hybrid to.

Who might like the Purple Hybrid:

  • All body types, but especially sleepers over 230 pounds who need extra support
  • Hot sleepers looking for a super-breathable mattress
  • People who like light, airy-feeling beds
  • Anyone open to try a new, unique type of mattress
  • Back, stomach, and combination sleepers

Who might not like Purple Hybrid:

  • People on a tight budget
  • Individuals looking for a really soft bed, like petite side sleepers
  • Shoppers who want a regular ol’ foam bed

Unpacking And Setting Up Your Mattress

Once your mattress arrives at your new place, heres how wed complete the set-up process.

  • Unwrap it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of moisture getting trapped between the wrapping and your bed.
  • After thats done, prop it up on its side against the wall to let it breathe. If youve got the space, you can temporarily store it in another room while you set up your bed frame and other bedroom furniture.
  • At this point, its a good idea to give your mattress a deep clean since its probably gathered some dirt from the moving process and years of use. Cleaning instructions vary based on the type of mattress you have, so check out our cleaning guide.
  • Once youve cleaned it , you can set up your bed frame or foundation and put your mattress on it.
  • Wed recommend leaving the sheets off for as long as you can, just because it gives your mattress a little bit of extra time to air out.

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    How Did We Test The Purple Mattress

    Purple is a relatively young brand that has developed great name-recognition in the mattress-in-a-box realm.

    Revieweds mattress testing is a multifaceted, well-oiled machine. Im one of two mattress testers, and as such I get a new bed every 30 days. In the month that I spend with each one, I mostly sleep on it. But this is Reviewed so it doesnt end there.

    I also run lab and home-based tests, including assessing motion transfer. I balance a Newtons Cradle on one side of the bed and bounce on my knees opposite it. If the cradle wobbles or clacks together, the mattress isnt totally isolating my motion. We also heat mattresses with an infrared lamp and measure the temperature over the course of five hours to see if they tend to trap and retain heat. Theres even a bowling ball to assess edge support and bounciness.

    Is Purple A Good Mattress For Couples


    As we mentioned above, the feel of the purple mattress can be very divisive. Some people love it, and some people find it a little too weird. As such, this is the first hurdle that couples need to face. If one person in the relationship finds it too odd, you should probably look at our list for the Best Beds For Couples.

    If both partners like the feel though, the Purple bed performs well in both motion isolation and edge support.

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    Purple Mattress Policies And Faqs

    How does the Purple ship?

    The Purple is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will ship compressed in a box to your door. The Purple ships for free.

    Does the Purple have a trial period?

    Yes, the Purple has a 100-night sleep trial.

    Does the Purple have a mattress warranty?

    Yes, the Purple has a 10-year warranty.

    What is Purples return policy?

    You can return the Purple after testing it for a minimum period of 21 days and before the end of the 100-night trial to receive a full refund.

    Do I need a box spring with the Purple?

    Nope, you can place the Purple on any bed frame, including box springs, adjustable bases, platforms, and more.

    Where is the Purple made?

    All Purple mattresses are made in the USA.

    Purple Hybrid Mattress Review: Unconventional Yet Comfortable For All

    The Purple Hybrid mattress delivers the same signature Purple feel, but with a more durable and supportive construction.

    From the company that gave you Hyper-Elastic Polymer and the original Purple bed comes the big-and-sturdy Purple Hybrid mattresses. In fact, Purple offers three different hybrid beds, appropriately named the Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4. Below in this Purple Hybrid mattress review, I’ll dive into the different reasons why you may want one over the other, and if they’re worth their price in general. Stick around to find out if a Purple Hybrid mattress is the right choice for you.

    The Purple Hybrid, also known as the Purple 2, is the thinnest of the hybrid options and stands at 11 inches thick. It’s also firmer than the other two models and is ideal for back or stomach sleepers. With that said, it’s the most affordable mattress from the Purple Hybrid series.

    The Purple Hybrid Premier, formerly known as Purple 3, is 12 inches thick with a thicker Hyper-Elastic Polymer comfort layer. This makes it feel a bit softer and lands around a medium to medium-firm on the scale. This bed is suitable for all types of sleeping positions including side sleepers.

    The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is the most expensive of the Purple hybrid beds, but it’s a whopping 13 inches thick and is extra supportive. Like the Purple Hybrid Premier 3, it has a medium to medium-firm profile, and we think it would suit all body types.

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    What If I Decide I Want A Firmer Mattress After The Sleep Trial Ends

    Currently, Purple doesnt offer a mattress topper, and we dont recommend using a competitors topper. Thats not because we dont love other mattress brands its just that the Purple Smart Grid is meant to be the top layer of a mattress. If youre still shopping around, the Purple Hybrid mattress is the firmest model offered by the brand.

    Purple Mattress Review: An Overview

    New Purple 4 Mattress Review

    The key to the Purples success is its proprietary Purple Grid. This is made of a hyper-elastic gel polymer and it really is unlike any other mattress material. It is firm and pressure-relieving at the same time and, honestly, it is hard to describe! The Purple Grid is very durable, making this a great long-lasting mattress . A Queen size Purple mattress comes in at $1299.00, making it an excellent mattress for the money.

    Because this is such a unique mattress, its more likely to appeal to certain types of sleepers. Heres a quick look at who might like the Purple and who might not.

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    How To Transport A Queen Size Mattress

    • Undress your mattress: Take everything off the mattress. Lift the mattress off the bed frame and box spring and put it on the floor.
    • Bag your mattress: Get a plastic mattress bag and have someone help you slide it onto your mattress until its completely covered.
    • Fold the Mattress: With a friend, get on either side of the mattress and fold it in half from top to bottom. While holding the mattress in a folded position, use some rope, bands, or ratchet straps to tie the mattress together. Once its tied, it will remain in its folded position. If you have a large moving truck, you may not need to fold the mattress .


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