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How Much Is A King Size Mattress And Box Spring

How Much Is A Slightly Used King Queen Full Or Twin Size Mattress Set Worth

Whats Inside a Box Spring Mattress – Foundation

First, have you ever wondered about the value of various household items like that baseball card collection youve had boxed and stored for years? Perhaps grandpas old watch that old heirloom piece of furniture that has been handed down the last couple of generations? While it wouldnt be a surprise to see many of these kinks of items show up on PBSs Antique Roadshow because they can actually have some real value, I am pretty sure there is one item you wont find on there, your old mattress set. So how much is a used mattress and box spring worth?

Surely its worth something though I mean you probably paid hundreds maybe even a couple thousand dollars or more. It has to have some value right? Well unfortunately most items on the Antique Road have nothing more than sentimental value and the fact is most of these items simply arent worth very much. The valuable items are often quite special, so What makes them special and so valuable while other items are essentially worthless?

California King Size Box Springs Measurements

  • Width: 72 inches
  • Length: 84 inches
  • Height:

The California king mattress is the longest mattress available! Measuring in at 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, its just the right size for tall people. And with its generous length, two sleepers can get a good nights rest comfortably. No more fighting over who gets to stretch out on which side of the bed.

It can be shared comfortably by two people and sometimes even an extra sleeper, like a child co-sleeping in their parents bed.

Mattress Foundation Sizes And Dimensions

Foundation Size
72 inches by 84 inches 183 cm by 213.5 cm

Mattress foundations are available in all six standard mattress sizes. Some foundations have the exact same dimensions as their compatible mattress sizes, while others may be 2 to 3 inches longer or wider than your mattress. If you have less space in your room, its better to cross-check with the salesmen or customer service representatives about the exact dimensions of the foundation.

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Twin Xl Size Bed Foundation Size

Dimensions: 38 inches by 80 inches

Twin XL size bed foundations are 5 inches longer than the standard twin. The extra length comes in handy for growing teenagers or tall adults. The length of a twin XL is the same as a queen or a king, making it a good choice for tall people who dont have enough space for a queen.

Parents also prefer a twin XL over a twin in their childrens room because this single bed provides extra legroom. Twin XL sizes are also available as bunk beds. Twin XL bed foundations are common in childrens rooms, dorm rooms, or other smaller rooms.

Bottom Line: How Much Should You Spend On A Mattress

King Size Mattress And Box Spring For Sale

From cheap air mattresses to luxury high-priced foam hybrids, the spectrum of mattress prices is broad. As with so many products, paying a little more for quality usually pays off in the long run. We suggest finding one that gives you maximum comfort and support for your budget. If you have a decent credit score, you can look into financing programs that can help you spread the cost of a quality mattress over several payments.

You might be tempted to pick a middle-of-the-road, less expensive option, but remember that you will spend roughly a third of your life in bed. If you have a specific need, like an adjustable base, a higher-priced mattress and base are often worth the cost.

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Can You Fold A King Mattress

The size and weight of king beds make them trickier to move than other mattresses. However, you can check with the manufacturer if you can compress, roll, or even fold your king bed. Usually, youll find a hinge in the middle where you can bend your mattress without worrying that it will damage the structure.

Still, the emphasis is necessary on checking if your bed allows these manipulations or you risk deforming it or voiding your warranty. Furthermore, some materials are only meant to lay flat during transport, and you cant place anything over it, or it will form dents. Nonetheless, moving a king mattress is still doable with proper knowledge.

Full Size Box Springs Measurements

  • Width: 54 inches
  • Length: 74 inches
  • Height:

The perfect mattress for a single sleeper, the Full size mattress is comfortable yet affordable. Its a perfect choice for young adults who try to live on their own for the first time.

We do not recommend a Full bed, also called Double, for couples with pets or children. But its a smart choice if you ever need a spare bed in your house.

54 in. x 74 in. x 9 in.

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Choose Between Split And Standard Box Springs:

When buying a large mattress, such as a king-size, the box spring will also be large. As they’re much less flexible, they can be difficult to maneuver through the hallways and doors in your home. A solution to this problem is a split box spring. It’ll come in two halves, making it much easier to move it around tight corners and small spaces.

Does It Differ By State

Easy DIY Box Spring Cover! | New Chime 12 inch Hybrid King Size Mattress |

Around the time I was picking out my new box spring, I was also preparing for a big cross-country move for my new job. That got me wondering, does the price of a box spring differ by state? Should I wait until I touched down in California to buy it, or would it be cheaper to pull the trigger here in Illinois?

For the most part, the price of a box spring does not differ by state. Since you can order a mattress online, it can be shipped to you wherever you live for the same base price. However, shipping costs and sale taxes in your home state can impact the price, so be sure to keep that in mind when budgeting for your box spring. For the most affordable option, purchasing it at a physical store and transporting it home with your personal vehicle as opposed to a delivery service is your best bet.

However, if youre picking out a box spring and planning to move to a different state in the near future like I was, keep in mind that certain boxes are much easier to move than others. For ease of transport, a lightweight, steel-framed box would be your best option, as opposed to a cumbersome wooden-framed box. Box springs weigh around 35 pounds on the low end and up to 85 pounds on the height end, with the average weight coming in at around 50 pounds.

Through my research, what I ultimately discovered is that only in terms of shipping does it differ by state. With that in mind, finding the right box spring for my lifestyle was key.

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Mattress Brand Price Comparison

Most people can find a high-quality queen-size mattress for around $1,000. While this may seem expensive, a new mattress is an investment that can make a big difference in your overall well-being. Its important to remember that more expensive mattresses typically last longer and come with better warranties. Below, we compare price ranges for our five top-rated mattress brands.


*For a queen-size mattress at the time of publishing

What Is The Average Weight Of A Mattress

An average mattress weighs anywhere from 50 to 150 pounds, but then again, the size and construction matter. A bigger bed with more layers will significantly be heavier than a smaller and thinner mattress. And if youre wondering about weight limits, every mattress type has one.

It would help if you considered your body type or how many people will use it. If a bed mentioned a 400-pound limit, two 200-pound people or one 400-pound person could use it. Some users also think about the convenience when moving a mattress, so opt for something lightweight like an air bed if you travel a lot.

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Things To Consider When Purchasing An Alaskan King Mattress

Before you purchase a mattress of this size it is important to consider a few things.

FREQUENCY OF USE How often will you be sleeping on this mattress? Will it be an every night sleeper or a fun lounge area for watching tv? This will change the type of mattress that will be required. An every night sleeper will need to be more like a standard mattress build up to support your body and pressure points while a lounge mattress could easily get away with being a standard piece of cheaper polyurethane foam, similar to a couch.

THICKNESS Does your mattress need to be a certain thickness to fit into the platform it will be sitting on? Many Alaskan bed platforms require a set thickness for the mattress.

PRICE How nice of a mattress do you want this to be? Price can vary by thousands of dollars for a mattress this big so you need to decide how important comfort is to you vs affordability.

Features To Look For In A High Quality Box Spring

King Size Mattress and Box Spring Nepean, Ottawa
  • The box spring material

This is the first consideration. Usually, the choice narrows down to two steel and wood. Wooden boxes have a special kind of aura and sophistication that only wood can offer. The heavy-gauge steel ones have a promise of longevity. They are sturdy and light in weight at the same time.

The materials used for making mattress foundations are not just wood and metal. There is the fabric cover, which also makes an important part of the box. You want to ensure that this fabric is long lasting. The ones with high thread count would be best.

To stay safe from indoor allergens such as dust mites, make sure the fabric that makes the cover of the foundation is hypoallergenic. Combined with steel material for the frame , you will have a healthy bed to sleep in every night.

Still on the fabric of the foundation cover, ensure that it has a rough finishing so that your mattress does not slide away. It should also be easy to clean and if possible, it should resist dirt well. Make sure it is easy to take off and insert. Most come with a zipper, and some even have Velcro attachments to secure the mattress.

  • The height

There are different box spring types to suit different needs. For example, you could be looking for a low profile mattress foundation, in which case you should go for a 4-inch one. If you want to take your bed to greater heights, get a high profile foundation or box spring, with 9 inches.

  • Size of the box spring
  • Warranty

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What Size Are Split King Box Springs

split kingsplit king

. Subsequently, one may also ask, is a king size bed the same as two twins?

2 regular twins do NOT equal a king . I had always heard that two twins equal a king in size and this is true with 2 twin XL mattresses but NOT with regular twin mattresses. 2 regular twin mattress are the same width but shorter in length than a king by 5 .

Additionally, are split box springs good? Benefits of a Split Box SpringThey are beneficial because, unlike a traditional one-piece design, these two-piece models are quite easy to move.

In respect to this, do all king size beds have 2 box springs?

A split box spring is a regular mattress foundation made up of two separate pieces placed side-by-side. Most queen size box springs come in both whole and split types. All king size mattresses use split foundations. Only order split boxes if necessary since they cost more than a one-piece box.

How much is a box spring for a king size bed?

There is 6.5″ of clearance underneath for added storage to clear up confusion, as I have read differing measurements. I was skeptical about getting a box spring that I had to put together myself Top Selected Products and Reviews.

List Price:

Consider Your Mattress Type:

If you have a memory foam mattress, you may need something different than if you have an innerspring or hybrid mattress. Box springs were designed for innersprings, and you may have a faster breakdown of your memory foam if you place it on a box spring rather than a platform bed, foundation, or adjustable bed. Foundations can be helpful for adding edge support to a memory foam mattress.

Mattresses with coil systems are ideal for box spring use, although some will do okay on other types of foundations. Your best bet is to consult your mattress warranty.

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How To Set Up A Box Spring

Typically box springs come fully assembled, so you would just place it where you want it. Some box spring/foundations, like a smart box spring, that go above and beyond a traditional box spring may have a few parts to put together, but it should be easy assembly with instructions. These are usually metal box springs with a fabric covering that act as a complete foundation.

In a complete bed set, box springs are typically placed on a bed frame that connects to the headboard and footboard. It’s also common to see mattresses and box springs used together without a complete bed frame.

Those who don’t feel the need to have a decorative-looking bed can simply place their box spring on the floor or on casters, with the mattress on top.

With large mattresses, like a king-size, the box spring can be difficult to maneuver through tight spaces in your home. In this case, it may be beneficial to purchase a split box spring, which is split into two halves.

Low Profile Box Springs

ordered a king size spring mattress from amazon – Bed-in-a-Box Zinus

Low profile box springs are about half the height of a standard box spring, measuring between 5 and 5.5 inches in height. Theyre good for those who dont like the rising heights of new mattresses. The comfort doesn’t change, low profile box springs are made with the same materials as a standard box spring, and provide just as much support.

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King Size Mattresses From Spring Air

A King size Spring Air mattress is a splendid choice for couples who want a spacious mattress with innovative features. Since 1926, Spring Air has been reinventing the mattress with new ideas like the pillow top mattress, button-free cover, and free-end offset coil. Spring Air pioneered much of the technology we take for granted in our mattresses today, and continues to develop new comfort technology.

Once you determine which of Spring Air’s collections is best suited for you, you’ll want to . King size mattresses measure 76 by 80 inches and offer a spacious size for sharing. King size Spring Air mattresses are a luxurious option for master bedrooms.

Whether you are looking for a mattress with top-quality back support, effective temperature control, or cutting-edge comfort materials, Spring Air has a King size mattress perfect for you.

The Back Supporter series uses 5-zone technology to provide fine-tuned support to each area of your body. With 5-zone technology, your head, shoulders, lower back, hips, and legs all receive a different amount of support to improve sleep posture. The result is better lumbar support and no more waking up with soreness and stiffness.

The Sleep Sense Hybrid Plus series combines Spring Air’s patented innerspring system with gel-infused memory foam and natural latex for the advantages of both.

Queen Size Box Springs Measurements

  • Width: 60 inches
  • Length: 80 inches
  • Height:

Knowing the queen size is unbeatable, its no wonder that this mattress is the most popular on the market. The Queen size mattress has ample dimensions of 60 by 80 inches, providing plenty of room for a couple to sleep soundly without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. Close out your search for the perfect bed and get yourself a queen today!

80 in. x 60 in. x 7.5 in.

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Box Spring Vs Foundation

These two words are often used interchangeably, but what’s the difference? Both provide support to a mattress, and they look the same from the outside. However, box springs have steel springs that add support and shock absorption. They work very well with innerspring mattresses, as that’s what they were designed for. They’re not ideal for mattresses that don’t have a coil system, so latex or foam mattresses.

Foundations are a more solid frame, made of metal or wood, and encased in fabric. There are different styles, some are designed with slats and some are solid wooden frames without openings. They’re more suited to non-coil mattresses, which tend to be heavier. They can support more weight than the springs of a box spring but don’t have as much flex.

Protect Your Mattress Warranty

Zinus Night Therapy Spring 13 Inch Deluxe Euro Box Top ...

Most manufacturers require that a mattress be supported by a box spring to file warranty claims. An exception to this is when a mattress lies on a platform bed or adjustable base. Since platform beds feature either wooden slats or a deck, the mattress doesn’t need the extra support of a box spring. Check out our article to learn more about foundations.

The warranty also requires that the box spring is in good enough condition that it will not damage the mattress.

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