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How To Cut Up A Foam Mattress For Disposal

Can You Cut Foam With A Jigsaw

Cutting a Foam Mattress in Half

The S 155/W jigsaw blade is engineered to cut rigid foam and fiberglass insulation, cardboard, foam rubber, and similar materials up to 5 inches. Festool jigsaw blades are engineered for cutting efficiency, long life, and superior cutting results, with a universal T-shank design that fits most professional jigsaws.

How To Cut Memory Foam Mattresses And Mattress Toppers Horizontally

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cutting your foam mattress will, in most cases, void the manufacturers warranty.

Cutting memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers horizontally is very difficult. Note that it is especially important in this case not to put too much pressure on the mattress when cutting, as this will distort the shape. To ensure a straight line throughout the width of the foam, it is necessary to prevent the mattress from moving while you cut. It is therefore recommended to find a foam shop where you can have your mattress cut to your required dimensions for you.

To cut a memory foam mattress horizontally, try these methods:

  • Cut your memory foam mattress with a large, horizontal saw.
  • Use a hot wire to cut horizontally through your memory foam mattress.
  • Use an electric saw to cut horizontally through your memory foam mattress.

How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last

Memory foam mattresses tend to perform well in our durability tests. Of the 52 memory foam, foam and latex mattresses weve reviewed, over 90% of them earned four or five stars in our lifespan test. The remaining mattresses got three stars, which is average or acceptable.

However, in the past we have uncovered memory foam mattresses that failed our durability test completely.

And just because you buy a memory foam mattress, it doesnt mean you dont still need to rotate it regularly, so there’s no less maintenance than with a pocket sprung option.

All in all, we wouldnt recommend buying a memory foam mattress solely for the durability, unless it provides the support and comfort youre looking for as well.

Find out more about how to buy thebest memory foam mattress.

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Why Does My Memory Foam Mattress Give Me Backache

A mattress thats too soft will cause your spine to fall out of alignment all night long, and a mattress thats too firm will cause joint pressure in your hips that leads to pain in your lower back. Youre certain to feel this pain as soon as you try to get out of bed. Youre tossing and turning all night.

Is Memory Foam Toxic

How to Cut a Memory Foam or Tempurpedic Bed in Half

Historically, memory foam could contain any number of potentially toxic chemicals. For example, diisocyanates can irritate the mouth, nose, and eyes, and TDI in particular may be carcinogenic. Other substances could also be used during the manufacturing process. However, as new research sheds light on the harmful effects of certain chemicals, more and more manufacturers are moving away from using these substances. Todays mattresses are usually considered harmless, and any chemicals used during manufacturing are generally fairly stable by the time they reach your house.

Companies usually prefer not to divulge the exact ingredients they use to make their memory foam, as these blends are considered a trade secret. Although not all harmful chemicals are banned from use, most mattress companies voluntarily subscribe to inspections by third-party organizations that test the foams for the most common harmful chemicals. The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down in recent years on companies who make non-toxic claims without being able to back them up.

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Will The Local Tip Take A Mattress

Your local tip will take old mattresses, but to get it there youll need a vehicle big enough to fit it in. If the boot of your car isnt big enough to fit the mattress when flat, you might find that it fits if you roll the mattress up as best as possible and fasten it using some rope.

But that’s a lot of effort to go to when the mattress might well just end up in landfill anyway. You might decide youd rather go to the extra effort of taking it to a dedicated recycling facility, or pay for the convenience of the council or a specialist disposal company to collect it from your house.

How To Cut Up A Foam Mattress For Disposal 2021 Online

Looking for How To Cut Up A Foam Mattress For Disposal

The Puffy mattress is among three all-foam beds offered by the Puffy business. It ranks medium, or 5 out of 10, on the firmness scale, making it an excellent option for lighter sleepers. The Puffy is their most affordable design, cost price-points that have to do with half of the expense of the Puffy Lux, and less than half of the Puffy Royal.

All of the Puffy mattresses are produced in the United States and included a life time service warranty. The major distinguishing feature amongst them is the distinction in mattress height, which is because of differences in comfort foam layers. The Puffy measures 10 inches thick, whereas the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal determine 12 and 14 inches respectively.

As an all-foam mattress, the Puffy supplies sleepers with a soft, cushiony feel. Sleepers who enjoy deeply contouring memory foam will like this mattress. Because of its memory foam convenience layer, the Puffy offers sleepers the feeling of being hugged by their mattress. Individuals will feel like they are sleeping in the Puffy, instead of resting on top of it.

The leading comfort layer of the Puffy is gel-infused Cooling Cloud memory foam. The gel infusion is planned to help minimize the amount of heat trapped by the mattress.

Recommended for

Not Recommended for

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Alternative Bedding Like Floor Quilts Old Sofa Or Bean Bag Filler /stuffed Animal Filler

The fabric and foam in your mattress could be reused as a Bean bag or stuff toy filler. Upgrade your old sagging sofa by filling it with memory foam. This can be done by taking professional help.

You can even use it to make quilts. The top layer of a king-size memory foam mattress has enough layering and can be converted into a thick Floor quilt.

Can You Donate A Mattress

How to cut memory foam

If your mattress is still in good condition, consider donating it to charity or giving it away free. That way you can help someone in need, as well as ensuring that it doesn’t end up in landfill.

Organisations such as British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross and Emmaus will resell your mattress and put the proceeds towards a good cause. Several other charities also accept mattress donations, so if there’s a cause you particularly want to support, its worth contacting the charity directly.

As a general rule, these organisations will collect your mattress free of charge, but they might request that you send images first to prove that it’s of acceptable quality. Any organisation accepting a mattress donation will expect it to be fit for use, clean and have a fire label intact.

Another way to ensure your mattress stays out of landfill sites is to use a non-profit initiative such as Freecycle, or your local equivalent group, which can put you in touch with someone in the local area looking for a free second-hand mattress.

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How To Cut A Memory Foam Mattress To The Desired Size

Now when you have all of your tools ready, you can start cutting your mattress. A quick word of warning before we begin, though: if you want to cut a memory foam mattress, you first need to check whether it contains fiberglass or not. If it does and you start cutting, the fiberglass particles will be released into the room. And that can lead to very unpleasant consequences, to say the least .

To find out whether your mattress contains fiberglass or not, read the description online or reach out to the company you have bought it from. If you learn that theres fiberglass in your mattress, cutting it would not be an option. And perhaps in the future, you would like to consider one of the best memory foam mattresses without fiberglass.

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And if your mattress is safe to cut, here are the steps you might want to follow:

Convert It Into Something Useable

Just because your memory foam mattress topper has reached the end of its life span in your bedroom doesnt mean it needs to be thrown out quite yet. There are several ways to turn your old foam pad into something useful that wont require removing it from your house. Memory foam works great for stuffing pet beds, and larger memory foam pads can create a padded place for guests on a futon. If you have accent pillowsthat are also beginning to show wear, cut out a square piece of memory foam and line the old pillow insert with it. This will breathe new life into pillows without any cost to you.

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Drop Your Mattress Pad At A Recycling Center

Most cities have local recycling centers that accept a wide-variety of items that you cant typically put out with your standard recyclables. Because of the materials its made of, your old foam mattress pad needs to be processed in a specialized facility. When you contact your local recycling center, ask them how you can use any local recycling programs or drop-off sites for memory foam.

Even though theyre primarily for mattress recycling, most centers also accept bedding related materials including foam, steel, or wood that come from bed frames, box springs, and used mattress toppers. These materials are then used in the production of new products.

: Dont have time to take your old mattress pad your local recycling center on your own? Let the professional junk haulers at LoadUp take care of everything for you! Get a free quote online!

When you recycle your old mattress topper instead of throwing it away, youre helping not only your community but also the environment by reducing landfill waste, pollution, and energy consumption.

Recycling also boosts the local economy by creating demand for jobs in the recycling industry and supporting economic growth.

Rent A Roll Off Dumpster

How to Break Down a Mattress and Box Spring

If youâre getting rid of an old mattress as part of a home cleanout, renting a dumpster is a great option for disposing of all your junk at once. With a dumpster rental on your property, you can easily carry your mattress, box spring and other materials into the container and have it all hauled away when youâre done cleaning up. Budget Dumpsterâs services are a cost-effective junk removal option, and you can keep your dumpster on-site for a weekend or longer and work at your own pace.

– No need to be home for delivery or pickup. – Not ideal for disposing of only one mattress.
– Offers a guaranteed, scheduled disposal of your mattresses and box springs. – In some cities, mattresses and box springs are not allowed in dumpsters or will incur an additional disposal fee. Call our team to learn more about accepted materials in your area.
– A low, upfront rate is provided ahead of time.
– Allows you to throw away mattresses and other household junk at one time.

Ready to Rent a Dumpster?

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Recycle Your Old Mattress

Although mattress materials are not typically biodegradable, most of them can be repurposed once the mattress is taken apart:

  • The springs and coils can be melted and made into new objects
  • The wood can be chipped and burned for fuel or used in mulch
  • The foams can be shredded for carpet padding or moving pads
  • The cotton and other fibers can be used in insulation or filters

More than 50 mattress recycling programs exist in North America now. Most of them accept used mattresses for a processing fee of $15 or less, and many of them are nonprofits that benefit local communities. Some provide pick-up services while others require drop off.

Source: East Bay Times

To identify recycling facilities in your area, you can visit Earth911.org and explore their directory by zip code. You can also research nearby facilities on the International Sleep Products Association website or through, an organization created to battle the effects of overflowing landfills. If youre buying a new mattress, ask your online or local retail source if they partner with any recycling programs in your area.

Remember that state laws may apply where you live. To learn more about laws that may impact you, you can visit the Programs by State section found on Bye-Bye Mattress.

How To Cut A Foam Mattress In 3 Easy Steps

There are three steps to understand how to cut a foam mattress. This is a useful skill, whether youre upcycling your old mattress or youre trying to get rid of it. Maybe youre even considering making your own mattress.

You can always get your foam cut from stores, but you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home with the guide below. You dont even need complicated tools or skills to do so! Continue reading this article to learn more tricks for foam cutting.

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Cut Off The Piping Cord From The Mattress Edges

Find the piping thread or binding cords on the edges of a mattress that help hold the top and bottom fabric to the sides of the mattress.

After step 1, separate the corded trim along the edges of your mattress using a utility knife or seam ripper to remove the cord. It is easiest to cut as you pull and put tension on the thread using the utility knife to cut where the cord and mattress meet.

How Do You Cut A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

How To Dispose Of A Mattress – Got A Garbage Mattress?

memory foamcuttingcut

. In this manner, what is the best way to cut a memory foam mattress?

Utility KnifeUtility or craft knives, because they are surgically sharp, can be used to cut memory foam. The secret is to make several light passes. Instead of sawing through the foam as you would with a serrated blade, establish an initial shallow cut-line, and then deepen it until you’ve cut through the foam.

Also, how do you dispose of foam mattress toppers? Drop your mattress topper off at a recycling center.Throwing your foam topper into the garbage can be detrimental to the environment. Instead, find local recycling centers and ask them to point you in the direction of recycling programs and dropoff sites for memory foam.

Likewise, people ask, can you cut gel memory foam?

Memory foam mattresses are easy to cut at home and can be shaped to fit your van. A gel-infused mattress is stiffer and has a little more air-circulation. For our van, we chose to purchase a 5gel memory foam mattress.

What do you do with old memory foam mattresses?

As seat cushions for everything ranging from patio furniture to wheelchairs. As a bed pillow for neck and shoulder support or as a body pillow to relieve pressure on the knees and hips. As throws, bolsters, and other decorative accent pillows for the living room or family room. As a topper for ottomans or footrests.

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Disassemble The Wood Frame

Use a hand saw or handheld buzz saw to break down the wood frame into smaller pieces. Ensure you are using work gloves and glasses for this process, if you havent been. You can reuse these wood pieces for small garden projects or throw them in the compost pile, if you happen to have one.

PRO TIP: Some box springs have metal parts in addition to the wood frame. Like the bedsprings, youll need to cut this chunk of metal into smaller pieces before you take it to a recycling center.

Is Memory Foam Safe

Many people sleep on a memory foam mattress every night for years with no ill effects. Even when potentially harmful chemicals are used, these pose more danger during the manufacturing process. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a memory foam mattress, as not all memory foam is equal.

Regulations and standards are continually updated as we learn more about the side effects of chemicals commonly used to make memory foam. This means that newer memory foam mattresses are more likely to adhere to higher safety standards, whereas older mattresses may contain chemicals that are no longer in use. Likewise, cheaper mattresses have a higher potential for being toxic due to price cuts that may happen in countries with lax regulations.

It may require some extra time and money, but by taking the time to understand whats in your memory foam mattress, you can breathe easier knowing youre not bringing harmful products into your house.

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Why Cut Memory Foam Mattresses And Mattress Toppers

You may want to:

  • Turn two twin size beds into one using an overlay of a king-sized mattress.
  • Fit a memory foam mattress to an unusual area, such as inside a boat, the back of a van, or you might want to put the mattress topper on top of an air mattress.
  • Turn a king-sized mattress into two singles.
  • Customize your foam mattress for a frame with an unusual size.
  • Customize the size and shape of your mattress.
  • Re-use parts of a cut-down foam mattress for other applications, such as packaging material, makeshift pillows or mats.

Once you cut your memory foam mattress topper, you might be wondering, how do you protect a mattress topper or mattress pad that you lay on top of your mattress. We’ve got you covered.

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