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How To Get Rid Of A King Mattress

Other Ways To Dispose Of A Mattress

How To Dispose Of A Mattress – Got A Garbage Mattress?

If you haven’t had your mattress long, you may be able to return it. Find out how to return a mattress.

Other methods of mattress disposal are damaging to the environment, antisocial and/or illegal.

Don’t burn your mattress. Not only is a mattress fire hard to control, but the fumes released by the fire could also be damaging to both you and the environment.

You can get rid of your old mattress using a skip, but you’ll be contributing to a landfill problem.

Of course, you should never dispose of your mattress by putting it in someone elses skip or, worse yet, simply abandoning it at the side of the road. As well as being environmentally harmful, fly tipping is illegal and can result in a large fine.

Now that you know how to dispose of your old mattress, find out the best new mattresses to replace it with.

Taking It To The Local Dump

With bringing it to the dump option, you will need a car or van big enough to fit your old bed into. Although it seems like the easiest option, it isnt the most environmental friendly option. Disposing the mattress in a dumping centre adds to the worsening of a landfill problem which damages our environment.

Evaluate And Prevent Future Bedbugs

Bedbugs can take some time to wipe out. Before you can ensure that your treatment has worked, you need proof that the bugs have moved on. Check the infested areas about once every 7 days for signs of activity.

To make surviving bedbugs easier to spot, place bedbug interceptors under each leg of the bed. These devices will trap bedbugs before they can climb up into your bed. You may need to keep checking the interceptors for a full year.

Bedbugs are hardy creatures. Just when you think youve wiped them out, you might spot them again. You may have to try a few different treatment methods to control the infestation. And if they still do not go away, youll want to call in a professional exterminator.

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Selling Your Old Bed Frame

Our last option, is more beneficial to you if you want to make a few euro more out of your own bed set. Again keeping in mind, it might not be the ideal option selling your old mattress in these times, but if it is a clean, like new mattress you may still get a buyer. Wooden and metal bed frames would also bring in profit if in good condition.

There are lots of places to advertise too

Gumtree, Donedeal, and Facebook marketplace will be your safest bet when trying to get rid of your old bed.

Lets face it, everyone loves a good bargain!!

Mattress Disposal Guide How To Get Rid Of A Mattress

How to Get Rid of your Old Mattress

Mattress disposal can be quite the challenge. Especially if youre unaware of the options available to you for donating or destroying your mattress.

You might be thinking Ill just put it out on my driveway on trash pick up day. But assuming your trash company even picks it up, its going to end up in the landfill which is not great for the environment.

In this guide, well show you how you can dispose, reuse, or repurpose your mattress in an eco-friendly way.

What’s In This Article?

Sadly, such unnecessary waste is devastating to the environment. We live in an age when so much is disposable, and sustainable living is more important than ever. to get rid of a mattress? the question.

If your old mattress is in good condition, you would do better to donate or resell it.

If it is worn out, then recycling may be a better option.

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Can You Put Mattresses In A Skip

No, generally you cant put mattresses into a skip bin. Skip bins arent the best option when it comes to getting rid of regular household items, as they can be costly and require you to do all the loading yourself. Mattresses can be tricky to dispose of on your own, so its worth considering hiring a professional rubbish removal company to handle it for you. At 1800-GOT-JUNK?, we can get that mattress out of your way in no time. You wont need to lift a finger! Well remove the items right from where they are, load them into our truck, and make sure everything is either donated, recycled, or properly disposed of.

Resell Your Bed Or Mattress

If you think your bed or mattress is in a reasonable enough condition to be used again then you could try selling it locally. List it on sites such as Gumtree, Freecycle or Facebook Marketplace.

A good way to see what sort of price you could charge is to check what other beds in your area are selling for and benchmark the condition of your bed frame against these. Offering it for collection only will save you having to transport the bed yourself.

You could also offer your bed for free if you dont need any extra cash. Again, this will save you the cost and effort of transporting the bed yourself. You may even be able to do this if your bed isnt in the best condition as some people may just be looking to use the materials that your bed frame is made from for other purposes.

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How To Get Rid Of A Mattress: Qld

Planet Ark has launched a scheme with a view to making recycling facilities more accessible for everyone. Their website Recycling Near You lists a series of drop-off locations and helpful tips.

You can also check with your local council to find out if kerbside collections occur in your area.

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Check With Your Local Trash Collection Service


In some areas, municipal curbside services will remove mattresses during weekly collection days or on specified bulk pickup days. Reach out to your townâs trash and recycling service to see if this is an option in your area and how items should be prepared for pickup.


  • Heavy lifting is done for you.
  • Price is subject to increase upon arrival.
  • Offers a scheduled removal of your old mattress.
  • You must be present for the pickup window.
  • Best for removing only a small amount of junk.

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Do Bensons For Beds Remove Old Beds And Mattresses

Althoughhere at Bensons for Beds we can now dispose of old mattresses and divan beds, we have partneredwith the British Heart Foundation to offer a collection service for your oldmattress, bed and bedroom furniture for our customers.

The charity offers a free furniturepick-up service for customers who have bought a new bed or mattress fromBensons for Beds. The BHF will come and collect your unwanted bed frame,mattress or bedroom furniture. They will then re-sell these in their network ofshops right across the UK.

All of the money made from the saleof your bed and bedroom furniture will raise much-needed funds for the charity,helping them to continue their essential and pioneering work in cardiovascularresearch.

As well as raising money for afantastic cause, donating your old bed or mattress can alsosave you money. Furniture disposal can be expensive or, if you take your oldbed to the tip, you may have to hire a van or, at the very least, spend moneyon petrol.

El Cajon Transfer Station

Address: 915 OConner St., El Cajon, CA 92020

This is another location that partners with the Mattress Recycling Council, located just northeast of San Diego. Drop-off is free and available for city residents only, no businesses.

Mattresses are accepted at the scalehouse from 8:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday and 8:00am-11:00am Saturday. For more information, call 619-596-5100.

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Nonchemical And Chemical Treatments

Insecticides can help rid your home of bedbugs. Look for products that are registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and are specifically marked for use on bedbugs.

Here are a few types of insecticides you can try:

  • Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are the most common chemicals used to kill bedbugs. However, some bedbugs have become resistant to them.
  • Pyrroles, like chlorfenapyr, kill bedbugs by disrupting their cells.
  • Neonicotinoids are versions of nicotine. They damage the bugs nervous system. This type of chemical works on bedbugs that have become resistant to other pesticides.
  • Dessicants are substances that destroy the bugs protective outer coating. Without this coating, the bugs dry out and die. Two examples of dessicants are silica aerogel and diatomaceous earth. The advantage to dessicants is that bedbugs cannot become resistant to them, but they work slowly. These products can take a few months to kill off all the bugs.
  • Foggers or bug bombs kill bedbugs, but they cannot get into cracks and crevices where these bugs hide. They can also be toxic to humans if you use them incorrectly. Read the label carefully. Leave the room before you set off a fogger.
  • Plant oil-based products, like EcoRaider and Bed Bug Patrol, are less toxic than chemical insecticides, and they work well against bedbugs.

So How Do You Know If Your Mattress Is In Good Enough Shape To Be Donated

Pin on Invisible World Of Microbes

Every charity, organization, and shelter has its own standards for what is acceptable for a donated mattress. However, there are a few standard guidelines:

Odors: Though people can sometimes be noseblind to odors in their own home, a particularly strong odor on a mattress should be noticeable to you. When in doubt, call in a third party, preferably one who you do not live with, to do a sniff test. If you find that the mattress has a slight odor, you can try sprinkling a layer of baking soda on the surface and letting it sit for a few hours. Afterward, vacuum off the baking soda, and then, if possible, let the mattress air outside. If the odor remains, you should reconsider donating the mattress.

In general, figuring out if your mattress is up to donation standards is a matter of common sense.

Make sure the mattress is structurally sound, clean, and free of any infestations or odors. The mattress is not going to help anyone if it cannot be used. Think about whether or not you would want to receive your mattress as a donation. If not, then consider other options.

If you feel that your bed is in good shape for donation, then thats great! You can move on to selecting the right place to donate.

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A Donate How Can I Donate My Mattress

Charities, shelters and churches might take your mattress off your hands as long as its still in good condition, or you can pay a professional to clean it if youd really like it to go to a new home. A few larger charities that take mattresses are the British Heart Foundation, Emmaus, Furniture Donation Network, British Red Cross,Stellas Voice UK and the Furniture Re-use network. Others that may be interested are local womens refuges and homeless shelters

Youll need to make sure the fire safety label is still intact when youre donating or selling your mattress. It wont be accepted without it. The label will be sewn onto the underneath of the mattress and looks like this:

How To Fix The Hump In The Middle Of A King

Over the course of a few years of ownership, you may notice the right and left sides of your king-size mattress have condensed, resulting in a hump in the middle. Natural indentations and body contouring where you lie the most cause this disfigurement. Most mattress manufacturers cite this as regular wear and tear, and therefore do not cover the cost of replacement.

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Signs You Need A New Mattress

After youve had your mattress for about seven years, you should begin inspecting it for wear and tear. If you start to notice any of the below signs, its probably time to get a new mattress.

  • Your mattress has started to sag.
  • Your mattress has rips or worn edges.
  • There are broken coils in your mattress.
  • Your mattress has started to smell.
  • Your mattress squeaks or makes noise.
  • Your mattress feels more like a hammock.
  • You have begun waking up with aches and pains.
  • You have difficulty falling and staying asleep.
  • Youre able to feel your partners movements more than usual.
  • You wake up tired or with allergies.
  • There is no exact time to get rid of your mattress, however, if you start to notice any of the above signs impact your sleep, it may be time for a new one.

    How Long Does A Pocket Sprung Mattress Last

    How to Return or Move a King or Queen size Foam Mattress Part 1

    Of the 81 spring mattress weve tested, more than half of them earn four stars or more in our tough durability tests.

    After measuring the height, firmness and supportiveness of every mattress we test, we then simulate up to a decade of use by rolling a heavy barrel over the mattress 30,000 times. To do well in our durability tests, a mattress must maintain its supportiveness, firmness and height.

    Our pick of the best pocket sprung mattresses will help you pick out a long-lasting option, but to maximise its lifespan you need to make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions for rotating or turning it.

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    Disassemble The Wood Frame

    Use a hand saw or handheld buzz saw to break down the wood frame into smaller pieces. Ensure you are using work gloves and glasses for this process, if you havent been. You can reuse these wood pieces for small garden projects or throw them in the compost pile, if you happen to have one.

    PRO TIP: Some box springs have metal parts in addition to the wood frame. Like the bedsprings, youll need to cut this chunk of metal into smaller pieces before you take it to a recycling center.

    Disposing Of Your Mattress

  • 1Wrap the mattress in plastic. Go to a department store, a home improvement store, or a moving supply store to get a mattress disposal bag or a mattress storage bag. Your local waste management authority likely requires that mattresses be disposed of this way for sanitation reasons. To avoid being fined, put your mattress in one of these bags and seal it closed with packing tape before you throw it away.XResearch source
  • 2Set the mattress out on heavy trash day. Once your mattress is wrapped in plastic, its ready to be placed by your trash can on the curb. Wait to set out your mattress until its the morning of your monthly “heavy trash day,” when large trash items are accepted. If you arent sure what day this is in your area, check your local waste management website to find out.XResearch source
  • Dont do this with multiple bulk items at a time, or else you may be fined. To be safe, only set your one mattress out next to your trash, instead of multiple mattresses or multiple pieces of furniture.
  • 3Hire a disposal company if you have a lot of trash. If youre throwing away multiple bulk items, consider hiring someone to come pick it all up for you. This can be a bit pricey, but may be worth the money if you have many large things to get rid of.XResearch source
  • Search online for local general trash removal companies and local companies that specifically dispose of mattresses. Request quotes from these companies and go with the most affordable option.
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    How To Find Your Old Mattress A New Home

    If donation options dont work in your area, you can sometimes give your old mattress away for free. It might surprise you how many people can utilize a second-hand mattress, if its in good shape.

    • What about a newly-wed friend, coworker or neighbor?
    • Think of family members too cousins, nephews, nieces, even older family?
    • People on the Internet? More on that below.

    Put Your Mattress For Sale On The Web

    King size divan bed 4 drawers and deep filled mattress

    Some online platforms and giveaway apps that can come in handy:

    To get the best possible price for your used bed, post accurate photos of the mattress and arm yourself with patience. Its likely you will get questions from potential buyers.

    In addition to some of the above online sales locations, there are offline options as well to sell locally.

    • Prepare sales ads or fliers with photos of the mattress, information about its condition, and your contact number.
    • Distribute the fliers around your neighborhood. Some ideas for local places that may allow advertising are libraries, restaurants, cafes, and community centers.

    Keep in mind though that selling used mattresses is illegal in some states. Check your states laws regarding selling old mattresses, in order to avoid trouble with the law.

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    How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

    Bedbugs measure just 5 millimeters across, which is smaller than a pencil eraser. These bugs are smart and tough, and they reproduce quickly. Bedbugs know where to hide to avoid detection and can live for months between meals. A female can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime.

    Its no surprise that these tiny bloodsuckers can cause a lot of trouble in your home. If they get into bed with you, they can leave red, itchy welts all over your body.


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