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How Much Does A Lull Mattress Weigh

First Impression: How Does It Feel

Lull Mattress Review: Mattress Advisor (2018 Review)

The Lull is compressed, placed into a box, and delivered to your doorstep. After removing the mattress from the box, it should expand to its full size within 24-48 hours.

When pressing into the top of the bed, you will feel the covers softness and the memory layer underneath. After removing your hand, you will see the medium-level responsiveness.

Because the memory layer is small, you will likely not sink into the bed as much as expected when lying down.

Who Should Choose Lull Mattress Foam

  • If youre a back sleeper, you will definitely love this bed a lot. It doesnt matter if youre heavy or light you will still get the comfort that you desire. The mattress provides the ideal support while still allowing your hips to sink in a little bit. Also, your spine will be properly aligned on this bed.
  • For a combination sleeper with a light or medium weight. As long as you are of light or medium weight and sleep in different positions, you will find this mattress to offer you the support that you greatly desire. This is because it is a slightly firmer mattress, and it has a wonderful balanced feel that offers the ideal support and comfort for different sleeping positions.
  • If youre tight on the budget but still want a quality mattress at a below-average price, the Lull mattress will also be an excellent choice.
  • Do you love the feel of memory foam without getting stuck? Then, Lull is a good mattress for you. It provides you great pressure relief, and you can move easily on it without getting stuck.
  • If youre looking for a bed with an average thickness profile, this will be a great mattress for you.

How Long Will It Last

The 7 polyurethane foam support core in the Lull Mattress means that you can rest easy for 10 years or more before having to worry about a new mattress.

The high quality of all of the foams and materials used in the mattress provides a sleeping experience that is free of sagging or dents in your mattress, and Lull offers a lifetime limited warranty to ensure that the mattress will be at its top performance forever.

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The Difference Between A Box Spring And Foundation

While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, the primary difference between a boxspring and a foundation is the use of springs. A boxspring actually contains springs, whereas a foundation does not.

The springs in a boxspring can give a mattress a bit more bounce than it has on its own. Moreover, some people feel that they do a better job of accommodating the mattress because they are slightly responsive to pressure because of the springs. A foundation is a solid surface and lacks springs, so it does not contribute to the bounce of a mattress, nor does it do a very good job of responding to pressure from above. If youre purchasing a high-quality mattress like the ones we review on this site, then you wont need to worry about the lack of response from a foundation, as a good mattress will provide enough support to prevent you interacting with the foundation level.

  • FAQs
  • Searching for the best memory foam mattress is not an easy task if we consider the number of brands out there in the market offering similar products with similar characteristics. Not to mention the different prices, designs, and delivery options.

    In this article, we would like to highlight a brand that doesnt seem to get the exposure it deserves and that could be a great option for your next mattress hunt.

    This time, we have put together a quick Lull mattress buying guide for you to explore the options that this brand may offer to you and your family.

    What Is The Best Type Of Memory

    Lull Mattress Review [2021 Update]

    In general, a mattresss firmness level will determine how comfortable you feel sleeping in a particular position. The idea is to keep your spine aligned , and your pressure points cushioned.

    Most side-sleepers should do well with a mattress thats medium-soft to medium-firm. You should be able to draw a straight line connecting the midpoints of your ears, shoulders, and hips. Your shoulders and hips should feel some give, as opposed to feeling pressed by the bed.

    Back-sleepers tend to gravitate toward medium-firm mattresses. Lie on your back and try to slide your hand under your lower back. If you can just fit your hand through, the mattress is probably a good fit. If its too snug, the bed is probably too soft. If theres too much space, the mattress may be too firm.

    Stomach-sleepers may prefer a mattress thats on the firmer side of medium-firm. If you feel an exaggerated pull, causing your back to over-arch, then the mattress may be too soft. If you feel the mattress pressing against your ribs, its probably too firm.

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    Trials Warranty And Delivery

    Lifetime, Limited Free in Contiguous U.S.

    For a major purchase like a new mattress, its important to make sure that youre clear on all the nuts-and-bolts like shipping, returns, and warranties. The following sections explain how these logistical considerations are handled for online mattresses in general and for Nectar and Lull specifically.

    Why You Should Trust Us

    We published our first foam-mattress guide in 2016, and weve been testing and adding new mattresses to it ever since. As Wirecutters senior staff writer for sleep, I visit mattress factories, stores, showrooms, and trade shows on a regular basis. And I talk frequently with expertsboth in the mattress industry and in materials sciencein order to better understand what makes a quality mattress. Ive pored over good-quality online owner reviews to look for feedback trends. Ive read the fine print concerning the warranties and return policies of each of our picks. And Ive checked in with staffers who happen to own some of our picks to see how the mattresses perform in the real world. Ive also slept on most of our contenders for at least a week in my own apartment.

    This guide builds on the work of Kevin Purdy, who, as a Wirecutter senior staff writer, spent two years testing about a dozen mattresses, including trying them out in our Los Angeles office and sleeping on them for a month at a time in his home. Weve since tested our current picks against new contenders, with dozens of testing-panel participants in 2018, 2019, and 2020. In fall 2020, associate staff writer Justin Redman researched and tested several additional mattresses for this guide.

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    Lull Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress

    Looking for a medium-firm mattress at a low price? The Lull and Nectar mattresses are both hitting the charts for their comfortable and supportive foam layers!

    But dont rush to the store yet. Well help you compare the two in terms of their construction, thickness, edge support, sizes, warranty, price range, and sleep trial. Youll also learn which kinds of sleepers are perfect for each mattress.

    How Much Does A Mattress Weigh

    CRAZY HEAVY Travel Trailer! See how much with Weigh-Safe Hitch!

    Many potential customers believe that the more a mattress weighs, the higher the quality. However, weight is only a by-product of quality, not a determinate. Mattress type, thickness, and size

    Many potential customers believe that the more a mattress weighs, the higher the quality. However, weight is only a by-product of quality, not a determinate.

    Mattress type, thickness, and size are significant factors that determine mattress weight. Heavier mattresses contain more materials and are more difficult to move. In our article, we go over each mattress type and size, outlining different features that could influence weight.

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    Lull Mattress Prices & Specifications Analysis

    Top Layer
    1.5-inch gel memory foam COMMENT: Is relatively thin for a comfort layer and therefore likely contributes to the above-average firmness of the mattress. Lull does not disclose density which is usually a sign that density is average at best .
    Middle Layer
    3-inch foam COMMENT: Is relatively thin for a transition layer and therefore likely contributes to the above-average firmness of the mattress. Lull does not disclose density which is usually a sign that density is average at best .
    Bottom Layer
    7-inch foamCOMMENT: Is relatively thick for a base layer and therefore likely contributes to the above-average firmness of the mattress. Lull does not disclose density which is usually a sign that density is average at best .

    Advantages Of Lull Mattress

    • This memory foam bed is sold at a very affordable price below average.
    • It is very quiet when weight is applied to it.
    • Mattress Lull offers great motion isolation, which means that there is no disturbing your partner.
    • It has an excellent 100-night free trial period.
    • Lull mattress isolates better motion transfer.
    • The company provides free shipping and a full refund
    • It comes with a 10-year warranty

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    How Much Does A Genie Gth 636 Weight

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    Who owns lull forklifts? Lull Forklifts for Sale

    Lull telehandlers are now part of the JLG family of top-quality telehandling equipment that has been helping workers get more done in less time for more than four decades.

    Who Is The Lull Mattress For

    Layla Vs. Lull Mattress Comparison
    • Small and average-sized people .
    • If you are shopping for value. If you are on the market for a memory or neutral foam feeling mattress, the Lull mattress is priced extremely well relative to other mattresses in its class.
    • All sleeping positions. .
    • If you are picky when it comes to feel. If you are against the feel of traditional memory foam or if you arent the Lull Mattress has pretty universal appeal.
    • If you are shopping with durability in mind.
    • If you are looking for a memory foam mattress, but you do not like that sinking feeling which can sometimes come with this material. The Lull is slightly more responsive than typical memory foam.

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    How Does The Lull Mattress Compare To Other Beds

    As any consumer does with a product theyre considering, our mattress assessments involve comparing them with other similar products. Be it composition, firmness, or price, we think its important to see how Lull mattresses stack up to other beds.

    The Lull Mattress is a Medium Firm memory foam mattress that offers a good balance of close conforming and bodily support.

    Dual comfort layers hug the sleepers body and alleviate pressure points in their most sensitive areas, while a high-density polyfoam base layer helps reinforce the bed and provide an even, comfortable sleep surface. The mattress isolates motion transfer very well and produces minimal noise.

    Check out our selections below if youd like to see a few comparable mattresses.

    Lull Mattress Vs Casper Mattress

    Anyone who is considering the Lull mattress might want to know how it compares to one of its main competitors, the Casper mattress. While the Lull and Casper are both all-foam mattresses, they do feature some noticeable differences.

    First off, the Casper contains four foam layers, while the Lull only contains three, and the Casper boasts a proprietary Zoned Support system that makes the center of the mattress firmer than the head and foot. This means the Casper will feel firmer when people are stomach sleeping and back sleeping and softer when they are side sleeping.

    The Casper is going to be a better match for side sleepers because it is softer overall, and it is especially softer under the shoulder area. It is also a more deluxe mattress and, while it does cost more, the Casper could be a better long-term investment than the Lull.

    The Lull, on the other hand, should be a fantastic fit for back sleepers and side sleepers who want to save on their mattress purchase. In addition, the Lull mattress is firmer than the Casper and should offer enough support for both back sleeping and stomach sleeping.


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    Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230 Lbs

    It is always a fantastic idea to consider ones size and weight when shopping for a mattress. Given that I weight 160 lbs, I wanted to get the perspective of a larger person to see how the Lull worked for them, so I asked Marten, who weighs 250 lbs, to try out the Lull for himself.

    In terms of firmness, Joe said the Lull was a 7/10, but I thought it was an 8/10. This is because I am a larger person, and I am pressing further into the mattress and interacting more with the support layers beneath the thin comfort layer.

    Back sleeping on the Lull mattress feels really fantastic my hips sink in the right amount, and the mattress holds up my larger body. At the same time, the top memory foam layer provides some contouring and also presses up into my lumbar area and supports me there.

    Side sleeping, I am feeling even more pressure on my shoulders and hips than Joe felt. I am dropping through the comfort layers, and my shoulders and hips are really driving into the support layers beneath.

    Finally, when I am stomach sleeping, the mattress is not supportive enough for me, and I feel like I am bowing into the mattress toward the center of my body. Except while I am back sleeping, the Lull is not the best mattress for heavy people.

    Use Reviews As A Compass

    Lull vs Nectar Review | Bed In A Box Comparison (MUST WATCH)

    Expert Tip: Everyone in the mattress industry claims to have unbiased reviews. This is simply not true. No review is unbiased. Whether it is an angry customer, a reviewer that was given a free item, or somebody’s uncle, reviews are only good for direction not for decision.

    This is one area where Slumber Search can help by already having done most of the work of aggregating, analyzing, and collecting reviews and scores . But there are plenty of other sites and experts that provide reviews too! Find the reviews and start learning about the different brands.

    Above Sheet: If you’re like me, you’ll want to save your findings because this isn’t a single day decision. Whether its a spreadsheet or some notes on your phone, compile a list of a few that you are interested in and your takeaways. Above is a sample spreadsheet.

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    Mattress Advisor Score For The Lull Mattress

    Heres how the Lull mattress scored on different tests and evaluations. Each score is a rating out of 10 points. The total score is a weighted average that incorporates all of the functional and performance characteristics of the mattress. We break down the scores so you can see how the Lull mattress performed on specific tests and evaluations.

    Mattress Advisor Test
    Total Score for the Lull Mattress: 8.9/10

    Where Is Lull Mattress Made

    According to the website, Lull mattresses are manufactured in the USA, but some parts are made in Vietnam and China. The final assembling is done in the USA under strict safety and environmental regulations.

    If you would like to try a mattress made entirely in the USA, check out our Saatva model reviews:

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    Construction And Materials Comparison

    If you want to know what really makes a mattress tick, you have to look at how its built. Closely reviewing its construction, including each individual component as well as how the components work together, offers some of the clearest insight about whether a mattress is likely to suit your needs and meet your expectations.

    When examining mattress construction, keep in mind that virtually every mattress is made of two sections. The support core is the bottom layer, creating a stable base. Above that is the comfort system, which can include multiple layers and most significantly affects the firmness and overall feel of the bed.

    The Average Mattress Size

    Lull vs Purple Mattress

    When looking for a new mattress, consider weight. If you move frequently, a lighter bed might be a better option, making transportation easier. But if youre planning on settling down in an area long-term, you may want to invest in a bigger mattress for optimal comfort.

    About the author

    Mitchell Tollsen is a graduate student and a freelance writer whos contributed to the Early Bird blog for three years. Mitchells always been fascinated by the science of sleep and the restorative processes our bodies undergo when at rest. The self-titled Sleep Expert is always looking for ways to improve his shut-eye, and throughout the years has implemented numerous lifestyle changes and tried dozens of sleep-promoting gadgets to determine the best ways to truly get better rest.

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    Lull Mattress Firmness And Pressure Relief

    On the firmness scale, I would say Lull sits slap bang in the center at a medium. Depending on your weight, you could experience a little on the softer or firmer side of medium which is something to keep in mind if you are particularly small or large.

    One of the most impressive things about the Lull Mattress is its balance of support and pressure relief. It is firm enough for back sleepers , but the memory foam and polyfoam construction of this mattress provides cradling and softness under the hips and shoulders best for side and combination sleepers.


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