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Is Firm Mattress Good For Lower Back Pain

#reason : Your Mattress Cant Give Enough Support

Best Firm Mattress For Back Pain 2021 (Which Bed Is Right For You?)

Another reason for creating back pain is that your mattress cant provide you adequate support to your back, spine, hip, and other joints of your body.

Solution: Choose The Mattress That Provides Perfect Support

Support is an essential part of all kinds of sleepers such as heavy sleepers, light sleepers, side & back sleepers, stomach sleepers, etc. The memory foam mattress that gives you a lack of support can cause lower back pain. You must choose a mattress for the right support. If you are a heavy sleeper like over 200 lbs, you must sleep on a mattress that has high-density base foam. It will give you the highest support and prevent sinking and safe your spine and back.

Most memory foam mattresses use multiple layers for different purposes such as top foam layers for comfort or feel, the base support foam layer for providing adequate support, etc. When you choose a new mattress that has high-density support foam, it will give you more support than others. If you feel your mattress sinks, you should change it quickly and get a good high-density supportive mattress. So, I recommend you choose a mattress that will give you enough support. You can check my researched list of top-rated highest supportive memory foam mattresses.

Tips For Choosing The Best Mattress For Back Pain

Before purchasing one of the best mattresses, there are many different aspects and key points to consider, The most important aspect is the correct hardness.

This is even more important than the choice of material for the mattress. Therefore, always choose a mattress that can be of different firmness .

Soft or hard mattress? The density and firmness of the mattress are important, especially if you have back discomfort. This is why weight and posture are the determining factors when choosing the mattress of your choice.

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For A Bad Back

Trying to find the perfect mattress can be challenging at the best of times, but if you also suffer from a bad back, it can become more difficult, with an overwhelming amount of information and conflicting recommendations about how best to relieve your aches and pains.

Weve taken the pain out of the process by compiling a list of mattress types that are considered to be best for those with a bad back.

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When Should I Worry About Low Back Pain

Lower back pain can happen quite suddenly and take a while to disappear. Often, the pain is easily treated at home until it’s gone. However, you should see a medical professional if you experience any of the following with your back pain:

  • A fever, which can signify infection.
  • A prickly tingling sensation or numbness. These symptoms can signify nerve damage.
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control. These symptoms are tied to a rare condition where the nerve roots in the base of the spinal cord become paralyzed.
  • Unexplained weight loss, which can be caused by a tumor or infection.

Finally, if your back pain lasts beyond six weeks, you should see a doctor.

Best Sealy Mattress For Lower Back Pain A Detailed Look

Best Medium Firm Mattress For Back Pain Reviews 2020 ...

Struggling with pain in the back is a very undesirable experience. It can impact the overall quality of your life and even your sleep. When we do not get excellent sleep it can improve the pain in our back causing us to feel irritable and even affect our healing rate. Best Sealy Mattress For Lower Back Pain

Then getting a great nights sleep is one of the most essential things you can do to help your healing, if youre suffering from back pain.

This short article will provide you a good insight into the type of mattress that may fit you best if you want to find the best mattress for you.

The information in this article has been compiled through our own comprehensive research study of various mattress brands that are also kept in mind in some way to be helpful for neck and back pain and or pressure relief.

While we have taken our time to do our research study, and have actually also gotten in touch with a few of the listed brands to learn more regarding back pain support, you should likewise put in the time to research the very best solution for your specific condition.

It is also an excellent concept to talk to a mattress consultant from your selected brand prior to making your purchase. Often, you can do this by means of live chat on the company site. We have actually noted each of our recommended companies sites for you in this short article.

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What Is An Orthopaedic Mattress

An orthopaedic mattress is simply a term the industry came up with years ago to refer to a super firm spring tension or support unit in a mattress.

An orthopaedic mattress is any spring unit that uses a 1.94mm 12 gauge spring. This is the firmest gauge wire you can use in a conventional mattress spring. They are uber firm, very unforgiving and in our experience will only suit a tiny fraction of the bed buying public.

The issue with orthopaedic mattresses is that they have become known as mattresses for bad backs. These orthopaedic models are usually far from suitable for people with backache.

How To Sleep With Back Pain

Sometimes your back pain issues are not solved by just getting a new mattress, or even a mattress with a better firmness. Your sleep health is a combination of so many different factors. Here are some tactics you can try:

Side Sleeping tips

  • Use a pillow between your kneesside sleeping requires one leg to be higher than the other. What ends up happening is that the top leg can rock and pull at your pelvis due to the downward slope towards your feet. Adding a pillow between your knees not only takes the weight off your lower leg but it levels the top leg and helps it rest in a more neutral position.
  • Use a small thin pillow just above your pelvisthis area is notoriously unsupported, especially for the petite or people with wide hips and a thin waist. If you find this area unsupported then this is a great thing to try as it also helps position your pelvis and legs for good sleep.
  • Don’t forget about your pilloweach area within your sleeping position can have an impact on your sleep. Even as a lower back pain sufferer, fixing problems with your pillow and neck position can actually help improve back pain as well. Side sleepers should seek a thicker pillow to fill the often large gap between the shoulder and neck.
  • Learn more specifics about side sleeping, tips and mattress recommendations by reading my guide on Best Mattresses for Side Sleeping

Back Sleeping Tips

Stomach Sleeping Tips

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Mattress

The soft memory foam mattresses cause back pain, neck pain, and bad for the side & back sleepers. And, the firm memory foam mattresses can cause joint pain and feel uncomfortable while sleeping on the side. Few memory foam mattresses are hot and cant pass airflow perfectly. You have to choose the get memory foam mattresses that are cool and comfortable.

Which Is Better For Back Pain: Memory Foam Or Sprung Mattresses

Best Firm Mattress For Back Pain (Our Top 6 Picks!)

Unlike traditional sprung mattresses, memory foam shapes itself to fit the contours of the body, rather than just the major pressure points like the hips, knees and neck. This reduces the pressure on these areas, and helps to keep the spine in a natural alignment. So, they can be very comfortable and effective for those with chronic back problems.

On the other hand, traditional coiled mattresses do provide effective weight distribution, which can make them a good option for taller or heavier individuals. Pocket sprung mattresses are especially effective at this, because the individual springs can move independently, allowing them to better follow the contours of the body than traditional open coil styles. So, ultimately, the best mattress for a bad back really depends on your build and sleeping style.

If you like the sound of both benefits, then a mattress which utilises both pocket springs and a layer of memory foam, like our hybrid mattresses and , could be the best solution for you.

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Is My Mattress Causing Back Pain

There are many variables and factors to check why you develop or experience back pain. Its better to consult your doctor to determine any possible reason. However, poor sleeping posture due to using an improper mattress can be why you have back pain.

We spend a long time on our beds, and we use them every night, so the continuous stress and poor support will eventually affect our backs. You must know what mattress complements your body type, sleeping position, and other traits. Start by checking your posture when you lie in bed to determine the necessary adjustments.

What Is The Best Mattress For A Bad Back

If you have a bad back and are struggling to sleep this is usually because the mattress you have is aggravating your spine issues. ie your current mattress is not suitable. The best mattress you can choose if you have a bad back is one that can be customised to your body weight and sleeping requirements. This means a pocket sprung and upholstered mattress. These types of the mattress have the most variables so you have a far better choice when finding a truly suitable mattress for your particular bad back.

If you have a bad back the best mattress for this is one that has the following properties:

  • The correct spring tension/gauge for your bodyweight
  • Enough comfort layers to allow some sink in the top layer
  • A pocket spring unit that can individually contour to you
  • Limited transference when your partner or you move to limit disturbance
  • A natural fibre mattress that is breathable to avoid overheating
  • A two-sided mattress model so you can turn it and even out settlement
  • For people struggling with back pain, we have two models that we advise you to look at first. These models have both the necessary support but also comfort layers for people who suffer from bad backs.

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    Rest Assured Adleborough 1400 Pocket Ortho Mattress

    Rest Assured is one of a few smaller brands that are actually owned by the same company that owns the well-known Silentnight brand. The Rest Assured Adleborough 1400 has a brilliant specification for the price. Its a pocket sprung mattress which is the more common alternative to memory foam. It also features a hand tufted finish, which is another sign of a quality mattress.

    The Rest Assured Adleborough 1400 cannot be flipped or turns, so instead has to be rotated. When it comes to flipping, its often considered beneficial to be able to turn a mattress as this is thought to greatly increase its life. This mattress is also one of the only ones available that doesnt come with any form of trial period so its best to read many reviews or to go and actually try one out before purchasing. It does come with a 5 year guarantee though, which although is a long time, its not very long in the world of mattresses.

    #reason : Stomach Sleeping Can Cause You Lower Back Pain

    Basic, firm mattress plus plush topper for back pain ...

    Stomach sleeping is not good for your health and it may cause you lower back pain. If you are used to sleeping on the stomach, I suggest you avoid this sleeping position. When you sleep on the stomach, your memory foam mattress cant hold your spine, back, and neck perfectly aligned and cause back pain.

    Solution: Try To Sleep on The Side and Back

    If you are suffering from lower back pain due to stomach sleeping, I recommend you to switch your sleeping position. You have to try sleeping on the side, back, and stomach frequently. It will reduce the chance of creating back pain.

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    Are Firm Or Soft Mattresses Better For Back Pain

    Both firm and soft mattresses can be good for back pain.

    Because whilst a study concluded that a medium-firm mattress resulted in a reduction of back pain in the cervical, dorsal and lumbar regions in older adults with musculoskeletal pain , and the status quo is that a firm mattress is better for back pain, the truth is that soft and firm mattresses both help or even CAUSE back pain.

    This apparent paradox is true due to the difference in body weights, body types, and the preferred sleeping positions between individuals.

    For example, whilst a soft mattress may not provide enough support for a heavier weighted front sleeper over 230 lbs and could actually contribute to back pain, a lighter weighted side sleeper under 150 lbs may find that their back pain reduces because the lower surface tension allows the sleepers hips and shoulders to sink more deeply into the materials to facilitate better posture.

    However, the same 230 lbs+ front sleeper may experience a reduction in back pain whilst sleeping on a firm mattress because the increased surface tension can help to guard against excessive material sinkage and thus maintain an ideal posture to combat back pain whilst the lighter weighted side sleeper would likely experience pain and discomfort on the same firm mattress due to the pressure points that it creates as a result of not being able to sink far enough into the mattress materials.

    Why So Many People Pick Firm Mattresses

    Many people with back pain tend to pick firmer mattresses as there is a widespread belief that they can provide you with an additional level of support. Despite this, its also a good idea to think about how much give the mattress provides.

    This is because if a mattress is too firm, then it has the possibility of pushing against your spine. As always, be sure to shop around from a wide variety of mattresses to see what works for you and seek specialist advice from your doctor if your lower back pain is persisting.

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    How The Right Mattress Can Cure Your Back Pain

    Now that weve discussed how to tell if your mattress is causing back pain, weve found some advice on how to choose a bed that will relieve AND prevent back pain. Researchers in Spain recently studied people with long-term back pain and found that people who slept on a medium-to-firm mattress had less pain than those who prefer a soft or firm mattress. In an interview with NBC News, Gerard Varlotta, director of sports rehabilitation at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University Medical Center, explained why the findings make sense.

    There needs to be an equal distribution of pressure, he said. Too firm of a mattress is not good. It doesnt provide enough contour to our bodies. Too soft is going to bend and cause problems as well.

    But of all the medium-to-firm beds out there, its hard to tell which brands and models are best. One thing to look for is a material thats been proven to help back-pain sufferers sleep.

    Sleep expert Michael Breus, PhD, says latex is a great choice. In WebMDs article How to Pick Your Perfect Mattress, he says, Quite frankly, I think one of the best materials is latex. Breus goes on to say that latex is firm and supportive, yet provides comfort similar to memory foam. But latex pushes back whereas memory foam doesnt, ultimately providing more support.

    What Makes A Suitable Mattress

    The Best Firm Mattress For A Bad Back & Lower Back Pain!

    Aside from personal preference, a main factor when choosing a suitable mattress is your spine health. The spine naturally has three slight curves, and they need to be supported even when youre horizontal.

    A good mattress will hold your body in a neutral position. This means your spine will be held in its natural slight curve, and your head, shoulders, buttocks and heels are aligned. On a perfect mattress, you should feel no pressure at all, almost as if youre floating. Over time, the right mattress can relax muscles, encourage better sleep, and even improve posture. The wrong mattress could leave you waking up with back pain, particularly around the base of your spine, and can interfere with healthy sleep more generally.

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    How Sleeping Positions Affect Back Pain

    Your sleeping position determines your spines neutral position. Maintaining your spines alignment as you sleep ensures you wake up pain-free in the morning.

    If you arent sure of your sleeping position, think of the position you went to bed in. Then take note of the position you woke up in. If its the same position, youre either a side, back or stomach sleeper. But if you wake up in a different position the next morning, then you are a combination sleeper.

    Tips For Sleeping On Your Back

    • It is important to have your head elevated properly when sleeping on the back. This will help to avert any acid reflux distress. With the head raised, gravity allows for the stomach to sit below the esophagus, keeping any acid from food coming up to the throat to cause discomfort.
    • Make sure all the pressure points in the body are equally supported. You will want a firm mattress that allows the cradling of all points of the body resting on the surface. Consider adding a mattress topper to a very firm mattress, or to top an older bed.
    • Although researchers have found that sleeping on the back is the best for back pain, adding a rolled pillow behind the knees, to assure that your spine lies flat against the mattress, will help to prevent lower back pain.
    • Research shows that sleeping on your back may lead to snoring, difficulty breathing, and an overall bad nights sleep. Is your snoring keeping someone awake at night? Try flipping overyoull both wake up more refreshed.

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