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How Much Does A Queen Size Purple Mattress Cost

How Much Do Purple Mattresses Cost When There Isn’t A Sale

2020 Purple Mattress Review – How much do you weigh? It matters!

The Purple Mattress Original is the cheapest in the range, and is excellent value compared to other bed-in-a-box companies who don’t have the same level of technology in their entry-level mattresses.

Without a Purple mattress deal or other discount, the Original costs: $599 for Twin | $849 Twin XL | $1,049 Full | $1,199 Queen | $1,499 King and Cal King | $1,698 Split King.

The price of the Purple Hybrid mattress, as this is Purple’s equivalent of an intermediate mattress: $1,499 for Twin XL | $1,699 Full | $1,799 Queen | $2,199 King | $2,199 Cal King | $2,998 Split King.

If you want the ultimate Purple mattress, head for the Purple Hybrid Premium, available in various thicknesses. The three-inch costs: $2,099 Twin XL | $2,299 Full | $2,399 Queen | $2,999 King and Cal King | $4,198 Split King. The four-inch model costs: $2,599 Twin XL | $2,799 Full | $3,099 Queen | $3,699 King and Cal King | $5,198 Split King.

You won’t always find a Purple mattress discount code or sale on the Purple site itself, but the brand often runs free gift promotions. For example, it will add a pillow, sheets or other gift to your order when you buy a Purple mattress, increasing the value of your purchase. Plenty of retailers offer Purple mattress deals and sales too, so there’s usually a way to reduce the price.

How Do I Find A Location To Buy The Mattress

  • We have many retail locations where you can experience Purples innovative comfort products. Find all retail locations HERE.
  • If you’re not near a retail location, don’t worry! We offer a 100-night trial with every mattress purchase. If you decide Purple isn’t a perfect fit for you within the 100-night trial, you can send it back.
  • Keep in mind, we ask all Purple customers to spend up to 21 nights on the Purple Mattress before starting a return or exchange. This time will allow your body to adjust to the incredible support Purple has to offer!

Who Will And Won’t Like Purple

To conclude our Purple mattress review, I’m going to lay everything out and help you decide if the Purple bed is the perfect mattress for you.

You might like the Purple mattress if:

  • You get hot while you sleep. The Purple bed’s design offers a massive amount of breathability and should help you sleep cooler and more comfortably.
  • You want a very bouncy, responsive bed.
  • You sleep on your side, back or stomach. It works for all sleeping positions, unless you weigh under 145 pounds and strictly sleep on your side.
  • You love Purple’s commercials and are open to being adventurous with your new bed.

You might not like the Purple mattress if:

  • You’re in the market for a standard, run-of-the-mill foam mattress.
  • You can’t spend over $1,000 on a queen or king bed.
  • You have a larger body type. Purple offers three hybrid mattresses that will offer more durability, comfort, and support in the long run.
  • You’re looking for an extraplush or an extrafirm bed. Purple lands right in between firm and soft.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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Is There A Purple Mattress Topper

In a nutshell, no. At the moment Purple doesnt make a mattress topper, probably because its mattresses are so good and so affordable on their own that you dont need to supplement them with a topper.

If you are looking for something to protect your new Purple mattress though, we would recommend looking at the Purple Mattress Protector . Theres also a specific Kid Mattress Protector available for the Kids Mattress.

Who I Dont Recommend The Purple Mattress For

How Much is a Purple Mattress? Purple Mattress Q& A
  • I wouldnt recommend this bed to heavy people. I dont think the Purple has enough support for anyone over about 250 lb. If thats you, Id recommend checking out our best mattress for heavy people roundup, which has tons of super supportive beds.
  • This mattress isnt firm enough for strict stomach sleepers. These sleepers need a firm mattress to prevent their hips from sinking out of line with their shoulders.
  • Anyone after a traditional feeling bed isnt going to be happy on the Purple. Its grid layer has a squishy feel, somewhat reminiscent of a waterbed.

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How To Transport A Queen Size Mattress

  • Undress your mattress: Take everything off the mattress. Lift the mattress off the bed frame and box spring and put it on the floor.
  • Bag your mattress: Get a plastic mattress bag and have someone help you slide it onto your mattress until its completely covered.
  • Fold the Mattress: With a friend, get on either side of the mattress and fold it in half from top to bottom. While holding the mattress in a folded position, use some rope, bands, or ratchet straps to tie the mattress together. Once its tied, it will remain in its folded position. If you have a large moving truck, you may not need to fold the mattress .


Purple Plus Mattress: Design And Features

The new Purple mattress is an upgrade in terms of comfort and cooling performance compared to its original mattress in a box. The Plus is made of the following:

  • Breathable SoftFlex cover
  • 2-inch GelFlex Grid layer with 1,400+ open-air channels
  • 2-inch layer of premium high-density foam for deluxe cushioning
  • Firmer 3-inch layer of supportive memory foam

What makes the Purple Plus stand out from the Original is the additional 2-inch layer of premium foam placed directly underneath the GelFlex Grid.

The new premium foam is designed to react more quickly to your body’s pressure and movement. So as soon as you turn over or wriggle into a new position, the mattress should respond to your body faster.

That same premium foam layer is also more breathable than Purples standard foam. Together with the GelFlex Grids 1,400+ open-air channels and a breathable SoftFlex Cover, the Purple Plus mattress aims to boost airflow to help you sleep cooler.

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Sleep Trial Period And Warranty

Purple offers a 100-day trial with every mattress and a 10-year limited warranty. Because of Purples unique design, they ask that you give it at least 21 days to adjust to the design before you decide to return it.

The 100 night trial starts the day your mattress is delivered. From then, you have 100 days to sleep on your Purple mattress and decide whether or not you would like to keep it. If not, Purple will come and retrieve your mattress and bring it to a local charity or recycling center. You will receive a full refund.

Are Purple Mattresses Good

Purple Mattress (Queen Size) Setup, First Impression!!!!

Our answer is absolutely, but for the right kinds of people. Its completely unique and is a great option for those that are interested in trying something new. Its also incredibly breathable, making it ideal for those who sleep hot. Weve featured it on several best lists, including the best bed in a box mattress and the best mattress under $1,000 because, while its unconventional, it appeals to a wide range of sleeper types and offers a perfect balance between soft and supportive.

In this review, well try the best we can to describe how it feels to sleep on Hyper-Elastic Polymer and who we think it is the best mattress for!

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What Are Some Complaints From Customers

These mattresses are heavy and a common customer complaint is that they can be difficult to move. Purple mattresses start at about 70 pounds and can go up to 202 pounds shipping weight for the Hybrid Premier California King. So, take advantage of the company’s free white- glove service and get help setting up the mattress in your home.

Besides complaints of the mattress being “too firm” for some, other issues can be a lack of edge support in the Original mattress . Also, you’ll be paying more for those high-tech materials than other foam mattresses.

Compare Purple Mattress Models And Prices

Want to learn more about Purple brands? Check out our overview of Purple as a company and all their available mattress models.

Up to $350 off

Purple has one of the most unique bed-in-a-box mattress lines on the market thanks to their comfort grid technology. This grid is designed to target pressure points and support key areas of the body. Purple has 4 mattress models, and together we will explore each mattress in depth, looking at their materials and who they work best for.

Why trust us?

Here at Mattress Advisor, weve tested more than 120 mattresses, examining key features such as responsiveness, customer service, durability, motion transfer, and more. We spend around 10 hours per mattress going over these factors, recording, synthesizing, and publishing these in-depth reviews. The Purple mattresses are included in this process.

We know sleep is crucial in your life, and we spend the time to make sure you have the facts.

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Who Is This Best For

Mattress experts usually recommend a specific type of cushioning for different sleeper types. If youre not sure of the kind of sleeper you may be, simply observe the posture you generally end up in in the night. It is common to classify you as one of three kinds of sleepers: Back, Side, or Stomach Sleepers. Whats the Purple mattresss performance for each of these types?

What Type Of Sleeper Is The Purple Mattress Best For

Purple queen

The Purple mattress gets rave reviews from stomach sleepers, back sleepers and side sleepers, and it’s recommended for customers of all shapes and sizes. However, some review sites, like Tuck and Sleepopolis, suggest the Purple mattress might be too firm for side sleepers, especially if youre a light sleeper. Customers who weigh 250 pounds or more would probably prefer the Hybrid Premier mattress, since it offers more support. All Purple mattresses seem to be good options for people who tend to sleep hot.

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How Does The Purple Bed Feel

It looks and feels more like a gel or silicone-like material, unlike any type of memory foam or poly foam. The top layer is laid out in a grid formation, which creates a bunch of tiny squares across the beds surface. The polymer material is extremely soft, flexible, and responsive. In fact, Hyper-Elastic Polymer can be stretched to 15x its original state. Try doing that with foam and see what happens .

What really makes Hyper-Elastic Polymer special, though, is that its also quite supportive. You kind of get the best of both worlds with this material. Its soft, comfortable and pressure relieving, yet its also able to support all types of sleepers.

Innerspring Mattress Cost Considerations

Traditionally, the quality of an innerspring mattress has been measured by its coil count. More coils made it more comfortable and, usually, more expensive. However, a high coil count does not guarantee comfort, though it almost always makes the bed cost more.

If possible, find out the gauge of the coils in an innerspring mattress youre considering. Higher gauged coils are made out of thinner metal and wont last as long, but they are less expensive. Lower gauged coils will last a long time, but theyll cost you more.

Coil Type
High $$$

The composition of the comfort layer will also affect innerspring mattress pricing. That is the layer between you and the coils since you dont want to lay directly on them. If this is made out of high-quality foam or latex, the bed will be more expensive. If its more like the layer on a traditional mattress, the bed wont cost as much.

Finally, coils that are placed in individual pockets inside the mattress will cost more than coils that are next to each other with nothing in between. Placing all of that material in there to form the pockets cost something, and manufacturers will pass that cost on to you.

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The Latest Purple Mattress Deals On Bedding

If you want to buy one of the brand’s best pillows, these on offer too thanks to the latest Purple mattress discounts. Purple pillows support you in a range of sleep positions, though some are better for particular sleep styles than others.

Purple also makes a 35lb Weighted Blanket for restless sleepers. It’s hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, so it shouldn’t bake you alive while helping you sleep better. So when rounding up the best Purple mattress deals, we’ve also looked for discounts on the brand’s gorgeous sleep and relaxation range.

Sleeping On The Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress Review – AFTER 3 YEARS (Honest Opinion)

The Purple felt like a fantastic match while back sleeping. The Purple Grid collapsed under our butts to provide some pressure relief, while the grid stayed upright everywhere else to create plenty of support.

Moving to our sides, we did experience some pressure relief around the hip and shoulder. However, note that lighter-weight folks might not experience as much pressure relief in this position.

The Purple mattress felt like a great match while we were stomach sleeping. It offers plenty of support, which keeps the hips elevated and aligned with the spine. It is actually one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers and best mattresses for combination sleepers.

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Free Shipping & Warranty

At this time, there are no significant delays to our overall delivery or service, including the manufacturing of our Endy Mattress, which is made, warehoused, and delivered exclusively in Canada. We continue to offer free shipping to every Canadian province. Additional fees or exclusions may apply to the Canadian Territories.

Rest assured, our delivery partners have committed to extra health and safety measures during this time to keep you and your family safe. Happy sleeps await! Learn more about the steps we’re taking

Each Endy Mattress is built-to-last and backed by a 10-year limited warranty

Shipping Trial And Warranty

The Purple Mattress comes rolled up in a shipping bag.

Even if you’re an avid online shopper, it’s difficult to purchase over the internet when you’re unconfident about a brand’s policies. Especially when it comes to returns.

The Purple ships for free in a cardboard box directly to your front door. All you have to do is open it up, remove the plastic wrap, unroll, and voila — you have yourself a new bed. There will be an off-gassing smell right when you take it out of the box, but I wouldn’t say it’s a deal-breaker since it disappears after a few days.

They offer a 100-night trial, giving you more than three months to figure out if you like the bed or not. You should give yourself at least 30 days, though, to give your body a chance to get used to the feel.

Purple offers a 10-year warranty for its original Purple mattress, which is pretty much the standard for online beds.

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Trial Period & Returns

Purple offers an industry-standard 100-night sleep trial period for all its mattresses. If you decide your new mattress isnt for you, Purple will pick it up and issue a refund with no pickup or restocking fees. Purple tries to either donate or recycle used beds.

Purple requires customers to keep the mattress for 21 nights prior to starting the process for a return or exchange. They say this allows for your body to adjust to the proprietary Purple Grid, a material unlike any other in the mattress industry.

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Purple Offers Four Different Mattress Models

Purple The Purple Bed Mattress

In addition to the Original Purple, the company offers Hybrid and Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 models, which include pocketed springs for enhanced side control, breathability, and longevity. The construction of the Hybrid and Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 are virtually the same, but the latter are built with either a 3- or 4-inch layer of the Purple Grid to increase the feeling of weightlessness.

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Purple Mattress Vs Alternative Mattresses

Purples proprietary technology has brought us one of the most unique mattresses on the market today. The Smart Comfort Grid combines pressure relief, support, and cooling properties in a way that makes it one of the best mattresses for a wide variety of sleepers. So, why would anyone choose another mattress?

  • Cost savings: Purple is a luxury mattress brand whose proprietary technology comes with an above-average price point. Shoppers on a budget may want to consider a less expensive mattress.
  • Sleeping position: The Purple Grids body alignment properties relieve pain for many back and side sleepers, but not for stomach sleepers. The grid can cause the hips to fall out of alignment when youre lying on your front, especially if you weigh more than average.
  • Warranty: The Purple 10-year warranty is the industry-standard, but there are other mattress companies that offer more generous warranties. Take the Nectar mattress, which comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Trial period: Purples 100-night sleep trial with a full refund is the bed-in-a-box industry standard. While thats plenty of time for most people to decide on a mattress, you may want longer to ensure that youre getting the right mattress for you. Some companies, like Nectar, offer year-long sleep trials.


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