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Does A Lull Mattress Need A Boxspring

What Is The Lull Mattress Made Of

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

The Lull is an all-foam bed that uses a combination of memory and poly foams to create a balanced feel. But these arent your everyday foams. The memory foam is infused with gel to help dissipate heat, and all of the foams are CertiPUR-US Certified, meaning theyre free of a variety of harmful chemicals.

Intrigued? Lets take a gander at whats inside the Lull!

Cover First up, youll find a cover made from a polyester blend that has a durable, cozy feel.

Comfort Layer Beneath the cover, theres a comfort layer made from 1.5 of gel-infused memory foam. In classic memory foam fashion, this layer has a slow response to pressure, allowing sleepers to sink in for some body-contouring and pressure relief. Meanwhile, the gel infusion helps draw heat away from the sleeper.

Transition Layer Next up is another 1.5 foam layer, but this time its made of poly foam. Its a little firmer and has a quicker response to pressure than the memory foam above it. This layer helps balance out the softness of the memory foam, creating a mix of support and comfort that could appeal to back and side sleepers.

Base Layer Finally, youll find 7 of high-density poly foam. This material is firmer than all the layers above, and it helps provide support and structure for the mattress.

Is The Lull Mattress Good For Couples

The Lull mattress has a lot in common with some of the best mattresses for couples. It runs on the firmer side of medium-firm and provides good edge support, so couples can use the entire surface of the bed without feeling like theyll pitch off the side of it. And sitting on the edge of the mattress wont depress the mattress so much that you slip off.By its very nature, memory foam does a great job minimizing motion transfer. You wont be disturbed if your partner is moving around or getting out of bed on the Lull mattress, and neither will your partner.

Do You Need A Box Spring

Most mattresses today dont need a box spring. You may need a box spring if you have a traditional innerspring mattress and want to have some cushion as well as support or if your mattress warranty requires the use of a specific type of box spring. Always check the fine print to see if your mattress needs a box spring to be covered under the warranty.

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Sleeping Style And Body Weight

Side Sleepers:A memory foam comfort layer and conventional foam transition layer work together to adjust to a side sleepers curves. While their hips and shoulders can sink in enough to relieve pressure points, most individuals should experience enough support to keep their spine aligned.

Side sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or less are most likely to experience a strong balance of cradling and support. Individuals who weigh over 230 pounds may sink in a little more deeply, especially around their hips. Because of this, they could experience more pressure points and they may find it more difficult to maintain their spinal alignment.

Back Sleepers:

The Lulls medium firm feel contributes to an even plane that may appeal to back sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds. Thanks to its relatively thin comfort layer, individuals in this weight group should not sink in very far before getting the support they need from the transition layer and polyfoam core. This should minimize sinkage near the sleepers hips, which may be beneficial for spinal alignment.

Back sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds will also likely experience a relatively even surface without too much sagging near their hips. However, some sleepers may find their midsections sink in slightly more than ideal, especially if they carry extra weight in this region.

Stomach Sleepers:

Under 130 lbs.

SleepFoundation readers get $250 off Lull Mattresses.

Testing The Lull Mattress In Different Sleeping Positions

Do You Need A Boxspring With A Bed Frame

Different sleeping positions and weights need different amounts of support. Take a look at whether the Lull could work for yours.

Is the Lull a Good Mattress for Light Sleepers ?

  • Light Back Sleepers Light back sleepers should feel great on the Lull! The firmer poly foam layers will do a great job keeping their spines in a nice even alignment in this position.
  • Light Side Sleepers The Lull would be a decent option for light side sleepers. I dont think theyll feel pressure building up at the shoulder or hip.
  • Light Stomach Sleepers The Lull would not work well for light stomach sleepers. It doesnt offer enough support to keep their hips lifted up in line with their shoulders.

Is the Lull a Good Mattress for Average Weight Sleepers ?

  • Average Weight Back Sleepers The Lull should feel wonderful for these sleepers! Its foam support system will help keep their spines in an even alignment in this position.
  • Average Weight Side Sleepers Average weight side sleepers should like the Lull, especially if they alternate between their side and another position at night.
  • Average Weight Stomach Sleepers These sleepers will likely find their hips sinking too far into the mattress.Id recommend average weight stomach sleepers search for a firmer option.

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Lull Mattress Review Verdict

We like Lull bed, but also accept its not for everyone. Its designed for petite and average-sized individuals, not heavy people. When it comes to temperature regulation, theres nothing really special about Lull. We found that it sleeps more temperature neutral than anything else. The bottom line is that you get this bed if youre looking for a slightly softer foam mattress, but you arent in love with a traditional memory foam feel.

How Lull Compares To Other Mattresses

  • Lull Vs. Casper Mattress

    Lull vs. Casper have a bit of overlap, but they do not feel the exact same. Casper has a truly neutral feel, while Lull has a whisper of memory foam, given that its the top layer of the mattress. Beyond feel, firmness level is pretty much the same and theyre both able to accommodate all sleeping positions.

  • Lull Vs. Leesa Mattress

    Very similar story for Leesa as well, though, wed say Leesa is a tinge firmer than Lull. Still, they have a similar feel and can work for all sleeping positions. Wed give the edge for side sleepers to Lull and the advantage for back and stomach sleepers to Leesa if you forced us.

  • Lull Vs. Purple Mattress

    Purple is one of the most unique beds available online and feels nothing like Lull. Whether thats a good or a bad thing will depend on your personal preferences. Purple has a responsive, gel-like feel and Lull has that neutral-foam/memory foam mix.

  • Lull Vs. Saatva Mattress

    Saatva is the most affordable and most popular in the category of luxury beds, at least online. Its available in three firmness profiles, none of which feel anything like Lull. Saatva gets the win when it comes to heavy sleepers, but Lull wins on price.

  • Lull Vs. Nectar Mattress

    If Lull has a mixed feel, Nectar has a true memory foam feel. The edge on price goes to Nectar, but this comparison hinges on your preferences for the feel of the bed.

According to Lull, the beds are made in various factories across China and the United States.

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What Is The Point Of A Box Spring

A box spring is a type of support for mattresses manufactured with the same sizes as existing beds. It is made with a wood frame that contains a metal grid or springs wrapped in textile. Box springs are placed under the mattress to provide support.

Here are the primary purposes of using a box spring:

  • Improve airflow to help keep your mattress cool.
  • Protect your mattress by effectively absorbing shock.
  • Elevate your mattress to create a comfortable height.
  • Provide support for your mattress and make it last longer.

Aside from providing underlying support to mattresses, box springs also reduce the impact when you sleep on it. It is more ideal for an innerspring bed than a memory mattress as it can damage foam material. Foam beds lack rigid structure, unlike innerspring beds.

V What To Know About Adjustable Base


Finally, theres the adjustable base, known for its customizable comfort. An adjustable base features a solid surface with hinges connected to a power source, so you can elevate your head, your feet or both for a zero-gravity position. Adjustable bases provide a ton of health benefits, especially for those with acid reflux, arthritis, and chronic back pain.

Plus, many adjustable bases like the GhostBed Adjustable Base include extra features, such as massage settings, USB ports and under-bed LED lighting.

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The Lull Mattress Foundation

Lull claim that this mattress foundation is made with slats, not springs, and that the design maintains airflow around the bed. The slats also extend mattress life and absorb movement.

People can assemble the mattress foundation without tools, and Lull recommend adding legs to create a platform bed or combining it with an existing bed frame.

Lull also sell a range of bedding items, such as pillows, mattress protectors, and duvets.

The following sections will look at these items in more detail.

The Difference Between A Box Spring And Foundation

While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, the primary difference between a boxspring and a foundation is the use of springs. A boxspring actually contains springs, whereas a foundation does not.

The springs in a boxspring can give a mattress a bit more bounce than it has on its own. Moreover, some people feel that they do a better job of accommodating the mattress because they are slightly responsive to pressure because of the springs. A foundation is a solid surface and lacks springs, so it does not contribute to the bounce of a mattress, nor does it do a very good job of responding to pressure from above. If youre purchasing a high-quality mattress like the ones we review on this site, then you wont need to worry about the lack of response from a foundation, as a good mattress will provide enough support to prevent you interacting with the foundation level.

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Lull Mattress Review: Why You Should Consider This Mattress In

  • FAQs
  • Searching for the best memory foam mattress is not an easy task if we consider the number of brands out there in the market offering similar products with similar characteristics. Not to mention the different prices, designs, and delivery options.

    In this article, we would like to highlight a brand that doesnt seem to get the exposure it deserves and that could be a great option for your next mattress hunt.

    Lull is a rising star bedding company based in the United States that manufactures mattresses with low chemical components at affordable prices. The promise of Lulls CEO is to offer you a memory foam mattress of simple composition that will adapt to all kinds of sleepers without any complications.

    This time, we have put together a quick Lull mattress buying guide for you to explore the options that this brand may offer to you and your family.

    How Long Will It Last

    Lull Mattress Reviews

    The 7 polyurethane foam support core in the Lull Mattress means that you can rest easy for 10 years or more before having to worry about a new mattress.

    The high quality of all of the foams and materials used in the mattress provides a sleeping experience that is free of sagging or dents in your mattress, and Lull offers a lifetime limited warranty to ensure that the mattress will be at its top performance forever.

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    Putting A Mattress On The Floor

    Some people question the need for a bedframe entirely, boxspring or no. However, there are several good reasons why you should avoid placing your mattress on the floor if you can possibly help it.

    The first reason that you dont want to put your mattress on the floor is that it reduces the airflow of the mattress. Weve covered the importance of airflow in several of our guides, but you should know that it is the biggest factor in keeping your mattress cool. If the mattress is on the ground then it is cut off from where most of the airflow in a bedroom happens.

    Putting a mattress on the floor is also less hygienic than using a frame. Everything that you find on a floor can get all over your mattress. That means youll be in closer contact with dirt, dust, crumbs, and other unsavory items. Having your mattress on the floor also means its easier for pests like dust mites or bed bugs to gain access to it, which is clearly something to avoid. Finally, putting your mattress on the floor creates a higher risk of exposure to toxic molds that can cause serious or even fatal medical ramifications.

    When you place your mattress on the floor, youre sleeping very close to the floor. As a result, it can be incredibly difficult to get back up once youre laying down. This is especially important for those with medical conditions, or older individuals.

    They Elevate Your Bed

    The first benefit is that it raises your bed. Something is pleasing to the eye about a bed that is elevated high off of the ground. Additionally, it can be cleaner. Having a high bed helps to prevent small pets from jumping up as well as preventing small insects from making their way up your bed and into the covers with you.

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    Lull Mattress Vs Casper Mattress

    Anyone who is considering the Lull mattress might want to know how it compares to one of its main competitors, the Casper mattress. While the Lull and Casper are both all-foam mattresses, they do feature some noticeable differences.

    First off, the Casper contains four foam layers, while the Lull only contains three, and the Casper boasts a proprietary Zoned Support system that makes the center of the mattress firmer than the head and foot. This means the Casper will feel firmer when people are stomach sleeping and back sleeping and softer when they are side sleeping.

    The Casper is going to be a better match for side sleepers because it is softer overall, and it is especially softer under the shoulder area. It is also a more deluxe mattress and, while it does cost more, the Casper could be a better long-term investment than the Lull.

    The Lull, on the other hand, should be a fantastic fit for back sleepers and side sleepers who want to save on their mattress purchase. In addition, the Lull mattress is firmer than the Casper and should offer enough support for both back sleeping and stomach sleeping.


    Does The Lull Sleep Cool Or Hot

    Do You Need A Box Spring For Your Mattress? (FULL GUIDE)

    The density of memory foam has traditionally trapped heat. It has been nearly 40 years since the visco-elastic polyurethane foam was first produced for NASA so newer foams, like the ones in the Lull mattress, do a better job letting heat dissipate.

    The Lull mattress top layer is infused with gel that gets rid of heat and helps sleepers doze at a comfortable temperature. This may not be enough for all people, so if youre frequently suffering from night sweats, you may want to check out our top picks for best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers.

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    Trial Period And Guarantee

    Lull offers a 365-night sleep trial for all mattress owners.

  • This sleep trial does not include a mandatory break-in period. Customers may return their mattress at any point during the 365-night trial.
  • Customers who request a return will receive a full refund. Lull will also coordinate the mattress pickup at the customers residence.
  • Those who purchase their Lull Mattress from will qualify for a 100-night trial, rather than the full 365-mnight trial period. Returns should be coordinated through
  • How Much Does The Lull Cost

    94 lbs 10

    Lulls dimensions are pretty standard for the most part. The different sizes of a mattress differ only about an inch or so from one another.

    Usually, thickness relates to the number of layers, and the thickness of those layers, so the thicker a mattress is, the heavier it is because it contains more layers. This is a nice feature to look for, because this makes the mattress more accommodating and comfortable for a greater variety of sleepers. If you are a heavyweight sleeper and weight over 250 lbs, you may want to look for a thicker mattress , so you can get the proper support you need.

    The Lull mattress is slightly heavier than some other bed-in-a-box brands, but with more weight comes more soft layers. The box your mattress arrives in will vary in weight from about 45 to 100 lbs, so depending on the size of the bed you buy, it may be wise to find some help in carrying the mattress to whatever room youre setting it up in.

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    After One Year On The Lull

    Mattress was bought in July 2016 Interview was conducted in August 2017

    Every time I go away for work, Im so happy to be home and back in my own bed.

    MA: Now that youve had your Lull for a year, how would you describe the quality of sleep you get on it?

    N& S: We sleep so much better now. Every time I go away for work, Im so happy to be home and back in my own bed. Theres something very comforting about coming back to it. Weve had it for a year now and there are no signs of sinking, and we havent had to rotate it or anything like that. Its still in very good condition.

    MA: Do you notice any difference in how you feel when you wake up?

    N& S: We feel much better rested. In our other mattress, we woke up a lot throughout the night. On this one we sleep through the night, so its not messing up our sleep cycles and we feel much more refreshed in the morning.

    MA: How does the Lull compare to other mattresses youve had in the past?

    N& S: I actually noticed that my back pain is going away. We both feel better supported and dont notice any sinking like we used to on our old mattress. Overall our quality of sleep has improved significantly.

    MA: How would you rank the Lull mattress on the following factors?

    Onascalefrom 1-5 with 1 beingtheworstand 5 beingthebest.

    Motion transfer : 4


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