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How Much Is A Vispring Mattress

More Springs = Higher Prices

Vispring Masterpiece Superb Mattress Expert Review

As you can see, the correlation is very clear the more expensive mattresses made by Vispring have a higher number of springs. This might seem like an obvious assessment but when weve done comparisons between brands we have failed to see such a clear pattern. The real world application for this is that spring count is a key question to ask if you are comparing two mattresses of the same brand in a showroom. However, if they are different brands then it is only one indicator and is a much less useful piece of information.

Who Are Vispring Mattresses Right For

Vispring mattresses are ideal for those looking for luxury, natural materials, but don’t mind updating their mattress more frequently.

Sheep shed bed!

Really disappointed with this mattress and the level of customer care received. We initially noted a strong ‘sheepy’ odour coming from our newly acquired Vi Spring mattress which permeated our bedroom. We complained to JL who told us to air it. We stripped the mattress and aired the sheets each day for nearly a month but no difference to the smell was made. JL then replaced the mattress but the replacement is only marginally better than the original. Again, we aired it every day for the best part of a month, but the smell still persists. Vi Spring then sent an assessor out to look at the mattress, which is apparently not faulty. We have complained to JL again and are now awaiting another assessor. I get the distinct impression we are just being fobbed off and have ultimately made a very expensive and rather smelly mistake. 🙁

Expensive does not always mean best.

After visiting the store first I thought I had picked the ideal mattress for us. I couldn’t see it on line but thought I was choosing a better one. It is comfortable and we sleep well on it but are concerned it’s not firm round the edges. When you sit on the bed the rim collapses right down and does not feel like something a quality bed should do.

Vispring Dartmoor Superb mattress, single

Best mattress


Comfy Mattress

Smells of barnyard !!

Every Spring And Stitch Made For You

We sleep in wild and wonderful ways. Everyone is unique. So if you know the type of mattress you like to sleep on, simply choose from our three collections. But if you would rather customise every element, our master bed makers are here to tailor each component for you from fabrics and finishes to choosing a split tension bed and beyond.

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Vispring Fursdon Bedstead Supreme Mattress

Breathable cotton and bamboo fillings Those looking for a quality, long-term mattress People who enjoy a mix of materials Shoppers looking to buy from a trusted retailer

Vispring has created a range of mattresses exclusively for John Lewis and one of those mattresses is the Vispring Fursdon Bedstead Supreme. This is a luxury mattress full of natural fillings but it falls somewhere in the middle of the price range that the Vispring mattresses cover, meaning that you’ll get top-quality at a somewhat kinder price compared to some of the brand’s other mattresses.

This 21 cm deep mattress offers as many as 11 layers, mirroring each other from the middle outwards, starting with the core layer of the brand’s signature vanadium steel springs. The next layer is made of insulating New Zeeland wool and then another mixed layer of New Zeeland wool, breathable cotton and soft bamboo. Next up is a layer of horsehair that gives an even higher, springy support to the mattress and on top goes two more mixed layers of New Zeeland wool, one with Alpaca and one with cotton.

Everything is kept together by a cover made of a chemical-free and flame retardant ticking and the mattress features 3 rows of hand side-stitching. Together, the 11 layers are designed to provide a cushioning and supportive feel to your mattress which is meant to last you for a very long time. John Lewis also offers the Vispring standard 30-year guarantee which is among the highest in the industry.

How Much Is A Vispring Mattress

Vi Spring Mattress : VI SPRING MATTRESS, 180cm x 190cm ...

As you may have seen by reading about Vispring comparison models, the Vispring mattress range is certainly not cheap. Ranging from £1000 to £99,000 in some cases! The average price is between £3000 and £6000 for a kingsize here in the UK depending on the model you choose. This may make you question what the differences are between them? Most of the time its the quality and scarcity of the natural fibres that bumps the price up. However, you can find suitable alternatives for anywhere between £1000 and £3000 elsewhere by using small independent bed retailers.

Below is a handy table so you can see exactly what you should be getting for your money when buying a new bed such as Vispring.

How much to spend on a double mattress? What can I expect for my money?
Under £500 Will not get you much at best a 13.5 gauge open coil/cage sprung with a thin polyester layer or a solid foam mattress.
A Bespoke Hand Made Sleep System, High-end Spring Units & Featuring the Worlds Most Luxurious Natural Fibres.

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Can I Fold A King Size Mattress

When it comes to moving a king size mattress up the stairs, theres really only one method that worksyoure going to have to fold the mattress in half. The good news is that folding a king mattress isnt that difficult to do. Once you have the mattress in place, simply reverse the fold to pop the hinges back.

The Most Comfortable And Sustainable

We search the planet for the most luxurious and sustainable natural materials. Its the only way to make sure that Vispring comfort goes beyond anything youve experienced. Fleecy, fluffy, smooth and soft filling a Vispring mattress with anything less just wont do. Every material is treated with care. Hand-tufted. Deep-filled. Lavishly finished.

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Where It All Began

Our story begins in 1899 with British engineer, James Marshall. When his wife was taken ill in Canada, James hand-made her a supportive mattress with coiled springs wrapped in muslin. It was a revelation in comfort.

But it wasnt until 1901 that the revolutionary design came to Britain. Brought over by John Nolon and Frederick James, the pair decided to produce the mattress commercially and incorporated the Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company in 1901.

Who Owns The Biggest Bed In The World

Vispring Coronet Mattress Expert Review

The largest bed in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records was made by Commissie Zomerfeesten St Gregorius Hertme in Hertme. It measured 86 foot 11 inches long and 53 foot 11 inches wide. This would be the equivalent of roughly 13 emperor mattresses in length and 8 emperor beds in width.

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How Long Will A Vispring Mattress Last

The Vispring mattress is designed to be your everlasting mattress purchase with claims that there are no materials in the mattress that will break down significantly. Unfortunately, from the reviews on Trustpilot, this does not seem to be the case, with over half of the customers complaining and leaving only 1 or 2 stars.

Vispring Mattress Reviews

From reading the Vispring reviews on Trustpilot, customers are complaining about:

  • Dips and sags

A total of 47 of 93 customers have been unhappy, with some saying Vispring commissioned a report from an independent bed technician and whilst acknowledging the problems, they concluded it was not a manufacturing fault. So the customers could not claim on the guarantee.

Handmade By Trained European Craftsmen

Every Vispring is made individually to order and entirely by hand. Experienced craftsmen hand-nest each pocket spring and side-stitch using an intricate technique taking many years to master. Producing all their own springs from the best Vanadium steel, Vispring fits each mattress and divan with a unique selection to offer a broad range of sleeping options.

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Fashioned In A Honeycomb Pattern

the springs are hand-nestled in one, two or three deluxe rows. The next step is side-stitching, a needle-and-thread operation patiently performed by the most experienced artisans.

It can take up to eight hours to hand side-stitch a super kingmattress. However, its a competitive tie for the most elaborate and specialized skill at Vispring. Tape-edging is a late-stage process by which a craftsman traces the perimeter of the mattress, often working backward, to seal its luxurious contents in place. A visit to the workroom confirms the aerobatic prowess and strength needed for botheven the slightest miscalculation during either step results in a crushing do-over.

While most of us sink into bed and crave relief in caveman terms, soft orhard, Vispring articulates the pleasures of rest in natural materials, assembling a layer cake of slumber using the same luxurious elements couturiers and interior designers routinely seek. Depending on the type of model, each mattress features a select blend or recipe, which can be individualized for each side of the mattressone firmness for you and another for your bedmate to ensure lasting peace in the kingdom.

How Much To Spend On A Mattress

VI Spring Sapphire Adjustable Bed

If youre scratching your head at the different costs of the mattressesabove. How they can be £2-£3k more expensive than each other dont fear. Its a common complaint as mattress companies refuse to reveal whats inside them so you can compare as we do.

Below is a guide to enable you to gauge what to expect for your money.

How much to spend on a double mattress? What can I expect for my money?
Under £500 Will not get you much at best a 13.5 gauge open coil/cage sprung with a thin polyester layer or a solid foam mattress.

Were a little bit underwhelmed and disappointed that Vispring have moved into pillowtop mattresses. We thought that they may have created these with removable toppers so they can be turned and rotated. This would have been the sensible route to go down to appeal to the American market whilst also avoiding the pitfalls of the dreaded pillowtop mattress.

Maybe over time they will consider this as they further develop these products. For us though, we simply cant bring ourselves to offer such a flawed construction method. Youre better off with a 2 sided mattress and a separate topper, that way you can turn both and get the maximum life span out of the mattress.

John Ryan the most trusted bed retailer

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Looking After Your Bed

Every Vispring bed is carefully handmade and can last a lifetime if you carry out a little maintenance. Here are a few tips to help keep your mattress and divan in tip top condition for years to come.

  • Dont bend or roll your mattress as it can damage the springs .
  • Moving house? Keep your mattress well wrapped, laid flat and supported at all times.
  • Dont worry if the tufts on your mattress ever snap theyre designed to keep all the luxurious fillings in place and will break if put under a lot of pressure. The good news is that theyre easy to replace.
  • Regularly check the fixings of your divan legs or castors as well as any divan linking plates. Make sure everythings nice and tight.
  • Try to avoid sitting on the edge of your bed as it puts pressure on the edge springs and could break the border stitching.
  • As tempting as it is, dont let children bounce up and down on the bed as it will damage the springs.
  • Dont use your mattress in a plastic bag or with a plastic bag between the mattress and divan, as it can cause damage through condensation.
  • Dont use a Vispring mattress on a base with slats more than 7.5cm apart . If you are using a slatted base, wed recommend using a mattress pad to minimise wear.
  • Dont use a Vispring mattress on a worn-out divan or old bed base. It will shorten the life of your mattress and might void the guarantee.


How long does it take to get used to a new mattress?

Why does my new Vispring mattress smell?

6 months 1 year: 4cm

1-2 years: 4.5cm

Vispring Regal Superb & Vispring Signatory Mattress

Vispring Regal Superb
  • The Vispring Regal Superb Mattress is one of their most popular models. It contains 1,000gsm Bonded British Fleece Wool and Cotton, 1,200gsm horsetail Blended with British Fleece Wool and 900gsm Blended Fleece Wool and Cotton, making a total of 3100gsm.
  • The outer cover is finished with Satin Ivory Belgian Ticking and has a total depth of 23cm, 1720 pocket springs, three rows of hand side-stitching, eight horizontal handles, and 16 air vents.
  • The Vispring Regal Superb Mattress has an overall medium feel in the upholstery layers and is available in 7 spring tensions, soft, medium, firm or extra firm and split tensions, including medium/soft, firm/medium and extra firm/firm. It retails at £4360 for a king size at andsotobed August 2021.
Vispring Signatory Mattress
Winstons Ultimate Hybrid Latex Mattress

The Winstons No1 Vs

Vispring Magnificence Mattress
Vispring Diamond Majesty

Why are the Vispring mattress reviews Trustpilot so bad

What is the best vispring mattress topper

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Best Vispring Mattresses In The Uk 2021

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A Vispring mattress is not cheap.

However, they are amongst the best you can buy in the UK. Theyre made with high quality materials and they come with long guarantees. Of course, they also have a prestigious reputation which youre paying for.

Prices vary significantly between the cheapest Vispring mattress and the most expensive mattress. The price of a double Vispring mattress at John Lewis & Partners ranged from about £1000 to £4000 when I checked.

Well attempt to explain what the difference is between the cheapest and most expensive models.

Buying a Vispring mattress is a big investment and I wouldnt encourage you to spend more than you can afford. However, it is worth mentioning that there is some science behind the salespersons claim that you get what you pay for with a mattress.

Artisan Bespoke 003 Comparison To The Vispring Tiara

Vispring Mattress Review by

Weve also recently added the Artisan Bespoke 003 to our range which also has a similar albeit slightly softer feel than the Artisan Bespoke 002 which compares to the Vispring Tiara. It has a deeper comfort layer for that softer sink. It is priced at £2885 for a kingsize Feb 2020. It contains significantly more upholstery than the Vispring and Bespoke 002 at 5600GSM which is nearly twice as much.

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Who Makes John Lewis Mattress

There are a number of manufacturers who make for John Lewiss own label mattress range. One being Spinks and Edgar, you may recognise this from Harrison Spinks the mattress manufacturer brand. Harrison Spinks make the following bed ranges Harrison, Somnus, Hybed and Spink & Edgar which are their brand names.

What Else You Need To Know About Vispring

For a luxury sleep experience you’re sure to love, you are looking for a Vispring. Vispring mattresses are manufactured sustainably to minimize their carbon footprint. The resources used to make these mattresses are both renewable and biodegradable, and the timber comes from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. City Mattress sells Vispring products that are top-tier as well as sustainable.

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About The Author Dave Higgins

Dave has worked in the furniture business, focusing on mattresses, for several years. He enjoys oil painting in the Impressionist style, playing guitar, and cooking for his family. Dave also believes that English Bulldogs are the comedians of the canine world.

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Vispring Plymouth Supreme Mattress

How much would you pay for a good night
Shoppers on a budget

The Vispring Plymouth Supreme Mattress is a very popular and more affordable Vispring model, exclusive to John Lewis, which can be a great way of testing the brand without breaking the bank. It has gained many five-star reviews and several happy customers mention how comfortable it is and that it is a great quality mattress at a good price.

Featuring Visprings traditional Vanadium steel springs that each has 6 coils and have been placed in individual calico pockets, this mattress provides good support for the body at rest. The king-size model includes 1200 of said pocket springs and you’re encouraged to flip your mattress regularly in order to keep the springs in good shape for a longer time.

Apart from the springs, this mattress contains generous layers of natural fillings made of fleece wool from New Zeeland and cotton which is a breathable material. Together they provide a good airflow through the mattress while wicking away moisture from your body in order to promote a cool and pleasant sleeping experience. The Vispring Plymouth Supreme Mattress also features two rows of hand side-stitching and cotton felt tufts for an elegant finish.

Those looking for additional support People enjoying an extra-springy feel

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The Secret Behind The Comfort Of Vispring Mattresses

Vispring is considered to be one of the most luxurious mattress brands of today thanks to staying true to their traditional craft in order to provide the optimum quality that their customers expect. Leaving no detail to chance, the brand continues to source top quality materials both near and far, starting with their pocket springs.

Using only durable vanadium steel that has been wound six times before the springs are individually nested in natural calico pockets. These springs are designed to provide excellent support to the sleeper’s body by responding individually to each movement and are present in the three main collections of mattresses offered by Vispring, as well as in their bespoke mattresses and other collections that their retailers offer.

Did you know?The six coils of each spring gave the company its name as VI means six in Roman letters.


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