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How To Send Back A Casper Mattress

Price Trial And Warranty

Casper Mattress Review 2022 (Watch Before Buying)

As far as bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses go, the Casper Original is fairly budget-friendly. A twin mattress goes for $595 and the king — and California king mattress — retails for $1,295. However, that’s probably not the price you’ll pay. Casper regularly offers promotions and deals and if you time it right, you can score a new mattress for at least 10% off.

Regardless of your timing, shipping are always free and you’ll get a 100-night at-home sleep trial to give your body some time to adjust before deciding if you like the mattress. If you do keep it, you get a 10-year limited warranty, but you have to make sure you’re using it on the recommended type of bed base — in this case, it’s a firm, sturdy platform base — or the warranty is void.

How Do I Return Smaller Items

Casper inventory consists of many compact items such as bed sheets, pillows, and dog beds. Follow these simple steps to start your return.

  • Visit the Casper returns page. (If you used Guest checkout, open your order confirmation email and click on the order number to access your order history.
  • Print your return shipping label.
  • Pack the item securely in a box.
  • Stick the label on the box.
  • Take the box to any UPS location.
  • Note: There is no need to worry if you dont have the original box packaging. You can use any sturdy box to pack your items.

    Mattress Firm Return Policy

    Mattress Firms return policy asks that you do one thing before returning a mattress: give it an honest try. You wont be able to exchange or return a mattress from Mattress Firm within the first 21 nights of purchasing it so you can give your body time to adjust.

    After that, youre allowed to exchange your Mattress Firm mattress once, but will need to pay for it. An $80-$100 delivery fee will be charged, and you wont get back the full price of the mattress. Youll lose 10% due to a restocking fee. The remaining amount will be used to exchange for a new mattress.

    If you choose to return your mattress, youll also pay $80-$100 for delivery. Youll get your money back, minus a restocking fee of 20% of the original mattress price.

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    How Long Does It Take For A Casper Mattress To Arrive

    • Find your new dream mattress. And explore Snow Technology, the latest innovation from Casper Labs. Your order will typically arrive within 2-5 business days when shipping via UPS, but shipping times vary by mattress size, and may take up to 14 days to arrive via scheduled delivery. In Alaska or Hawaii? Additional shipping costs apply.

    How Do I Start A Return Or Exchange

    Casper Memory Foam Mattresses Are As Much As $145 Off Today

    If you decide that your Casper products arenât right for you within your trial period, we’re happy to help troubleshoot or initiate the return process. For smaller items like our bedding, pillows, and dog beds, you can visit our return center. For larger items like mattresses or furniture, please contact us at +1 888-498-0003. We’ll work with you to arrange a pickup through a local charity or recycling partner and refund you in full. Refunds will be credited back to your account within two weeks.

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    How Does The Casper Return Policy Work

    Casper has a straightforward and client-centric return policy. You purchase an item, start a trial period, and if you arent satisfied with your product, you return it and get a refund.

    The trial period lasts 100 nights, but you can return an item after 30 nights.The company has a 30-night-adjustment-period policy as it claims your body needs 30 days to get used to a new sleeping product.

    If you dont feel 100% happy about your Casper item, you can start the return process. What you need to know about the return policy is:

    • The item doesnt need to be in its original packaging
    • The limit for returns is no more than two items of the same product
    • The item has to be in donatable condition

    Casper will donate the returned product to a charity, so it needs to be in good condition. The company wont give you a refund for worn-out or damaged products.

    What Is The Casper Mattress Made Of

    The Casper is composed of three layers of foam blend that offer breathability, pressure relief, and a springy yet contouring surface.

  • Open-Cell Foam: Makes up the top layer and consists of Airscape breathable foam. It increases airflow and helps to circulate air to keep you cool at night.
  • Zoned Support Layer:Comfort layer of memory foam with 3 ergonomic zones that provides targeted support for spinal alignment. Helps to provide even weight distribution and softer support for under the shoulders and firmer support for the hips, waist and lower back.
  • Durable Support Foam: Composes the base layer and is designed to prevent sinking and provides added support for your whole body.
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    Casper Mattress Return Policy Explained

    If youve given your Casper mattress a try but you still dont sleep like a baby after the 30-day-adjustment period, you can give it back.

    To return a Casper mattress, you need to get in touch with Casper customer service. The company allows you to start the return process in two ways:

  • Call their representatives at +1 888-498-0003
  • Email them at
  • Caspers customer service agents are available from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. and on weekends between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

    Once you give them a return reason, they will organize a pick-up at your address. Caspers recycling partner or a local charity will collect the mattress on the agreed date.

    You can expect the refund within two weeks after the pick-up. Casper will also refund your shipping costs if you had to pay for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

    We summarized all the return methods in the table below.

    Can You Initiate a Casper Mattress Return Request Via Yes/No

    Where To Try Or Buy Casper Mattresses And Other Products

    Casper Original Mattress Review – The Best Mattress In A Box???

    Casper was formerly an online-only business, which was a huge part of its appeal. You got to skip the hellscape of a traditional mattress store and try out the mattress in your own home for over three months.

    Now, however, there are several options for seeing a Casper in-person before you buy. There are a select number of Casper Sleep Shops , little boutiques that focus solely on Casper products. Target, an investor in Casper, also floors their pillows, mattresses, sheets, and other products in many locations. West Elm used to carry them, but recently changed to a partnership with Leesa.

    All retailers charge the same price for Casper mattresses, including Amazon. If you see a suspiciously low sale price, double-check that it’s not some weirdo selling you a used mattress. All legit retailers should also offer the same 100-day return policy.

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    Pin By John Puddephatt On Websites Better Sleep Cool

    The return policy tells you how to return casper mattress. Meanwhile, in other cases, youâll have to ship the mattress to the sellerâs location. Log in to your account, or if you ordered as a guest, click the order number in your confirmation email, to view and print your shipping label. Once you notice no improvement in your experience after the adjustment period, you can start a return or exchange with casper.

    Theyâll have someone come to pick up the mattress and donate or recycle it. There is free shipping & free returns in the united states and canada. Determining if a mattress fits you will take more than just rolling on it and going from store to store. In some cases, the seller will arrive at your door to take the mattress. You can call their toll free number or even go online and initiate the return process.

    Shipments are via ups standard in the us and canada. Is returning casper mattress easy? To return smaller itemsâsheets, pillows, or dog bedsâyou need to take these steps: Hereâs a youtube video to help you pack your mattress for return . Shipments are via ups standard in the us and canada.

    To return smaller itemsâsheets, pillows, or dog bedsâyou need to take these steps: If within a month of using it, i don’t like it, i can return it. Is returning casper mattress easy? Shipments are via ups standard in the us and canada. Costco understands that you needed to open the bed.

    Can You Damage A Memory Foam Mattress By Sleeping On It Too Soon

    Before you can move it to your bedroom, most memory foam mattresses that usually take 24 hours to decompress may still need at least two hours. … So there’s nothing to worry about sleeping on your mattress too soon. You won’t damage your memory foam while sleeping on it during the first night.


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    Casper Mattress Review Breakdown

    Both the Casper Original and the Original Hybrid have a medium feel, rating around 5 on the 10-point firmness scale. At 11 inches thick, these models are slightly thicker than the average mattress.

    Apart from the support core, the Casper and the Casper Hybrid are constructed similarly. The mattress cover is made using a variety of materials, including cotton, lycra, rayon, and recycled polyester. As a result, each mattress cover is made from a number of recycled bottles converted into a fabric. The cover is not designed to be machine-washable, but it can be gently spot cleaned with a mild detergent.

    The two-part comfort system starts with a 1.5-inch layer of perforated polyfoam. This material is more breathable and responsive than most memory foam, giving the surface of the bed extra cooling and a slight bounce. The next layer is composed of zoned memory foam that provides targeted support to different areas of the body, with more firmness around the hips and waist.

    The Casper Mattresss core is constructed of a durable, high-density polyfoam that stabilizes the mattress surface. The Casper Hybrids core uses 7 inches of pocketed coils encased in polyfoam. Pocketed coils give the bed extra bounce, breathability, and edge support without transferring excessive motion, while the polyfoam supports the coils.

    Casper Mattress

    Ashley Furniture Mattress Return Policy

    The Casper Original

    Generally, Ashley Furniture allows returns within 72 hours of deliverybut when it comes to mattresses, its a different story. According to BestCompany, Ashley Furnitures mattress return policy is, in short, nope. They dont accept returns for mattresses, foundations, or adjustable beds.

    The exception? If one of these items arrives damaged, you may be able to return it and get a new one. But you only have 72 hours to contact the manufacturer after its deliverynote that its the manufacturer you need to contact, not Ashley Furniture. If its outside of the 72 hour window, youre on your own, so think twice before buying a mattress there.

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    Brooklyn Bedding Return Policy

    Brooklyn Beddings risk-free 120-night trial period is slightly longer than the industry-standard 100 nights. You must wait 30 days before returning the mattress, after which Brooklyn Bedding will provide you with a list of local charities for donation. Its your responsibility to find a charity, schedule the pickup and provide a donation receipt to Brooklyn Bedding.

    Exactly How To Choose A Mattress

    Many individuals approach mattress buying in the wrong method, by concentrating exclusively on approximate measures of suppleness degree or sleep position, taking into consideration just the cost, or picking materials and also modern technology promoted in an ad. That method could land you a not-so-comfy mattress model that you can regret purchasing.

    The recommendations in this guide will reveal you a far better way . This overview constructs on our thousands of hrs of research as well as rest screening to assist you discover a mattress model youll gladly rest on for many years. How To Send Back A Casper Mattress

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    Looking Out For Your Interest

    Some mattress sellers do not carry your interest in their mind. Their objective is to exploit you and make high profits possible. They can even push low-quality mattresses and sell them to you. But with Amazon, they are always ready to help and give you high-quality products. That is why buying a Casper mattress online mostly from Amazon makes sense.

    Why Would You Want To Return A Mattress

    Purple vs Casper Mattress Review (UPDATED)

    For the most part, online mattress shopping is extremely convenient, but one downside is that you cant try out your bed before you buy it. There are several reasons why your mattress might not meet your expectations when it arrives, including firmness and temperature issues. Here are some reasons that you might return your bed-in-a-box mattress.

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    Casper Original Hybrid Mattress Construction

    The Casper Original Hybrid is a hybrid alternative to the Originals all-foam construction. This bed has a medium firmness. The first layer is AirScape foam for cooling and pressure relief. The second layer is memory foam with Zoned Support for targeted support and pressure relief. The bottom is a coil unit with a firm border to foster edge support.

    What Is The Casper Mattress Return Policy

    For those who buy Mattresses from Casper and later realize that it is not a good thing for them and their money is being wasted, Casper gives them the opportunity to return the Mattresses within the trial period.

    So they have some policies for that, Here Is Casper Return Policy Review now we tell you about them:

  • First of all, you have to print your shipping label. To get it to your account.
  • Then prepare Your Mattress to send it back. See How To Return Mattress.
  • Then you send it to Casper company and you will not be charged any fee for it. It is absolutely free. See How To Move A King Size Tempurpedic Mattress.
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    How Do You Return A Casper Mattress

    How Do You Return A Casper Mattress. Shipments are via ups standard in the us and canada. Provided the items are received in donatable condition, weâll process a full refund once we receive them back at our facility.

    And, now that you know how to move a mattress, you can help your friends when itâs time for them to move without having to do any heavy lifting. Shipments are via ups standard in the us and canada. Ship it at no cost drop your return package off at any ups location.

    Casper Mattress Shipping And Delivery

    Casper: A mattress youâll love for a long time.

    Once you place your order, your Casper mattress ships from the facility within 1-2 days via UPS. It typically takes about 2-7 days for the mattress to be delivered. Casper offers in-home delivery and setup options across the 48 contiguous states.

    Should you desire an in-home setup, UPS will deliver your mattress to a local delivery hub. A representative will then contact you to confirm a 4-hour delivery window where they will bring your new Casper mattress to your room of choice. They will then unbox it and remove any additional packaging.

    This service costs $100 in the U.S. unless you are in select zip codes in New York City and Los Angeles where they offer a discounted rate of $75. You will need to be home to sign for the delivery if you keep the signature required box checked . You can uncheck the signature box before checking out if you dont want to be required to be home when the mattress is delivered. Should you want your old mattress removed, Casper charges a $50 fee to remove it for you.

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    What Is A Mattress Topper And How Does It Work

    • A mattress topper adds extra cushion and riseperfect for those who need a plush surface for sleep. Our Casper Mattress Topper is designed with supportive foam for maximum comfort. How do I choose a mattress topper? When it comes to choosing a mattress topper, the two main considerations are thickness and material.

    Purple Mattress Return Policy

    Purples mattress return policy is a bit shorter than some of the others, offering 100 days to test the mattress out for yourself. At 100 days, its a bit less time to get used to their mattress, but they do offer full refunds and exchanges. They also dont require 30 days to try it out, though they do recommend it.

    Returning a Purple mattress is easy: just contact them to initiate a return, and theyll coordinate a pickup of the mattress, then give you a full refund. For an exchange, its about the same, but you have 30 days to buy a new mattress from Purple.

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    Where To Shop For A Mattress Model

    Putting down in the shop isnt the only method to go anymore. New mattress-in-a-box firms have actually swayed countless clients with practical shipping and cost-free test periods.

    On the internet mattress model buying acquiring has seen a major boom, however its wrong for everybody. Right heres what you need to recognize.

    Whats The Bottom Line

    Casper Mattress Review – Is It The Best Bed In A Box Mattress For You?

    You shouldnt keep a mattress if it causes you discomfort or decreases your sleep quality. Fortunately, most companies make it easy to return a new mattress. Most of the best online mattress brands offer 100 nights or more to try out the bed along with free returns. Whats more, the mattress will likely be donated to charity, and someone will come to your door to pick it up.

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