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Is A Hybrid Or Memory Foam Mattress Better

Pros & Cons Of An Innerspring Mattress

Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattress – Which Is Best?
  • Often last longer than memory foam models, as coil systems are very durable

  • Use a solid support structure that’s been an industry standard for over 100 years

  • Many innerspring models now incorporate some memory foam in them

  • Usually have a lower cost than comparable memory foam models

  • Every comfort type there is can be found in an innerspring model

  • More responsive – good for those who prefer the traditional feel

  • The sleeper may feel the springs if the bed is not a good match for their body type and sleep position

  • Some models require flip and rotate to extend the life of the mattress

  • Cleaning them is particularly difficult, can’t usually remove the cover

  • Hybrid models are phasing out a lot of innerspring models

  • Not as good at reducing motion transfer

Check out a variety of innerspring mattresses! Look for a trial period that’ll let you test the bed risk-free.

Joint And Back Support

A hybrid mattress features the unique combination of a pocket coil mattress spring and various types of memory foam for a mix of joint and back support for all sleeping positions. The variety of the two support systems helps create a unique support system.

Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper, or even a stomach sleeper, hybrid mattresses offer a balance between supportive and relaxing sleep while not being too supportive in either way. If you want a bed that isnt too soft or too firm, the hybrid is the way to go.

They Can Be Used On Almost Any Bed Frame

Another benefit of hybrid mattresses is that they’re great for a wide variety of beds. Because the pocket springs offer more structure, hybrid mattresses can be used on any kind of bed frame, including slatted versions. On the other hand, memory foam needs a more supportive base such as a box spring.If you’ve got an adjustable bed, you’ll want a mattress that can bend along with the bed frame. Both hybrid and memory foam mattresses are flexible, which makes them the perfect option if you have an adjustable bed. These types of fillings will adjust with the bed frame without losing their support or shape.

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Choosing The Best Mattress For You

Now that you know the differences between a hybrid mattress vs. memory foam mattress, its time to make your decision. As you search for the perfect mattress, there are a few things you should consider, including:

  • Density: There are many densities to choose from when looking at hybrid and memory foam mattresses. Refer to our complete guide to memory foam densities to help make your choice.
  • Support: Not every mattress is made the same. Before you jump the gun, test out the memory foam and hybrid mattresses youre considering to determine whether they offer adequate support.
  • Trial Period: Some mattress stores will give you a trial period to test out your mattress. At Layla Sleep, we offer you 120 nights to test out your mattress. If youre not satisfied, youll get a 100% refund with no return or shipping fees.
  • Warranty: Defects can happen. Check to see if a warranty is provided with your mattress. Layla Sleep offers a Layla Mattress Lifetime Warranty if there is sagging more than one inch, cracking or splitting of the foam, and loss of mattress height.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the bottom line if youre looking to purchase a mattress. An uncomfortable bed will leave you awake at night regretting your decision. Does the mattress keep you cool? Is it too firm or too soft? Is it loud? These are some of the questions to consider regarding comfort.

Memory Foam Mattress Problems

NEW Poveda Green Tea Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress ...

Memory foam mattresses contain viscoelastic chemicals that retain body heat and could make many sleepers feel like theyre sinking. The bounceback is also quite slow, meaning when you move around, the imprint of your body takes some time to even out, resulting in potholes that many memory foam mattress owners complain about. Additionally, memory foam may not offer adequate pressure relief due to the sinking nature of the foam. A misaligned spine results in aches, pains, insomnia, and loss of precious rest and recuperation.

Memory foam mattress problems include:

  • Could sleep hot
  • Cumbersome to move the mattress
  • May not be as breathable as other mattresses

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Are Hybrid Mattresses Better Than Memory Foam

It depends on the personal preference of the sleeper. Memory foam has a hug-like feel, excellent motion isolation, and sleeps silently, while hybrids have a responsive bounce, breathability, and edge support. Between the two, memory foam might be more cost-effective than a hybridhybrids are more expensive than other mattress types due to the high number of materials they contain.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress Pros And Cons

Memory foam mattresses are made entirely of foam, making them great for pressure relief and motion isolation. Memory foam mattresses have risen in popularity as a more affordable and convenient option to a traditional spring mattress.

Components of a memory foam mattress:

  • Comfort layer: The comfort layer is made to relieve pressure and contains perforated, breathable AirScape foam, which circulates air to keep you feeling refreshed as a hot sleeper.
  • Transition layer: The transition layer is made with three zones of Zoned Support thats softer under the shoulders and firmer around the hips, waist, and back to help promote spinal alignment.
  • Base layer: The durable base layer is designed to prevent sinking or sagging while supporting your body.

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Hybrid Vs Memory Foam Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are the modernized version of a memory foam mattress combining cooling foam with an individual coil system for added support. Some people prefer the feel of all-foam, but others may not. When trying out mattresses, a love or hate relationship often exists. Mattress comfort depends on how it feels for your body. You may also have a preference for what feels cozy and may depend on how you sleep. It can vary for each individual, so it is wise to try them out before making the final choice. Mattress World Northwest offers a 90-Night Comfort Guarantee to ensure that you are sleeping well. Comfort overall is personal and is an influential factor when deciding which style will be enjoyable and beneficial for you.

There’s Almost No Motion Transfer

Best Hybrid Mattress (Better than Memory Foam)

Have you ever seen those commercials where someone puts a glass of red wine on their mattress and starts jumping around it and, miraculously, nothing spills? Those commercials are meant to show you how well memory foam mattresses absorb movement, preventing motion transfer. This is ideal if you’re sleeping with a partner — or a really large dog — who tosses and turns a lot, since you won’t feel those movements on your side of the mattress. However, I don’t recommend testing the wine trick at home.

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Drawbacks Of A Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses can be quite expensive.

The memory foam layer can lead to bothersome heat retention although this problem is less severe in a hybrid mattress than one fully made of memory foam.

Alongside this, hybrid mattresses are usually quite heavy and cumbersome, making them difficult to maneuver and to store.

Although there are benefits to the bounce of the hybrid mattress, the motion transfer can be bothersome for those who share a bed, particularly with a partner who moves around a lot.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Gel memory foam isnt all that different from regular memory foam except for one key alterationthe addition of gel microbeads during the manufacturing process. The gel beads have a cool-to-the-touch feel, so theyre especially beneficial for hot sleepers avoiding night sweats. And since memory foam does have a tendency to retain heat, these gel microbeads work to minimize memory foams biggest con. While standard memory foam might feel too warm for you if youre a hot sleeper, a gel foam mattress will sleep cooler.

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Pros And Cons Of A Hybrid Mattress

The early 2000s saw a tidal wave of first-generation memory foam brands gaining popularity here in the U.S. But fast forward to 2017, and many consumers have now had the opportunity to own a memory foam mattress long enough for the novelty to wear off. Yes, the feel of traditional memory foam was exciting at first to many with back pain, but just as many found that there was one very big drawback of first-generation memory foam: bad sex.

As a market response, hybrid mattresses were created by mattress manufacturers looking to capture that same contouring feel of memory foam mattresses without losing the crucial bounce of traditional spring mattresses. Unfortunately, very few of these hybrid attempts at the best of both worlds really capture the best aspects of either spring or memory foam beds. When theyre adequately bouncy, they seem to lack the body-cradling quality of memory foam, and when they cradle like memory foam, they lose the advantageous bounce quality spring mattress.

Benefits Of Hybrid Mattresses

Zinus Hybrid Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress Double ...

While there are pros to both types of mattresses, these are some areas where the hybrid mattress takes home the gold:

  • Breathability: With a top layer of AirScapeperforated, breathable foam, the hybrid mattress can increase airflow and circulate air underneath you, so your bed always has that cold-side-of-the-pillow feeling.
  • Durability: Hybrid mattresses typically last around 7 to 10 years, but just in case, we provide a 10-year limited warranty so you can sleep with reassurance that your mattress is cared for in the years to come.
  • Structure: Because of the coiled base, hybrid mattresses have a firmer structure that makes them great for adjusting to various sleeping positions.

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What Level Of Firmness Do I Need

As a rule of thumb, heavier people should avoid mattresses that are too soft as they wont provide sufficient support, while lighter people should steer away from very firm mattresses . Medium support suits most people best and you could consider a topper if you find it needs slightly softening or firming up.

Memory Foam Vs Hybrid Mattress Performance

You will get a different performance between the memory foam vs. hybrid mattress. They come with similar features, yet the performance differs in many ways.

For example, memory foam is known for outstanding motion isolation, spine alignment, and breathable construction. Memory foam is super soft, and sometimes provides too much sinkage which could feel counterproductive for most users.

However, memory foam is very reliable, comfortable, and offers excellent support despite its low firmness. Also, memory foam is totally hypoallergenic, so it works exceptionally for allergic users.

Those with breathing problems will also find its sinkage & comfort very useful to reduce sleep apnea and similar issues.

A hybrid mattress is not as soft and comfortable as a memory foam one. Yet, the firmness and support are simply unmatched.

The innerspring addition promotes exceptional firmness and overall support, without losing any comfort with its slight memory foam addition.

Then you get an outstanding bounce, which memory foam does not offer. And whatâs better, it promotes more breathability than a standard memory foam mattress for cooler nights of sleep.

However, it falls when it comes to motion transfer, as it wonât reduce movement too much, primarily when used by two or more people.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

Typically, a Queen size hybrid mattress is between the 70 and 85 pounds of weight.

Will the Mattresses Stand the Test of Time?

Which Mattress is the Firmest?




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Hybrid Vs Memory Foam Which One Is Best

Foam is an excellent option if youre looking for both comfort and support. The lower layers of high-density foam offer a comparable alternative to springs for good spinal alignment. Youll also experience good pressure relief, which is particularly important for side sleepers and low motion transfer, which is great for couples. However, if you suffer from temperature sensitivity and tend to heat up when you sleep, it may not be the best option for you.

Hybrid mattresses are the best of both worlds. The dual benefits are hard to ignore. In addition, the open cell coils allow for the promotion of airflow better than a memory foam mattress. However, metal springs are obviously less comfy than foam and dont absorb the body as well as foam and for that reason, some still prefer an all-foam mattress.

It will be up to you to decide which type of mattress is best for you. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are both very popular options among sleepers. Ultimately, it will come down to whether you believe you need the added benefit of springs or would rather have the total cloud-like comfort of a memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Vs Hybrid Mattress: Materials

Hybrid vs Memory Foam Mattress. Whats the difference?
  • Memory foam models are usually longer-lasting than hybrids
  • Hybrids are heavier because they contain at least one layer of coils
  • Both can be carbon neutral, depending on the brand you buy from

Memory foam, otherwise known as viscoelastic foam, was originally designed by NASA to use as cushioning in aircraft seats. Over time it was filtered down through the medical profession and ended up being used in a variety of consumer products, including mattresses. A typical memory foam bed contains a memory foam comfort system combined with a high-density polyfoam support core.

Hybrids combine elements from a range of mattress types. For example, a pocketed coil support system plus various other materials such as foam, polyfoam, latex, wool or gel foam. Using a combination means that hybrids suit many styles of sleeper as theres something in the build to support every sleeping position.

Hybrids tend to be far heavier as they contain more materials and at least one layer of heavy coils. But they are usually more breathable because air flows more freely around the coils and springs. Memory foam provides a unique cradling feel and, because these models contain less materials, they will usually last a year or two longer than hybrids.

Winner: Although all-foam beds last a little longer, we think hybrid mattresses come out on top thanks to a more varied build structure and range of materials.

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What Is A Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is pretty much what it sounds like: Its a mix of two different styles of mattresses.

While you will hear mattresses with different types of foam referred to as a hybrid, for our purposes we are speaking of mattresses with springs and then a comfort layer on top. The comfort layer could consist of latex, polyfoam, or even memory foam. For instance, the Casper Hybrid mattress contains comfort foam, memory foam, a transition layer with Zoned Support, and pocketed coils.

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Memory Foam Vs Hybrid Mattress Review

As you mattress shop, consider your needs and sleep preferences to narrow down your selection and find your best mattress. Getting a good nights sleep is a critical component of a healthy life. Back problems, restless partners, or overheating can disrupt your sleep if you dont choose the right mattress.

Hybrid and memory foam beds are popular mattress choices. While hybrid and memory foam mattresses have a noticeable difference in construction, each mattress provides support and confirmability.

Hybrids are typically better at cooling their sleepers. They are bouncy, responsive, and relatively soft depending on the thickness of the comfort layers. Because of their coil support cores, they tend to develop sags much quicker than memory foam beds.

Memory foam mattresses are supportive and contour to the body, relieving pressure and pain better than hybrid beds. However, memory foam can retain heat thats why many manufacturers have created cooling mattress foams, such as gel foam, copper-infused foam, or plant-based foam.

In this article, well go into greater detail about both memory foam and hybrid mattresses, including their characteristics, general construction, and pros and cons.

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Is It Worth Buying A Cheap Memory

Very low prices generally come with a few trade-offs, including less transparency about materials, fewer layers, a cheaper cover, and not-so-great customer service. The biggest difference, however, is longevity. Cheaper mattresses are typically made with less-durable foams, which means they arent likely to last as long.

That said, a cheap mattress is worth considering if you dont expect to keep the same mattress for the next 10 years. A cheap mattress also makes sense if youre shopping for a bed for a seldom-used guest room, or if you simply dont want to spend a lot of money at a particular moment in time and dont mind the trade-offs.

Youll find several good options in our guide to cheap mattressesour favorite of which is the budget pick in this guide.

Does Gel Memory Foam Have A Problem With Off

Zinus 14 Inch Gel

All memory foam mattresses are prone to off-gassing, or releasing harmful gasses called volatile organic compounds into the air. Thats why you get that unpleasant new mattress smell from a lot of memory foam mattresses. While this smell doesnt normally mean your mattress is emitting dangerous levels of VOCs, it can still give some people mild symptoms like nausea or headache.

To ensure off-gassing is minimized, youll want to buy a mattress with a CertiPUR-US® certification. The CertiPUR-US® certification deals specifically with how memory foam is processed, manufactured, and stored. It regulates levels of toxic compounds used in the manufacturing process, including VOCs. CertiPUR-US® often demands VOC levels be much lower than legally mandated limits.

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