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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Mattresses

While Youre Waiting Upgrade Your Bed

TOP 5 Reasons Why 2021 is the BEST TIME to buy a NEW MATTRESS

If youre reading this in December, you might feel discouraged. Youre sleeping hot, and you wake up with a sore back more mornings than not. Do you really have to wait until February to get better sleep?

No! Look for online mattress sales and discount codes year-round.

In addition, you can always take advantage of financing with Affirm or another lender to make your payments manageable.

However, if you can wait a few months, there are other ways to upgrade your sleep situation.

Physical Store Try The Bed

An old-school brick & mortar venue is still the preferred option for a lot of people and there is only one serious reason for that. This is the fact that you’d be able to conveniently try out the mattress before you buy it. You will be given a chance to lay down, feel the sensation and decide whether it’s your mattress or not it’s as simple as that.

On the other hand, the company needs to either rent or build the shop and to employ all those kind people who are showing you around. This adds up to the expenses and, hence, you are likely to have a little bit more than you would if you had ordered the mattress online.

When The Best Price Is Not During A Sale

Online mattress companies generally do not rely on sales to attract customers. The many perks of shopping online shopping in your bunny slippers, delivery to your door or bedroom , and generally significantly lower prices have disrupted the traditional way we buy mattresses.

Eliminating the middleman and lower overhead costs allows online mattress companies to offer year-round bargains and a no-haggle approach to selling mattresses. So really, a good time to buy a mattress from online companies is anytime you need a new mattress. The prices will almost always be lower than physical retailers.

That being said, most online mattress outlets have begun to offer sales throughout the year for extra savings. Like the brick and mortar stores, many online stores time their sales around national holidays and Black Friday to take advantage of the times people are primed for shopping.

You can save as much as 40% on some mattresses if you are willing and able to wait for a sale online. But since most online outlets offer seasonal sales theres a good chance you can find a sale at least once every three months.

Its also easy to stay on top of upcoming sales and promotions. All cyber stores that run periodic sales encourage you to sign up for email notifications of upcoming discounts and promotional sales. By simply sharing your email address, youll know exactly when is the best time to buy your favorite mattress.

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So When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress

We hope this short article gave you the answer to this important question. There may be no single best time to buy a mattress, but you should be able to find a great bargain at least once a quarter. Make sure you know when to buy ahead of time and be ready to pull the trigger when you see the right price!

If you must buy a mattress today and you are on a tight budget, make sure you read our A Mattress at Every Price Point. Youll surely find what you are looking for!

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Stacey is the co-founder of Mattress Guides and continues to recommend and review countless mattresses. Together with Ted, Stacey makes sure that thousands of people are sleeping well and wake up healthy and ready for the day.

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Best Time Of Year To Buy A Mattress : The best time to buy ...

If youre in the market for a new bed, you may be wondering when is the best time to buy a mattress. When it comes to buying a mattress in a store, popular deals come at various times of the year, mainly around holiday weekends. When theres any sort of national holiday, you can expect to see mattress sales.

That doesnt mean that you should only purchase a new mattress on specific holiday weekends, though. You can still get a great deal on a mattress any time of the year. Here are our best tips and tricks for when and how to get the best mattress deals.

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Early Spring And Late Winter

When: In March or April

Why: According to Scott Paladini, CEO and creator of Bear Mattress, an online mattress provider, new mattress models will often be in shops by March or April. As new mattresses become available, consumers may save money by purchasing an older model or a floor sample directly from the showroom floor.

Why? Its time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Eventually, the shops will have to remove all of those beds and replace them with the new versions, Paladini predicts.

What to expect: According to Julie Tramonte, asleep advocate for Verlo Mattress, which sells online and in stores, a floor model might save you up to 50% off the price. She suggests inquiring with management about when the business intends to give over its goods since timing might vary. Remember that floor models have most likely been tried on by other customers.

Mattress Shopping Tip #: Check Out Amazon

While most brands dont extend their discounts or coupons to Amazon, if the prices are the same, sometimes the logistics are better with . For example, come with Prime 3-5 day shipping, while through the brand website it might take up to 10 days. Therefore, if youre in a rush check in-store or look on Amazon.

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When Do I Need A New Mattress

Are you unsure whether you actually need a new mattress?

Different mattresses have different lifespans:

  • Innerspring mattresses should last 7-10 years
  • Memory foam mattresses should last 10-15 years
  • Gel memory foam should last 10-15 years

However, while your mattress should last for 10 years, that doesnt mean it will. What can affect the longevity of your mattress?

  • Quality
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Presence of allergens

If youre uncomfortable on a mattress youve had for five years, it could be because you purchased a low-quality mattress made with materials that degraded quickly. In some cases, select mattresses come with a warranty, and you can get a replacement on the manufacturers dime.

However, its also possible that your bodys needs have changed due to injuries, hormones, or other factors.

Our rule of thumb? If youre unable to get a good nights sleep on your current mattress, its time for a new one. An investment in better sleep is an investment in your overall wellness and longevity.

How Much Will A New Mattress Cost

Best Time to Buy: Appliance & Mattress Savings COMING SOON!

The cost of a new mattress depends on several factors, but expect to spend at least $800 for a queen size model. The best mattress for you may cost more or less than this. A crucial first step is to research price-points from different online and brick-and-mortar mattress sellers, and then make a budget based on these findings.

Variables that can affect the price-point of a bed include the following:

Size: The twin, twin XL, and full sizes are primarily intended for one person. As a result, they can be hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars cheaper than the queen, king, and California king sizes intended for multiple sleepers. Specialty sizes like split queens or kings for couples with adjustable bases tend to be the most expensive.

Type: Material construction plays a major role in mattress pricing. All-foam and innerspring models are often the cheapest with an average price-point of $800 to $1,200 in a queen size. All-latex and hybrid models are more expensive, so you can expect to pay about $1,600 to $2,200 for these queen size models. Airbeds are the priciest, with most of these mattresses starting at $2,000.

Thickness: Since thicker mattresses contain more cushioning and support layers than lower-profile beds, youll probably spend a bit more on these models. Any bed measuring 12 inches or thicker is considered a high-profile model.

There are some other cost variables to take into account when buying a mattress either online or in-person. These include the following:

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Best Places To Buy A New Mattress: Online Vs In

Deciding how to buy a mattress often comes down to a choice between online and in-person through a mattress store. Buying a mattress online carries certain advantages over picking one out in a brick-and-mortar store, but the in-person shopping experience also offers certain benefits that cant be replicated on a computer. Important factors to consider when choosing where to buy a mattress include affordability, selection, and convenience.

Buying a Mattress Online

Advantages: For one, purchasing your bed online will probably save you a lot of money. Most online brands employ a relatively small staff and do not operate brick-and-mortar locations, so their overhead costs are lower and, as a result, so are their product prices. Shopping online is also convenient because you can place orders at any time of day or night, and browse products freely without feeling pressured by sales staff. Access to mattress reviews from customers is another perk, and online brands usually offer free shipping to the contiguous U.S.

Disadvantages: Some shoppers prefer consulting with knowledgeable staff before making their purchase. Many online brands offer live web chat with customer service personnel, but access to this service can be spotty, especially outside of normal business hours. Many people also feel uncomfortable ordering a mattress without sleeping on it first, though most online brands offer sleep trials spanning at least 90 nights to let you test out the bed before committing to it.

Mattress Deals Tips To Remember

  • Never pay full price: Labor Day, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Memorial Day, and July 4th are generally the best time of the year for mattress deals. . However, even if you’re nowhere near a major holiday, most mattress companies offer mattress deals year-round. So you should never pay full price for any mattress.
  • Know your return policy: Buying a new mattress especially these days can be tricky. Perhaps you’re relying on user reviews or word of mouth. Or maybe you’ve already tried the mattress and have finally found the right mattress deal. Either way, you should always know the mattress’ return policy should you have to return it. Some companies offer 100-night trials with free return shipping and no penalty fees , whereas others offer 18-months trials with similar shipping policies.

Read more:

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Sheets And Mattress Covers

A cooling mattress protector can be a temporary fix for a less-than-perfect mattress. Create a protective layer between your body and any irritants while also experiencing cooler sleep.

Likewise, the right sheets can make all the difference. If you struggle to fall and stay asleep, heat or skin irritation may be the culprit. A new set of sheets can help you feel like you have a brand-new bed.

Buy your new mattress in the same size as your current mattress so youll be able to use these new accessories for years to come.

Inventory Taking And Restocking

67 Trends For When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy A ...

Most brick and mortar mattress stores mark the end of the fiscal year with a comprehensive review of their inventory. At this time, the employees are supposed to take stock of all available units.

While digging through the inventory, employees will frequently find slightly defective or damaged mattresses old models, showroom models, and mattresses with slight cosmetic defects.

When the store reopens, these odd mattresses are usually put up for sale first at a greatly reduced price.

The end of the financial year is typically around late September combined with the overstock cycle, this may make September the best time to buy a mattress.

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Which Holidays Offer The Biggest Mattress Discounts

Traditionally speaking, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Presidents Day have been the most common choices for the deepest holiday mattress discounts, with 4th of July, Black Friday / Cyber Monday, and New Years strong contenders as well. That said, fueled by the growth of the online channel, the level of mattress discounting available during Black Friday / Cyber Monday has risen significantly over the past couple of years, to the point that it has been at least on par with the other biggest mattress shopping holidays. In addition, eager to spread their sales out over the year, many bedding retailers have also added MLK Day, Veterans Day, and Indigenous Peoples / Columbus Day to their discount calendar. For some retailers, even non-work holidays like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Tax Day can provide an excuse for a sale or special discount.

Of course, not all retailers want their promotions to be tied to holidays some prefer instead to assign sales periods to a season think Spring Sale, Summer Sale, etc. or a date that is special only to them .

Late Winter And Early Spring

When: March or April.

Why: By March or April, new mattress models will typically be in stores, according to Scott Paladini, CEO and founder of Bear Mattress, an online mattress company. As new mattresses arrive, shoppers can save money by opting for an older model or a floor sample straight from the showroom floor.

Why? Its out with the old and in with the new. Eventually the retailers will have to remove all of those beds and put the new models down, Paladini says.

What to expect: A floor model could save you as much as 50% off the price, according to Julie Tramonte, a sleep advocate for Verlo Mattress, which sells online and in stores. She recommends asking a manager when the store plans to turn over its inventory, as timing can vary. Keep in mind that floor models have likely been tested out by other shoppers.

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Dont Rush Into A Decision

Its always tempting to choose something with a reasonable sale price. However, you shouldnt impulsively buy a mattress you want to use for the next seven or so years.

Do your homework before you commit to a mattressread customer reviews, review the details of the mattresss sleep trial, warranty, and/or return policy, and double-check all of the mattresss certifications.

Other Mattress Sales To Consider


In addition to Amerisleep, other high-quality mattress brands offer affordable prices year-round. Zoma and Vaya are two of the most supportive beds available, and both come with great savings.

Two advanced technologies in the Zoma keep body weight distributed and prevent sinking. These features help the muscles fully relax so they can repair during sleep.

The cover of the Zoma Mattress features a soft, stretch knit fabric that allows hot air to release from the bed quickly. Beneath this cover is Zomas top layeran advanced memory foam with Triangulex technology.

Embedded in the surface of this foam layer are hundreds of triangular cutouts. Near the head, shoulder, and leg areas, the cutouts allow for more cushioning and comfort. Near the back, this layer is solid to provide more support. Triangulex technology allows the mattress to support the body and prevent tension near the pressure points. The triangular cutouts also help improve breathability to prevent heat retention.

Following this layer is Zomas response layerReactiv. This layer reduces motion transfer across the surface of the bed. Plus, it prevents excessive sinking to keep the body lifted and in alignment. When resting in a safe, neutral position, muscle tension can release so you can slip into a deep sleep.

The base of the Zoma is their Support+ foam. This stable base prevents sagging and indentions. Plus, it provides further protection against sinking.

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Ask For Recommendations Online

Announce on your social media accounts that you are looking for a new mattress, and ask friends and family members to post their suggestions. Consider including details about your health condition, as some people might have a similar experience and can give more specific recommendations. You could also visit Spine-healths and ask people who are in a similar situation as you.

What Mattress Should You Get

Whether shopping in stores or online, here are some questions you’re sure to be asked.

Knowing these answers can cut down on the time you spend shopping. Check out this table to help you decide on the right mattress size for you:

Mattress Size
72 in x 84 in 6 ft x 7 ft Tall couples, tall people with children or pets


Mattress makes and models are exclusive to each retailer so you won’t see the same names when browsing the sales floor at different stores.

  • Set a budget. It’s so easy to get sidetracked by the first comfiest, plushest mattress you find. Fix a price limit BEFORE you start shopping.

Then do your homework to get an idea of which mattresses you can actually afford. Don’t be swayed by sales that pull you out of your budget.

  • Agree on priorities. Compromise is everything, even with sleep.
  • If you have a partner, take care to hash out preferences ahead of time to avoid a wrestling match in the store.

    Frustration can lead to impulse purchases, which tend to be pricier than the thought-out ones.

  • Take your time. You should spend eight hours on your mattress a night, so take more than five minutes to find a new one.
  • Lie in your typical sleeping position to ensure that the mattress comfortably supports your body.


    If you’re shopping online, educate yourself on mattress types and read customer reviews. Don’t be afraid to call the customer service line with any questions you can’t answer on your own.

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