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When To Lower Crib Mattress Height

Why Its Important To Lower The Crib Mattress Height

How To Lower A Crib Mattress

The reason why you need to lower the crib mattress height is that it can be dangerous for your baby if they are able to climb out of their crib. This could lead them to fall from a high place which would cause serious injuries or even death in some cases.

In a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics , researchers examined injuries associated with cribs, playpens, and bassinets among young children in the US from 1990 to 2008. They found that most of the injuries that led children younger than 2 years of age to the ER in the US over the 19-year study period involved cribs!

The most common cause of injuries and death was children falling out of their cribs, especially when they were trying to climb up or down. This is why we recommend lowering the mattress height as soon as your baby can pull themselves up on their own and stand in the crib unassisted .

Choose The Mattress Settings For The Crib

You will need to take off the bedding and mattress protectors. This way, you can conveniently change the crib setting. If there are any crib bumpers, you should take them off, too because they can cause suffocation. One thing you should avoid using in your babys crib is quilts and blankets because they are not considered safe and can cause strangulation.

Safety Tips For Adjusting Crib Mattresses

You might be surprised to know that most moms want to raise the crib level and increase the angle of the mattress. You must be curious to know if it is safe. Then the answer is yes, with some of the essential specifications it is. Primarily, it is safe to raise the crib mattress to get the highest setting. Especially if your baby is recently born, on the other hand, if you want to increase the crib mattress to the highest setting when your baby is newly born, as you are getting older, you must reconsider that:

Only some notch must lower your babys crib, or it can be even some entire crack especially, once they can sit up. It mostly happens between 5 to 8 months of age. Once your little one can pull up on its own, then you must adjust the mattress to its lowest setting for the safety of your baby.

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Transition To A Toddler Bed

Once your baby reaches around 35 inches in height, you must make it to the transition for the toddlers bed. Primarily, it means that you can change the mattress, as the regular baby mattress might be a bit too firm for sleeping in. Thankfully, most cribs are designed to convert the one into the toddler bed as your baby is growing.

When Should I Lower The Crib Mattress 3 Heights Options

When To Lower Crib Mattress Height? (Ages And Stages ...

As your baby grows, to ensure her protection and your comfort as well, you may need to check your childs development regularly.

And change the height of the crib mattress at stages according to your childs growth.

Babies undergo different stages of maturity and growth.

And as a parent, you must keep up with that rapid change.

Being a parent is not just all about diapers and feeding bottles.

The consideration you must keep in mind is your childs sleeping posture and the suitable crib mattress height.

Know that the right time for you to change your crib mattresss height depends both on you and your babys welfare.

Just keep on scrolling to know the essential vital points you must observe regarding the crib mattress level according to your babys age.

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Time For A Toddler Bed

Once your child tries to climb out of their crib or reaches 35 in height, transition them to a toddler bed. You can also transition them to a toddler mattress at this point, which doesnt need to be as firm as a baby crib mattress.

When you think your child is ready, youll also want to introduce a toddler pillow.

If your toddler is still trying to climb everything in sight, you may want to invest in a toddler-safe climbing toy to direct their energy towards safe climbing. Speaking from personal experience here, but our toddlers climbing only got under control when we finally broke down and bought a Pikler triangle.

Is It Safe To Adjust Crib Mattress Height

Before we proceed, it is always good to consider crib mattress height adjustment overall. As per the recent study, toddlers can be injured in different ways, especially in their bassinets or cribs. It means that children around 180,000 younger than the age of two or the period of 18 years can get their treatment in the emergency rooms. Such problems are associated with:

  • Playpens
  • Cribs

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Crib Mattress On The Floor

You dont have to use a toddler bed, however. You could put the mattress on the floor. There isnt really any such thing as a floor crib, instead, its just a mattress on the ground sometimes with a frame and sometimes without as commonly seen in a Montessori inspired playroom. These are generally only safe for toddlers and children who climb walled cribs.

Some walled cribs might allow you to place the mattress directly on the floor, though most dont. Dont try to DIY it either as you could create dangerous gaps for your child.

What Level Should A Crib Mattress Be When To Lower It

Stokke Sleepi – How To Lower the Crib Height – Clueless Dad

You dont have to adjust your babys crib to the lowest setting right away. If babies can sit up they can also pull themselves up on crib railings. If the mattress is high enough your baby is at risk of flipping over the edge of the cribs railings.

A general rule of thumb is you want the height of the railing to be 26 inches from the top of the mattress according to the when to lower crib mattress by AAP guidelines. You can periodically lower the mattress as your baby gets taller.

Lowering your mattress when your baby is at the correct age will prevent injuries from falls. You should remove crib bumpers and wedges too because your baby can use these fixtures as leverage to climb out of the crib. Heres a quick illustration showing you when to lower the crib mattress.

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Whats The Significance Of A Babys Crib Mattress Height

As you shop for your babys nursery, the crib is one of the most significant purchases you will make. There are several considerations that go into choosing a crib, including what color and design would go best in your nursery, how safe it is, and how much room you have in your nursery for a crib.

Buying a crib mattress necessitates additional investigation. Then its time to put it all together! Finally, youre ready to lay your baby down in the crib, safe in the knowledge that youve done everything you can to ensure that the crib is both safe and comfortable for him or her.

To put your baby in someone specials old cot may be a wonderful idea, but you should probably simply say thanks but no thanks. Those good gestures could be a safety concern in disguise because of todays tougher crib safety requirements.

Playpens, bassinets, and cribs can cause serious harm to children, according to a study published in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2011. More than 83 percent of the reported injuries included cribs, and 66 percent of the total injuries were the result of falls, according to the CDC.

Despite the fact that most of the reported injuries were minor, 150-200 children under the age of two perished each year as a result.

For this study, researchers provided an official proposal for improvements in product safety, as well as better use and understanding of their possible risks.

Balance Between Your Comfort & Crib Safety

Some parents might think to just place the crib mattress support at the lowest setting to be extra safe. This actually may be a bad thing. The reason being is that you might find yourself leaning over and straining your body to pick up your newborn off the mattress – which can result in mishandling and possibly even dropping the newborn as you are attempting to get them out.

There is a balance point between the comfort of the parent and the physical safety of the child. You will be handling the baby – a lot – and it is important that you make the crib’s mattress as accessible and easy to use for you without compromising the child. Part of being a modern parent is to know when too much is too much.

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What If I Dont Have An Adjustable Crib

While most cribs today can be adjusted and will have from three to five settings to do so, some are not equipped to adjust. If you dont have the means to purchase an adjustable crib, dont worry. An alternative you can use is to layer up mattresses average crib mattresses are usually thin, so you can always add or remove mattresses to heighten or lower it.

However, we highly recommend investing in an adjustable crib since many can eventually convert into a toddler bed when necessary for more long-term use.

When Your Baby Starts Pulling Up

When To Lower Crib Mattress Height? (Ages And Stages ...

Pulling up is a little different than sitting up. If your baby is sitting up, theyre not really able to pull on the sides of their crib just yet. But once they do start pulling up, its time to lower the crib to the lowest height setting.

Your babys muscles are growing, which is a cause for celebration! However, this also means they can topple over the edge once they start pulling up on the side.

Some babies are also top-heavy, which means their precious little head might be a bit heavier than the rest of their body. So if theyre peeping over the side, they can easily fall out of their crib if its not set on the lowest setting.

And what about climbing? This might be the time where your little one is trying to climb out of their crib, which is a safety hazard. When this happens, its definitely time to move those settings!

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How To Raise The Crib Mattress

You may need to raise the crib mattress for a variety of reasons, including if it was assembled incorrectly or it is time to pass the crib down to a younger sibling. In that case, your first step should be to try and find the manufacturers assembly directions online by searching assembly manual.

Most cribs are constructed similarly, so it may be possible to follow the directions above for lowering the crib. Instead of steps 2-4, move the corner bars up to the desired level and screw them firmly back into the crib frame then proceed with the following steps as applicable.

Tip #: Keep The Crib Uncluttered

You may be tempted to decorate your babys crib with soft bedding and plush toys, but we strongly advise against it.

Avoid using fluffy blankets and pillows in the crib as well as they can pose a risk of suffocation or SIDS. Keep the room well ventilated and allow for adequate air circulation in order to avoid suffocation issues, too.

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Why Adjust The Cribs Height

Cribs are one of the most important things new parents have to get for their baby. Since the baby is almost always inside of it, parents should make sure that their safety is never compromised.

A study by the American Association of Pediatrics found that of the 180,000 injuries recorded between 1990-2008, over 80% of them involved cribs. The vast majority of those injuries were attributed as a result of falling.

Going back to the question, the major reason for adjusting a cribs height is the babys safety. In the very beginning, cribs are set to the highest setting so that it is easier for parents to come and pick up and set their baby inside. This is only viable for newborns as they dont move as much yet.

However, cribs should begin to lower as time goes by, specifically when the baby begins to learn how to move around. Lowering the crib lowers their risk of injury in the unfortunate event of a fall.

Height #1 Highest Position Of Crib Mattress

BABYBJÖRN How to lower the mattress of your Baby Crib

The highest level of crib mattress height is most suitable for newborn babies ages under five months.

This level is guaranteed secure for your baby as long as he cant sit on his own.

Newborn babies cant sit, crawl, roll over and climb. They dont have enough strength to carry themselves.

It is still okay to put the crib in the highest position setting.

This position will make it easier for you to pick up or put down your baby without hurting your neck and back.

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Aap Crib Height Recommendations

According to a retrospective analysis conducted by the AAP, an average of 7,900 children in the US went to the ER each year due to injuries involving cribs. The most common cause of these injuries were crib falls.

I dont point out these things to scare you. Im hoping to give you all the information you need to easily avoid preventable sleep-related injury.

So how low should the crib mattress be when your baby is a newborn?

Youre welcome to drop the crib to the lowest setting from the very beginning. Its safe to do so even at the newborn stage. The downside is that it can be a little awkward, especially for new parents who are learning to put a baby to sleep for the first time.

If you dont mind making periodic adjustments to lower the crib mattress, it can be pretty handy to put your baby down on a taller crib surface.

At its tallest setting, the AAP says that the crib mattress should be no less than 26 inches below the side rail.

That means from age newborn to between 2 and 3 years old, youll need to pay attention to crib mattress height and lower it as your baby grows.

When To Lower Crib For Your Baby

Amenna Daayo

Child Care

When to lower crib for your baby is a very important decision that can prevent discomfort, causalities, and the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome . But despite its importance, not many mothers and caregivers are aware that the crib needs to be adjusted from time to time.

There is a one hundred percent chance that if you walk to a random person to ask when to lower the crib for your baby, they will be dumbfounded.

This is fine there is no issue if a random person does not know the technicalities and reasons behind adjusting the crib mattress. But every nursing mother, mother-to-be, or caregiver should know everything about when to lower crib for your baby.

Although you have no excuse not to know when to lower crib for your baby, we forgive you.

Below, we have carefully answered all the possible questions that could arise from everything you need to know about lowering or elevating the crib for your baby and why you should do it.

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The Balance Between Crib Safety And Your Comfort

Some parents might think to place the crib mattress support, which is at the lowest setting, to be extra safe. It actually might be a bad thing. The possible reason can be you might be leaning over and straining over the body to pick the newborn from the mattress. There is a possibility of mishandling and even dropping the newborn, especially when you are trying to get them out of the crib. It is especially easy and accessible to use for you to compromise the child. A unique part of being a modern parent is to learn when there is too much.

So When Do You Lower The Crib Mattress

When To Lower a Crib Mattress by Age and Height (Plus How ...

The little information that I found has all been the same, the crib mattress should be lowered as soon as a child shows signs of pulling herself up to a standing position. This is when you should adjust the crib mattress to the last setting. This simple modification will have a great affect on whether your child decided to attempt climbing out of his or her crib.

Advice on this also suggests removing bumpers or any padding that is in the crib so the child doesnt use it for climbing as well.

Whether its time to lower the mattress or you are shopping for a stroller, Mommy Connections is dedicated to finding the best information for mommies.

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Safety Regulations On The Crib Mattress Height

According to this study – you should measure at least 26 inches between the bottom baby’s crib mattress and the top of your crib rail. This is from the bottom of the crib mattress – which can easily be 5.5 – 6 inches thick depending on the brand you have selected.

The main goal of the 26 inches is to create an escape-resistant crib safety environment that is effective even if the baby is in the standing position. What they discovered in the study is that once the side rail to mattress difference reached 26 inches – there was a significant decrease in the frequency of children climbing over the crib rails.

So if you measure more than this between your current mattress and side rail then you might want to lower the mattress setting.


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