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What Is The Cost Of A Queen Size Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress Queen

Purple Mattress (Queen Size) Setup, First Impression!!!!

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Awara Presidents’ Day Mattress Sale

In our testing, we loved that the Awara Organic luxury hybrid mattress is most like a traditional mattress, made of cotton, latex foam, coils and wool. As part of the brand’s current sale which runs through Monday, February 14 at 2:59 am EST, you can save $200 off any mattress and get a free cotton sheet set, pair of latex pillows and a mattress protector. The Awara Natural hybrid mattress we tested is down from $1,898 inthe queen size to $1,199, a savings of $699. With good support overall, especially for side and back sleeping, including edge support, this mattress didn’t have the unpleasant off-gassing odor you can sometimes get when unboxing a new mattress. While it is heavy at about 129 pounds for the queen size, the coils add nice bounce, and it nicely absorbs body motion. Save on the Awara Platform bed to go with it, which is down from $450 for the queen size to just $300 for a savings of $150, or the Awara Adjustable bed frame, down from $999 for the queen size to $699 for a $300 savings.

Is A Queen Size Mattress Right For Me

Queen is more spacious vs a twin or full, but doesnt take up as much space as a king.

As a general rule of thumb, your bedroom space should be about 9 ½ x 10 feet to be comfortable housing a queen size bed.

The Queen mattress is the most popular mattress sold. To provide enough room to snuggle and still have some space, couples should have at-least a Queen size mattress.

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Purple Vs The Purple Hybrid Premier

Previously called the Purple 3 and Purple 4, the Purple Hybrid Premier is the most luxurious Purple mattress. Instead of a 2 gel grid as found in the original Purple, it boasts either a 3 or 4 grid layer. This extra cushion means a softer feel and greater pressure relief. We prefer the Hybrid Premier for heavier sleepers and side sleepers who like a softer surface.

The original Purple utilizes foam in its base layer while the Purple Hybrid Premier uses innerspring coils. This difference means the flagship Purple better isolates motion transfer while the Premier is cooler and bouncier. The original Purple is more affordable.

Where To Buy Purple Mattresses

Comforthome Queen Size Quilted Mattress

You can buy Purple mattresses online directly from the manufacturer or in-store. Buying directly from the manufacturer is beneficial for customers because they should save more money. Buying in-store allows you to try out the bed on the spot.

Purple Website: You can buy a Purple mattress on the companys official website. Here, you can also more details about the company, additional products, and chat with an online representative.

In-Store: You can purchase a Purple bed in-store. Purple beds are available to buy at stores across the United States. You can find the store nearest you on the Purple website.

Where Can You Find the Coupons for Purple Mattresses?

You can find Purple mattress coupons and discounts on the Purple website. The company offers limited-time and ongoing deals for their products.

How to Return Purple Mattresses

You can return your Purple mattress and receive a full refund within the 100-night trial period. You must have your bed for at least 21 nights before you can return it. To start the return process, call the company at 888-848-2305. This phone number is also listed on Purples website.

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What Do Purple Mattresses Cost

Purple makes the Original Mattress in seven sizes from a Twin to a Split King, with prices varying based on size. The basic model, which combines the Purple Grid and poly foam, gives you the weightless feeling and support thats signature to Purple.

Heres pricing information for the Purple Original Mattress:

Purple Original Mattress Size

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How Much Does A Mattress Cost When Buying Online

Buying a mattress online is one of the best ways to be sure youre getting the best price for the brand youre thinking of buying from. Although its possible to get some great discounts when buying in-store, its more difficult to compare prices between retailers and to get an overview of all the best offers.

Even if your preferred mattress isnt on offer right now, odds are it will be soon, especially with Black Friday 2020 and then the Christmas sales on the horizon. The top sleep brands often offer regular deals and discounts, and these sometimes include free accessories or hefty reductions in price. The very best ones offer both.

So when it comes to how much does a mattress cost when buying online, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars for an affordable Queen size foam mattress, all the way up to thousands of dollars for a King size hybrid mattress. When you consider how long a memory foam mattress lasts, the pricing should make sense.

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What Is Purple Mattress

25″81 pounds$949Queen60″ x 80″ x 9. 25″110 pounds$1,099 King76″ x 80″ x 9. 25″140 pounds$1,399 California King72″ x 84″ x 9. 25″140 pounds$1,399 Split King76″ x 80″ x 9. 25″140 pounds$1,498 Firmness closely associated to comfort and is a way of describing how hard or soft a mattress feels. While this is subjective, a 1-10 scale is used to provide a general concept of the feel of a bed mattress.

At the very same time, the feel of the Purple bed mattress is unique because of the unique homes of the Purple Grid. The Purple mattress is readily available online through the Purple site in addition to on Amazon. Purple has partnerships with Mattress Company and Macy’s, both large nationwide sellers, to offer their beds in those stores.

The Purple bed mattress is not your normal foam bed mattress. A distinct material the business’s proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer forms the Purple Grid, a product that creates a different sleep experience than other foam or latex products on the marketplace. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer is non-toxic, and the foams supporting it are Certi, PUR-US accredited to be made without damaging chemicals.

What Other Mattress Perks Are There

Purple Mattress Vs Lower Back Pain – Buy or No Buy?

There are many other perks associated with different mattress brands. For instance, Awara plants 10 trees for a farmer in need with every purchase of a mattress, which is something you can feel good about.

Avocado is a Certified B Corporation, which means not only are all the materials used certified organic, the company meets environmental, social and community guidelines when it comes to business practices, which is something you might appreciate.

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What Does The Purple Feel Like

The original Purple mattress has a unique feel that is simultaneously squishy and firm. This is thanks to the mattresss proprietary hyper-elastic gel polymer grid, which collapses when enough pressure is applied and stays upright everywhere else . Theres no other mattress that feels quite like this one.

Back Sleepers & Stomach Sleepers

Back sleepers also need plenty of support for your lumbar region and a bit for pressure relief. Again, heavier sleepers might need to choose more firm mattresses as Purple might feel too soft and sleepers may end up sinking too deep on the bed. If youre between 130 to 230 points, this should be an appropriate choice for you. However, the preferences will vary from one person to the next.

The support issue is ever more prevalent with stomach sleepers. Theyll definitely require an even more firm foundation to stop the accumulation of pressure points that could strain shoulders, necks, or lower backs. Being a stomach sleeper who weighs more more than 130 pounds will definitely require the most firm bed.

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Whats The Right Way To Unroll A Purple Mattress

You can watch a video on what the mattress should look like when it’s fully expanded and rolled out on your bed. But to unroll a Purple mattress, place the mattress on your bed horizontally, cut the first layer of plastic off, unroll the mattress, and then cut off the final layer of plastic, allowing it to expand.

There’s also a video onhow the Purple mattress gets rolled up for shipping.

Brooklyn Bedding Presidents’ Day Mattress Sale

Comforthome Queen Size Quilted Mattress

Also named one of our favorite mattresses-in-a-box, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid mattress is on sale from $479.20 to $1,099.20, down from the regular prices of $599 to $1,374 for a savings of $119.80 to $274.80. It’s part of the company’s Winter Sale running through today, February 10 and offering 20% off all mattresses. Brooklyn Bedding also has unconventional sizes, including short and RV bed mattresses. Our reviewer, who tested the medium-firm type and found the surface too forgiving when sleeping on her stomach, recommended opting for the firm option if you sleep mostly on your stomach or back. Note that it runs warmer than others but if you prefer softer and squishier, it’s a good option.

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Saatva Presidents’ Day Mattress Sale

Save up to $450 on select Saatva mattresses during its Presidents’ Day sale ending today, February 10. The Classic Mattress is one of the most popular mattresses our readers purchased in 2021, thanks to the convenience afforded by the company’s white glove delivery service. That mattress in the queen size is usually $1,695 but right now, you can save $200 and get it for $1,495 at checkout. Saatva mattresses are super comfortable, though we didn’t find them to be the best luxury mattress for absorbing movement. Add a pair of down alternative pillows and you’ll save $40, down from $230 to $190. If you prefer memory foam over the hybrid innerspring for added cooling, you can also save $200 on the queen size Saatva modern foam mattress, down from $1,495 to $1,295.

How Does The Purple Bed Feel

The Purple bed looks and feels more like a gel or silicone-like material, unlike any type of memory foam or poly foam. The top layer is laid out in a grid formation, which creates a bunch of tiny squares across the beds surface. The polymer material is extremely soft, flexible, and responsive. In fact, Hyper-Elastic Polymer can be stretched to 15x its original state. Try doing that with foam and see what happens .

We know what you might be wondering. How does it feel to sleep on a Purple Bed? Honestly, pretty weird at first. We like to compare it to a huge Dr. Scholls insert. Some people love it, some people hate it.

What really makes Hyper-Elastic Polymer special, though, is that its also really supportive. You kind of get the best of both worlds with the Purple mattress. Its soft, comfortable and pressure relieving, yet its also able to support all types of sleepers.

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Compare With Similar Items

This item Purple Mattress, GelFlex Grid, Better Than Memory Foam, Temperature Neutral, Responsiveness, Breathability, Made in USA
4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars
80 x 60 x 9.5 inches 80 x 60 x 12 inches 74 x 59 x 12 inches 80 x 60 x 10 inches 80 x 60 x 12 inches 60 x 80 x 12 inches
80 x 60 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight
4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank

Product Warranty:

Purple Mattress Unboxing: How To Unroll A Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress Review | Affordable, Cooling, and Supportive

All Purple mattresses are delivered in tough purple colored plastic wrapping called The Tube. The mattress itself is encased in another layer of protective wrap to keep it free of dirt and grime during delivery.

Once you get the mattress into your room of choice, follow these Purple mattress unboxing tips:

  • Step 1 Get someone to help you move the mattress. These are heavy and unboxing should not be attempted alone.
  • Step 2 Lift the mattress, still in its Purple Tube, onto your bed base.
  • Step 3 Unzip the Purple Tube at the top and pull out the cutting tool.
  • Step 4 Starting at the zipper end, cut through the Purple Tube itself.
  • Step 5 Remove the Tube entirely and pop it to one side on the floor.
  • Step 6 Remove the clear protective plastic layers.
  • Step 7 Discard of the packaging and enjoy your new Purple mattress.

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Purple Mattress Unboxing And Off

The Purple is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it ships compressed in a box. Youll have to unbox it at home. Id recommend unboxing it in the room youre going to use it in, so you wont have to worry about lugging it up any stairs or around corners. Id also recommend waiting at least 24 hours after unboxing this bed before you sleep on it. The foam layers in this bed need a bit of time to off-gas, or release trapped odors.

What Are Mattress Payment Terms

Many brands offer payment terms if you don’t want to pay all in one shot or put it all on credit, with things like 30-day no interest financing programs.

Most brands, including Casper, Brooklyn Bedding, and Cocoon by Sealy, offer generous 10-year limited warranties on mattresses while Awara and Nectar offer a unique “forever warranty.” With some of the mattress deals from Casper, however, they are final sale without a trial period or returns and exchanges, and with shorter warranty periods, so read up on our reviews to be sure it will meet your needs before committing.

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Cost Of Queen Size Purple Mattress

Its simple to choose any random mattress and call it a day. Yes, you save some dollars and perhaps some time by doing your research, but if you spend too many nights on a random mattress, and youll start wondering the reason you wake up exhausted and exhausted than the night before.

Purple Mattress aims to solve the problem by studying the elements that make a comfortable sleep more enjoyable with unique technologies like their Purple Grid Layer, which makes the mattress feeling that is different from other mattresses in the market. This article will look over whether Purple Mattress is the right choice for your next mattress purchase.

Before you continue, you may want to watch this video by Mac Dingle on YouTube that gives a quick review. After, youll want to read the rest of our article for a more comprehensive review of Purple Mattress.

Purple Mattress Policies And Faqs

Purple Queen Mattress

How does the Purple ship?

The Purple is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will ship compressed in a box to your door. The Purple ships for free.

Does the Purple have a trial period?

Yes, the Purple has a 100-night sleep trial.

Does the Purple have a mattress warranty?

Yes, the Purple has a 10-year warranty.

What is Purples return policy?

You can return the Purple after testing it for a minimum period of 21 days and before the end of the 100-night trial to receive a full refund.

Do I need a box spring with the Purple?

Nope, you can place the Purple on any bed frame, including box springs, adjustable bases, platforms, and more.

Where is the Purple made?

All Purple mattresses are made in the USA.

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How To Return A Purple Mattress

What happens if you decide you want to return your Purple mattress within the 100 sleep trial? Its easy and quick. Just call customer service and theyll ask you how you want to return it. Since its impossible to get it put back into the bag you wont be asked to ship it. Options include, donate it to charity, or schedule an in-home pick up.

How To Get A Good Deal On A New Bed

  • Buy Online In the majority of cases, purchasing a bed online will be cheaper than going to a local mattress store.
  • Consider Durability Buying a cheaper bed may save you money initially, but you may have to replace it sooner. Consider the durability and overall quality of your new bed to save money in the long run.
  • Comparison Shop There are hundreds of mattress companies competing for your business. Doing some comparison shopping between several brands can help you get a great deal on a quality product.
  • Shop During Holiday Sales Many mattress companies run attractive sales during various holidays throughout the year. Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day , Cyber Monday, and Black Friday are all great times of year to score a good deal.
  • Invest in Your Health Lastly, remember that a quality mattress can have a huge impact on your health and happiness. Therefore, you dont want to cut corners. Its worthwhile to spend a bit more to get a quality bed that will be comfortable and last a long time.
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