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Where Can I Find A Mattress

Preparing A Workspace For Successful Puncture Searches

Can I Buy The Same Type Of Mattress That Hotels Use From US-Mattress?

We suggest doing the investigation in a controlled workspace. A place free of sharp objects and without drafts, wind, and is still. If youre in the backcountry, a trailer or campervan are good locations.

If you are in the wilderness you can use the insides of a sizable tent as a workspace solution. Just make sure the tent is one that is large enough to move around in.

Clear the mattress from bedding and sheets. Then start to fill up the mattress with air to its utmost capacity using a pump. Take care not to go beyond this limit as you could blow out the hole even further, making the mattress beyond repair.

Once your workspace and air mattresses are cleaned and prepped, its time to start the searching.

Tips To Avoid When Finding Holes In Air Your Mattress

  • Dont use any corrosive material that is going to have an acidic effect on your inflatable mattress.
  • Dont try and replace soap with an alternative like a moisturizer or anything sticky. They can cause damage. Leaving you with a sticky or slippery air mattress after your investigation.
  • The best solutions are the ones that resolve the problem neatly and cleanly.

Camping purists argue that going without an air bed is how nature intended camping to be. My spine tends to disagree.

Ive always seemed to attack a full day of camping activities much harder when Im well-rested from a good nights sleep. If you can spend a little bit extra and get an air mattress, we highly agree and we hope that it lasts you many prosperous camping trips.

If not, make sure to check back here for these tips on how to find a hole in an air mattress. We have your back.

What Size Is A 3/4 Mattress

Generally, for a three quarter mattress, the dimensions tend to be 48 x 75. However, we do on occasion get calls for 48 x 72 mattress replacements or other weird sizes and shapes .

In the end, your antique bed may have a non-traditional 3/4 size. Not to worry! We can make our mattresses in almost any size or shape!

If your size is not on our website, please contact us at 888-488-1468 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Where Can I Find An Old Fashioned Mattress02 Oct 2016 1: 31#2

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Hi Springy,I’m not sure exactly what type of mattress you owned but I’m guessing it was probably a two sided innerspring mattress with natural fiber comfort layers on each side of the innerspring.There are still some manufacturers that make them “the way they used to” and there is a list of some natural fiber/innerspring mattresses in post #4 here.There may also be a local manufacturer that still makes them in your area and if you let me know your city or zip code I’ll be happy to let you know about any that I’m aware of that are in a reasonable driving distance as well.PhoenixResearching for a mattress?… Be sure to read Click here for if purchasing from Our Trusted Members.For any mattress questions on our forum

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Choose Your Ideal Type And Material

Where Can I Find...A Flippable 2 Sided Mattress? We Have ...

Ok, so this is where most people will go with their personal preference rather than anything else. If someone says latex is the best, I would not take this as final until I read other opinions and test it myself.

Want to know more? Head over to our complete mattress types guide.

And here are the most common options on the market these days:

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So You Found An Air Leak Now What

So you have utilized one of the above methods on how to find a leak in an air mattress. Now what. Once you find the leak, mark its location with a small piece of insulation tape or permanent marker.

Be careful not to puncture the air mattress again with the metal end of the pen. Afterward, let the air mattress dry out and then deflate the mattress completely.

The final mattress repair step is to patch the hole. You need to consider a small seal that sticks to the mattress surface.

Mattress repair kits can be purchased at any decent outdoor or hardware shop. Ive even used a bicycle tire patch up kit. Whatever the patch you use, stick it on top of the hole and make sure the area around the hole is dry and clean.

It ensures the seal remains intact. Once the repair is complete, fill up the air mattress to check if the leakage problem subsides.

Flippable Mattresses Can Be Heavier

Many flippable mattresses weigh more than one-sided mattresses. This is especially true for dual-firmness designs because of the need to have a distinct comfort system on each side.

The downside to a heavier mattress is that it can be more challenging to actually flip. Handles on the cover can help, but even with handles, it normally takes two people to safely flip a mattress over.

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Best Mattress Buying Guide

Which brand? What type? Where from? How much? What is the best mattress? These are the questions that are likely running through your mind when buying a new mattress. Well, youve come to the right place. In this guide, Ill help you answer all of those questions and youll be having sweet dreams in no time!

Pricing X Factor Frames & Bases

Why Can’t I Find A Specific Brand Name Mattress On The US-Mattress Website?

Since modern mattresses arent all made to be flipped like traditional innerspring, few will work on your leftover frame and boxspring. Factor in the price of a new base. Nearly all mattresses these days work on flat surfaceslike the floor or a platform without a box spring. Adjustable bases work, too. Adjustable bases can prop you up for easy phone, computer and tablet use or lay you flat for sleeping. Adjustables are great for people who need to elevate their heads to ease sleep apnea or their feet for circulation. Most modern mattresses will work with an adjustable base, but they can add $800 or more to your total.

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Is A Flippable Mattress More Durable

A flippable mattress is often more durable than a one-sided mattress, but this isnt always the case.

One reason that a mattress can deteriorate is because pressure is applied to the same areas night after night. Flipping regularly can prevent these patterns of wear-and-tear. To some extent, a similar effect may be achieved by rotating a one-sided mattress.

Flippable mattresses do not always mean enhanced durability, though. Ultimately, the longevity of any mattress depends on its materials, and being two-sided cant compensate for weaker components. In addition, some mattresses with reversible firmness have very thin comfort layers on one side that may be more prone to wearing out.

Of course, durability also depends on how well you care for a mattress, so its important to use a proper bed frame, avoid spills and stains, and keep pets with claws off the bed.

Where To Shop For A Mattress

Laying down in the store isn’t the only way to go anymore. New mattress-in-a-box companies have won over thousands of customers with convenient shipping and free trial periods. Online mattress buying buying has seen a serious boom, but its not right for everyone. Here’s what you need to know.

Shop in the store if…

Go the traditional route if you want a greater variety and to feel them before buying. In a mattress store, you should never pay full price. Always shop the sales, and don’t be afraid to negotiate with the salesperson. Most stores will also offer removal of your existing mattress. The downside is it can feel overwhelming and it’s harder to compare prices to know if youre getting a good deal. A big mistake is rushing the decision by quickly lying down on many different mattresses to find the one that feels best. If youre going to invest in a mattress, take the time to recline for a while and make sure you dont feel any pressure or pain.

Shop online if…

This newer route offers a great alternative if you have trouble making decisions, since there are fewer options. Plus, you can shop from home! These mattresses generally arrive in a box at your doorstep within a few days and include free shipping and a money-back guarantee so there’s minimal risk. Online, the price is usually final, but it doesnt include markups for being sold at a physical store. The downsides are that you typically have to set it up yourself and deal with getting rid of your old mattress.

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Tissue Method Liftoff Can Show The Leakage Spot

The tissue method is a mess-free way of pinpointing the location of a hole. Place some tissue paper or another light paper on sections of the air mattress.

Then manually apply weight to the mattress to push air outwards. If the piece of tissue paper is on the hole, a sudden updraft will propel it upwards. You must be in a room with little to no air movement for this method to work.

Nothing Nothing Helps You Sleep Better Than This Mattress

Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress ...

Review of prior model .

For people looking for a personalized sleep setup with luxurious features.

  • Full suite of customizable features for a personalized sleep setup.
  • Zero Gravity position helps relax your body for balanced comfort.
  • Anti-Snore raises your head and chest to reduce pressure on your airway and keep you comfortably asleep.
  • Wall-aligning technology keeps everything you need within reach.
  • Personalized presets save your favorite positions.

For people looking for an elevated sleep setup with customizable features.

  • Offers flexibility to cater your individual sleep needs.
  • Zero Gravity position helps relax your body for balanced comfort.
  • Anti-Snore raises your head and chest to reduce pressure on your airway and keep you comfortably asleep.
  • Customizable presets save your favorite positions.

For people looking for sturdy support and simple setup.

  • No-tool, easy assembly
  • Foundation slats perfectly spaced to support for your Casper mattress for years
  • No-tool, easy assembly

For those who have aches and pains and want maximum support with cooling features.

  • Top perforated foam layer increases airflow + 2 layers to keep you cool all night.
  • A thin coating of cooling gel.
  • Continuous ergonomic zones for full-body relief.
  • Softer foam around the shoulders provides more relief to the upper body.
  • Gel pods under the waist and lower back for healthy spine alignment.

For those who want a plush top layer without sacrificing support and cooling.

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How Do I Pick A Good Full

See our Mattress Buying Guide for more info on how to pick the best full size mattress for your needs. We also have a great selection of King, California King, Queen, Twin XL and Twin mattress sets. After you’ve selected the best mattress, it’ll be time to check out comforters. So remember when buying furnishings for your home at Sam’s Club, remember that you always get members-only pricing and special delivery options.

Common Air Mattress Leak Locations

There are some common spots to check air mattresses for leaks before trying any of the fixes. First, give it a birdseye view for any visible holes.

If you find none, do a physical inspection and feel for a leak on the mattress surface and the valve area. In most cases, you may find a hole in the mattress with this method straight away. Valves and seams are usually the first areas on an air mattress to deteriorate.

Checking these areas first may also save you a lot of time, negating the need to apply further searching.

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How Much Is A Tempurpedic Mattress

TempurPedic mattresses can be a little expensive. Their entry-level option called the Tempur-Cloud mattress and the base model in the Adapt line start at $1,699 for a twin size. The ProAdapt mattress starts at $2,499 and goes up to $3,299 for the LuxeAdapt model. The most luxurious models in the Breeze collection, on the other hand, start at $3,499 and $4,499.

Dish Soap Or Soapy Water Can Find Air Mattress Leaks Most Of The Time

Mattress Buying Guide (How To Choose A Mattress)

If the simple inspection methods fail to locate any holes, then its time to get a bit creative and use soapy water in a spray bottle. Moving onto the first accessory, lets apply a dish soap solution onto the inflatable mattress.

You can do this efficiently by using a spray bottle or sponge. The leaky air expands the dish soap bubbles, identifying the hole. It is best to start spraying the dish soap around the valve and moving away from it until you find the leak.

Make sure to get eye level to see any tiny specks of soapy water that get expelled by air.

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Look Up Your States Policies

Some states like California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have mattress recycling laws in place. The law in these states requires the manufacturers to provide you with a reliable solution to discard your mattress.

If you live in Los Gatos or Bay Area, you can get fined for throwing out your mattress with other waste. So, it is better to check your states regulations before deciding what to do with your old mattress.

Mattresses For Hot Sleepers

If you tend to wake up with night sweats or youre just uncomfortably warm, youll want to find a mattress designed for breathability.

Memory foam beds typically have cooling gels or are made from plant-based oils to promote airflow, while hybrid mattresses contain pocketed coils to prevent heat build-up. Latex beds are naturally cooling, so theyre loved by many hot sleepers.

Youll also want to pay attention to the materials in your mattress cover. Breathable fabrics such as cotton and wool allow for better airflow than synthetic blends. Some brands even infuse cooling technologies into their covers, too.

Mattresses for Aches and Pains

If you live with aches and pains, whether its from a recent surgery or a long-term painful condition, youll want to find a mattress built with zoned technologies. All mattresses offer some level of support, but zoned technologies take that one step further, specifically facilitating healthy spinal alignment.

Zoned technologies, oftentimes called surface modification technologies, offer dynamic full-body support. Theyre designed to feel firmer under your torso to keep your midsection lifted and softer under your shoulder blades and hips to prevent pain. These technologies can improve comfort for those of all sleep styles, but theyre especially useful for side sleepers. The best mattresses for back pain almost always contain zoned technologies.

Mattresses for Couples

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Specialty Foam / Memory Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are becoming much more popular, and they tend to get higher customer satisfaction ratings than innerspring mattresses . There are two major types of specialty foam, and a foam bed will usually have at least one of them, if not both. There is latex, and memory foam.

Memory foam is probably the most recognized type of foam in bedding. It is a slower-response foam . This has the benefit of not causing pressure to the body. Memory foam is perhaps the best pressure-relieving material that is used in beds today.

Memory foam is often mixed with a type of gel to add additional support and to help keep a more neutral surface temperature. Older styles of memory foam tend to retain heat. Most modern memory foam mattresses dont have this issue.

Latex foam is the other type of common specialty foam. It tends to be more supportive than memory foam, a lot more durable , it responds a lot more quickly than memory foam, and naturally keeps a more neutral temperature without relying on gel. However, it does not relieve pressure as well as memory foam does, and isnt as good at separating motion.

Most of the time, these types of foam will be put on a base of whats called poly foam, which is just a high density, resilient support foam. Its not really designed for comfort, but it will hold the mattress up. Some lower-end mattresses are only made of poly foam, and these tend to feel harder.

Where Can I Find A 3/4 Mattress Size

Antique 12.6"  Black Bed Frame Platform Bed with Victorian ...

Did you buy an antique 3/4 size bed at an auction or an estate sale? Maybe one was handed down to you as a family heirloom. Antique beds can be beautiful pieces of decor for a spare bedroom.

The only problem?

To state the obvious, the mattresses are so old that they are extremely uncomfortable to sleep on, and you wont find a 3/4 mattress size at your local mattress store!

If youre like most people who own a 3/4 size bed, youve spent countless hours trying to track down a replacement three quarter size mattress with little or no luck. Dont worry, youre not alone. Unfortunately, most mattress stores and sleep shops dont stock or offer this odd antique mattress size. The few that do, want to charge you ridiculous sums of money to do a custom order with long lead times and no return policy.

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How To Test For Support In A Mattress:

The most important factor in finding the correct mattress is proper support. You need the mattress to push up on your body to counteract your body weight. So that means a hard, firm, stone-like mattress, right? Wrong.

Your body isnt a straight line. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, your body has curves, and a mattress must come up to support the curves and arches of your body . Consider the image below to illustrate:

Youll notice that the mattress dips down around her shoulders and hips, but her spine is in proper alignment. If the mattress were too hard, her hips would be pushed up and her shoulders would be pushed up, and her spine would not be straight. If youre in this position for too long, you can wake up with a backache.

Additionally, if you keep changing positions to try to keep your back in alignment, youre not getting into the deeper stages of sleep, which causes you to wake up tired. The same exact consequences occur if a mattress is too soft, and youre in it like a hammock. You want a mattress to contour to the shape of your body to hold it in its neutral alignment.


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