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Do I Need A Breathable Crib Mattress

Introducing The Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress

Best mattress protector 2020 | “Do I need a mattress protector?” ultra-soft and breathable membrane

The Newton crib mattress consists of an inner mattress pad protected by a removable breathe-thru cover.

The inner mattress pad is what makes the Newton crib mattress so special. Newton makes the crib mattress from Wovenaire®, a patented polymer thats totally unique to the company.

Polymer theres no getting around it is plastic. While that may be a deal breaker for some, Newton wants you to keep an open mind.

The polymer that makes up Wovenaire® is food-grade. Think about the different types of plastic your food comes wrapped in.polyethylene terephthalate is a popular one, but plastic wrap, yogurt containers, ready-made supermarket meal containers are all made from food-grade plastic. That should give you a general idea of the type of polymer Wovenaire® might be made of.

What Should I Do With A Crib Mattress After My Baby Has Outgrown It

Although some crib mattresses are designed to be flipped over for use by a toddler, most are meant to be set aside once your baby is 12 months old. Unsanitary mattresses should be disposed of, but those that are reasonably clean can generally be recycled. If the mattress is sanitary and in good condition, you may prefer to repurpose it in some way: as a pet bed, for your toddler to sit on when playing, or even as a kneeling pad in the garden.

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We’ll Take The Night Shift

We know that baby will always be most comfortable with Mom or Dad. But when you’re not around, we’d like to be your next best choice. Besides, we absolutely love the night shift! Our mattresses are firm yet comfortable, and designed to nurture your little one into a deep and healthy sleep while keeping them safe.

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Should You Purchase A Breathable Crib Mattress With A Waterproof Cover

A. There will likely be some occasional diaper leaks at night from time to time, so you need a waterproof cover to protect your breathable crib mattress. That being said, you shouldnt be too concerned if the breathable crib mattress you choose doesnt come with a waterproof cover. You can instead purchase a waterproof sheet to place under the regular crib sheet.

Dr William W Fox And Dr Thomas H Shaffer

The Best Breathable Crib Mattresses: What Parents Need to Know

3rd test study

SafeSleep®, a U.S. manufacturer of a breathe-through crib mattress, chooses to use a CPSC accredited lab to conduct similar tests on aeration properties on their product. The test methods are designed by Dr. William W. Fox and Dr. Thomas H. Shaffer. Notable, the testing uses a similar mechanical model and methods as designed by Dr. Kemp.

Products tested

The lab compares CO2 elimination on four different surfacesthe SafeSleep® air permeable crib mattress, a firm crib mattress with tight fitting sheet, sheepskin, and a bean bag chair. Sheepskin and bean bag chairs are known high-risk hazards for rebreathing and have been implicated in a significant number of SIDS fatalities.

Test results

Just as in the studies by Kemp and Bar-Yishay, the SafeSleep® breathable crib mattress showes significantly less CO2 retention than the firm crib mattress and the high hazard comparators. The lab concludes the SafeSleep® breathe-through crib mattress is a much lower risk hazard for rebreathing than the firm crib mattress.

Additionally, the lab also compares the air permeability of the SafeSleep® breathe-through crib mattress to a firm baby mattress using the ASTM-D737-04 standard test method of air permeability of textiles. Based on the test data, the SafeSleep® air permeable crib mattress has an air permeability rate over 330 times greater than the firm mattress with tight sheet.

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How To Choose A Crib Mattress

Before making a purchase, its crucial to understand the factors that go into a safe and comfortable crib mattress. Some details, such as size and firmness, are non-negotiable matters of safety, while others are a matter of personal preference. Parents should also be aware of certifications, additional features, and other important data points before making a purchase. Well walk you through each of these categories to help you feel confident in your choice.

Naturepedic Organic Breathable 2

Buy on | Naturepedic | BuyBuy BABY | Target

Naturepedics Organic Breathable crib mattress is a waterproof innerspring mattress with a firm, 252-coil innerspring. This mattress comes with Naturepedics breathable mattress cover, which lays on top of the mattresss waterproof cover.

Choose this breathable mattress if you prefer the feel of an innerspring core to a polyethylene core. Since it does have two stages, one side will be firmer for your newborn and the other side is a little softer to provide more comfort for when your baby reaches the toddler stage.

As always, Naturepedic crib mattresses contain no flame retardants, latex, perfluorinated compounds , polyurethane foam, soy, vinyl/PVC, phthalates, or formaldehyde. Their mattresses are made in Ohio by master craftsmen and truly made with care.

  • Made in the USA
  • Fits standard size cribs approximately 27 1/4 x 51 5/8 x 6
  • Firm
  • Waterproof mattress using safe, food-grade polyethylene
  • Breathable mattress pad goes on top of the waterproof mattress to maintain hygienic standards
  • Dual-stage mattress design allows the mattress to grow with your child
  • Seamless waterproof edges to prevent exposure to dust mites and provide extra support

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Wovenaire Is Woven Air

Herein lies the genius of this mattress: its mostly air.

According to Newton:

The patented Wovenaire core is 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer.

So the plastic noodles actually make up a pretty small part of the mattress.

The 3D structure creates a ton of space for air to hang out. Its what makes the Newton crib mattress what it is.

According to Newton, you can lie face down on this mattress and still breathe.

The Single Most Important Thing To Consider In Buying A Crib Mattress

Breathable Crib Mattress – Newton Crib Mattress Review

As long as theres money to be made creating products tailored to new parents greatest fears, consumer vigilance is required.

But the focus on reducing SIDS risks shouldnt be a license to ignore other safety issues.

When shopping for a crib mattress, parents need to ensure the mattress they choose meets all government safety standards. Dont sacrifice one safety standard for another.

A 1993 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine provides a tragic example of this.

In the study, researchers found tummy-sleeping babies using ti tree bark or kapok filled crib mattresses had a greater risk of SIDS vs. foam crib mattresses. These mattresses were marketed to parents as allowing the free passage of air. However, when the researchers tested these crib mattresses, they found a 1Kg bag of sugar left a significant indentation on the mattress that was still present 5 minutes after the bag was removed.

In other words? The mattresses werent firm enough to be safe for babies. They certainly didnt meet the FIRMS test for crib mattress safety.

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Better Baby Crib Mattresses

These baby crib mattresses contain one or more of the following issues: Claims to be made with organic materials but doesnt have GOTS certification for the entire mattress to prove its only organic, uses allergenic materials that should be avoided around infants, uses fibers and/or materials that are known to collect mold, or may use some chemicals to waterproof that are unknown and could potentially be PFAS. Some of these brands rely on GreenGuard Gold certification as their main certification, but sadly this certification is not as stringent as one might think in terms of crib mattresses.

  • Avocado Green Crib Mattress
  • Brentwood Home Eco Air Waterproof Baby Crib Mattress
  • Earthsake Crib Mattress
  • Essentia Natural Memory Foam Crib Mattress
  • Lullaby Baby Breath Safe Breathable Crib Mattress
  • Lullaby Baby Healthy Support Waterproof Crib Mattress
  • My Green Mattress Emily Crib Mattress
  • Naturalmat Baby Crib Mattress
  • Organic Dream Crib Mattress
  • Saatva Crib Mattress
  • Savvy Rest Organic Crib Mattresses

The Benefits Of Breathable Mattresses

Breathable mattresses have several benefits for babies, including

  • Preventing trapped heat and regulating your babys body temperature
  • Stopping your baby from sweating and keeping their mattress dry
  • Improving airflow and reducing the risk of re-breathing
  • Drying quickly if there are spills or vomit, therefore reducing the chance that bacteria will grow in the mattress.

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Do Breathable Mattresses Reduce Sids

Newton claims its breathable crib mattress also eliminates the risk of overheating, which has been associated with SIDS. The evidence the manufacturers of these crib mattresses provide is not evidence of reduced risk of suffocation or SIDS, said Dr. Fern Hauck, a member of the AAPs Task Force on SIDS.

Possible Factors That Contribute To Sids

Mattress Warehouse Online

Sleeping Face-Down: Babies that sleep face down have a higher risk of overheating than babies that sleep on their back . And, babies that sleep on their stomach have a two-time greater risk of dying from SIDS than babies that sleep on their back. 3

This is why the AAPs Back to Sleep campaign was so effective in reducing infant sleep-related deaths by placing your baby to sleep on their back in a safe sleep environment, it reduces their risk of SIDS.

Lack of Air Circulation: Some studies have also shown that room ventilation in a babys sleeping environment can reduce the risk of SIDS. This includes opening the windows and doors and/or running a fan. But there isnt enough data to provide specific recommendations about how, when, or where to place the fan to reduce the risk of infant death. Still, I like to personally believe that using a fan in appropriate temperature conditions is a smart precaution. 2

Temperature and Loose Items: Clothing and loose bedding covering a baby, especially over the head, have also been found to contribute to an increased risk of SIDS. But the exact reasons why arent clear it may be rebreathing, overheating, hypoxia , or other causes. Similarly, the room temperature also plays a role. 2

Heres a good summary of this theory:

And it is also why I personally use and recommend an organic crib mattress, and why I do not recommend buying mattresses secondhand unless you can trust the source and use a polyethylene mattress cover.

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Reasons Why A Breathable Crib Mattress Is Good For Your Baby

The average baby is only awake seven hours in a day with rest of the hours dedicated to amassing as much shuteye as possible. It is no wonder babies are always smiling and upbeat! Who wouldnt be after hopping from one dream to another all day? Anyways, since babies spend most of their early life within the confines of a crib an essential question arises on how to pick out the right crib. However, that is usually the easy part. The hard bit is determining what sort of mattress is best for your little one, the answer to which is a breathable crib mattress. Here are some of the reasons why.

Why We Picked It

Breathability is a hugely important factor when choosing a crib mattress for baby. Even though its unknown exactly what causes SIDS, theres a lot of research around the idea that it has to do with the availability of fresh, breathable oxygen in babys sleep environment. The Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed really does offer the best in breathability for baby.

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How Do You Prevent Sids In Babies

Can SIDS be prevented?

  • putting your baby to sleep on his back.
  • using a firm sleep surface and keeping fluffy blankets and stuffed animals out of his crib.
  • not overheating your baby or his room when he sleeps.
  • not smoking when you are pregnant and not allowing anyone to smoke around your baby.
  • breastfeeding.
  • Problem #: Most Breathable Crib Mattress Arent Made With Non

    Secure Beginnings Crib Mattress Review

    A safe and healthy crib mattress tops the list of where to invest your money when preparing for a new baby. Your baby will spend countless hours sleeping in their crib, and you want their environment to be safe, clean, and healthy.

    Just because a mattress is breathable, that doesnt mean we should ignore the materials used. Because this is your babys sleep surface, you should ideally look for the best of both worlds when buying a breathable crib mattress: breathability and safe materials.

    Some breathable mattresses are made from plastic polymers while others are made with polyurethane foam. One is even made with upcycled denim so the materials are truly all over the map.

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    What Do The Cynics Say

    Its no secret crib mattress manufacturers have a vested interest in getting you to buy their product.

    Personally, Im not a cynic, but it is worth looking at baby products with a critical eye.

    Many of the companies leading the way in innovative crib mattresses are parents, too. Newton, Naturepedic and Nook Sleep these companies were all started by parents or grandparents who want to keep their kids safe. As such, many of these companies focus on making a super safe baby crib mattress that is free from chemicals, and use certified organic cotton and other natural, non toxic crib mattress materials.

    I genuinely believe the founders of the companies mentioned above and others, like Lullaby Earth, have your childs best interests at heart. But I also understand, at the end of the day, they want to sell us all their crib mattresses.

    If you want a true cynics point of view, this article in Slate is a good start. Some of the examples the author mentions feel borderline predatory. Im guessing others agree: when I clicked through to the most egregious examples, I found dead links. It seems the company has gone out of business.

    The companies I recommend above Newton and Naturepedic, for example are reputable companies and have thousands of positive reviews.

    The author also makes a strong case about stronger regulation for products that claim to reduce the incidence of SIDS:

    Best Crib Mattress Pads

    For the next several years, your life is going to get a whole lot messier. All kinds of fluids from your baby will end up in places you never imagined, and at some point it will all make contact with their mattress.

    After spending so much time choosing a crib mattress , you definitely dont want it to get ruined. Mattress padsespecially waterproof onesprotect the crib mattress so you can use it through toddlerhood and for subsequent children too. Even if you bought a waterproof mattress for the crib, a pad is a safe way to make your babys bed cushy and comfortable without using pillows, bumpers and blankets .

    There are three types of mattress pads:

    • Fitted ones that wrap around the entire mattress like a fitted sheet.
    • Pads that lie flat and have elastic corner straps to hold onto the mattress.
    • Smaller pads that cover only a portion of the mattress.

    All mattress pads are meant to be used with a fitted sheet over them. The lie-flat pads can sometimes shift under the sheet when you change them. And fitted mattress pads offer a snug fit all the way around for coverage that wont come loose. But they arent as easy to pull off during middle-of-the-night changes as the other types of pads.

    You can also pick from regular or waterproof versions. Whichever type of mattress pad you choose, youll want to add two of them to your baby registry or purchase extras on your own.

    Take a look at the ones we like most.

    Organic Option

    Choosing Whats Right For You

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    Is Newton Mattress Actually Breathable

    Newton Babys proprietary support core material consists of 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer. Because of its airy construction, the Newton Crib Mattress is extremely breathable. The Newton Crib Mattress is an attractive option to parents looking for a firm, breathable model for their infant or toddler.

    The Importance Of Using A Breathable Crib Mattress Cover

    Best Breathable Crib Mattress Review In 2020

    Just as the inner layer of the mattress is essential, so is the cover. It guarantees to enhance your comfort and minimizes most untold risks while you are sleeping. Most breathable mattresses are not designed with waterproof material. Therefore, when urine, water, and other fluids spill on the crib, they may promote puddle forming. However, with a cover on, this should not be your fear.

    Additionally, the breathable mattress allows air to flow through for easy breathing while sleeping. The same way dust mites may penetrate through the mattress and impose risks. Although there are hypoallergenic mattresses, a cover guarantees maximum safety all night.

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    Crib Mattress Review: Newton Baby Vs Safety 1st

    If youre trying to decide what crib mattress to buy for your new baby, Im hoping I can help! In this post Im reviewing two popular crib mattresses. Ill answer some popular questions, like: Is the Newton crib mattress worth it? Is a breathable mattress necessary? Can I buy an affordable crib mattress and help my baby get great sleep?

    I never make a purchase without researching it about 900 times. Let me take that back When Im standing in line at HomeGoods, I will 100% make a purchase on a whim. Otherwise, I will research it approximately 900 times. There was no exception to this when I was putting together our baby registry, and especially when it came to the crib and mattress.

    An old furniture-store commercial always rings in my head: You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. I wanted our daughter to be comfortable, safe, and have everything she needed to sleep through the night. We tried out both the Newton Baby Crib Mattress and the Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress. Heres my review of the two, and which crib mattress I recommend!


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