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When Should You Replace A Mattress

Is Your Mattress Showing Signs Of Wear And Tear

When should I replace my mattress?

You should check your mattress for visible signs of wear and tear whenever you change your bed sheets. If it looks worn, is lumpy, or has a visible dip where you tend to lie, it’s time to replace it. You should also pay attention to whether your mattress has become noisy. If it creaks, groans, or pings when you’re trying to get to sleep at night, this is also a sign that you should be looking to invest in a new mattress.

Sinks Into The Bed Frame

Normally, youd want your mattress to put up resistance. Sure, a comfy mattress sounds amazing, but it wont do your muscles any good, particularly when you suffer from back pain.

Once your mattress starts sagging or losing tension, those are signs that you should begin searching for a new one. Sooner or later, itll be too uncomfortable to sit on, let alone lie on top for hours.

Body impressions appearing more frequently and lasting longer is evidence of deterioration. A firm mattress shouldnt have problems going back to form after you sleep on it, but an old one will struggle.

Another sign is when you can barely get a good nights sleep as the comfort layer of an old mattress starts to go. Sagging is often the earliest sign that a mattress time is up.

I Wake Up Stiff And Uncomfortable

Similarly, if you’re waking up feeling like youve just had a workout rather than a restorative slumber, this could be the result of using a tired mattress. That’s particularly the case if you wake up stiff or sore, and then the discomfort alleviates after some stretching and into the morning.

When seeking out a new mattress, be aware that firm models aren’t always the solution to uncomfortable limbs or back pain – sometimes a medium-firm can be a better option. Sleep testing different mattresses is highly recommended to find the best for your specific requirements, and many companies now offer this service. We’d recommend reading our Saatva Classic Mattress review for a model that’s highly rated for back pain support.

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Is It Time For You To Buy A New Mattress

If you think the time has finally come for your old-faithful mattress to be upgraded, we can help. With open coil springs to reflex foam, and a whole variety of sizes, youre sure to find a value for money replacement mattress online with us.

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How Often Should You Replace A Tempurpedic Mattress

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress

If you can manage to maintain your mattress consistently, you can expect many years before it needs replacement. You can rotate your mattress regularly to keep it even. Also, dont let the kids jump on the mattress because its not made to withstand extreme pressure.

Another tip to enhance the durability of your mattress is to keep it away from too much sun exposure. The mattress is designed for sleeping, using it as a sofa bed and other purposes can reduce its average life while causing other damages. You need to use your mattress accordingly to avoid needing replacement in just a few years.

Typically, you would replace a Tempurpedic mattress after 7 to 8 years. This depends on how frequently you use your mattress as well as how you maintain it. If you feel some lumps when lying down on your mattress, then most probably its already calling for a replacement.

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Emma Comfort Mattress Was $799 Now $39950

This years top-rated mattress thanks to CHOICE is none other than this lil baby right here. The Emma Comfort Mattress is made of high-quality foams that adapt to suit your body. Like its Diamond Hybrid counterpart , its also designed to regulate temperature and ensures your sleep remains uninterrupted.

How Do You Know It’s Time

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, then you should probably think about getting rid of your mattress and investing in a new one:

  • You wake up in the morning feeling stiff, achy, or numb anywhere in your body.
  • You feel tired and sleep-deprived after getting at least eight hours of sleep.
  • Your partner is experiencing these pain and/or sleep issues.
  • You notice sagging, lumps, rips and tears, worn edges, stains, and other signs of wear and tear.
  • The mattress looks exceptionally dusty, or youre experiencing symptoms of dust mite allergies like coughing, wheezing, and tightness in the chest.
  • You roll to the center of the mattress in your sleep.
  • Youve slept somewhere else such as your couch or another bed and found that it was more comfortable and more suitable for sleep than your current mattress.
  • You cant remember how old the mattress is or its been more than seven years since youve purchased a new one.

Using our research data, the graph below features lifespan expectations for the five most common mattress types. As you can see, some mattresses last longer on average than others. But please note: regardless of the estimated lifespan, you should always think about replacing your mattress if you are experiencing any of the problems or issues listed above.

Average Lifespan of a New Mattress

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You Wake Stiff And Sore

Poor sleep can contribute to chronic back pain. If you wake up stiff and sore every day, your mattress could be part of the problem. If your back pain is worse when you wake but subsides when you stretch and move around, thats a sign that the mattress is causing or contributing to your pain.

A firm mattress may not be the answer. A study from the Kovacs Foundation in Mallorca found that medium-firm mattresses provided better comfort for chronic low-back pain. Experts recommend sleep testing different types of mattresses before buying if you suffer pain while sleeping or when waking.

How Often Should You Change A Latex Mattress

When to Replace Your Matresss –

Latex is durable, resilient and naturally antimicrobial, so it makes for a great-quality and longer lasting mattress. 100% natural latex mattresses shouldn’t need to be changed for more than 15 years if they are kept in good condition.

This means that despite the initial expense, a natural latex option could be economical in the long run, especially if you want to shop eco-friendly.

If the latex in the mattress is synthetic or blended with synthetic materials, you will have to change it every 10 years or so. Synthetic latex also softens faster than natural latex, so after five years or so of regular use, it might not support your posture as well as a natural latex option would.

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How Often Should I Change My Mattress

We recommend that you replace your mattress every seven years, in line with advice from the National Bed Federation.

On average, we spend a third of every day asleep. Over seven years, this equates to over 20,000 hours of sleep! During this time, your mattress undergoes a lot of wear and tear.

Good quality sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and overall wellbeing. The key to sleeping well is a comfortable bed and mattress. Read on to discover why you should replace your mattress regularly for optimal comfort, support and a better night’s sleep.

Is A 2 Inch Mattress Topper Enough

As a general rule, a 2inch topper is adequate if you have a quality mattress and are just looking to soften it a bit. Those weighing 250 pounds and above will also benefit from a thicker mattress topper. Remember that adding a thick mattress topper changes both the feel and height of your mattress.

How many inches of memory foam do I need?

The optimum choice for the thickness of the memory foam layer ranges from 4 to 5 inches thick with a density of at least 5 pounds per cubic foot. The denser and thicker the mattress, the higher the price goes.

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Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Mattress

Mattresses don’t last forever, but how do you know when it’s time to replace yours?

Waking up with back pain? Yeah, it’s time…

Though every mattress has a different lifespan depending on the material, manufacturer and usage, the average lifespan of a mattress is about 10 years. Of course, you can continue sleeping on a mattress much longer than that , but sleeping on a worn-out mattress can have real consequences on your sleep quality and overall health.

If you find yourself wondering why you can’t fall asleep or why your back hurts so much when you wake up, it’s probably time for a new mattress.

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How To Help Your Mattress Last Longer

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress Topper ...

Once youve replaced your old mattress, there are some things you should do to keep it in great condition for longer. This includes:

Rotating Most mattresses can be rotated, and doing so ensures any dips and bumps are levelled out, and that you are resting on an even surface. Aim to rotate yours every few months. Mattresses with zones that support the body at specific areas can’t be rotated, as these are designed to be used in one direction only.

Flipping A lot of new mattresses are one-sided with a sturdy foundation layer and a softer top, so check before you flip. If you can flip your mattress, flip and rotate it so that each side and end gets the same amount of time at the top of the bed.

Airing and cleaning Most beds can be kept fresh by running the vacuum cleaner over them. You could also sprinkle on bicarbonate of soda to soak up moisture and smells, leave for a few hours, then vacuum it up. If you can, strip the mattress, open the windows and place it in direct sunlight for UV rays to kill the bacteria.

Protection Using a mattress protector is one of the easiest ways to keep your mattress in good condition. Not only does they add a barrier against spills and sweat, protectors can be easily machine washed.

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How Can You Keep Your Mattress In Good Shape

New mattresses are expensive, especially if you have to replace them prematurely. The following strategies can help you get as much use as possible out of your current mattress.

  • Manage dust mite accumulation by frequently vacuuming areas around your bed and washing all sheets and pillowcases in hot water. Mite-proof bedding materials are widely available, as well.
  • Rotate the mattress 180 degrees every few months. Simply flip the mattress so that the side where your head rests is now at the foot of the bed. You can also rotate double-sided mattresses by turning them over, as well as swapping the head and foot.
  • Avoid excessive jumping or rough-housing on the bed and instruct your children to do the same. Also understand that pets jumping on beds can wear out the mattress.
  • Make sure your bed frame has a center support beam. Otherwise, your mattress will be much more susceptible to premature sagging.
  • A mattress protector can absorb lots of long-term compression and reduce early sagging or indentations. Some mattresses come with built-in pillow-top or euro-top layers that offer the same benefit.

How To Get A Deal On A New Mattress

There are several ways to save money on a new mattress. One is to buy online. Online retailers have much lower costs as they don’t have to pay rent for a building or hire salespeople. You don’t have the confidence of knowing exactly how it looks and feels unless you’ve lain on it, so go to brick and mortar stores to identify the level of firmness you want, as well as other features. Once you find a mattress that you like, see if it’s sold online. There are several mattress brands that only sell online, but a few have displays in some higher end stores. If you can’t find a mattress instore that you like, read a lot of reviews and find a mattress that has an in-home trial with a full refund.

Another thing that can save you a lot of money is shopping during sales. Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other major holidays are often times that mattress go on sale.

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How Often Should You Change A Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are made of foam and springs, and can last around eight years depending on the quality of the components and how durable the core is.

Some high-end brands, such as Saatva in the US and Simba in the UK, use premium materials and guarantee their hybrids for up to 10 years. So you won’t have to change these mattresses as often as cheaper foam models.

Because hybrids are built with a foundation layer and a softer top, they should never be flipped. If you do this, it could damage your mattress and void the warranty. They can be rotated though, unless there’s specific zoning support inside.

The Saatva Classic is our top pick of American hybrids. For the latest offers, use our guide to the best Saatva Black Friday mattress sales and early deals.

Up The Mattress Maintenance

Snooze News Ep. 44: How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Make sure you take good care of your mattress if you want to keep its quality for as long as possible. This means you must clean your mattress regularly and rotate it every few months . If it’s flippable, flip it as directed , too. Consider a professional cleaning once a year, if it works for your budget.

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First You Need To Check:

Before you go replacing anything on your bed, be it the mattress OR the box spring, you need to check which part of it is actually worn out and in need of replacing. Here are two articles that will help you figure out exactly when you need to replace your mattress and when you need to replace your box spring:

  • Do Box Springs Wear Out?
  • It is absolutely critical you do this because

    • If your box spring is worn out, buying a new mattress will not make your bed feel comfortable. Ive seen countless reports of people buying new mattresses only to find them sagging in the middle. THE PROBLEM HERE IS NOT THE MATTRESS: the problem is that the box spring is no longer able to support the mattress.

    Once you have determined whether your mattress or your box spring is worn out, or perhaps its both, you now have the answer to whether you need to replace the box spring when you replace your mattress.

    Keep in mind that a box spring has a life span of around ten years and a mattress will have a life span of around 8 years. Think about how long youve owned each. If its been more than ten years for both, replace both at the same time.

    Your Allergies Flare Up

    Every normal human sheds dead skin cells. Considering we spent 7 to 9 hours on the bed, numerous skin cells accumulate in our mattress. Dead skin cells attract dust mites, fungi, bacteria, and other indoor allergens. These allergens can trigger symptoms such as itchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, breathing difficulties, and skin irritation. Old mattresses may have a lot of allergen build-up. If its not allergy season and you are waking up with aggravated allergies, then its time to consider replacing your mattress.

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    Mattress Construction And Materials

    The comfort layers sit right on top of your mattress, and as a result, they take the brunt of the damage you inflict. Comfort layer composition and materials vary across brands, but typically they look like this for different types of mattresses:

    Innerspring comfort layer: Innersprings most often utilize polyfoam, foam, or cotton in a quilted pillow top comfort layer. Innerspring mattresses are still some of the most popular mattress types, but they also rank the lowest as far as durability goes.

    Hybrid comfort layer: A hybrid mattress is made using 50% foam and 50% coils. The coils are almost always found in the core base layer, and the layers of foam are placed throughout, including at the top. Hybrids most often use memory foam, latex foam, or polyfoam as their top layers.

    Memory foam comfort layer: Memory foam mattresses use low-density foams in the comfort layer and higher-density foams in the transition and core layers. The most durable memory foam mattresses should have a high-density foam core thats thicker than the lower-density foam layers.

    Latex foam comfort layer: Latex mattresses usually use aerated latex foam in their top layers and higher density latex foam in the bottom support layers. Latex is one of the most durable materials youll find in mattresses, which accounts for the extra cost.

    You Gained Or Lost Weight

    How Often Should You Change Your Mattress

    For those that experience a significant gain or loss in weight over the life cycle of your mattress, the change might alter the effectiveness of your mattress. A Canadian study linked both inadequate and excessive sleep to weight gain so how you sleep and what you weigh are intermingled.

    Heavier body types trigger more wear and tear on springs, foam, cushioning and mattress components. Also, if you were a solo sleeper but now have a partner in your bed, your mattress might not offer adequate sleep surface or support for the extra weight. That means its time for a new mattress.

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    Getting Rid Of Your Old Mattress

    Throwing your mattress away so it ends up in a landfill is only one option, and it’s not great for the environment. There are several other options that are not only better for the planet, but may help others.

    • Donate: you may know someone who could benefit from your used mattress. If not, there are many organizations that will take your mattress. Make sure it’s in relatively good condition, doesn’t have bed bugs, and some organizations may even pick it up. Some choices include the Salvation Army, The Furniture Bank Association of America, Habitat for Humanity, or Goodwill. You can also ask local churches or religious organizations, women’s shelters, homeless shelters, or refugee resettlement groups.
    • Sell: if your mattress isn’t in bad shape, and local laws don’t prohibit it, you might be able to get a little money for it. Craig’s List is a popular option to sell any items you no longer need.
    • Recycle: all major North American cities have mattress recycling programs.
    • Upcycle: You can break down a mattress yourself and use the materials inside for a new purpose. Box springs can create a wine rack or table. You can get creative and have unique items in your home that came from your old mattress.


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