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Where Can You Buy Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress Review 2020

Puffy Mattress Review – 5 Things YOU Should Know! (GUIDE)


Puffy is a 3-layer budget gel-infused memory foam mattress that comes with a forever warranty rare, at this price.

Great Choice for: Anyone looking for an affordable and comfortable memory foam mattress that runs a bit on the firmer side.

Avoid if: You prefer a softer mattress.

Price: $599 to $1,149

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Puffy is one of the best foam beds we’ve tested with great universal comfort and excellent build quality .

Puffy’s 3-layer design uses high-quality gel memory foam and a firm base layer to provide a nice balance of soft comfort with firm support. Their gel foam ensures you stay cool at night while providing excellent contouring.

There are no comfort level choices this one is designed for the 80 percent of us who like a medium-firm bed.

Heavier sleepers should upgrade to the new Puffy Lux, which increases the thickness to 12 and is more comfortable .

NOTE: If you are looking for something different than Puffy, check out my online mattress buying guide.

Puffy Sizing And Pricing

Each Puffy mattress provides advanced cooling and support features to benefit all sleepers. The original Puffy is still the best-seller and most popular. Available in multiple sizes, the original Puffy mattress is both affordable and high-quality. The below table includes each available option along with dimensions and price.


Does Puffy Offer A Return Policy

Puffy provides customers with a complimentary 101-night sleep trial on all products , according to the brands website. This allows for unsatisfied customers to return the product for free with a full refund.

Keep in mind that the Puffy return policy is limited to one return per household per year . As well, the return must be exercised directly with Puffy within 101 nights of delivery.

Additionally, if mattresses shipped to Alaska or Hawaii are returned within the 101-night sleep trial, the company doesnt include the initial shipping fees in the refund amount.

The pricing guide below reflects all Puffy mattress sizes, from twin to California King.

  • $ = under $500
  • Height: 10 inches
  • Best for: Side sleepers

The first mattress from Puffy is made with three layers of foam, measures approximately 10 inches thick, and is available in a variety of sizes from twin to California king.

This mattress has a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which is considered medium firmness, according to Wayne Ross, senior sleep researcher at InsideBedroom.

This means users can typically enjoy a blend of comfort and support when sleeping on this mattress.

Puffy is a true, industry-standard, medium-firm bed, Ross explains. This firmness level typically indicates the bed will strike a nice balance, so the body feels both comfy and cradled.

This mattress also provides additional features to consumers, including hypoallergenic and stain-resistant covers, which may be of interest to some users.

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Puffys Firmness And Feel

This isnt a bad thing by any means. A great deal of customers choose beds that have more of a neutral feel to them. All this means is that the top layers do not conform or contour to your bodys shape as much as the leading layers on memory foam beds like Nectar Layla. At the end of the day, we d say the Original Puffy mattress has a comfortable, neutral-foam feel however with a tip of memory foam thanks to its thin top layer.

As you will find out later on, the Puffy Lux has more of a standard memory foam feel, although it is special in its own right.

After evaluating the Original Puffy mattress model, we think it lands around a medium on the firmness scale. Its not too soft, however its not particularly firm either. Where Can You Buy The Puffy Mattress

What Type Of Base Or Foundation Can We Place The Puffy On

Puffy Mattress Review

The Puffy mattresses can be placed on any base or surface. This includes:

  • Box springs – if your box spring is in good condition, or you prefer to use one in your bedroom, your mattress will work great.
  • Slatted frames – for the most comfortable fit, be sure that your slats are more than four inches apart.
  • Platform & adjustable bases – our mattresses work great with platform bed frames, as well as adjustable bases for sleepers who prefer them.
  • Floor – dont have a bed frame just yet? No problem – the Puffy mattress can be used on the floor too.
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    What Is The Difference Between Puffy Mattresses

    The Puffy Mattress balances cooling and comfort and features a medium-firm feel. With 5 layers, it is 10 thick.

    Our most popular model is the Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress, with optimal airflow that has targeted spinal alignment paired with a luxurious, medium-plush feel. It has 6 layers and is 12 thick.

    Experience true premium feel with the Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress, which is infused with cooling gel to reduce heat retention and has premium zoned full-body support that adapts as you move. With an ultra-plush feel and 7 layers, it is 14 thick.

    Tell Me About The Puffy Mattresses

    Puffy offer two of their popular all-foam mattresses to their Canadian customers: the Puffy and the Puffy Lux. In America, Puffy has just recently started offering their mattresses with a coil base instead of foam, so if this sounds like something youd prefer, it might pay to wait until these options are extended to Canada. In the meantime, here are your two Puffy Mattress Canada options:

    The Puffy:

    The original Puffy is a 10 inch high mattress with a 3 layer construction and a medium -firm feel.

    • Oeko-Tex Certified cover
    • 4 Inches of comfort foams infused with cooling technologies
    • Support layer of high density polyfoam

    The two comfort foam layers are a cooling cloud foam and a transition comfort foam. 4 inches is a pretty generous amount of comfort foams, particularly at this price point and with the lifetime warranty. Youll find that most of Puffys closest competitors only have 3 inches of comfort foams. The comfort foams do the main job of providing pressure relief and comfort, so this is a big plus in Puffys favour.

    The Puffy Lux:

    The Puffy Lux is an upgrade on the original Puffy above and has the following additions:

    • Two extra inches of height
    • An extra layer of comfort foam that is exclusive to the Lux: Dual Cloud Foam
    • Slightly plusher feel and more contouring
    • More luxurious cover

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    Advantages Of Puffy Mattresses

    Premium materials

    The materials utilized to create puffy mattresses such as the Cooling Cloud Foam, Climate Comfort foam, and Plush Dual Cloud foam are high and unique quality.

    Isolate Movement transfer

    The mattresses have thick layers of memory foam. They are perfect for couples because they do take care of movement transfer. You will not feel your partners movements, especially when theyre tossing, or getting in and out of bed.

    Sleep cool innovation

    The mattresses have the Climate Comfort foam layer which promotes coolness throughout the night. They never expand nor agreement during extreme climate condition. The Cooling Cloud foam, which is created with gel helps to eliminate heat from your body so that you can have undisrupted sleep until early morning.

    Pressure relief

    The mattresses from Puffy brand deal support to your back and your body in general.

    Stain resistant and machine washable cover

    The mattresses have a stain resistant cover, and you can conveniently treat or consume your favorite red wine in bed without worrying about damaging your bed-in-a-box investment. Additionally, the cover can quickly be washed in a machine, unlike other bed-in-a-box mattresses.

    CertiPURUS licensed foams

    Works on any base or surface

    Your Puffy mattress will work well on a flat frame, box springs, slatted frames, or adjustable bed.

    Policy Summary: What You Required to Know About Buying A Puffy Mattress.

    Puffy have attractive client support services that consist of:

    Pros And Cons Of Puffy Lux Mattress

    Puffy Lux Mattress Review 2021 (Watch Before Buying)


    • May not support heavy sleepers who are more than 230 pounds.
    • Cost his greater than other foam mattresses.
    • Restricted bounce, which may hinder movement.

    Sizes and Rates for Puffy Lux Mattress

    The cost for each mattress before any promotions or discounts is as below:


    • Twin39 X 75 X 10 $ 1,445
    • Twin XL39 X 80 X 10 $ 1,445
    • Full54 X 75 X 10 $ 1,595
    • Queen60 X 80 X 10 $ 1,795
    • King76 X 80 X 10 $ 1,995
    • Cal King72 X 84 X 10 $ 1,995

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    Original Puffy Mattress Vs Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

    • The Lux Hybrid includes pocketed coil support, so its a little more durable than the original Puffy.
    • This ultra-plush mattress feels softer than the original Puffy, and could be a good fit for side sleepers.
    • If you suffer from shoulder pain the Lux Hybrid could help you find some relief.
    • Head over to my full Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress review to get all the info on this Puffy bed.

    Best Puffy Mattress By Preference And Lifestyle

    Learn which Puffy mattress is best for your lifestyle and personal preferences.


    Because the first three Puffy beds are 100% memory foam, they dont offer the support that heavier sleepers need to keep the spine aligned. We recommend one of the hybrid models if youre a plus-size side sleeper. The coolest of these five beds is the Puffy Lux. It scored 8.75/10 in our cooling evaluation.

    The Puffy Lux isnt just the best Puffy mattress for back pain, but one of the best beds for back pain on the market today. At our in-house testing facility, the Puffy Lux earned a score of 9/10 for spine alignment and 9.5/10 for pressure relief. These scores demonstrate the Puffy Luxs potential to deliver cushion and support where you need it, easing back pain and stiffness.

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    The 2020 Puffy Mattress Update

    Since this mattress was introduced in 2017 literally dozens of new brands have launched to compete in the online bed in a box space. While all of these have some unique features, the Puffy still has a unique feel.

    I think the Puffy is still worth considering and should definitely be on your shortlist if you are a side sleeper as it should completely address shoulder and hip soreness. Everything about the Puffy is convenient so its definitely worth trying out.

    Who Is The Puffy Topper Best For

    Shop Puffy Mattress

    Mattress toppers in general are ideal for those who want to refresh an older mattress or add a comfort layer to a budget mattress. Youll especially love the Puffy topper if you want different firmness options, since Puffy lets you choose between soft and firm.

    Its a reliable choice for shoppers with thick mattresses, since it wraps securely around mattresses up to 15 thick. Hot sleepers will also want to take note: the blend of bamboo and polyester is cooler than memory foam.

    You probably want to pass on the Puffy topper if you are looking for the cradled feel of memory foam or a medium-firm topper since the Puffy is only offered in soft or firm. Mattress toppers also significantly change the feel of your mattress, so if youre on the fence about whether or not you need one, you may want to opt for a mattress pad instead.

    72 x 84 x 2 $245

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    Sizes And Prices For Puffy Mattress

    The rate for each mattress prior to any promos or discount rates is as below:


    • Twin3 9 X 75 X 10 $ 795
    • Twin XL39 X 80 X 10 $ 825
    • Full 54 X 75 X 10 $ 995
    • Queen 60 X 80 X 10 $ 1150
    • King 76 X 80 X 10 $ 1350
    • Cal King 72 X 84 X 10 $ 1350

    > > See Puffy Mattress Special Offers Here< <

    The Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress

    Puffy Royal Mattress has been rated Best Mattress 2021. Experience the most luxurious and supportive mattress you have ever had with peace of mind.

    Its something that you cannot let pass , just because you can. They even give you a lifetime warranty for as long as you use the mattress, they protect your purchase.

    The Puffy Royal Hybrid has FIVE layers:

    1.5 Infused Cooling Foam + Plush Contouring -Exclusive to Royal-

    Infused cooling beads for ultra-cool sleep with a plush top for additional comfort.

    Two Reflexive Memory Foam -Exclusive to Royal-

    Stress relief and contouring form design for maximum recovery.

    2 ClimateComfort TM Foam

    Humidity resistant foam which keeps the whole mattress cool.

    1.5 Sectional Cloud Technology Foam -Exclusive to Royal-

    5-zoned support designed for targeted lower back and spinal alignment.

    7 Business Core Support Foam + Contouring-Adapt Coils -Exclusive To Hybrid

    Foam encased contour-adapt coils provide innovative edge support and stability.

    To summarize, and as a good picture explains much better than thousands of words, the following image depicts the three types of Puffy mattresses as well as the layers that every type compounds:

    Puffy Royal Mattress, such as other mattresses from Puffy, also have the Oeko-Tex certificate , which means that no harmful or synthetic substances are used.

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    My Favorite Things About The Puffy Mattress

    I really enjoyed the combination of pressure relief and support the Puffy offers. I think it will do a good job of reducing aches and pains that some people experience when sleeping on a mattress that isnt the right firmness level for their sleep style.

    I also like that the Puffy uses an infusion of a cooling gel to help defend against memory foams heat trapping tendencies. And the stain-resistant, hypoallergenic cover on this mattress makes me think its a great choice for anyone shopping for kids.

    What Type Of Sleeper Is Best Suited For A Puffy Mattress

    Puffy Mattress Review | Watch Before Buying (2021 UPDATE)

    6,800+8,465+ 13,377+ reviews created by customers, Puffy mattresses are the best option for side sleepers. Needless to say, they are subjective opinions. The most important factors when selecting a mattress are the relaxation of the sleeper and spinal support.

    If you suffer from problems with your spine, one cause may be the way youre sleeping during the night, and your existing mattress is not helping a lot.

    So, getting a mattress that supports a natural backbone alignment will definitely do. You dont have any spine ache yet? Consider you will end up suffering this pain in the near future if you do nothing to prevent it. Especially if you are using an old mattress that is not beneficial for you whatsoever .

    But its not only about you: your loved ones will also make the most of it, primarily in the event that you have toddlers. Imagine how safe and great are their naps, with a mattress thats made for great comfort with Puffys Body Adapting Cloud Formula.

    Moreover, if you want to spend a sweet nap with all your loved ones, Puffy is a great decision. Just imagine being enjoying a moment with your family resting and not worrying about anything. How calm would that be!

    For heavyweight people, more than 230 lbs, we do NOT recommend Puffy nor Puffy Lux mattresses due to the softer foams that are used to fabricate them, and probably they wont support the weight they want . For them, we highly recommend the new Puffy Royal mattress.

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    Puffy Lux Vs Puffy Sleeper Type Analysis

    The Original Puffy mattress model accommodates all kinds of sleepers We believe the flagship Puffy mattress will work for all kinds of sleepers. It doesnt matter whether you primarily sleep on your back, stomach or side throughout the night.

    Back And Stomach Sleepers Back and stomach sleepers will find the initial Puffy Mattress properly supports the area under their lower back and trunk, and keeps the spinal column in appropriate positioning. Puffy Lux, however, is too soft of a bed for the majority of side sleepers.

    Likewise, side sleepers will discover the Cooling Cloud Foam top layer on a Puffy Mattress model exceptionally accommodating. Though, Given the Lux is a bit more luxurious, we think its the more optimum option for side sleepers. At the end of the day, the leading two layers on the Lux mattress model supply a little bit more pressure relief than the 2 comfort layer on the Original Puffy mattress.

    Spending plan If youre on a tight budget plan, the Original Puffy mattress model is no question the way to go. Youll likely conserve about $700 going with the OG model.

    Feel This is an individual preference choice. If you like the feel of memory foam, Puffy Lux is the clear choice. If youre indifferent or youre not a fan of memory foam, the Original Puffy is the much better alternative considering that it has more of what we consider to be a neutral-foam feel.

    My Puffy Mattress Recommendation

    Overall the Puffy is a conforming, soft mattress that should please people that like a softer feel with conforming foam. At $850 for a queen size after the $300 discount, its right on target with other brands. I was really impressed with how it conforms and relieves pressure without being hard to move around on.

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    Puffy Mattress Performance For Couples

    If you sleep with a partner, youre going to want to look out for a few extra factors that might not matter for solo sleepers. For example, youll want to know how well your mattress absorbs motion, whether or not its good for sex, if it has strong and sturdy edges, and if it will keep you both cool. Take a look at how the Puffy stacks up in these categories below.


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