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Who Owns Big Fig Mattress

Q: How Does My Foundation Affect My Warranty

How To Set Up Big Fig Mattress In A Box

Unlike most mattress retailers, we offer an expansive, 20-year warranty on the Big Fig. But like most mattress retailers, our warranty requires that the mattress be supported by an appropriate foundation. Simply put, the best way to ensure the Big Fig Mattress lasts for years to come is to utilize the supportive foundation designed specifically for plus-sized sleepers.

Mattress Mack Drops Another 7

The NCAA Tournament just got an order of Big Mack.

Jim McIngvale, the Houston mattress titan who owns Gallery Furniture stores in the city, has made another big bet.

Mattress Mack, known for his mega sized bets that have ranged from the World Series to the Super Bowl, flew from Houston to Denver on Friday night, placed a $1 million bet on the Houston Cougars on his DraftKings mobile app to win the NCAA Tournament, and got back on his plane and flew back.

The bet would pay $9 million if Houston cuts down the nets.

DraftKings had the best number at 9-1 and they were willing to take the full amount, Mack told The Action Network.

Mack said hes doing it as a preemptive play should the Cougars make the Final Four.

Well do some sort of promotion, Mack said. Maybe if they win the first game, you get 50% off your purchases and if they win the second, the title game, you get 100% off.

No. 2 seed Houston beat Cleveland State and Rutgers to get to the Sweet 16 and plays Syracuse on Saturday. If the Cougars win, theyll play the winner of Oregon State-Loyola for a bid to the Final Four.

They have as good as chance as any to make it there, Mack said.

Mack made $2.67 million on the Tampa Bay Bucs winning the Super Bowl, the end of a long betting drought for him, and used it to pay off a Bucs win furniture promotion.

In 2019, he famously lost $13 million on Astros championship futures to hedge against another promotion if the Astros won it all.

How Well Does The Ghostbed Flex Absorb Motion

Tired of waking up every time your partner moves an inch? We dont blame you! If youre shopping for a mattress with minimal motion transfer, the GhostBed Flex is a great option. While traditional innerspring mattresses are known for creaking and sinking with every movement, our pocketed coils are individually wrapped since they each can move independently, its less likely that youll feel whats happening on the other side of the bed!

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Should You Buy The Big Fig

The short answer to this question is yesif youre plus sized or have a heavier body type. The Big Fig can sleep comfortably for those with average body types, but it will likely feel a bit firmer than intended.

If youre lightweight or petite, the Big Fig will probably feel too firm. Instead, consider the plush version of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress.

What Is The Ghostbed Spirited Edge Support

Big Fig Mattress // AKA the most comfortable mattress Ive ...

Have you ever slept or sat on a mattress with sagging sides? Its no fun!

With our Spirited Edge support design, you wont have to worry about this all-too-common issue. Individual 8 ½” coils create the weightless feeling you love, while wrapping them individually creates minimal motion transfer.

Plus, two rows of specially reinforced coils along the edge of the bed make it easy to sit comfortably without slipping off.

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Big Fig Sleeper Type Analysis

Weight is something that often goes overlooked when shopping for a mattress. A lot of times, shoppers are too worried about how soft the mattress is or how it limits motion, which is important, but your weight also plays a big role. This is something Big Fig has thought about considering it markets its beds to bigger peopleeven individuals up to 500 lb.

When we talk about weight, were mainly referring to how a particular mattress feels different to various sizes of people. We approach our reviews through the eyes of an average-sized person . However, in general, heavier folks think most mattresses are softer than what average-sized folks think.

These types of sleepers apply more pressure and stress on a bed and tend to sink in more. On the flip side, lighter sleepers tend to think most mattresses are firmer than what average-sized sleepers say.

Is A Hybrid Mattress Ideal For Couples With Different Sleeping Positions

Finding the perfect mattress can be tough when your partner sleeps differently or has different preferences! We recommend going for a hybrid mattress, with a blend of memory foam and pocketed coils. That way, youll get the best of both worlds: the foam responds well to each individuals weight differences and sleeping positions, while the coils offer less motion transfer throughout the night.

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Big Fig Company Policies

Most companies in the bed-in-a-box industry offer free shipping, free returns, a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty. Big Fig beats those policies in almost every regard:

  • Shipping As we alluded to above, the Big Fig mattress comes with free shipping. The bed will arrive on your doorstep compressed in a box. For an additional fee, the company also offers white-glove delivery and setup.
  • Trial period Once you get the mattress and foundation set up, the company gives you a 120-night trial period. This should be more than enough time for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface.
  • Returns If you dont like the mattress at any point during the trial period, give Big Fig a call. Someone will pick up the bed and issue you a full refund .
  • Warranty Big Fig also beats the industry standard when it comes to the warranty. The company offers a 20-year warranty compared to the typical 10-year warranty most online mattress companies offer. This includes free repair and replacement for the entire warranty length.

Big Fig also provides a mattress foundation for you that is supposed to be five times stronger than the standard foundation. However, if you already have a foundation you like, you can opt-out and save $100. Just make sure that your foundation is suitable for the Big Fig mattress by checking Big Figs website.

Lastly, for those who care, Big Fig mattresses are made in the USA.

Additional Okioki Company Information

Big Fig Mattress – New Updated Foundation Assembly and Unboxing

OkiOki has some pretty friendly policies for consumers, which is a common practice among online mattress companies.

  • Free shipping and returns
  • 365-night trial
  • 10-year warranty

Because this mattress has a fair amount of memory foam in it, it may take up to 48 hours to fully expand to its normal shape after being packed up so tightly. We recommend that you allow it a day or two of time to expand before sleeping on it to really get the full feel of the bed, but once it is out of the box you technically should be able to sleep on it without any issue.

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About The Big Fig Adjustable Base

Can I use the Big Fig Adjustable Base with my current bed?

The Big Fig Adjustable Base works with most open cavity beds, without the need for a foundation or box spring.

How is the Big Fig Adjustable Base shipped?

The Big Fig Adjustable Base ships in a conveniently small package right to your door! Standard shipping through FedEx Ground is free & included with your purchase. The base is easily assembled in under 20 minutes, no tools required. If you need assistance with setup, we do offer White Glove Delivery for an additional fee.

Lightweight Sleepers Under 130lbs

Again, this mattress is made for heavier people, so if someone is lighter, this mattress will feel very firm to them. Lightweight people may feel they need more comfort while back and side sleeping. Lightweight stomach sleepers, though, should find the mattress is supportive enough to keep their spines in alignment.

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Reasons To Buy/not Buy Titan

The Titan is an excellent firm mattress for plus-size people. It earned an almost perfect score in our spine alignment and responsiveness tests, great for people with back pain and anyone who tosses and turns. Another thing that we love about the Titan is that it sleeps cool, and with the additional cooling panel, its one of the coolest beds around.

This beds firmness level and high-quality construction make it incredibly durable. Its firm feel is best for back and stomach sleepers who need more support than cushion. Heavy side sleepers may be better suited by a medium-firm mattress, such as the relaxed firm Loom & Leaf mattress.

Big Fig Mattress Performance

Getting a Better Nights Sleep in 2019 with Big Fig ...
Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is very good on the Big Fig mattress. The foams are able to maintain their overall shape and integrity while at the same time accommodating sleepers of a higher body weight. This keeps motion on one part of the Big Fig from being felt on other areas.

Edge Support

Thanks to the high-ILD foam used to provide reinforcements for the outside of the bed, the Big Fig provides considerably more edge support than the vast majority of mattresses. This foam reinforcement works in tandem with the innerspring coils to prevent the edge from collapsing even with users of a higher weight.

Heat Retention

Very little off-gassing or smell occurs with the Big Fig because it is not compressed for delivery. The materials may have a slight scent from being brand new, but this will go away rapidly.


The Big Fig provides above average support, especially for sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds.

Many sleepers with a bigger figure find that other mattresses fail to deliver when it comes to support. Often mattresses are designed with lower-weight sleepers in mind, and the materials sag or compress too much when used by someone with a higher weight.

The Big Fig avoids this through its layering of latex, strong polyfoams, and pocketed innerspring coils. These materials work together to help cushion the body in the areas that most require it, and that can keep the spine aligned as you sleep.


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How Well Does The Ghostbed 3d Matrix Absorb Motion

Tired of waking up every time your partner moves an inch? We dont blame you! If youre shopping for a mattress with minimal motion transfer, the GhostBed 3D Matrix® is a great option. While traditional innerspring mattresses are known for creaking and sinking with every movement, our “pocketed” coils are individually wrapped since they each can move independently, its less likely that youll feel whats happening on the other side of the bed!

My Favorite Things About The Big Fig Mattress

I think that the Big Fig is great for heavy sleepers, and its rated to hold up to 1,000 lbs. This includes singles and couples alike. This mattress sleeps cool, and in a couples case, helps dissipate double the body heat. Finally, this bed is made with high-quality, durable materials, which make it a valuable long-term investment.

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Is The Ghostbed 3d Matrix Patented

It is! Were proud to hold the patent for the ultra-cool gel polymer layer inside the GhostBed 3D Matrix®. Positioned in between layers of contouring and super-soft foam, the gel polymer layer absorbs excess body heat, and its unique shape helps drive that heat away from your body instead of leaving it trapped within the mattress.

Sleeping On The Titan

Review: Big Fig | The Mattress for a Bigger Figure

The Titan Firm Hybrid was very supportive for back sleeping. In fact, some sleepers might find that this mattress feels too supportive in this position. Because its very firm, the hips dont sink in much at all for pressure relief. That said, we did experience plenty of spinal support.

In our experience, the Titan Firm Hybrid is not a good match for side sleeping. Because its quite firm, we experienced a lot of pressure around the shoulder and hip.

We found this mattress to be a great match for stomach sleeping. We experienced great support under our hips and across our entire body. Stomach sleepers of pretty much any size could feel at home on the Titan.

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Mattress Prices And Sizing

The Big Fig Mattress is sold at average prices when compared to other hybrid mattresses geared toward larger sleepers. Generally, hybrid mattresses geared toward larger sleepers tend to cost a bit more than regular hybrid beds.

The Big Fig comes with a foundation at no extra cost, which allows shoppers who use a foundation to save money. Shoppers who do not want this foundation do not receive a discount on the mattress, however.

Since the Big Fig only comes in one firmness level and one thickness , its sold at one price-point per size. There are no customization options available that change the price of the mattress.

My Big Fig Recommendation

The Big Fig is more expensive than many of the other online mattress options. However it is engineered specifically for heavy people. Therefore people under 225 lbs will probably find this mattress too firm. People above that weight threshold will enjoy the support that many of the other online competitors just cant provide.

I appreciate that Big Fig has identified a critical need in the online mattress space which is creating a comfortable, supportive and most importantly, durable mattress for heavy sleepers. I can see this mattress outlasting many mattresses you find online and in stores by at least 2-3 years given the construction.

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The Titan Vs Other Mattresses For Plus

When comparing the Titan to other beds designed for heavy people, one primary thing stands out: its cost. It costs less than half the price of the average plus-size mattress, while still boasting a durable construction.

Another factor that sets the Titan apart from its competitors is how well it performed at the Mattress Advisor lab. With a composite score of 9.2/10, its the highest scoring mattress designed for heavy people that weve tested.

Construction: Whats Inside Big Fig

Best Mattress for Heavy People

People who are heavier will often wear a standard bed out faster. For this reason, the manufacturer has constructed this mattress with materials that should hold up well through the 20-year warranty.

The cover is blended with Thermogel treated fabric that draws heat away from the body, allowing sleepers to rest on an actively cool surface. It has also been hand tufted to help ensure that the construction does not shift over time.

  • Below the cover is a layer of Gel-Infused Perforated Foam, which allows for maximum breathability and comfort.
  • Further down youll find three sheets of poly foam for no-sag cushioning performance. This firmer layer adds necessary support and has an immediate response to pressure, so sleepers should never feel like they are sinking too deeply into this bed.
  • The innerspring unit that follows consists of 1600 individually wrapped coils. This 8-inch layer performs well under pressure and provides deep level support, stability, and bounce.
  • The base layer is made with high-density 80 ILD Edge Foam that equips this bed with extra supportive sides.

Included with every purchase is the Big Fig Foundation. The company claims this supports up to 5 times the weight of a standard foundation and can hold up to 1100 pounds.

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Meet The Big Fig Adjustable Base

If youre looking for a more ergonomic foundation for your Big Fig Mattress, were proud to introduce the Big Fig Adjustable Base.

The Adjustable Base features:

  • Best-in-class Stability thateasily supports up to 1,250 pounds.
  • Quick & Easy Assembly allows you to go from box to bed in just 10 minutes, no tools needed.
  • More Comfortable Sleep with multiple positions designed to reduce pressure points and ease aches and pains.
  • Smooth & Quiet for easy and comfortable adjustments.
  • Easy Operation controlled through an intuitive wireless remote control.
  • Rugged Construction of aluminum rails and plastic fiber composite platforms built to last.
  • 10-Year Warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Pre-set Memory Positions for anti-snore, zero gravity and more at the touch of a button.

Every part of the Big Fig Adjustable Base was designed to create a dream bed that makes a great nights sleep easy. Available in Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal-King, and a Split King that let you and your partner each do your own thing. Keep an eye out! The Adjustable Base option is coming late 2020.

In July Of 2017 The Sleepopoliscom That We Have All Come To Know Sold To Jakk Media Llc

Sleepopolis was owned by Derek Hales who was being sued by Casper as they felt that directed readers away from Casper mattresses towards other competitors, citing Leesa Sleep, Ghostbed, Nest Bedding, Novosbed, and Purple. I have read the complaint by Casper and one of their main issues was that Leesas coupon appeared higher on each page.

So here is where it gets interesting. Now that Jakk Media LLC is the owner, the sidebar has been changed. Can you guess whos coupon reigns supreme? Wait for it Casper, yeah that Casper is now at the top of the sidebar on every page. Here is an example snapshot from on 8/4/17.

At first, I thought well Casper seems to have prevailed in their lawsuit against Sleepopolis, but maybe there is more to it. Then I read their disclosure about the sale, it reads as follows:

In July 2017, a subsidiary of JAKK Media LLC acquired Casper provided financial support to allow JAKK Media to acquire Sleepopolis. Derek Hales and Samantha Hales are no longer associated with We maintain an affiliate relationship with some of the products reviewed as well, which means we get a percentage of a sale if you click over from our site .

As a side benefit the Casper coupons are much easier to find, now that they are at the top, and even above Leesa!


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