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Why Does Mattress Thickness Matter

Guide To Memory Foam Mattress Thickness Differences

What Mattress Thickness Options Are There? Does Thickness Really Matter? | The Bedding Mart

Whats the Big Deal About Mattress Thickness?

When it comes to getting a comfortable nights sleep on your mattress, an inch or two can make all the difference in the world. If youre someone who really cares about mattress quality, you probably already have a viscoelastic memory foam mattress that conforms the shape of your body to cradle all pressure points and provide support where you need it the most. But is your mattress the proper thickness for optimal health and comfort?

This Bed Is Too Thin

How thin is too thin for a memory foam mattress? Manufacturers have taken great lengths to design attractive marketing campaigns for lower thickness models like 6″ mattresses, but buyers should beware. First and foremost, a memory foam mattress should have at least 2 layers. If it doesn’t, it’s likely not true memory foam .

Furthermore, if it is less than 8″ inches thick, the mattress really doesn’t allow for the layers to function effectively for someone of an average adult weight. That said, a 6″ mattress may be a value choice for either a guest or childs bedroom.

The Importance of Layers

Quality Materials and Guarantees

Firmness Level and Thickness

Overall Recommendation

What Is The Difference In Mattress Thicknesses

Mattresses can be divided into multiple categories depending on their thickness. A mattress that measures between 2 and 5 inches is a low-profile bed, one that measures between 5 and 8 inches is a slim mattress, beds with a profile between 8 and 12 inches are standard mattress, and measurements above that are considered to be high profiles.

Pros & Cons Of A Thin Mattress

Analyzing the pros and cons of a thick mattress can lead us to making the following list of advantages and drawback for a thin mattress, so here it goes:

  • Pro: Thin mattresses are cheaper. In fact, you are much likelier to find a very good mattress under $1,000 if it measures 10 or 11 inches in thickness rather than a good one for the same price, but with a 15-inch profile.
  • Con: They have a shorter lifespan when compared to a thick mattress. The layers that are used to make up a thin mattress are, obviously, thin as well, which makes them likelier to sag faster. Thin mattresses dont usually last for a full decade.
  • Pro: A thin mattress is compatible even with older bed frames and foundations that might not be able to support the weight of a thick mattress. So, unless you plan on replacing that old wooden bed frame, you should consider investing in a thin mattress.
  • Con: If you share a bed with another person, a thin mattress might not be able to support the weight of two people for a very long time. In fact, its quite likely that the mattress will start sagging in the middle pretty fast.

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How Much Does Mattress Thickness Matter

Shopping for a new mattress can sometimes bring up a lot of new questions, especially if it’s been a while since you bought your last one, as research shows that the average American household replaces their mattress every 7-10 years. Questions like what mattress size is right for me? Or what mattress brand is the best? Or perhaps you are wondering if you should try a different type of mattress, such as memory foam or gel? All of these are popular questions that can usually be answered by a quick trip to your local mattress store. Another question many may ask throughout their mattress buying experience is whether or not mattress thickness matters, and if it does, how much?

Unfortunately, none of these questions are ever one size fits all. This is in part because many people prefer different things some people need a stiffer mattress for more support, and others prefer a softer one that contours more easily to their body. Also, the desired thickness of a mattress can depend on things like the specific materials that it is made from and the weight of the people who are sleeping on it.

Your Weight Is Important To How Thick A Mattress You Need

Ultimate Guide to Memory Foam Mattress Thickness

If your weight is high, then a very soft foam mattress must be thicker than average to make sure you dont hit bottom when you lie on it. A heavyweight person will compress any mattress more than somebody several pounds lighter in weight.

It is obvious that an 18-stone man lying on his side on a soft foam mattress will need a much thicker mattress than a woman of 8 stones lying on her back on a hard mattress. For that reason, we shall discuss mattress thickness in general terms only.

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Is Your Mattress On The Floor

Mattress companies provide warranty coverage with the requirement that you place the mattress on the right foundation. Usually, this would be a box spring, platform, or slatted base. Some are also ok with placing the mattress directly on the floor, as long as the floor is flat and even.

If you are going to place your mattress on the floor, make sure it is at least 12 inches thick. This is because most floors are much harder than a box spring or a platform bed, which tend to absorb some of the shocks when you lie on the mattress.

A thicker mattress, especially in the foundation layer, will ensure a floor-mounted mattress will take your weight without compressing/sagging. It goes a long way towards keeping your mattress functional for years.

Does Thickness Matter In A Mattress

The market is replete with a variety of mattresses of all thicknesses from 2 inches to 18-inches and counting! The general perception is that thick mattresses are more comfortable, long-lasting and great for regular use.

Even in stores, the thickest mattresses garner the most attention and customer preference. After all, theyre perceived as more luxurious. But are thicker beds what we need? Is there a connection between the thickness of mattresses and sleep quality? To explore these and other questions, we have to first take a look at the different kinds of mattresses in use.

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Types Of Mattresses Based On Thickness

People commonly associate thicker mattresses with greater comfort. Although there are no standard regulations as far as mattress thickness is concerned, 8 to 14 inches thick is the go-to popular mattress size.

To get a brief idea of the different kinds of mattresses, we can look at the following list for reference:

  • 2 to 5 inches: Low Profile Mattresses
  • 5 to 8 inches: Slim Mattresses
  • 8 to 12 inches: Standard Mattresses
  • 12 to 16 inches: Thick, deep or tall mattresses
  • More than 16 inches: Extra thick, extra deep and extra tall mattresses

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Thick Mattresses

Why Do Raindrop Sizes Matter In Storms?

Thick mattresses are typically softer than thin beds, and as such, they provide a plusher surface for the hips, shoulders, and other sensitive areas. However, thick mattresses also have some drawbacks they can be heavier and more expensive. When choosing a new bed, consider the thickness of each of the layers and how they affect the mattresss feel.

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Mattress Heights And Thickness

There is nothing better than climbing into a big, luxurious bed paired with a soft, cushiony pillow and a warm blanket. It may feel good, but did you know your sleep surface has a profound effect on your sleep quality as well as your overall health? However, when out shopping for mattresses and other bedding accessories such as pillows, people often feel overwhelmed with the number of choices available. Most of the time they are tempted to get thick, cozy mattresses and plush soft pillows, but the fact is a mattress thickness doesnt necessarily define its comfort.

What Are The Benefits Of A Thinner Mattress

Just like thicker mattresses, there are several reasons why a thinner mattress could be more suited to your specific sleep needs.

Reviews from many people with limited mobility say they find that a thinner mattress is easier to get into and out of regularly. If you are short in stature, a thin mattress may also be beneficial.

Additionally, easily being able to sit on a bed instead of having to exert effort makes a world of difference for sleepers with injuries or other conditions which make movement more difficult.

The weight of a thinner mattress is also lesser and it is easier to move. If you plan to move a beds position frequently or dont have someone to help you, a thinner one may be a good choice. For example, you may have a Murphy bed, which is a regular bed that can fold up to the wall. Lori Wall beds are well-known for this, and they recommend mattresses with a maximum thickness of 12 to ensure the bed can properly close. Also, remember that the lighter the mattress is, the easier it would be to pull up.

As mentioned above, thinner mattresses often cost less. When planning to buy, if you are on a strict budget or simply cant afford a big purchase right now, a thinner mattress could also be the right choice for you.

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What Is The Best Mattress Thickness For Good Sleep

Lets chat about mattress thickness, shall we? The thickness of a mattress is an important topic because if you select a bed with the wrong mattress depth, it could have the same effects as buying a mattress that is too soft or too firm. You need to know is what mattress thickness is best for you and your partner. We put together a mattress depth guide to help you determine the best mattress thickness for you.

People come in all shapes and sizes and so do their beds. Weve discussed mattresses that have the best pricing, mattresses that are good for certain types of sleepers, and the best cooling mattresses that wick away heat and moisture. What we havent discussed are thicker mattresses. You already know what level of firmness you want, and you already know whether you want a memory foam mattress, hybrid mattress, or an innerspring mattress. Before you dive into anything else, you need to know what thickness is too thin, what does a thick mattress consists of, and of course, how thick a mattress should be.

Advantages Of A Thick Mattress

Sleep Master Bifold Box Spring Folding Mattress Foundation
  • A thick mattress is better for heavyweight people, since each layer is thicker, and thereby better capable of offering support under heavy body pressure, along with ensuring the individual receives a decent support level.
  • A thicker mattress typically has a longer lifespan because it doesn’t sag as quickly as a thin mattress.

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Why Choose A Thinner Mattress

Thinner depths also serve a purpose and thin doesnt always mean uncomfortable. Sometimes people with limited mobility and those of shorter height find a thinner, lower style much easier to get in and out of bed. Similarly, people weighing 9 stone and under can benefit from thinner depth. This is because it takes less weight for the mattress to compress which allows lighter people to get the full benefits from the structure. Mattresses are carefully designed to support the spine. If you are pressing into the mattress too much or too little, you wont be getting the right back support you need.

Sleeping Alone Or Sharing Bed With A Partner

Thicker mattresses with their many layers and a tall base layer can be more supportive than a thin mattress. If you are sharing your bed with a partner, there is more pressure on your mattress than when you are sleeping alone. More pressure on a thinner mattress can make it sag. You need a mattress thats at least 10 to 12-inches thick.

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What Bed Height Is Apt For The Elderly

Yes, your age is a crucial determinant of the height of your bed. As one gets older, the muscles and joints get weaker and limited exercise could also deteriorate cartilages causing intense pains or aches in the knees.

Hence, 20 to 24 inches is an ideal bed height for elderly persons that allows them to sit comfortably without struggling to climb on or off the bed. Any bed which is too high or too low can be dangerous with a risk of falling off the bed.

Low-platform beds are not recommended for the elderly folks as it puts undue pressure on the ankle and joints while getting in and out of bed. Similarly, high beds would require older sleepers to use hand force to lift them up or down while using the bed, which can also be detrimental.

Which Mattress Depth Is Right For Me

Kreg® 300-Series Pocket-Hole Jigs: Why Material Thickness Matters

Average mattress depth : this tends to be the most affordable thickness. A few inches can make a big difference in this category depending on the materials used, such as memory foam. The lower end of the standard depth can feel on the thin side and wont last as long as a thicker style. If comfort and durability are what youre after, stick to the higher end of the average depth.

Deep mattress depth : Hybrid and foam styles tend to fall into this category. Entirely memory foam mattresses need to be deeper to give the spine the support it needs while remaining soft and comfortable. Hybrid styles are generally made up of pocket springs with a comfort layer of foam, making them taller than average. This style is ideal for people with a little bit more budget looking for some extra comfort.

Extra deep mattress depth : Mattresses of this thickness are more of a thing of the past since they are heavy and cant be compressed and rolled for transport. This makes them quite difficult to come by. If you do need extra bed height, there are other more affordable solutions. Adding a memory foam topper can make a huge difference to the depth and comfort of your existing bed.

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Whats The Best Thickness For A Memory Foam Mattress

When choosing a mattress thickness, you should consider how much weight it will support. Couples tend to be more comfortable on thicker mattresses while a petite single sleeper would sleep just as well on a thin mattress. For most people, 10 to 12 inches is plenty of memory foam padding for a comfortable nights sleep. A mattress in this thickness range wont make it harder for you to get in and out of bed and will give you enough cushion without sucking you in completely. Generally, if you want firmer memory foam, look to a slightly thinner mattress.

Types Of Beds Based On Height

The market is flooded with an array of height options to choose from, when it comes to beds, from low platform ones to the traditional ones with a standard frame.

  • Platform Bed

Along with a mattress, platform beds usually reach up to a height of 18 to 20 inches and go well with contemporary or modern decor. Instead of box springs, these beds have slats and dont leave much space underneath. If you are really tall or deal with knee pains, or need storage space under your bed, it is best to choose a different bed.

  • Standard Bed

This is a traditional style of bed that includes a box spring on which you place the mattress, which raises the height to your comfort. They are usually high enough to offer adequate storage space underneath.

  • Antique Bed

These are one the tallest beds in the bed and go up to 36 inches in height, which might be a comfortable option for tall people. However, if you have joint pain or if you are petite, it is best to avoid this one.

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What To Consider When Deciding On Mattress Thickness

If you want one of the most durable mattresses that stays comfortable for years, it should be at least 8 inches thick, including the minimum requirement of a 2 to 3-inch thick comfort layer and 5 to 6-inch thick base layer.

Usually, the thicker a mattress, the softer it feels. In this section, we discuss the factors to consider when deciding on your mattress thickness.

How Base Layer Affects Mattress Durability

Ultimate Guide to Memory Foam Mattress Thickness

The base layer of the mattress is what supports you and how durable it is, affects how long your mattress will last. Its usually made out of high-density polyfoam or dense innerspring coils. We recommend getting a bed with at least eight inches thick foundation to support heavy people especially if they weigh more than 230 pounds.

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How To Make A Bed Higher

If you find your bed is not high enough off the ground, there are a number of ways to increase its height. However, the easiest way is to use a bed riser. These devices come in metal, plastic, and wood to suit the aesthetics of any room. These little devices are great if you need a few extra inches on your bed height and save you having to purchase an entirely new bed.

Faqs On Mattress Thicknesses

  • Is a Thicker Mattress Better?
  • If you want enhanced support and comfort, you’ll ideally want a 10-inch or more thick mattress. If you sleep on your side, you’ll get the extra cushioning you require with a 12- to 14-inch thick mattress. Back sleepers generally are typically more comfortable on medium to firm mattresses with a 10- to 12-inch thickness profile, and stomach sleepers do well with a firm 10-inch mattress that prevents sinkage beneath their abdomen.

  • What’s the Difference in Thicknesses in Mattresses?
  • You can divide mattresses into various categories depending on how thick they are. A mattress measuring between two and five inches is considered a low-profile bed. A mattress measuring between five to eight inches is a slim mattress. Those between eight and 12 inches are standard mattresses, and those with measurements above these are high profiles.

  • An Average Queen Mattress is How Thick?
  • When it comes to thickness, mattress sizes don’t really make a difference. For example, if you’re considering a mattress with a thickness and construction that’s suitable for you, it’s likely you’ll find it in queen size.

  • Is the Durability of a Mattress Affected by the Base Layer?
  • Yes, the base layer’s thickness will affect the durability of the mattress. Mattresses with sturdy pocket coils or base foams typically last around eight to 10 years. When you’re deciding on a mattress’s thickness, make sure the base layer is a minimum of 50% of the bed’s height.

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