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What Are The Dimensions Of A Standard Crib Mattress

How Much Does A Crib Mattress Cost

How to Wrap a Nonstandard Size Crib Mattress

The price of a crib mattress will vary depending on its type however, a good quality mattress will have a price range of around $90 to $200. The price could be more youre looking for additional features. For example, you want a mattress made with organic materials. Usually, youll spend more than $200 for this kind of crib mattress.

Mattress Sizes And Dimensions

Is a 3/4 bed bigger than a single? A ¾ bed is wider than a single by 9 .

What is the size of a king size bed in Canada? A king bed in Canada is 193 cm x 203 cm.

What are the sizes of beds? Sizes are crib, small single/cot, twin/single, Twin XL/Single XL/TXL, Super Single/Three quarters , Full/Double, Full XL/Double XL, Queen RV, Queen, Olympic Queen, California Queen Waterbed Insert, King, California King, California King Waterbed Insert, Texas/Athletic King.

What are the standard mattress sizes?

      • Crib = 28 x 51
      • Small Single or Cot = 30 x 75
      • Twin XL, Single XL, or TXL = 39 × 80
      • Twin or Single = 39 × 75
      • Super Single or Three-quarters = 48 × 75
      • Full XL or Double XL = 53 × 80
      • Full or Double = 54 × 75
      • Queen RV = 60 x 75
      • Queen = 60 × 80
      • California queen waterbed Insert = 58 × 82
      • Olympic Queen = 66 x 80
      • King = 76 × 80
      • California King Waterbed Inserts = 70 × 82
      • California King = 72 × 84
      • Texas King = 80 × 98″

What are standard bed sizes?The standard bed sizes are:

      • Twin or Single = 39 × 75
      • Full or Double = 54 × 75
      • Queen = 60 × 80
      • King = 76 × 80
      • California King = 72 × 84

Additionally, a standard size in USA college dorms is the Twin XL, Single XL, or TXL = 39 × 80 .

What are the bed sizes in Canada?Bed sizes in Canada are the same as sizes in the USA.

What is the size of a twin bed?Twin beds are 39 × 75 .

What is the biggest bed you can buy?The biggest bed you can buy is a Texas/Athletic King size bed in the USA/Canada.


Is It Safe To Reuse A Crib Mattress

Ideally, using a used crib mattress is not recommended for various reasons. For one, you are not entirely sure if the used mattress is clean. It is possible that it has spilled milk and diaper leaks that may cause microorganisms to grow in the mattress. Aside from that, you are also uncertain if the mattress is in good condition, especially when it comes to its firmness. For these reasons, it is best to opt for a brand new crib mattress than a used one.

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Is A Toddler Bed The Same Size As A Crib Mattress

Most toddler beds are actually the same size as a standard crib mattress. If you bought a full size standard crib then the mattress can be used in a toddler bed as well. Toddler beds measure 27 inches by 52 inches, similar to a standard full size crib mattress, while mini crib mattresses are smaller than the standard.

When Should My Child Use A Toddler Bed

Size Of Standard Crib Mattress

You can transition your little one to a toddler bed when he is around 18 months old. Some parents also do this around 24 months. Nonetheless, its best to transition when your child can climb out of the crib.

There is no weight limit for a toddler bed, but you have to check the age and weight recommendations of the one youre using. The mattress may also become too short for your child. Consider moving to a twin bed when your child turns 6 or 7 years old.

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Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Mattress Dimensions

A Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is a mini crib that is great for quick trips, like when youre visiting grandma. This lightweight crib is easy to set up in less than a minute.

The PU mattress for this travel cot is thinner, measuring 24 inches x 41 inches x 1.2 inches. When not in use, you can fold and tuck it away.

Keep in mind that travel cots are best for short naps. Long hours of sleep require a more solid surface for optimum body support.

Aside from choosing the right crib mattress, improve your babys sleep by soundproofing the nursery. Like babies, parents also deserve a good nights sleep. Visit our comparison guide for different types of mattresses.

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What Size Is A Nook Crib Mattress

All Nook crib mattresses are made to the larger variance of standard crib mattress dimensions which allows for a nice, snug and safe fit in the crib. Pro tip: a thicker mattress doesnt necessarily mean more comfortable or safer. Whats most important is the materials, as we explained above, to provide a firm, breathable and safe crib mattress. Another feature of Nook mattresses is the square, not rounded, corners. This eliminates any gaps at the crib base. Whatever style you choose for your nursery furniture, you know that using a Nook mattress will give your baby a safe sleep environment, both in fit and breathability!

Bottom line: Make sure your crib mattress is at least 52x28x4 inches and it will fit in all modern-day cribs. This reduces the risk of any gaps between the mattress and the crib edge that could pose a potential danger to your sleeping baby.


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How Do I Measure My Crib

  • Measure the INTERIOR of your crib to the below specifications. If your crib measures any smaller or larger, please contact the crib manufacturer as your crib does not meet crib regulations.
  • Crib dimensions are dictated by ASTM and Federal Law. The dimensions in the crib standard require cribs to have interior dimensions of 28 wide and 52 3/8 long these standard crib dimensions can vary by plus or minus 5/8. Mattresses are designed to be slightly smaller to allow them to fit within these dimensions.

Mini Crib Mattress Size

Crib Mattress Comparison: Standard Mattress, Newton, Lifenest & Secure Beginnings

They are smaller than the standard crib mattress. However, unlike standard crib mattresses, mini crib mattresses are not regulated. They come in a variety of different sizes, but the most common ones are 24 inches X 38 inches.

Since mini cribs are available in many different sizes, it is advisable to double-check the fit of your mattress before buying the product.

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Crib Mattress Size Vs Twin Bed

As babies grow, their beds need to adjust too. Once they turn three, they become more mobile and risk falling when they climb their cribs. Switching to toddler beds may prevent this risk.

Conveniently, a full-size crib mattress is compatible with most toddler beds. Some cribs are savvy and can turn into toddler beds or day beds.

Compared to crib mattresses, a twin bed measures 75in x 38 in and is at least 8 inches thick. Crib mattresses are firm to avoid suffocating your baby.

While twin mattresses have more comfort layers, making them softer and more appropriate for toddlers or older kids.

Twin beds are big enough for kids aged four years old and up. If you choose this route, remember to go for a low-height bed frame or add a rail guard to prevent your child from falling.

Below are the following selections of crib mattresses from reputable baby brands.

Which Size Of Crib Mattress Do You Like

The type of crib mattress you choose to settle for depends on your preference and of course, your pocket, however, you should also consider the following before making a choice :

  • The firmness of the mattress- The mattress does not have to be hard, however, it should be firm enough to prevent your babys head from sinking into the mattress.
  • Presence of Waterproof covers.

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Olympic Queen Mattress Dimensions: 66 Inches By 80 Inches

Room size requirements: 10 feet by 10 feet

The Olympic queen offers 6 additional inches of width for couples who dont need a king-size bed but want extra room. This mattress isnt a standard size bed, so it isnt as accessible in mattress stores. Olympic queen size bedding is also challenging to find.

You can use Olympic queen mattresses in RVs, campers, and mobile homes.

Standard Crib Mattress Dimensions

Crib Mattress Size Chart : Standard Crib Mattress Size ...

Baby beds come in all sizes, but the good news is that their mattresses do too. Whatever youve chosen, you will be able to find the right mattress.

In the U.S., its the law that all cribs must fit whats known as a standard full-size crib mattress. And what size is a standard crib mattress?

  • The length of the crib mattress must be between 51 and 53 inches.

  • The width of the crib mattress must be between 27 ¼ and 28 inches.

As for thickness, crib mattresses are usually between four and six inches thick, depending on what theyre made from. Thicker isnt necessarily better. Your baby will get the safest sleep on a mattress thats firm, supportive, and fits the crib frame, however thick it is.


So as long as youre not making the crib yourself in your family woodshop, or inheriting an heirloom from before the standards were set, it should be a standard size.

This means that a mattress that suits it will also be easy to find. Yay!

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Small Single Bed Size Or Cot Bed Size

Small Single or Cot mattresses are designed to be used by one person. The average height of a small single is 75 inches. The average width of a small single is 30″.

The Pros and Cons of a Small Single Mattress Size


  • This size is a great option for a toddler which has outgrown a crib.


  • The Small Single Mattress is 9″ narrower than a Twin.

Is A Crib Mattress The Same Size As A Twin

A twin mattress will not have the same dimensions as a crib mattress. Instead, a toddler mattress will have the same size as a crib mattress. As for a twin mattress, you can find it in standard, short, and XL.

A standard twin mattress measures 38 inches long and 75 inches wide. Of course, the shorter version will be smaller, but the sizes vary since its unregulated. If you want something bigger, a twin XL mattress would be best for teenagers because its a narrower version of queen and king mattresses.

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How Big Is A Standard Size Crib Mattress

A standard full size crib mattress must be at least 27 ¼ inches wide and 51 ¼ inches long, with a thickness not exceeding 6 inches. They can be 1 inch wider and longer, but the thickness limit remains the same. Choose the right size for a snug fit depending on the internal dimensions of the crib. It can be 28 inches by 52 inches, or inch smaller or larger.

Travel Crib/portable Crib/pack N Play

Crib Mattress Measurement

A travel crib is the most lightweight and the easiest to pack of them all.

Its easy to assemble and disassemble, which is good for storage purposes or when your baby has to visit grandma for the weekend.

The standard pack n play mattress size is 42 inches long and 24 inches wide .

Another upside to this play mattress is that it keeps your baby warm and safe amidst being out in the open.

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What If I Cant Fit A Crib In My House Or Apartment

God babies take up a ton of space, dont they?

The cribs described above take up something like 12 square feet of floor space. Then you need a dresser or some place to store clothes. A changing pad. Toys. Jumpers. Swings. Play mats.

You run out of space fast!

If youre looking to save some room on the crib, there are a ton of alternatives on the market.

The great thing about full sized cribs is that theyll last until your child is a toddler, at least. Even then, many of them convert easily into toddler beds

The solutions below are far less permanent, but take up much less space and usually cost a lot less:

Crib Mattress Dimensions: 28 Inches By 52 Inches

Room size requirements: 7 feet by 10 feet

The crib mattress only fits inside a crib and is regulated by the federal government for safety reasons.

This size mattress is usually firm and no thicker than 6 inches. To sleep comfortably on a crib mattress, a child must be shorter than 3 feet. If the child is taller than 3 feet, consider buying a small single mattress.

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What Are The Hazards Of Loose Sheets

Its CRUCIAL for crib sheets to fit the bed. We cant stress this enough!

Crib sheets tend to get dislodged overnight while the baby sleeps. The possibility of suffocation is high if cribs sheets are not secured properly on the bed.

An infants airway can be blocked, which could then lead to unintentional suffocation or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome .

Since were talking about hazards, there are recommendations by experts about the Dos and Donts of putting your baby to sleep.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has voiced out its concerns about wrongful information in regards to safe sleep.

Luckily for you, we listed down all the Dos and Donts below:


  • DO choose a firm mattress.
  • DO ensure that that you follow current safety standards.
  • DO add mattress pads for extra comfort.


  • DONT add extra pillows or extra blankets on the bed.
  • DONT use positioners or wedges in the cribs.
  • DONT use bumper pads.

Crib Mattress Bedding Sets And Accessories

85 reference of crib mattress toddler size in 2020 ...

Once youve purchased a crib mattress, there are other things youll need to stock up on, like bedding sets and accessories.

  • Fitted sheet: If your baby is sleeping in a crib or bassinet, you will need, at a minimum, a mattress and fitted sheet, says Witkin. I always recommend having at least two sheets so that when the inevitable diaper explosion occurs during the night, youll have another sheet available immediately.
  • Mattress protector or pad: Since those diaper explosions are basically guaranteed, a waterproof mattress cover can be a lifesaver.
  • Wearable blanket/onesie: As it is not safe for infants to sleep with loose blankets or covers, a wearable swaddle or sleep sack is key, Witkin says. Swaddles that have Velcro or zippers are an easy and convenient solution.
  • Crib:

    There are also items that you should never put in a crib when a baby goes to sleep.

    Babies cribs and sleep environments should be free of pillows, loose blankets, and stuffed animals, advises Witkin. Additionally, you should avoid overheating your baby with too many layers of clothing and a hat. In general, babies need one more layer of clothing than you do to be comfortable.

    While there should be nothing in the crib except for the baby, Witkin notes that the exception to this is a pacifier since its been associated with a decreased risk of SIDS. Avoid pacifiers that clip to clothes during sleep, though.

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    How To Choose The Right Crib Mattress Size

    So, you have the best and most beautiful crib for your baby. But what about a crib mattress? Picking the right size is one of the most important features you have to consider when buying a baby crib mattress. Only a crib mattress with the fitting dimensions will provide a safe sleeping environment for your little bundle of joy.

    A crib mattress must fit snuggly into the crib! There should be as little space as possible between the mattresss edge and the cribs frame! Wider gaps increase the risk of injuries and suffocation! So, choose a standard-size crib mattress for a full-size crib, a crib mattress with smaller dimensions for a mini crib, and a right portable crib mattress for a Pack N Play or travel crib.

    1. Are the dimensions of all standard-size mattresses the same?

    Yes, as the name standard size crib mattresses tells by itself, are their dimensions standardized. A very small size deviation is allowed, but in general, we can say that the size of all full-size crib mattresses is the same.

    2. Is there a one crib mattress size for mini cribs too?

    No! You have to be a little more careful when choosing a mini crib mattress. Check up thoroughly if the mattress dimensions correspond to the interior size of your crib to fit snuggly into it.

    The right crib mattress size is not the only thing you have to consider when buying a crib mattress! We have made a crib mattress buying guide, where you can find everything you need to know when buying a crib mattress.

    Lie Your Baby Down To Sleep On Their Back

    Lie your baby down to sleep in their crib on their back, rather than their front or side, to greatly reduce the risk of SIDS. Once your baby can roll independently, even if they roll onto their front side as they sleep, they can find their own sleeping position and change positions if the one they’re in infringes on their breathing.

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    Standard Crib Mattress Size

    According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, full-size crib mattresses follow a standard dimension of at least 51 ¼ x 27 ¼ x 5 inches.

    This snuggly fits the interior measurement of a full-size crib which is around 28 in width x 52 in length.

    The narrow gap between the crib and the mattress lessens the likelihood of head entrapment and suffocation should the baby roll over to the side. A standard crib mattress can last you for at least 18 to 24 months.

    Non-full size baby cribs do not follow a standard measurement as they vary in shapes and proportions.


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