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Are Latex Mattress Toppers Toxic

Finally Sleeping Well Again

Best Affordable Non Toxic Mattress | Sleep On Latex Review Video

I had been suffering for several years with my old mattress. I wanted to replace it, but didn’t know which type to buy. Read so many reviews and the range of good to bad on all of the ones I looked at made it difficult to make a decision. Then I discovered latex mattresses and still I was confused at my options. Finally I discovered Plushbeds and I was sold! So glad I decided on this mattress. I haven’t slept this well for decades.

Karen FPurchased: June 2021

Do Latex Mattresses Release More Toxins Than Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam and latex mattresses are frequently confused, but there are very distinct differences between them. The main difference is memory foam does tend to rely heavily on chemicals like polyurethane foam to mold the mattress. A latex mattress can be totally natural.

Because 100% natural latex mattresses are going to release possibly fewer VOCS than memory foam mattresses, you’re definitely better off buying the all-natural latex, if you’re looking to decrease your risk of inhaling toxins.

What Is A Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is an extra layer of foam that you place on top of your existing mattress to enhance its comfort.

A mattress topper is a latex foam layer that is 1 to 4 inches thick. Toppers are available in the Dunlop or Talalay natural foam. Mattress toppers are used to increase comfort and support and are simply laid out on top of an existing mattress. Mattress toppers are sold as a standalone layer or wrapped in a protective cover.

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Are Latex Mattresses Toxic

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  • Concern about toxicity in your mattress is a serious matter. Youre going to spend a third of your life on your mattress therefore, its a smart idea to make sure the material youre sleeping on isnt going to make you sick.

    So, are latex mattresses toxic? It depends on the mattress in question. 100% natural latex mattresses are not toxic and are not known to off-gas when you unwrap them. However, latex mattresses that use synthetic chemicals are prone to off-gassing: a process that releases volatile organic compounds, which are known to be toxic.

    Since the question of toxicity with a mattress is mostly related to the possible off-gassing that can occur after a new mattress is opened, this article will explore how this process relates to a latex mattress. The extraction and forming process to make latex mattresses will also be explored to further discover if any chemicals used could cause toxicity.

    Questions To Ask About Foam Mattresses

    Avocado Organic Latex Mattress Topper Review (2020)

    First, check where a company sources their foam. If it is made in the U.S. or EU it is subject to stricter safety regulations than foam made in many other regions and countries.

    Second, look at how dense the foam is. Foam can range from around 2.5 lbs to more than 5.5 lbs per cubic foot. Foam under around 3 lbs is considered low density and can feel soft while still being comfortable. The other benefit of lower-density foam is that it contains lower amounts of polymers and, thus, uses fewer resources and has less to off-gas.

    Finally, youll want to check how the mattress meets safety requirements for flammability. If a product is coated in chemical fire retardants, avoid it and look for one that has an outer cover made with something like Rayon, silica and Kevlar . These materials are far from eco-friendly, but they can help reduce the amount of chemicals that need to be applied for a mattress to meet fire safety standards.

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    Harmful Chemical Flame Retardants To Watch For

    The National Institute of Health have linked the following chemical flame retardants with severe health issues, such as genetic defects, fertility issues, reduced thyroid and liver function, hormonal imbalance, and cancer:

    • TCEP: TCEP is listed under California Proposition 65 as a known carcinogen because of its association with impaired fertility. It’s been sown to cause neurotoxicity and hormonal imbalance.
    • PBDEs: These were banned in 2007, and are a type of flame-resistant chemical shown to cause hyperactivity and learning disabilities. Also, liver function and hormone function decrease with long-term exposure.
    • Brominated Chemical Flame Retardants: Certain fire retardants have brominated toxic chemicals in them. They’re known to lead to disruptions of the reproductive and endocrine systems.
    • TDCPP : This is associated with altered hormone levels, reproductive problems, and certain types of cancers. It’s also listed under California Proposition 65 as a carcinogenic.
    • V6: Similar to TCEP, V6 has an impurity, making it toxic to humans. It’s been associated with poor thyroid and liver function, and reproductive problems.
    • Antimony: Antimony-contaminated air has been shown to aggravate the heart, eyes, and lungs. It might also lead to diarrhea, stomach pains, and vomiting. Severe lung and heart problems could occur with long-term exposure.

    Vytex Hypoallergenic Mattress Topper

    • Made with a patented formula and manufacturing process that removes all allergens from the natural latex foam.
    • Made with natural latex, so the topper stays cool and well ventilated
    • Natural latex offers great support without getting a sinking feeling that is common with many conventional polyurethane foams.
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing process. Natural latex is not a hazard to the environment and is made from a renewable resource.

    A Truly Unique Product On The Market

    For people interested in getting a completely hypoallergenic product, the Vytex natural latex mattress topper is a superior choice. It has virtually no smell when new. The Vytex topper is least likely to trigger an allergic reaction for anyone that suffers from acute allergic sensitivity.

    The manufacturing process removes the natural rubber smell from the product. The rubber smell is inoffensive and yet Vytex has gone a step beyond by removing it all together from the latex foam. Prior to baking, the liquid foam is put through two passes of a centrifuge to remove the proteins from the liquid latex sap. This process removes 99.9% of proteins from the liquid latex that is harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis tree.

    The Vytex mattress topper is one of the only allergy free natural latex products on the market.

    Vytex Foam Is Clean

    Vytex natural latex foam is free of volatile organic compounds , petroleum-based additives and harsh chemicals and filler agents.

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    Memory Foam Benefit #: Theyre Motion

    Whether you love to toss and turn throughout your sleep or have a restless partner, memory foam mattresses are great for light and restless sleepers alike because of their motion-transfer resistance. With no squeaks or creaks, the memory foam material minimizes movement altogether so that your sleep remains uninterrupted all night long.

    The Benefits Of Natural Latex Toppers Over Synthetic Toppers

    Naturally Nestled Review! Inexpensive Natural Latex Mattress Toppers
    • Durability: natural latex toppers last longer than memory foam or polyurethane foam. They will not sag or get deformed over time like polyurethane foams. A cover for the natural latex topper will extend its life.
    • Better for the environment: natural latex toppers are better for the environment because they are biodegradable and the materials used to make them are environmentally friendly. The cultivation and harvesting of the rubber tree and its sap also has positive social and economic benefits.
    • Better for your health: natural latex foam is hypoallergenic and is resistant to mold and dust mites.
    • No off-gassing: a 100% natural latex topper will not off-gass harmful chemicals into your sleeping environment. Some polyurethane foams release chemicals for years. These chemicals can cause all sorts of adverse health effects including cancer and auto-immune conditions.

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    Latex Vs Memory Foam Mattress Toppers: A Pros And Cons Guide

    The quality of your furniture impacts your physical and mental health. As a matter of fact, the softness and firmness of a mattress are the major factors affecting not only your spinal alignment, but also your overall mood and energy level. If you feel like your mattress is not suitable for your body or is too old to support your back properly, dont freak out. Just add a mattress topper on top of your old mattress to refresh it! Mattress toppers are also ideal for making new mattresses comfier. Generally, new mattresses are too firm and may require an additional layer of cushioning to provide extra flexibility and better support for your hips, spine, back, and shoulders. Therefore, if you want to improve your sleep quality and overall health, you should probably consider purchasing a mattress topper instead of investing too much money in a brand-new mattress. So, if youre wondering what the difference is between latex vs. memory foam mattress toppers

    When comparing latex vs. memory foam mattress toppers, both materials are comfortable, durable, provide support, and relieve pain at pressure points. However, latex mattress toppers tend to be more expensive and heavier. Memory foam, on the other hand, tends to be warmer and may have an initial odor when you first set it up.

    Natural Latex Toppers Sleep Cooler Than Memory Foam

    The open cellular structure of natural latex makes for a cooler sleep experience when compared to memory foam. Air can flow through the natural latex more freely than it can with synthetic materials like memory foam or polyurethane foam. Polyurethane and memory foams are very dense when compared to natural latex foam.

    Another point to consider is the firmness of the natural latex foam. The softer foam will envelop more of your body as it supports it. In doing so, it will have more contact with your body and make you feel warmer.

    The softer foam will also be more compressed when you lie on it. This restricts the airflow through the foam, making for a warmer sleep surface.

    If overheating has never been a problem for you, regardless of the mattress you have slept on, choose a topper based on your comfort preference.

    Additionally, the way the foam is manufactured adds built-in ventilation channels into the foam. In the manufacturing process, steam is injected into liquid rubber through metal rods that are part of the mold. When the foam has finished curing, workers carefully remove the foam from the mold. The rods that provide heat and steam to bake the liquid rubber into a solid foam leave behind channels for air to circulate. Through these ventilation channels, excess warmth and humidity are evacuated away from the body.

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    Harmful Chemicals In Mattress Toppers

    Whats more, when synthetic mattresses or toppers are dumped or disposed of in landfills they release toxic chemicals such as hydrogen cyanide, isocyanates, and flame retardants into the environment. In an eco-system this can cycle back to animal life, which raises the question of whether even synthetics are truly vegan.

    How Can I Be Sure My Latex Mattress Is Safe

    Natural Dunlop Latex Mattress Topper Non

    Many all-natural mattress types can still contain potentially harmful chemicals because of clever marketing strategies. You can be sure that you have the safest, best mattress by purchasing a new mattress from a reputable company.

    One of those reputable companies is Birch Living Birch creates a non-toxic mattress with a goal of safety, comfort, and sustainability. Youll know exactly whats in your mattress by taking a look at the materials page.

    The natural latex will never touch your skin because its encased in comfortable organic cotton. Birch also offers mattress toppers that elevate your sleeping experience safely and naturally.

    If youre looking for more information on how mattresses are made, check our mattress materials post.

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    How About Using Pocket Springs In Your Mattresses

    At this stage we will not be manufacturing pocket spring mattresses. Pocket spring units currently available in Australia, , are made from Polyester Pockets which for obvious reasons we will not use. Furthermore, pocket spring mattresses are generally produced with a layer of synthetic foam or latex, in some instances also with a layer of synthetic felt on the springs.

    If there was another way, we could make the mattresses to suit the requirements of all people, we would love to, but there is currently no way we can ethically do this. We could attempt to create a partly organic cotton and partly toxic mattress but that is not a healthy option and not our desire to promote and sell, thus our current mattress range is still your best option if you require one which is TOTALLY TOXIC FREE.

    Any natural product, be it wool, kapok, straw, or cotton, will compress to a firm surface over time. It is when manmade fibres are added that it then reduces the firmness and adds softness. Unfortunately its a necessity for these fibres to be converted with chemicals.

    If we added any of these various toxic components to our mattresses it would also not be approved under our Global Organic Textile Standard Certification.

    Eco Terra 100% Natural Single

    Hand-crafted in the USA, Eco Terra 100% natural latex mattress topper features single source Talalay latex. It is crafted to offer maximum support and pressure relief for all sleep positions and especially for side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

    The Talalay latex topper is made into firm, medium, or soft topper densities that comes in 2 or 3- inch thicknesses.

    This eco-friendly latex topper boasts several certifications includingOeko-Tex Standard 100 andEco-Institut certifications. Further, it comes with a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover.

    You can get this mattress topper in California king, king, queen, full, twin XL, and twin sizes. It comes with a 5- year warranty and free shipping with the US.

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    Ultimate Buying Guide For Latex Mattress Toppers

    Whether youre a health and environmentally conscious consumer or simply someone looking for the best bang-for-your-buck, a Dunlop latex mattress topper is a safe bet. Here, well break down exactly what natural Dunlop latex is, the benefits and possible disadvantages of latex mattress toppers, and what to look for when purchasing one. Looking to make an informed decision on your latex mattress topper purchase? Look no further than this Ultimate Buying Guide For Dunlop Latex Mattress Toppers.

    Is Off Gassing Dangerous

    Birch Plush Organic Mattress Topper Review – Best Latex Topper??

    Yes, off gassing can be dangerous. It tends to take at least a week, for most of the chemicals to be released from a new mattress, and most people will sleep on their new mattress before its able to release all of these chemicals. While some “experts” may say that breathing in small amounts of these chemicals every day isnt going to cause any harm, other experts say that studies now show that long-term exposure to these chemicals can indeed create health problems.

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    Is Off Gassing Toxic

    It can be. Many of the lesser quality mattresses that are made today, contain polyurethane foam, which has been recognized as a toxic substance by the Environmental Protection Agency. Off gassing means that toxic materials are breaking down, and dispersing into the air. When someone breathes in these toxins, some of the side effects they can experience include breathing trouble, nausea and allergic reactions.

    So are new mattress fumes toxic? Yes, they can be toxic. The level of toxicity is going to depend on how many chemicals are used when making the mattress. And because off gassing symptoms are going to vary, its not always easy for the new mattress owner to relate any symptoms they may be experiencing to the off gassing of the new mattress.

    Does Dunlop Last Longer Than Talalay

    As a rule, Dunlop latex is more durable than Talalay latex because it results in a less refined product. Theres more natural latex used in the Dunlop method, and a shorter, less-intensive manufacturing process results in a denser final product. Dunlop latex toppers are generally more affordable than Talalay toppers, and comfort isnt an issue since both Talalay latex and Dunlop latex are manufactured in varying degrees of firmness.

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    What About Certipur Foam Mattresses

    Foam mattresses continue to be popular as they can offer good support regardless of your body size and shape. Unfortunately, even the most expensive foam mattresses are made with polyurethane which, as weve seen, breaks down quickly, is sweaty, and is bad for factory workers, the environment, and for the end user .

    Many eco-friendly mattress round-ups feature mattresses made with CertiPur certified foam. CertiPur is a certification dreamt up by manufacturers with a vested interest in trying to greenwash polyurethane foam. Sure, some foam products are less problematic than others, but if youre looking for a truly safe and eco-friendly mattress, avoiding foam is not a decision you need to sleep on. See our top certifications for mattresses here.

    The CertiPur-US logo does offer some assurance that the foam component of the pillow is free from some polybrominated diphenyl ethers and some of the most egregious flame retardants, and that levels of formaldehyde and other chemicals including ozone depleting substances, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, and hormone-disrupting phthalates are low. However, foam is still resource-hungry, synthetic, and emits VOCs, so it is best avoided.

    Top tip Watch out for companies marketing their foam mattresses as plant-based. These often contain just a tiny amount of plant-derived oils alongside polyurethane foam, making no great difference to the products eco-friendliness.

    Do Latex Mattresses Off

    Natural Latex Mattress Topper Non

    Off-gassing occurs when the materials that are inside of the mattress break down, and their gasses release into the air. The toxic fumes can cause respiratory and health issues, such as allergies, breathing problems, or nausea.

    Organic mattresses, such as some natural latex ones, contain natural materials. They dont have toxic chemicals. Therefore, they dont off-gas.

    Some latex mattresses are blended with synthetic materials. Those may release the chemicals when you take the plastic off. If you want a safe mattress, make sure that you buy an all-natural, organic latex mattress.

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