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Standard Vs Queen Pillow Cases

Here Are A Few Pro Tips You Should Find Useful

Sew Easy Pillow Sham – standard/queen size and king size

If you prefer added volume and height, tuck the ends of your pillowcase in tightly .When you want a pillow to maintain its height and volume or give life to an older pillow, choose a smaller pillow.If you want a pillow that can be fluffed and conformed, opt for a larger pillowcase. This is especially true if you have gusseted pillows, which are designed for loft.

What Size Pillowcase Or Sham Do You Need

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about sizes. Bed sizes include twin, twin XL , full, queen, king and California king. Most often, your bed size determines your mattress size, which tells you what size duvet and sheets youll need. It can also tell you what size pillows and pillowcases to get.

Euro Pillow Standard Size

A euro or sham pillow is a decorative pillow placed behind different types of bed sizes. The square pillow comes with the standard sizes of 26 by 26 inches or 66 by 66 cm. The cover on the pillows, called the euro sham, comes in various decorative designs that add charm, plush, and class to the bed and room.

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King Size Pillowcase Dimensions

King size pillowcases are the biggest pillowcases widely available for consumers, although you can have more oversized pillowcases if customized. Some king size pillowcases are named extra longlarge or XL, so keep that in mind if you are looking to shop for this particular pillowcase size.

The size for these pillowcases is similar in width, with both a queen and a standard at 20 inches or 51 centimeters. The length of a king size is what varies at 36 inches or 91 centimeters.

Two king size pillows with matching king pillowcases would be perfect for a king size bed. This will also be an ideal body pillow if you have a bed smaller than a king-sized one.

How To Measure A Standard Pillowcase

Perfect Pillow Sizes: Standard, Queen, or King?  Au Lit Fine Linens

Use a cloth measuring tape and measure your pillow. To determine the size of the pillowcase, add an extra inch to the height. For the body of the pillow, double the length and add six inches. This will be sufficient to cover the entire pillow. If you need extra length, then add three inches to the height and width.

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Why Pillow Loft Matters

The loft of a pillow refers to its height when laying flat. A pillow with a low loft is a thinner pillow, while a pillow with a high loft will be thicker. Depending on your normal sleeping position, youll want a specific loft in order to be most comfortable.

For example, its best for a stomach sleeper to have a low loft pillow to keep their spine as aligned as possible. Using a medium or high loft pillow may be uncomfortable and can cause aches and pains while side or back sleepers may prefer to have such a loft to sleep on.

How Do I Know Which Pillow I Need

So many people have different sleeping positions, and that might make you wonder which type of pillow to use. There are a few general guidelines for what kind of person can work best with certain types of pillows. For example, side sleepers need firmer pillows and thicker ones as well because theyre more likely to roll over in their sleep or move up the bed during the night than stomach snorers who usually stay on their backs throughout the whole time asleep.

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Best Types Of Pillowcase For Curly Hair

See this satin pillowcase at

When looking to preserve the beautiful curls you have worked so hard to get or that come effortlessly to you, the best type of pillowcase to use is silk or stain. Satin pillowcases are just a synthetic material meant to mimic silk. Overall satin will always be second best to silk.

Silk fabric pillowcases are great for keeping styles curls fresh, reduce frizziness and limit any morning maintenance. Silk pillowcases are better at not retaining moisture compared to the cotton competition.

This is handy when you go to sleep with wet hair to let the curls set. This is the best selection for any type of hair, not just curly. Silk pillowcases can help avoid unnecessary tangling and breakage when it comes to all hair types.

Standard Body Pillow Size

MyPillow Premium Set of 2 Standard/Queen Pillows

The best characteristic of a body pillow is a curve that fits the bodys shape for maximum comfort. The standard body pillow size is especially great for side sleepers and pregnant women.

Body pillows are not as readily available as the other popular three pillow sizes, so people that need to keep their bodies from rolling to their backs and stomachs as they sleep opt to use king size pillows instead. The standard pillow size of a body pillow is 20 inches for the width and 54 inches for the length. They have their specific body pillowcases.

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What Is A Sham

A bed sham is another type of pillow covering, but it leans more toward decorative than functional. Sham-covered pillows are typically placed over regular pillows so that they’re visible. To ensure the entire pillow is hidden within the fabric, the opening is always in the back .

Traditional shams have a fabric trim or a cording embellishment bordering all sides. However, you can find options without the cloth border , which look almost identical to regular pillowcases to the naked eye.

What Is The Best Filling Material For Decorative Shams

  • We think the best filling is feather. As it is inexpensive and never bunches up.
  • To understand the difference between feather and down, video our article/video found here.
  • Some have allergy issues with feather as a result, poly-filled pillows will work, but they have a tendency to get lumpy over time and may not fill the corners out well.
  • See our article on how to get the flanges of your pillow shams to stand up here.
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    Match Bed Measurements To Pillow Size

    Although it is a good rule of thumb to match your pillow and bed size, you dont necessarily have to do this. This means that if you have a king size bed, you can select a king size pillow or any smaller pillow to use on it.

    The truth is there are hundreds, if not thousands, of pillow combinations you can select from. Keep trying combinations until you find the one you like.

    Conformance For Improved Comfort

    Are You Using the Right Size Pillow?  Buckwheat Hull Pillows

    There are some sleepers, typically anyone who sleeps on their stomach or side, who tend to mold and squish their pillow up throughout the night in order to ensure it keeps its softness and loft, while also conforming around their head. Frequently, a king or queen size pillow has too much volume for this, making a Standard or Super Standard size the better option.

    On the other hand, some sleepers look for a pillow to pull over their head, offering them protection from noise and light. These sleepers usually find that a light, conforming pillow works best. They will want to stay away for King and Queen size pillows.

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    How To Choose A Pillow Size

    Choosing the right pillow size can help you get the comfort and support you need at night. Finding the right fit depends on variables such as mattress size, sleep position, value, and the aesthetics of your sleep environment. Well highlight the most important factors to consider before you purchase your next pillow.

    Mattress Size Your mattress size will factor into the equation since this tells you how well a certain pillow size will fit on your bed. If you sleep on a twin bed, youre unlikely to fit more than one pillow across the width. Smaller pillow sizes will leave some open space on either side, but a king size pillow will cover most of the head end of the bed. Similarly, two standard pillows might look small and leave a significant amount of open space on a king mattress, in which case you might want to opt for at least a queen size pillow.

    Sleep Position This is probably the most decisive factor when it comes to choosing your next pillow, as some sizes are more compatible with certain sleeping positions than others. The standard size is typically the most versatile option since it can accommodate any sleep position. Assuming its loft isnt too high, a standard pillows compact size is compatible with stomach and back sleepers. Side sleepers who need a higher loft can fold or bunch a standard pillow in order to achieve the desired height.

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    How Much Bigger Should A Pillowcase Be Than The Pillow

    In most cases, it is easy to determine the correct pillowcase by looking at the pillows size. A standard pillow will need a standard size pillowcase. However, if you are unsure of the size, you can find the correct dimension by measuring the length and width of the pillow.

    Once you know the dimensions of your pillow, you can select a pillowcase size that works for you. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a pillowcase that is a ½ to 1 inch longer than the pillow and 2 ½ to 4 inches wider than the pillow.

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    What Are Shams Used For

    Generally speaking, a sham is a decorative bedding accent typically used during the day while your bed is made. While you can use the same pillows in your shams as you do in your regular pillowcases, you might opt for something a little flatter or puffier, depending on the look you’re going for.

    Some people take their sham pillows off the bed at night or place them underneath their pillows for extra support. However, you can sleep directly on a sham-covered pillow, especially if the fabric is soft and comfortable.

    What Are The Dimensions For Other Pillowcase Sizes

    MyPillow Premium Set of 2 Standard/Queen Pillows

    And regarding the other pillows in the final shots, in case you want a source those are a buy, not DIY. The grid print is really old. And the white quilted shams are from Parachute . Let me know if you have any other questions about bedroom stuff.

    What do you think of this DIY pillowcase project? Think itd be easy enough to tackle at home?

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    Why Trust The Spruce

    Theresa Holland is a freelance commerce writer specializing in home design, lifestyle, and textiles. For this article, she tested 14 pillowcases from various retailers and brands, carefully assessing the quality, fabric, durability, breathability, and overall value of each. Before making her final selections, she also researched the thread counts of different materials, as well as the care requirements and suitability for different sleeping styles. Theresa has been writing for The Spruce since 2019 and covers bedding, cleaning supplies, and interior decor. You can find more of her bylines on MyDomaine and Byrdie.

    Do Pillows Need A Pillowcase

    As a general rule, yes. You should keep your pillow inside a pillowcase to protect its materials. We also recommend pillow protectors, which are often waterproof and act as a barrier against liquids and allergens.

    However, some pillows may not need a pillowcase or may include a specialty case. For example, some pillows for neck pain may have a contoured design that keeps you from slipping a traditional pillowcase over it.

    Wedge pillows also usually include a cover that fits over the ramp-like fill.

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    So Which One Should I Buy

    Ultimately, the decision would be yours. Be sure to ask yourself your purpose and need for the kind of pillow you choose. Whether it is simply for decorative purposes or for sleeping comfortably, also do check your bedding and mattress size when buying the perfect pillow for your needs.

    Many people simply buy pillows to match their bedding size, but this should not be the case, it is important to pay attention to your sleeping needs and posture at night. A king-size pillow may not be a good choice for everyone just like standard pillow measurements could be too small for some. If you simply cannot decide the best is to go for somewhere in the middle that is for a queen-sized pillow.

    Remember, that sizes could vary across countries and also through different manufacturers, so we recommend you measure or check for specific sizing by each company when shopping for pillows.

    Give your room a new look by mixing and matching much of different sizes and pillow covers. I personally love mixing my pillows sizes, but the bigger sized king, queen pillows at near the back of the headboard of your bed and then lay smaller sizes such as Euro pillows to the front to get a fresh pattern look for your room. Hope you have fun mixing and matching them up. Dm us your pictures via or

    Pillowcase Length & Width

    Perfect Pillow Sizes: Standard, Queen, or King?  Au Lit Fine Linens

    Standard and King are the two sizes of bed pillowcases available. A standard will fit three pillow sizes: Queen, Super Standard, and Standard. However, sheet manufacturers tend to take into consideration different pillow manufacturers variations when sizing their cases. Typically, they err on the larger side, which means it is likely to have too much room rather than too little.

    Standard are usually 20-21 in length and 30-32 in width.King are usually 20-23 in length and 36-41 in width.

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    Pillow Sizes: A Guide For Every Type Of Bed

    Getting that well-deserved beauty sleep is hard enough, but now youre left figuring out what size pillows you need to complete your new sleep setup. Our guide to pillow sizes will help you choose a pillow so you can skip all the research and spend your time deciding on the perfect bed sheets to finish getting your bedroom sleep-ready.

    Discover our pillow sizes chart and breakdown below.

    No matter what size or type of pillow you need, Casper has a cozy cloud for you to rest your head on. Made with support and maximum comfort, our pillows are what dreams are made of.

    What Is A Bed Sham

    A bed shams are a decorative pillow that are used on a bed.

    • Bed shams can be virtually any size but the most common sizes are:
    • Standard sham
    • King sham
    • Euro sham
    • Boudoir sham
  • Occasional some use bed shams to decorate a sofa or chair.
  • Pillow shams are different than pillowcases, learn the difference between them here.
  • Some Standard and King shams are intended to be slept on.
  • Learn more about the differences between pillowcases and shams here.
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    Standard Pillow Protector Size

    Pillow protectors are crucial because they highly contribute to a healthy environment while sleeping. A pillow protector helps to protect the pillow against moisture, which can lead to mildew and mold. It also helps to provide the pillow with protection against the spread of bed bugs and mites.

    The size of the pillow determines the size of the protective pillow size. The standard pillow protector size is the same as the standard pillow size, which is 20 inches by 26 inches with a leeway of probably a few centimeters. The rule for using a protector is that there should be no excess material between the pillow and the protector, which is why they come with a snugly fitting size.

    Body Pillow Size & Dimensions

    Sleepology Ideal Slumber Customizable Standard/Queen Pillow on QVC

    The body pillow comes in a range of sizes, however the most common is 51cm by 137cm, which is the equivalent of 20in by 54in in imperial units. These pillows are designed best for side sleepers and mould to the shape of the body throughout the night. Also doubling up as a speciality pillow, it is often used by pregnant women to provide support under their stomach and back.

    • What is the best bed size for a body pillow? Body pillows are used based on personal preference. A sleeper can use a body pillow in any bed size, though it can be a tight squeeze in a standard twin size bed.

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    Best Fabric For Pillowcases

    The overall best fabric to be used on a pillowcase is silk. This can be for both a pillow used to be slept on or a decorative pillow. Silk pillowcases are the best for your skin as well as temperature control.

    This is shown by the escalated price compared to its competing fabrics. The silk pillowcases are luxurious and the price point shows exactly that.

    When considering price as the primary factor you can switch to the synthetic version of silk which is satin. Satin is a good second with most of the same qualities with a little less price and a few different features.

    What Is A Pillowcase

    A pillowcase isnt just a removable cloth covering for your pillow. Its main purpose is to protect your pillow from dust, dirt and stains. Not only that, but since you can wash it as often as you want, similar to switching out your face cloths, sleeping on a clean pillowcase can benefit your complexion.

    Pillowcases often open on one side with or without a flap or tuck to conceal your pillow. They can also open straight down the middle in the back, like the styles from Parachute, to create a clean, seamless look.

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