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How Much Is A Purple Mattress

Which Purple Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers

2020 Purple Mattress Review – How much do you weigh? It matters!

While Purple advertises its original mattress as comfortable for all sleeping styles, we would recommend the Purple Hybrid Premier for side sleepers. The 3 or 4-inch thick comfort layer does a great job of relieving pressure points across the body. The coils support the spine in a neutral position, preventing misalignment.

How Do I Find A Location To Buy The Mattress

  • We have many retail locations where you can experience Purples innovative comfort products. Find all retail locations HERE.
  • If you’re not near a retail location, don’t worry! We offer a 100-night trial with every mattress purchase. If you decide Purple isn’t a perfect fit for you within the 100-night trial, you can send it back.
  • Keep in mind, we ask all Purple customers to spend up to 21 nights on the Purple Mattress before starting a return or exchange. This time will allow your body to adjust to the incredible support Purple has to offer!

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Who I Dont Recommend A Purple Hybrid For

  • Couples might not like the Purple mattresses. Since theyre so bouncy, youre likely to feel a partner tossing and turning at night. One of our best memory foam mattresses might be a better fit if youre easily disturbed at night.
  • If you prefer a traditional-feeling mattress, you might not be able to adjust to the unique feel of the Purple grid . If that sounds like you, Id recommend one of our best innerspring mattresses instead.

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How To Select The Ideal Mattress

It is the only method to know whether a mattress is suitable the way for you to sleep on it. This is why all of the mattresses in our top mattress guide come with the chance to try a lengthy trial risk-free. in the event that you arent satisfied with the one you have chosen, you can send it back and test a new. However, there are key things to know that will help you choose the best mattress.

Well address many of the questions that people have when they are looking to buy a new mattress, and explain some key considerations to make. Well also share our pro suggestions and tips for selecting the ideal mattress to fit your budget, and summarize the top mattresses at the moment. How Much Does A King Size Purple Mattress Cost

What Are The Queen Mattresses That Purple Sells

How Much is a Purple Mattress? Purple Mattress Q& A
  • Purple Mattress – The Purple® Mattress is known as the bed that broke the internet. Its ideal for all sleepers with its cooling comfort and No Pressure® Support. It features a 2 Purple Grid layer and a durable base of high-density foam. As a foam mattress, it is hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, and works exceptionally well with an adjustable bed frame.
  • Purple Hybrid – The Purple® Hybrid features a base layer of responsive support coils and a 2-inch Purple Grid. These pocket coils for optimal support, responsiveness, and durability. It also encourages airflow through the mattress for a cooler nights sleep. The Hybrid is recommended for heavier sleepers and side sleepers as well as those who want a more luxurious sleeping experience.
  • Purple Hybrid Premier – The Purple® Hybrid Premier represents the peak in weightless comfort and No Pressure® Support. Featuring your choice of 3 or 4 inches of the Purple Grid top layer, this queen bed suspends the body in zero-gravity comfort, eliminating tension and letting the body relax in its natural state from head to toe. A layer of responsive pocketed coils provides additional support and responsiveness. The Purple® Hybrid Premier may be the best queen size mattress for any sleeper. Its recommended for those who desire the pinnacle of comfort.

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Whats The Best Mattress For 2022

We are still of the opinion that its the Nectar Memory Foam is the most comfortable mattress available since it is a great value for money. Its comfortable and supportive, and priced extremely competitively. The typical price for a queen-sized bed is $799, which is a reduction from $1,198. All sizes are sold with Nectar with a per-permanent price reduction of $400, plus $399 worth of accessories for free. This is a remarkable value on its own. However it is worth noting that the Nectar Memory Foam also comes with a huge trial period of 365 days and a lifelong warranty. Also, the return policy is straightforward and fair.

If youve got a little more to spend, or prefer a mattress with a little more bounce, we suggest the luxurious in-between innerspring Saatva Classic mattress. Its priced at around $1300 for a queen typically, theres a discount of $200 to be had and if youre looking to get the best hotel luxury then this is the best mattress. Its also approved from the American Chiropractic Association, making it a good option for those suffering from back pain.

Another perk to buying from Saatva is Saatvas free White Glove delivery service. As part of this Saatvas team of experts will put your new mattress in your preferred bedroom and then take away your old one if you arrange it in advance.

Purple Sales And Promotional Offers

There are many sales and promotions available that make owning a Purple mattress budget friendly. Common discounts include:

  • Percentages off
  • Free items

If you’re looking for a great deal, it’s best to always check their website to see which offers you can take advantage of. Simply sign up for their email newsletter to get the latest deals and sales updates.

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Purple Mattress Review: One

The Purple mattress is unlike any others, thanks to its cooling foam grid.

What looks like just another foam mattress is actually something more unusual, thanks to a special gel grid just under the cover.

The Purple mattress is the brainchild of two brothers who wanted to rethink what a mattress could be and feel like. They conceptualized a special, stretchy and extra-durable material, similar to what you find in Jansport backpack straps. Since then, the mattress brand has become a major player in the online mattress space.

If you’re not sure whether or not a new Purple mattress is right for you, our Purple mattress review can help you make an informed decision. Shopping for a new mattress online can be tricky, so to make it easier for you, I put the Purple mattress to the test. Here, I break down the main reasons why you should or shouldn’t purchase it, based on the perspective of your average sleeper .

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Looking for a new mattress? We’ve got recommendations for the best memory foam mattress, the best firm mattresses and the best mattresses for back pain.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Purple Mattress

Pros and Cons: New Purple 2 (Purple Hybrid) Mattress Review

There are several things you should know before buying a Purple mattress. Once you decide which bed you want, you must select a size.

When choosing a size, you will need to consider your body frame, whether you like to spread out or sleep with a partner, and how much space is available in your bedroom. The size will also affect the cost Larger sizes will be pricier than smaller ones.

You should also take note of the shipping, trial, and warranty information. Purple ships their mattresses for free within the contiguous United States. Theres an additional fee for Alaska and Hawaii shipments. Purple has partnered with Sleep Country Canada to make shipping available to Canada.

Purple offers a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. Your mattress will arrive at your home compressed in a box. You will have to remove the bed from the box and place it onto your bed frame.

What Is the Mattress Height of Purple?

The mattress height of Purple mattresses ranges from 9.25 inches to 13 inches, depending on the model you choose. The Purple Original is 9.25 inches. The Purple Plus and Purple Hybrid are 11 inches. The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is 12 inches. The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is 13 inches.

Does Purple Have a Children’s Mattress?

Yes, Purple has a childrens mattress. The mattress is designed for kids up to 14-years old and is slightly softer. The bed is available in Twin size and costs 699 dollars.

Do Purple Mattresses Have any Recall?

Do Purple Mattresses Contain Toxic Chemicals?

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Purple Mattress Weight How Much Does A Purple Mattress Weigh

Purple mattress weight if youre considering buying a mattress from this massively popular mattress in a box brand, the weight of it is important to know. After all, when buying a mattress in a box, youre probably going to have to heft that mattress into your house by yourself, which could be no easy feat if youve got steps . So, exactly, how much does a Purple mattress weigh?

Let me save you time trawling through the Purple website and see the weights of all Purple mattresses right here in my handy chart.

Ill just get straight to it because if youre here looking for answers to questions about Purple mattress weights, Im guessing you already know quite a bit about this brand and what makes it unique. However, if you DO want to do more research on each of their mattresses, youll want to read my article here about which Purple mattress is best to buy.

What Is The Difference Between It And What Is It That Makes This Mattress Different From Usual Mattress

Purple comes in different sizes starting from twin size to California King. It also provides the famous cushioning that their unique technology for fabric provides. The Purple grid is a foundational aspect of what makes Purple a special mattress as it functions like memory foam but gives the bounce of memory foam but is more flexible. This layer is manufactured using a grid that allows airflow to pass through the gaps between the foams, which regulates temperature without sacrificing its overall comfort.

Construction-wise, each mattress is constructed with a 2-inch Purple unique grid over a 3.5-inch foam layer. It is further supported by four inches of high-density polyfoam, a standard in most foam mattresses, to create the full cushions form and form.

This construction is enhanced by a poly-viscose blended fabric that helps regulate temperature and gives an excellent cooling sensation. Expect each mattress to measure around 9.25 inches high and thick enough to fit most body shapes, and suitable for most standard sheet sets.

To put it in simple terms, you can you can expect a mattress that is semi-firm with affordable prices while still delivering top-quality and modern materials. Moreover, Purple comes with several different variants known as Hybrid, Hybrid as well as the Hybrid Premier. People who are used to coil-support mattresses can opt for these hybrids and enjoy the same experience but enhanced by Purples own technologies.

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Purple Mattress Review Breakdown

The Purple is an all-foam mattress available in one firmness level, which is medium-firm. Sold at affordable prices and delivered directly to your door, the Purple is a good option for customers seeking comfort on a budget. Through the use of Purple Grid technology, the Purple mattress provides sleepers a mix of contouring and responsiveness. Its available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes.

The Purples comfort layers are made up of 2 inches of Purple Grid on top of a 3.5-inch polyfoam layer. Its support core is made of 4 inches of high-density polyfoam . Combined, these layers excel at providing pressure relief to sleepers. The cover is made of a polyester-viscose blended fabric. Altogether, the Purple measures 9.25 inches in height, which is average and fits standard sheet sets.

The Purple Grid is a unique technology created by the Purple company that consists of hyper-elastic polymer molded into a grid shape. The Purple Grid contours to the body like memory foam, but feels more responsive. Spaces in the grid allow for airflow, making the Purple a cooling mattress. All-foam mattresses tend to trap body heat, but that isnt a problem with the Purple.


Motion Isolation And Noise

Best Mattresses of 2020

Surprisingly, the Original Purple mattress does a pretty good job of limiting motion transfer. You might not think so, given how responsive and sort of bouncy the polymer top layer is, but the bed actually passed our tests easily. It also doesnt make any noise, virtually none, which is standard with most new online beds nowadays.

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Purple Mattress Faq: Pricing Sizes And How To Buy

Mattress-seller Purple got its start in 2015 when engineer brothers Terry and Tony Pearce launched a Kickstarter campaign to create their innovative mattresses made with proprietary technology. The brothers worked in the cushioning-technology industry since the early 1990s and, by 1996, they had invented Hyper-Elastic Polymer, a material that can be molded into a shape that relaxes under pressure. That material is what’s used to make their flexible, supportive Purple Grid mattress layer.

In just a few years, Purple became one of the top bed-in-a-box companies in the industry and the makers of one of the best mattresses available. Purple has since expanded its reach with seat cushions, dog beds, pillows and bedding.

If you’re considering one of Purple’s mattresses, here’s a closer look at whats available, how much you’ll pay and what to expect when Purple’s mattress-in-a-box arrives at your door. You can also compare Purple to rival companies with the help of our guide to mattress-in-a-box companies.

How Do Purple Mattresses Arrive

Purple mattresses are a bed-in-a-box brand.

This means they are compressed before delivery and rolled up so they can be packed away in an easy-to-move compact box.

Some of the UKs most popular bed brands are bed-in-a-box mattresses.

When your Purple mattress arrives, you should carefully unpack it, remove the plastic, and watch it expand!

Most bed-in-a-box brands will take a few hours to expand fully.

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Comparing What Its Like To Sleep On The Purple And The Purple Hybrid

Every mattress feels different for each person. This is because different sleepers come in many varieties of sizes and preferences. Nothing is one-size-fits-all, so its important to look at a potential new mattress from all angles. Below, Ive gone over how each of these mattresses could perform for individual sleeping positions and weights.

The Hybrid Models Feature The Following:

Purple Mattress Review
  • A thick and plush covering that adds a little extra coziness and sides wrapped with a material to create ultra-breathable” side panels.
  • Pocketed coils, individual springs wrapped in fabric, provide responsive pressure support that complements the top polymer grid. According to Purples website, pocketed coils are not a new invention, but are a proven method of damping motion transfer and creating more airflow.
  • A buffer of “transition foam” around the perimeter of the Purple grid, which provides a more stable and nested feel at the edge of the bed.

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Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

With a hybrid construction, the Purple Premier provides superior comfort, support, and pressure relief. It’s offered in two comfort options where sleepers can choose from either a medium-firm 3 comfort layer or a medium 4 layer.

See our full Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review for more information.

What Is The Correct Mattress Size

A good rule of thumb for selecting the ideal mattress is to ensure that its at least 10cm wider than the tallest person sleeping on it. If youre sharing a bed, you and your partner should be able to put your hands underneath your head with your elbows not touching. If you sleep alone, youll have the right size mattress if its possible to place your hands underneath your head and not touch the sides of the mattress. So measure that distance and as long as you choose one that is wider than the measurement, youll be good.

Most of the options listed in our top mattress reviews are in twin twin XL, full queen, king, and California king sizes. Some are available in split versions too, which enable the user to select an alternative mattress firmness for your partner. There are also mattresses that offer different levels of firmness for each side .

Generally speaking, the bigger as well as deeper the mattress, the higher the price. The majority of twin mattresses are a few hundred dollars less that the size of a queen while the king and California King sizes typically cost around $200 more than the queen size. Hybrid mattresses, luxurious and premium versions typically cost a lot more than the original or basic mattress prices which are listed.

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The Essential Purple Experience That Supports Your Back And Budget

  • Two inches of breathable GelFlex Grid to cradle pressure points like hips and shoulders while keeping the rest of your body fully aligned.
  • SoftFlex knit cover designed to let you feel the complete instant response of the GelFlex Grid.
  • GelFlex Grid support paired with our two-layer original foam base to give you outstanding, soothing sleep.
2â Hyper-Elastic Polymer material in Purple Grid Non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating
Middle Layer 3.5â 1.8 lbs density polyurethane foam
Base Layer 4â 2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam
29% Viscose 67% Polyester 4% Lycra
Non-Slip Bottom 100% Polyester stitchbond with non-FR coating
Fire Retardant Non-Toxic Knit Barrier
Basic Care Spot clean with mild detergent . Machine wash/dry not recommended.


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