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Can I Take Old Mattress To Dump

Donate Your Mattress To A Local Nonprofit


There are several nonprofit organizations and institutions that would gladly take your gently-used mattress. The groups below generally accept mattress donations, though local policies may differ.

These organizations usually offer mattress pickup:

These organizations typically require mattress drop-off:

  • Places of worship

Option : Hire A Disposal Pro

In the end, it seems like a lot of work and a huge hassle to get rid of your old, used and unwanted mattress. And the last thing you want to do is dump your mattress on the curb, in an empty parking lot, or behind a local business after hours.

Now you can save time, effort and the environment when getting rid of your old mattresses. This means it is time to hire a Mattress Removal Pro to do the work for you.

Can You Throw Away A Mattress In A Dumpster

No, throwing away a mattress in a dumpster is also generally considered illegal dumping. The waste that is deposited into dumpsters is carefully regulated and processed by waste specific trucks. Bulky furniture and mattresses being left inside dumpsters often leads to the truck not being able to empty the container. This commonly leads to fines for the property owner/manager and sometimes even the tenant. Before you try to get rid of your mattress by putting it in a dumpster, give us a call instead. We can make sure you avoid any costly fines and get your mattress out of your way quickly and affordably.

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Will Costco Take My Old Mattress

Yes, Costco will take your old mattress. If you live in California, Rhode Island, or Connecticut they are required to do that when they deliver a new mattress to you. If you live elsewhere, you may be able to avail of their removal service as an additional option when you buy a new mattress from them, but there will normally be an additional fee.

Why Should You Recycle Your Mattress

What Do You Do With An Old Mattress?

Every year, Canadians dispose of over 5 million mattresses and box springs into landfills. Weighing an average of about 70 pounds per mattress, this equates to millions of pounds of materials unnecessarily being disposed of and buried in our landfills. Not only does this cause immeasurable harm to our environment, but it costs taxpayers countless dollars to handle, process and dispose of these items every year.

By making the choice to have us remove and recycle your mattresses, you are supporting our employment programs and helping to impact local individuals lives for good! Since 2011, we have been able to invest over $1,000,000+ back into the local community each year, as well as employing over 50 individuals each year.! We are a not-for-profit company, investing 100% of proceeds back into our local community.

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How To Dispose Of Mattresses

Can you recycle a mattress?

Ask your mattress retailer if they offer a recycling program or check out independent recycling options or contact Re-Matt, a local mattress recycler .

A mattress in good condition

Donate or drop-off a mattress at a charity. Some organizations accept mattresses in good condition for donation. Contact them to confirm.

Take your mattress to a City landfill. Landfill charges will apply.

Does The City of Calgary collect mattresses?

No. We do not collect large pieces of furniture like mattresses, box springs or futons.

Landfill locations listed below:

Can I Recycle An Old Mattress

Recycling an old mattress is not straightforward. They are made from many different materials including wood, metal or plastic springs, foam, padding, and fabric. Old mattresses are also big and heavy. Currently in the Auckland area there are no official mattress recycling schemes in place. Many of them literally end up in our landfills and will end up being buried.If you can manage to lift and carry your old mattress and you have a trailer or a vehicle big enough to transport it safely, then you have several options.

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Is There A Way I Can Responsibly Dispose Of My Foam Mattress

If youre thinking about disposing of your foam mattress, you can take advantage of some resources. For example, you can donate it to charity. Or, you can sell it online.

The Environmental Protection Agency has guidelines regarding the safe disposal of mattresses. These guidelines state that you should never put a mattress in a fire pit or incinerator. Instead, you should contact a local hazardous waste management company.

Rent A Roll Off Dumpster

Mattress Disposal & Mattress Recycling (How Junk Removal Experts Recycle and Sell your old Mattress)

If youâre getting rid of an old mattress as part of a home cleanout, renting a dumpster is a great option for disposing of all your junk at once. With a dumpster rental on your property, you can easily carry your mattress, box spring and other materials into the container and have it all hauled away when youâre done cleaning up. Budget Dumpsterâs services are a cost-effective junk removal option, and you can keep your dumpster on-site for a weekend or longer and work at your own pace.

– No need to be home for delivery or pickup. – Not ideal for disposing of only one mattress.
– Offers a guaranteed, scheduled disposal of your mattresses and box springs. – In some cities, mattresses and box springs are not allowed in dumpsters or will incur an additional disposal fee. Call our team to learn more about accepted materials in your area.
– A low, upfront rate is provided ahead of time.
– Allows you to throw away mattresses and other household junk at one time.

Ready to Rent a Dumpster?

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Hire A Professional For Mattress Pick Up

What if no nearby organizations offer pick-up services, and dropping it off yourself is not an option?

Consider contacting a local mattress disposal service that sends trucks to transport your mattress to a charity, recycling location, a buyers address or etc. for a small fee. Weve covered some of the options above, but services like 1-800-GOT-JUNK will come and pick up pretty much anything.

The Fee & Where To Recycle

  • The fee collected per unit in California applies to mattresses and box springs sold as of December 30, 2015. The recycling fee, as approved by the state, is $10.50.
  • California residents can drop off their old mattresses and box springs at no-cost at a participating collection site or event. Unit limits vary by location and a residency restrictions may apply. We recommend contacting the location prior to drop-off.
  • A $3 incentive per unit is available at select locations. It is limited to 5 units per vehicle per day. The incentive is only available for residents dropping off their household units.
  • Businesses may make their own drop-off arrangements with participating recyclers or sites that accept commercial volume. Those with at least 100 units may qualify for no-cost transportation. See the Commercial Volume Program page or contact Joy Broussard for details, [email protected].

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A Mattress Can Be Deemed Unacceptable

Unfortunately, even though you paid that $11 fee when you purchased the bed, it does not mean that it can be recycled when you are done with it. A mattress or other bedding item can be deemed unacceptable if it is contaminated and/or poses a risk to new products, personnel, or equipment. The following are examples of unacceptable items:

  • Severely damaged, frozen, stained, soiled, twisted, or wet mattresses, box springs, and foundations.
  • If its infested with bed bugs
  • Car beds
  • Sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Water beds or camping air-mattresses
  • Fold-out sofa beds
  • Futons & furniture
  • If for whatever reason your mattress is considered to be unacceptable, you can contact your city or town to find out which disposal options are available to you.

How Do I Know When Its Time To Get Rid Of My Mattress

Recycling a Mattress and Box Spring  Trashmagination

You will know when its time to get rid of your mattress if you start having a hard time sleeping through the night.If you are tossing and turning in an effort to get comfortable, it may be because your mattress is already wearing down.According to the National Sleep Foundation, you’ll know that it’s time to replace your mattress when you notice the following signs below.

  • The divets in the bed no longer bounce back when you get up.
  • The mattress sags or there are lumps on it.
  • There are coils poking through the fabric.
  • The springs are noisy.

Also, if youre experiencing allergy symptoms or allergic reactions at night, then your mattress might be to blame. This is because they make the perfect home for dust mites, a common household allergen. For children, a reaction to a house dust mite may be severe enough to cause asthma.A simple solution like a mattress casing might help, or you may have to trade in your mattress for a hypoallergenic version.

I asked around and it seems that one of the most highly recommended options for a hypoallergenic mattress is the PlushBeds Natural Bliss Latex Vegan Mattress. A lot of people swear by it since they said it has literally helped them sleep better night after night.

I was honestly skeptical at first, but when I saw that it’s made from 100% latex, I understood why.

Get $1,250 off + FREE plush luxury sheet set and mattress protector + 25% off toppers, pillows, bedding & beds

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Where To Recycle An Old Mattress

You can recycle your old mattress with Bye Bye Mattress, a state-supported and nonprofit-run program.As I’ve mentioned before, mattress recycling is a tricky business, but they can make it a little easier for you.

Managed by the Mattress Recycling Council, the program charges a small tax with each new mattress purchase, enabling the non-profit to assist with retailer buyback and mattress recycling.

Unfortunately, the program is only available in California, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.But dont worry if youre not in one of those states, you can just use our Green Directory to look for recycling centers near you.Simply type mattress into the directorys search bar, add in your address or zip code, then browse through your local recycling facilities to see who would take a used mattress.

The Most Complete Guide To Responsible Mattress Disposal & Understanding Your Options

You just purchased a new mattress and now you need to get rid of your old mattress. You probably want to just dump the mattress by the trash and be done. You might get away with putting your mattress curbside and hoping the city garbage truck will take it, but will most likely, be out of luck or fined. So, how to throw out or how to get rid of an old mattress?

Luckily, you have found the most complete guide to proper mattress disposal. The best options for eco-friendly mattress disposal include donation, recycling, selling, give it away, repair or repurpose it, or you can hire a local junk removal pro. Throwing a mattress in a dumpster is not an environmentally responsible way to get rid of a mattress.

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Option : Recycle Your Mattress

Did you know that there is a large household object that can be recycled, but rarely is? Your mattress! Thats right, not only are they difficult to handle and dispose of but when you think about it almost every person goes through a few mattresses in their lifetime. Because more than 20 million are thrown away each year, that means we are talking about billions of mattresses choking our landfills. To make matters worse, even once compacted, each mattress takes up an average of 23 cubic feet of landfill space.

As mattresses begin to pile up, the springs inside start to break free and can clog the equipment used to compact the landfills waste. Then you have to deal with the fact that mattresses are filled with nasty chemicals that not only contaminate landfills but also can run off into local water supplies. This could hurt an entire citys eco-system if their water becomes spoiled.

This run-off not only damages our planet but also creates unsafe working conditions and pollution for workers. Not good!

Want to help create a safer earth in a simple way by recycling your mattress? Do your part to safely recycle your old, used and unwanted mattress. Then pat yourself on the back!

Hire A Disposal Company For Mattress Disposal

How To Dispose Of A Mattress – Best Ways To Get Rid Of Your Old Mattress!

Research your options before jumping into one. A reputable company will take the time to ask you questions and find out which disposal option will best serve you.

They should also be able to offer you a quote or estimate. Make sure to choose a company that is transparent about the price range you can expect, and that is genuinely interested in finding you the best possible deal.

Also make sure you work with a company that is familiar with residential disposal, as a less informed one could cause you to rack up fines if you do not take the proper steps.

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Can You Donate A Mattress

Absolutely! As long as your mattress is in good condition, it can be donated. This means your mattress should be free from stains, rips, or tears, and not be broken in any way. Each local charitable organization that accepts mattress donations will have slightly different standards for what they take, so its best to check with them before you drop it off.

Assess The Quality Of Your Mattress

Your mattress may be relatively new, but it may not properly accommodate your sleeping style.

If your mattress is not necessarily out of life, it just is not the right one for you, it may be worth donating to someone else for whom it will be right.

Organizations like Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity will sometimes accept mattress donations if it is in relatively good quality, but be honest about the state of your mattress.

While it might sound easy to just drop off your old mattress, do not saddle a non-profit with your mattress if it will not serve someone in need, but also do not assume that just because the mattress is not working for you it can’t provide someone else with a good night’s sleep.

This is a great way to help reduce waste but more often than not, if a mattress is giving you persistent issues , the quality has probably degraded to a point where it is not salvageable.

Nothing lasts forever, think about how long you have had your mattress. Even a high end one may not last more than around 7 years. If it has been in the neighborhood of this long since you replaced your mattress, it has likely run its course. According to Mattress Insider Company founder Jonathan Prichard, keeping an old mattress around for too long can lead to a number of risks to hygiene and health.

If you’ve decided you need a new mattress, you’ll need to discover the best, most-economical way of disposing your old mattress.

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Addremove Why Recycle My Mattress

More than 80% of a mattress can be recycled, saving valuable resources and preserving the environment. The Bye Bye Mattress program picks up recyclable mattresses from the landfill and processes the recoverable materials for reuse. For more information on how mattress materials are repurposed, click here.

OC Waste & Recycling and Bye Bye Mattress estimates the partnership will prevent as many as 15,000 mattresses per year from being buried in our local landfills. The partnership also aims to reduce illegal mattress disposal by making recycling options more readily available to both residential and commercial customers.

How Do I Know When To Get A New Mattress

Recycling a Mattress and Box Spring  Trashmagination

There are several signs that it’s time to get a new mattress. These include:

  • The mattress is over 8 years old.
  • It creaks or squeaks when you move on it.
  • It rolls you toward the centre when you lie down.
  • Your back hurts when you get up in the morning.
  • You dont feel like you get a restful sleep each night.
  • The mattress noticeably sags in the middle.
  • You often wake up feeling congested due to dust allergies.
  • Sleeping on an old mattress could have long term effects on your health, so its important to address the issue as soon as possible.

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    How To Donate A Mattress

    Only consider donating your mattress if it is in decent shape. If its in really rough shape , then all youll do when you donate your mattress is create more work for the charity or organization you donate it to, who will have to figure out how to dispose of it soon after you leave it with them.

  • Give it away: If selling your mattress doesnt work, try advertising it for free. This wont get you any extra cash, but it could save you the hassle of tearing it apart yourself or paying someone to haul it away. Use the same methods for selling your mattress, only instead of listing a price, list it as free. You could also try a website like, which connects community members with people who are giving things away in their area.
  • How Can I Get My Mattress Collected For Free

    Ideal worlds dont exist, which is why you shouldnt be surprised to learn that finding someone who will collect your mattress for free is tricky.

    However, its not impossible. Some charities, like the British Heart Foundation, will offer to collect your old mattress from you for free. Bear in mind that the mattress must be in a clean, usable condition, without any damages or stains. Considering youre getting rid of it in the first place, this might not be the case.

    An alternative charity route is to arrange a collection from Emmaus. This charity tends to collect for free, but its worth checking its website. Your mattress will then be used in accommodation for people that Emmaus is trying to help avoid substance abuse or violence. So, the mattress will need to be clean and in good condition.

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