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What Is A Good Medium Firm Mattress

Logan And Cove Mattress

Best Medium Firm Mattresses (Top 6 Beds!)

Our runner-up for the best firm mattress in Canada is the Logan and Cove Mattress, a luxury-style mattress with a competitive price. This is a pillow-top mattress featuring a cloud-like topper for extra comfort no matter the firmness you select. You can pick between Medium Plush , Luxury Firm depending on your preference and sleep position. If you are a hot sleeper and suffer from night sweats, you will love the gel foam upper layer of the Logan and Cove mattress. Plus, the cover material is made from soft Tencel® and filled with silk, adding further cooling, heat-dissipating properties.

This is a more complex mattress than the Novosbed as it has 6 layers, including gel foam, polyfoam, and a layer of wrapped coils. The combination of foam and coils means that movement remains at the site of the person moving, and will not disturb the other sleeper. Because the coils are wrapped with foam, the entire surface of the mattress is supportive, right to the edges. This gives you more room on your side and keeps you steady when sitting on the edge of the bed.

What Mattress Do You Feel Most Comfortable On

This question may seem like a very obvious one to consider when choosing a mattress, but its more complicated than you think. Most people go years before getting a new mattress, and during this time, your body will inevitably change with age. For this reason, its important to test mattresses in a store to find one that fits your unique needs. This can save you time and hassle in the long run.

When testing a mattress, lie in the position you most often sleep in for several minutes. It takes your body time to adjust to a position, and pressure points will not become apparent to you unless you take the time to lie down for a while. Once youve tested the mattress for several minutes, pay attention to how your body feels.

  • Do you feel like you need to move around to get comfortable?
  • Does any part of your body feel stress or pressure?
  • If lying on your back, are your feet crossed?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you havent found your perfect mattress.

Heres the thing about finding your perfect mattress:

If you want more assistance, contact our Sleep Experts via live chat or visit your nearest BedMart mattress store location to get a 3 minute body profile using our exclusive smartMATCH technology.

Is A Firm Mattress Better For Your Back

A firm mattress isnt necessarily better for your back it depends on how you sleep. Medium-firm and firm mattresses are good for back and stomach sleepers, while side sleepers need a little more give to properly alleviate pressure points and keep the spine aligned. The goal is to find a mattress that keeps your hips and shoulders in line, so the muscles in your back can relax.

Back pain can develop as a result of sleeping on a mattress with the wrong firmness level, or a mattress thats way past its prime and needs to be replaced.

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How To Choose The Best Medium Firm Mattresses

Our comprehensive range of value and luxury mattresses with medium to firm firmness levels come in a host of sizes. Expect everything from a medium firm single mattress all the way to the luxury and magnificence of medium firm super kings. We also offer medium firmness mattresses in every style imaginable to suit any night time requirement think memory foam, pocket spring, natural and plenty more.

Firm Vs Medium Vs Soft

Select Luxury Medium Firm 11

If youre purchasing a mattress online, it may be challenging to decide whether to opt for a softer or firmer mattress without the option of trying it out in-store. Below are some key differences between the different firmness ratings that could set you in the right direction.

Important to note:Many mattress companies claim that their firm to extra-firm mattresses offer orthopaedic benefits. However, research has indicated that there is little evidence to support that a firm mattress is beneficial for the lower back.

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No Mattress Works For Everybody

Heres the core truth about mattresses: Its impossible to find one that works for everybody. The best any mattress can do, our experts told us, is feel amazing for a small group of people, work well for some people, and do okay for the majority of people. Comfort and support depend on a host of different factors, including your weight, your musculoskeletal health, your bodys temperature gauge, and your personal preferences, to name just a few.

The only generalization we can make is that, to a certain extent, you get what you pay for. The higher-end mattresses weve tested typically offer denser foam, more layers, and a smoother transition from top to bottom. However, when weve looked within each price category , weve been hard-pressed to find a runaway winner or loser. In other words, an $1,800 mattress may often have more fans than a $600 mattress, but a $600 mattress doesnt necessarily beat out a $500 mattress. We cant claim that any of our top picks are the most comfortable for everyone by any stretch. Instead, we focus on models with a broad enough appeal and a good price for the quality of the components offered. We also prefer companies that are transparent and specific about the materials they use. After all, how can customers confidently plunk down $1,000 or more if they dont know what theyre getting?

Most foam mattresses claim to be medium-firm , but our tests and other reviewers have found a huge range within that middle.

More mattress coverage

The Synthetic V Natural Debate

The Silentnight Classic 1200 uses synthetic layers rather than natural materials to give a bit of comfort. That sets it apart from the Sleepeezee Perfectly British Strand 1400, which also features in this medium-firm mattress guide .

There are pros and cons with synthetic materials on a mattress. A natural material such as wool is hygroscopic which means that it absorbs water vapour . As a result, it helps regulate your temperature better than a synthetic material.

Some guides will tell you that synthetic materials are better at keeping away dust mites, but a study in Norway disputed this finding when it searched for evidence of dust mites on mattresses .

Pros: big name brand, award winning mattress, good value for a pocket sprung mattress, double sided, thousands of reviews

Cons: synthetic materials, no trial period, five year warranty is a little underwhelming

Our Value Rating: *****

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Silentnight Classic 1200 Pocket Deluxe Medium

A Silentnight mattress is a solid choice if youre after a mid-priced medium-firm mattress from a brand youve heard of. Theyre the biggest name in the UK mattress market with a huge range of mattresses as well as things like pillows and duvets. The brand scores a very respectable 4.2/5 on TrustPilot

The Silentnight Classic 1200 is one of their star pupils. Youll see it going by several different names such as the Silentnight Sofia.

Its won a best buy award from expert testers and its had 1000+ reviews on Mattress Online with an outstanding average score of 9/10.

It uses pocket springs, which is much better than the cheap open coil mattress that youll still occasionally find in a crusty old B& B with net curtains and floral wallpaper. The 1200 number refers to the number of springs. If youre very large, you might benefit from a number closer to 2000 but for the majority of people, 1200 springs will be perfectly adequate.

Its nice and deep at 28cm and you can turn it over to help it last a bit longer. On the downside, it only comes with a five year guarantee. Thats a little on the low side for a mattress.

Also, it doesnt have a trial period. You can either order it online and hope its right for you or try and find it in a mattress showroom.

What Is Luxury Firm Mattress And Is It For You

Best Medium Firm Mattress Guide (TOP 6 BEDS)

You can define a luxury firm mattress as something that provides the balance between firmness and softness. It has a soft upholstery to provide comfort, but the overall mattress is firm to prevent the sleeper from sinking too deeply to maintain a good posture. Most mattresses in the market are called medium-firm, and the plush firm can also be considered luxury firms.

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Is Memory Foam Good For Back Pain

Memory foam is best for relieving back pain in fact, we even wrote a whole guide reviewing our favorite memory foam mattresses for back pain. We love memory foam for sleepers with back pain, amongst other pains, because it conforms to the body, providing pressure relief and reducing aches. And at the same time, memory foam holds its shape, so it keeps the body evenly supported. Innerspring mattresses, while supportive, lack pressure relief and dont form as close to the body as memory foam.

Good Middle Ground For Couples

If you sleep with a partner who has a different firmness preference than you, a medium or medium-firm mattress can be a game-changer.

If one of you wants to go firmer and the other softer, a medium mattress provides a good middle ground to keep you both happy, comfortable, and sleeping well throughout the night.

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Drawbacks Of A Medium Mattress

For heavier sleepers, a medium mattress may cause excessive sinking, which could force the spine into an awkward position. Also, if you have back pain, the lower back may collapse on a medium bedresulting in more discomfort. If you suffer from chronic back pain, it is best to opt for a medium-firm mattress. This firmness will give you a bit more support around the lower back.

Mattress Firmness Vs Support

Queen Mattress, 8 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Queen Size ...

There is a clear misunderstanding in the bed industry about perceived firmness and support. Often the two words are used interchangeably. We cant stress enough how these two words have very distinct meanings and are not the same thing.

The support unit of your mattress is nearly always dictated by your weight and height.

This is because spring units are manufactured with certain load or weight tolerances. This means they are made to take a certain amount of weight to load and unload correctly. If you imagine the force you must apply to a standard spring to compress it and then how much force is needed to be removed before it will extend, this sometimes helps understand this principle.

Most people mistakenly confuse the spring tension with how the mattress will feel

Its essential that you know the weight limit that can be applied to the spring to work out if it is going to be suitable for you. Even if you want the firmest mattress possible, a spring that is too firm ie has too wide a gauge for your body weight, will never give you proper support. You will merely rest on the top of it like sleeping on a hardwood floor. The spring units sole purpose is to compress and extend to accommodate your weight, lumps, bumps, elbows and wriggling needs.

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Problems Associated With Side Sleeping

The number one problem with side sleeping is the force exerted to the shoulder below. Thats one major reason why many of us experience shoulder pain. And if the shoulder pain is caused by other reasons, the pain would be worse for side sleepers.

Another thing is that the hips are twisted for most side sleepers. This poses a threat to possible hip pain. The easy fix here, though, is a pillow paired with the best mattress for shoulder pain. That way, you can achieve body alignment, at least in your lower extremities.

One of the common issues about side sleeping is paresthesia or pins and needles. Since your other arm is buried on the weight of your body, the circulation is disrupted. Once, I woke up with a completely limp left arm enough to send me on a fit of panic. It disturbs the sleep cycle and the last thing youll know is you have a bad case of shoulder ache.

Sometimes, side sleeping isnt exactly the problem, but the mattress is.

Stiff mattresses that dont conform to the shape of the body are only a notch shy of being the same with sleeping on the floor. Although it cushions the body, it fails to support it entirely.

For women who are sleeping on their sides, one problem is it causes the breasts to sag on one side. This puts the strain on the ligaments that can possibly cause pain on the bust. Also, side sleeping increases wrinkles. So should you switch to a new sleeping position now? Nah.

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Medium Firm Mattresses Are Great For Side Sleepers

So now that you know that medium firm mattresses offer both comfort and back support, lets move on to the net category of people who will sleep great on a medium firm mattress. Side sleepers.

Why Side sleepers? Because when you sleep on your side, you need extra shoulder and hip support. But the mattress also shouldnt be too soft. Otherwise you would end up with an imbalance in the support that the mattress gives for your body.

Research has shown that side sleepers are better off picking a medium firm mattress. And I have found this to be true in personal experience as well.

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Best Organic Mattress Birch

This hybrid bed-in-a-box should appeal to sleepers who like a firm mattress and are committed to going green. The mattress is composed entirely of eco-friendly materials, including an organic cotton cover, a comfort layer made of natural wool, and a section of all-natural Talalay latex. All of these layers are supported by pocketed coils.

The Birch comes with a 100-night sleep trial and 25-year warranty.

How Heavy Are You

Beautyrest Silver Level 1 BRS900 Medium Firm Mattress Comfort Depth 3

Your body weight plays a huge part in choosing the right mattress. Without considering this you are simply guessing as to which spring and tension you need. Retailers rarely ask this and will want to avoid getting into too much detail with you. They do this to keep the sale quick and simple. This often results in you ending up with a really unsuitable mattress and a nightmare trying to exchange it with them.

A light person will find an orthopaedic mattress rock hard, whereas a heavier person may find it just right. So what kind of mattress would be chosen for the heavier person who is asking for a firm mattress believing that this would be the only option for them?

This is where the expertise of the retailer should come into play.

We can help identify the correct spring tensions for you – no more guessing

Another thing to bear in mind is that mattress tension is also relative to the size of the mattress a single mattress will be firmer than a double mattress, a lot firmer than a king size and much firmer than a super king, and of course vice-versa. The bigger the span of the mattress the softer it will feel. So going out to buy a mattress bigger or smaller than the one you are looking to replace will have a direct influence on the mattress tension. This is where you may need specialist advice and we can help prevent you from guessing.

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Sleep Better And Wake Up With More Energy

When we combine all these reasons to go for a medium firm mattress, we quickly come tot he conclusion that medium firm mattresses offer the best sleep quality for a vast majority of persons.

So, if after reading this article, you too feel like you could benefit from one of these mattresses, feel free to rad up on this site for all types of mattress reviews.

Here are some of the all-time favourites:

  • The Lull Mattress a mattress that is built on simplicity. Youll find no extra unnecessary things here. Just the basics. It has a 4 layer mattress that will offer you amazing sleep quality, while also giving your body and spine all the support that they need during the night
  • The Tuft & Needle mattress the main benefit of this mattress is that you get a 100 night risk-free sleeping trial. What this means is that you can try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home. In addition, its also positively reviewed by hundreds of satisfied customers, so chances are that youll enjoy sleeping on this mattress too!

If youre looking for mattresses against back pain, you can find all the articles for back pain there. And if you want a memory foam mattress, find them all on this page.

P.S. I hope this article answered your question what is a medium firm mattress? If not, feel free to read this article for more information how medium firm mattresses are great for combating back pain.

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How Thick Of A Memory

During our past tests, people tended to like mattresses in the 10- to 14-inch thickness range. Mattresses that are thinner than the standard 10 inches are likely to feel flimsyespecially if the materials are cheap, which can make you feel like youre dropping into the beds bottom layer right away. Beyond that, however, thicker isnt necessarily better. Picking the best mattress is really about the quality of the materials and how it feels to you personally.

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