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How Long Should You Keep A Memory Foam Mattress

Maintenance Or Care Routine

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Memory foam beds absorb moisture and fill themselves with sweat, dead skin cells, dust particles, or other debris with time. If you don’t clean them regularly, the chances are that the mattress material starts disintegrating much earlier than you’d expect.

Regular maintenance, routine cleaning, and using protective mattress covers will help you avoid any unpleasant odor or mold and mildew growth on your mattress and keep it safe all through its life.

What Will Happen If You Dont Wait 24 Hours

If you decide that waiting 24 hours is out of the question, have no fear. While the instructions say wait, it is generally okay if you dont. The manufacturer always errs on the side of caution. Consumers need to follow instructions while understanding that some instructions are recommendations. If you only have a couple of hours, it is okay.

In fact, sleeping on your new memory foam bed before 24 hours can speed up the process. Body heat can make the memory foam more pliable, making it expand faster.

Only regular wear and tear from sleep can cause deficiencies in your mattress. This is not going to happen in one night. Remember that if you do choose to sleep on your mattress before it is fully expanded, you may not get the full set of benefits that particular night. A memory foam mattress can only provide a plush supportive feel at its full shape. This is why so many online companies offer lengthy sleep trials. A customer-friendly sleep trial allows you to give your new mattress an honest try before deciding if its for you or not.

To sum it all up, you can expect a rolled up, folded memory foam mattress upon unboxing. If your new bed beckons you before 24 hours, its perfectly safe to drift off upon it.

If after 24 hours your new mattress has not expanded or you notice defects in the foam, call the manufacturer.

Are Your Allergy Or Asthma Symptoms Getting Worse

Over the years you’ve had it, your mattress will have collected a surprisingly large amount of dead skin cells, dust, and dust mites. These are known to aggravate the symptoms of allergies and asthma, which is why you might find that you suffer particularly badly when you’re in bed at night. If you’ve had your mattress for five years or more and this is something you’re experiencing, investing in a new one is likely to help.

Our memory foam mattresses are great for allergy and asthma sufferers, as they have a solid core, which leaves much less space for dust mites to gather. There are also no plastic or metal surfaces within memory foam mattresses, which makes it much more difficult for irritants to attach themselves to your bed.

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Tips To Prolong Your Mattresss Life

Mattresses age with time. Some signs of wear are bound to show up eventually. Following these tips can extend mattress durability by a few more years.

  • Use a mattress protector, reducing the chances of spills, sweat, body oil, and allergens permeating to your mattress. Wash it once every two weeks.
  • Vacuum your mattress with the upholstery attachment, once every three months.
  • Baking soda neutralizes odors, keeping your mattress fresh. Once every six months, sprinkle baking soda on your mattress. Let it sit for 10 to 24 hours. Vacuum it clean to remove the baking soda.
  • Rotate your mattress every three to six months, preventing excessive wear on certain parts.
  • Support your mattress with the correct foundation. For innersprings, thats a box spring. For all other mattress types, use a metal frame, adjustable base, or platform. Slats on the platform bed should be no more than 2.75 inches apart for even support.
  • Keep your mattress upright when cleaning or moving it, to prevent bending and damaging it.
  • Never let children jump on your mattress. Standing and jumping causes excessive pressure and eventual sagging.
  • Use mattress pads and toppers to minimize direct pressure on the mattress. A high-quality mattress topper can also help you adjust the firmness of your mattress.

What Are The Benefits Of Memory Foam

How Long Should You Keep A Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses have quickly become a popular choice with customers around the world because they come with lots of benefits that set them apart from other mattresses. Here are some of the most important:

Pressure point relief

Memory foam mattresses distribute your body weight evenly in order to reduce pressure. This helps to promote healthier blood circulation and relieve aches and pain throughout the night. There are memory foam mattresses specially created for people with neck pain, and others do wonders for those who suffer from sciatica.

Optimal support and comfort

Memory foam mattresses contours to the shape of the body for targeted support and optimal spinal alignment. Youre basically getting very good level of personalised comfort that will make you feel that the mattress was designed just for you.

Reduces transfer of movement

Memory foam creates a personal sleep zone by contouring your body, which means that you wont be feeling your partner tossing and turning. This is the best type of mattress to buy if you sleep with a partner and are often woken up by their movement at night. As you lay into bed, the mattress forms a cocoon that helps reduce transfer of movement, thus allowing for better sleep for you and your partner.

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Invest In A Mattress Protector

One of the best ways to care for your mattress is by preventing stains and debris from reaching it in the first place. Mattress protectors prevent debris, allergens, dust, and dead skin cells from building up on the mattresss surface.

A waterproof mattress protector prevents debris from settling on the mattresss surface and offers additional protection against moisture.

How Long Do Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Last

Your gel memory foam mattress lifespan will be determined by the type of memory foam, the number of layers, density of the foam, base foam strength, and how you treat it over its life. If you care for your mattress, keep it clean, use a mattress protector, and ventilate well, your mattress could last 8-10 years.

The average life of a mattress is up to 10 years

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Can I Steam Clean A Memory Foam Mattress

No, you should not steam clean your memory foam mattress. Steam cleaning requires using liquid in the form of steam to wash the memory foam. Saturating your dense memory foam mattress could leave it soaked and nearly impossible to dry. If your memory foam stays thoroughly wet for more than a few days, the climate conditions will affect it and irreparably damage it. Saturated memory foam will acquire an odor and will likely develop mold, bacteria, or mildew growth.

How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Take To Inflate

Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers – Which Is The One For You?

Generally, manufacturers say it takes 24-48 hours for a memory foam mattress to fully inflate. This time frame is not set in stone as each memory foam mattress is unique. Some new mattresses will take longer or even less time. You also do not have to wait a full 24 hours to put on your mattress protector or topper. Also, you can sleep on a mattress on the first night, just know the bed may feel different on night two or three.

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How Do Manufacturers Compress Mattresses Into A Box

Mattress makers use a special mechanical process to compress your mattress and place it in a box for delivery.

When the company constructs the mattress, it starts out fully expanded. Heres the compression process that they use to make sure it takes up less space.

  • The memory foam mattress is squished flat using a special machine.
  • Its then vacuum-sealed in a plastic wrapping.
  • A machine carefully folds it in half.
  • Another machine rolls it up.
  • The rolled mattress is placed in a cardboard box, which is how it arrives at your doorstep after you buy online.
  • Have Your Body’s Needs Changed

    As we age, our bodies change, and this will usually mean that our needs change too. While you might choose softer designs when buying your first few mattresses, it’s typically best to opt for firmer variations as you grow older. This is because these will provide much more support for your joints and spine.

    If you think you need a firmer mattress, our pocket sprung mattresses are ideal. Their individually wrapped springs contour to your body, which relieves pressure and should provide all of the support you need for a great night’s sleep.

    Once you’ve had your mattress for five years, you should pay much closer attention to its condition. If it is coming to the end of its lifespan, looks particularly worn, or is no longer providing you with the support you need, it’s time for an upgrade.

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    Reclaim Your Sleep With Casper

    Keep in mind that rotating your mattress cant fix everything. If you have trouble falling asleep on your mattress and feel achy and unrested when you wake up, its a sign you may need to replace your old mattress with a new mattress. If your bed is more than 8 years old, then its definitely time to go.

    When you do decide to replace your mattress, look to Casper for an unmatched rest. We offer mattress types for every need: The , for a plush feel with unmatched support the Wave Hybrid, to soothe achy bodies and the classic Original, for all sleepers. Discover a new level of rest with Casper.

    Solutions To Memory Foam And Night Sweats

    How Long do Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Last?
    • Add a wool mattress protector: Memory foam too hot? Its a little-known secret that wool is an incredibly effective fibre for keeping you cool. As a breathable, natural material, it regulates temperature and absorbs more moisture than other materials such as polyester, down and even cotton. This means that if your memory foam mattress is making you sweat, having a wool mattress protector will help to draw this moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and stopping you from feeling clammy a quick and easy solution for finding the coolest mattress to sleep on.
    • Sleep in wool bedding: Another solution for problems with memory foam mattresses is sleeping in wool bedding. While a wool mattress protector is an effective way to improve the heat regulation in your bed, surrounding yourself in wool bedding can enhance your comfort even further. Replace synthetic duvets and pillows with natural, wool-filled alternatives for a breathable, sleep-enhancing environment. As with the mattress protector, it will keep you cool and draw moisture away from your body.
    • Replace your memory foam mattress: This is the ideal solution, of course, and the best way to be sure that youve eliminated the problem. When choosing your new mattress, look for natural, breathable fibres rather than synthetic alternatives and remember that some pocket-sprung mattresses come with a built-in layer of memory foam too.

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    Can You Put A Mattress On Top Of Another Mattress

    We often get asked can you put another mattress on top of another mattress. The answer is, youll probably only end up wrecking both mattresses, invalidating your warranty and increasing the risk of harbouring allergens and other nasties within your bed. Plus, the top one could slowly slide off if you move around a lot in your sleep.

    There are better solutions to increasing firmness, softness and raising your bed higher. Here are the main reasons why stacking two or even three mattresses on top of each other isnt a very good idea.

    Its High Time For Changes: When To Replace Tempurpedic Mattress

    TempurPedic mattresses can last up to 15 years. However, we mentioned that the expected lifespan is 8-15 years. But the length of TempurPedic mattress life depends on how you care about the mattress and the way you use it. Here are the things that can make your TempurPedic mattress last longer or reduce its lifespan.

    • How often you use it. If you use a TempurPedic mattress in your guest room, it can last for decades. However, if you sleep on it every single night, if you let pets sleep on it, if your kids love jumping on it, this will significantly reduce its lifespan. Its all about wear and tear.
    • How you care about the mattress. If you change the bedding often , try not to spill anything on your mattress. If you clean it from time to time, it will last much longer.
    • How much pressure is put on the mattress. Weight is important, too. Coils in hybrid models of TempurPedic mattresses wear out, and foam is slowly deforming under pressure. So, a mattress used by a lightweight sleeper is likely to last longer than a mattress used by two people who weigh more than average.

    So how do you know its time to change your TempurPedic mattress?

    Its time to look for a new bed if your mattress is lumpy, if its sagging, smells bad, and doesnt support your body well anymore.

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    So What Happens If You Sleep On A Memory Foam Mattress Before 24 Hours

    Memory foam is a product that has given rise to the bed in a box phenomenon. Most manufacturers boast about their bed in a box offers. It is completely possible to compress, roll, and even fold a memory foam mattress and place it in a box. No matter what size your mattress is, full size, twin XL, or king, it will fit in a box.

    It is recommended to wait 24-48 hours before sleeping on a new, memory foam mattress. It is up to the consumer whether to wait or not. Defects will not be as obvious before the expansion process has been completed, but expansion should not slow down because you slept on your new memory foam mattress.

    The short and simple answer is nothing. Your new mattress may not feel exceptional the first night. As the expansion process continues, it will only get better. Once 24 hours have passed, you should have a new bed with what you will call the best mattress youve ever owned.

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    How Much Does A Memory Foam Mattress Cost

    Nectar Mattress Review – Is It The Best Memory Foam Mattress??? (UPDATED!)

    Memory foam mattresses are usually slightly higher in price than other types of mattress due to the technology used in the production process. However, this doesn’t mean a memory foam mattress is out of your budget. In recent years, the cost of these mattresses has fallen, and they are now a much more affordable option.

    We have memory foam mattresses to suit all budgets! Our memory foam mattresses start from just £149.95 – why not take a look at a few?

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    How To Ensure A Longevity For A Memory Foam Mattress

    When answering how long do memory foam mattresses last? we have to consider the care element. Think of your memory foam mattress like a sleek new car with all the bells and whistles. If you take it for regular tune-ups and keep it clean, youll get plenty of mileage out of your vehicle. But if you treat the Maintenance Required lights on the dashboard as a suggestion, you might be parting ways sooner than the manufacturer intended.

    The same goes for a mattress. How you treat your mattress can ensure you enjoy many long, dreamy years together. In which case, consider:

    • Airing it out On bright, dry days, let your foam layer mattress breathe. Strip your bedding, turn on a ceiling fan if you have one, and give your mattress a few hours to air out. This will help prevent odor buildup as well as dry out any excess moisture that your mattress may have absorbed while asleep. Moisture can lead to mold and bacteria, so giving your mattress some time to air out will benefit both you and your mattress in the long run,and can contribute to greater mattress longevity.

    Wondering, are memory foam mattresses hot and if that is a contributing factor to excess moisture in your mattress? The answer depends on the quality of your memory foam mattress.

    Memory Foam Durability: The Bottom Line

    • With the right foams, memory foam mattresses can be incredibly durable, lasting well over the six to eight-year average.
    • Density provides a quick way to gauge the foams overall durability. However, you have to take into account all of the mattresss layers and materials to get a better idea of its overall longevity.
    • The warranty tells you how long the manufacturer expects the mattress to last.

    Memory foam mattresses can be an excellent investment in your sleep health. When you know what youre looking for, you could have a new mattress that relieves pressure and cushions you into a better nights rest for years to come.

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    How Long Does A Mattress Last: At A Glance

    Although there are many combinations of materials used in mattresses, the main types are memory foam, hybrid, latex, or innerspring. Each type will have a slightly different lifespan. Heres a quick run-down of how long each type of mattress lasts on average:

    • Latex: 15 to 25 years
    • Memory foam: 8-10 years
    • Hybrid: 7 to 10 years
    • Innerspring: 5 to 7 years

    If youre still sleeping soundly on your bed, but your mattress is over five years old or needs a little boost in terms of comfort or support, consider investing in one of the best mattress toppers. Get the right one and it can give you a few more years of comfortable sleeping on your current bed.

    Saying Goodbye To Your Old Mattress

    How Long Should You Keep Memory Foam Mattresses Compressed?

    Once youve waved goodbye to dust mites and back pain with a new mattress, you still have to get rid of the old one. Which, thankfully, is pretty easy. There are over 50 mattress-recycling facilities in North America, and their numbers are growing all the time.

    Did you sleep better after getting a new mattress? Is your current mattress impacting how you sleep right now?

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