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How To Find Out What Size Your Mattress Is

How High Should A Mattress Be

SleepyCat – How To Measure Your Mattress Size

Mattress thickness can vary by material. In general, mattresses should be a foot high, give or take. Innerspring mattresses will typically be thicker than memory foam. When shopping for memory foam mattresses, density is as important as height. Extremely dense foams, at about 8 pounds, can be hard to move around on. On the other end, if the density is too low, less than 3 pounds, the mattress will quickly deteriorate.

Is A Queen Bigger Than A Full Size Mattress How Many People Can Sleep On A King Size

Find the answer to such questions as we take you through which mattress size is right for you and why. Each popular mattress size is made for unique sleeping and personal needs. To understand what dimensions suit your needs or which size will get you to that sweet spot every night, read this comprehensive mattress size guide.

Can You Make Two Twin Beds Into A King

Pushing two twin size mattresses will leave you with a mattress that is five inches shorter than a King. Twin XL mattresses will work for this purpose since theyre just as long as a standard king.

You may wish to push two twin size mattresses together for a guest bedroom, or if you and your partner like to sleep in different positions at night.

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Know Your Truck Bed Style

The first thing to consider when shopping for truck accessories is what truck style you’re driving. Depending on the products you’re looking for, this may be an extremely important piece of information. There are four main styles of truck beds and cabs out there:

Once you know what kind of truck you have, the next step is to measure the bed length.

The Safest Mattresses You Can Buy

The best adjustable bed base you can buy!

I would only purchase from a company that is transparent about the materials they use in and on their mattress, Stoiber says. But with thousands of mattresses on the market, it can be a challenge to figure out which companies those are and which mattress is the right fit for you overall. After all, theres more to consider when buying a mattress than just what its made out ofyou also want it to be comfortable!

Lucky for you, weve done the hard work of sorting through the options to narrow them down to the best of the best for every type of sleeper. The following 17 non-toxic mattresses are honest about how theyre made and will help you rest easy. Buying your just-right mattress is one way to make your bed 10 times cozier.

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Location Of The Bedroom

Maneuvering a king or California king size mattress may be difficult for some, so when buying a new bed be mindful of the size. If your bedroom is not on the first floor, consider the width of the stairways and how challenging it might be to get the mattress from one floor to another. Bed in a box mattresses are a solution to this once-common problem, but some beds can still be difficult to maneuver.

California King Bed Size Guide

Approx. Size: 72 x 83.5 / 6,012 sq in / 41.7 sq ft

Are you 62 or taller? Do your feet hang off the end of your current bed? Do you have a long, narrow master bedroom/sleep space? Do you crave more leg room in the middle of the night? Do you like to sleep with a lot of pillows and find yourself towards the end of the bed at night? Do you have fur babies that like to sleep at the foot of your bed? If you nodded a yes to any of these questions and are looking for a long, narrow sleeping solution with enough room to still spread out on, a California King might be the solution you are looking for.

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How To Choose The Best Mattress Size

This mattress sizing guide explains the major differences between bed sizes and which is best for you.

McKenzie Dillon


McKenzie is a certified Sleep Science Coach and mattress expert. She has personally tested over 150 beds and a variety of different sleep products. Before she was writing about sleep, she was writing music news for an online entertainment magazine.

Choosing the size of your bed involves a lot of factors — the age, height and weight of the sleeper, the size of the room where the bed will be, your budget and the sleeper’s personal preferences.

You have your pick between a range of mattress sizes, from a single-person twin-sized bed for when your kid graduates from a crib, to an extra-wide California king fit for couples who like to sprawl. With that in mind, some bed sizes will likely be more suitable for you than others. In this mattress sizing guide, we explore the dimensions of each bed size, from the most common, to custom-made options. If you’re looking for guidance on sizing and our own recommendations for your sleeping situation, keep reading.

Twin Vs Single Mattress: Whats The Difference

Bed Size Dimensions – What Size Mattress Should You Buy?

A single mattress and a twin mattress are one and the same â both have the dimensions of 38 inches by 75 inches. These, along with the twin XL , are designed to fit one person. The term âtwinâ came about because these mattresses were often placed two to a room, either in childrenâs rooms, hotels, or other rooms that are meant to be shared by more than one person.

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Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Faq


The most preferred bed size bed for couples is typically a King or California King mattress. These sizes allows for each person to have the most room on the bed. Queen beds are also a popular option and provides a decent amount of room for couples. Mattresses any smaller will require two people to sleep closer together and have less space.


Bed and mattress are terms that have been used interchangeably for a while now. However, bed is usually used to refer to a set, while mattress is for one single item. When someone uses the word bed, they can mean a variety of things such as a mattress and foundation, or mattress with a bed frame and foundation. Bed accessory manufacturers do not typically have a standardized sizing to follow, so its important to find out if it will fit your mattress.


Two regular twins put together are just two twin beds put together. If you put two Extra Long Twin mattresses together, it does equal the size of the King bed dimensions. This is also called a Split King mattress, and can be a great option if you need a different comfort level than your partner. This is a great option for guest rooms for versatility if you want to add an additional bed for guests. Just know two regular twin beds are too short for King sheets, so you will need to purchase a sheet set for each.

California King Size Mattress And Dimensions

California king mattresses measure 72 x 84. A California king mattress is 4 longer than a standard king but 4 narrower.

Many people wonder whether they should choose a king or a California king mattress. Keep in mind, king mattresses are wider, while California king mattresses are longer. King size mattresses are good for couples who want more space, and California king mattresses are good for taller people. You will also want to consider the size of your bedroom.

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Alaskan King Bed Size

The Alaskan King bed dimensions measure 108″ × 108″ and is one of the largest mattress sizes available. The average length of the Alaskan King bed is 108″. The average width of the Alaskan King bed is 108″. It can be a wonderful way to fill a large bedroom. With this bed, its doubtful youll ever interrupt your partners sleep. At nine feet wide, multiple people can sleep on top of this mattress. With nine feet of length, it is ideal for even the tallest individuals.

The Pros and Cons of the Alaskan King Mattress Size


  • The Alaska King Mattress will help fill a large bedroom space.
  • The spacious surface allows for multiple sleepers, larger sleepers, and taller sleepers.
  • This size may make getting comfortable easier as you can spread out.


  • Limited retailers carry sheets so you may need to order them online.
  • A large bed like this requires a large bedroom area.
  • The Alaska King Mattress will fill even a large bedroom space.

Which Mattress Size Is Right For Me

Moving a Mattress? How To Move &  Store Your Mattress ...

There are many other factors that can affect which mattress size is the best for you. Your budget, the size of your bed, and how many people will share the bed are important considerations. If you are still unsure you can use our trial period of 365 nights to find the perfect fit for you! Read on to see what other factors to look at before making your decision.

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What Factors To Consider When Choosing Mattress Size

When choosing your mattress size, youll want to take into account the size of the room. A smaller room likely cannot fit a queen or king-size mattress unless you are okay with your bed taking up most of the space.

You will also want to consider the size of your bed frame. If you arent purchasing a new bed frame, you will want to find a mattress size that fits your existing frame.

Take into account who will be using the mattress, as well. If youre sharing it with a partner or have a family arrangement, you will likely want a larger mattress. If you are living alone, you may be fine with a smaller mattress. Sometimes, arrangements like a split king or queen beds are good options for people who sleep together but want a different mattress firmness.

You should also consider your price range. You can get cheaper or more expensive mattresses in any size, but generally, the larger the mattress, the more youll pay. Take your budget into consideration when picking a mattress size.

Some people may need to custom order a mattress to fit their particular space or needs. If you have an antique bed frame, you may have to custom order a mattress since beds before the 20th century didnt come in standard sizes. So if you have an antique treasure on your hands or want a unique mattress, youll have to place a custom order. Just know that most brand names like TempurPedic and Casper dont make custom beds, so youll have to try a specialty company.

Olympic Queen Size Bed Dimensions: 66 X 80

An Olympic queen size mattress is 66 inches wide and 80 inches long . It is wider than a standard Queen size mattress by 6 inches. Because it is an uncommon size, accessorizing it or finding a bed frame for it can be challenging. This size is a great choice for couples who want bigger space than a queen offers but have a relatively smaller bedroom. This size lies somewhere between a king and a queen and is a good fit for the master bedroom of the house.

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Mattress Sizes And Mattress Dimensions

Finding the right size mattress to buy can be challenging, especially with so many options available. Most brands manufacture all of the standard mattress sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King, but not every model is available in all of these mattress sizes. The Queen size mattress is the most popular, so virtually every model is available in that size. On the other hand, the Twin XL, Full XL, and California King sizes are not always available for every model. When selecting a mattress size, consider whether you have the space, sleeping with a partner, or how tall you are when shopping. In this guide, we will walk through the all the standard mattress sizes to help you decide the best option for your sleep needs.

What Size Sheets For Two Twin Beds Pushed Together

How To Buy A Mattress – What You Need To Know To Find The Best Bed!

If you plan on pushing two twin size mattresses for your bed, its going to be difficult to find sheets that fit exactly right. A twin size bed comes in at 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, while a king size mattress is 76 inches wide, and 80 inches long.

Your best option is to use separate sets of sheets for the perfect fit. Alternatively, using two twin XL mattresses will allow you to use bedding made for king-size mattresses.

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Choose Your Ideal Type And Material

Ok, so this is where most people will go with their personal preference rather than anything else. If someone says latex is the best, I would not take this as final until I read other opinions and test it myself.

Want to know more? Head over to our complete mattress types guide.

And here are the most common options on the market these days:

Can You Use Two Twin Xl Mattresses On A King Size Frame

The short answer is yes. Two Twin XL mattresses make up the dimensions of one King size mattress. This is a popular strategy for sleeping partners who have very different feel or firmness preferences. Joining two mattresses together on a single frame is also a nice option for sleepers who want to use an adjustable frame. The separate mattresses allow sleepers to sit up or lie back without disrupting their partner. If you do opt for 2 Twin XL mattresses on a King frame you can either use individual Twin XL bedding sets or a single King size sheet set.

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Who Will Be Sleeping In The Bed

Children, depending on age, will likely be most comfortable in the following mattresses:

  • Twin bed

Beds with two adult sleepers and children or pets will likely be most comfortable in the following size mattresses:

  • King
  • California King

Sleepers who want a mattress that will work with an adjustable frame should consider the following mattress sizes:

King Sized Bed Dimensions Guide

Giselle DOUBLE 1800GSM Mattress Topper Duck Feather Down ...

Approx. Size: Approx. 76 X 79.5 / 6,042 sq in / 42 sq ft

Do you like more room to spread out while you are sleeping? Do you love your significant other but crave your space in bed? Do you share a bed with a partner who is a hot or restless sleeper? Do you share a bed with someone on a different sleep schedule than you? Or are you a human or fur parent who sometimes shares their bed whether they really want to or not? Do you have a shorter, wider master bedroom or sleep space? If you answered yes to any of these questions and you have the extra room a king sized mattress is the way to go for you.

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How To Choose A Mattress Size

The tables in the mattress size guide above give you the basic differences between the various mattress sizes. Before choosing, however, there are a variety of factors that you should consider:

Sleeping Partners Who do you share a bed with? This is the single largest consideration to keep in mind. Couples will likely want at least a queen, while couples sharing a bed with children will likely want a king. Even pets are a consideration if you let your animals sleep at the foot of your bed, having a bed with ample legroom will greatly improve your comfort.

Your Height & Sleep Position How tall are you and/or your partner? Typically those under 6 feet tall will have enough legroom on any mattress, while those over 6 feet tall will want to consider a bed with at least 80 inches of length . Your sleep position also factors into this consideration back and stomach sleepers rest fully extended, and therefore need to consider legroom more than side sleepers.

Bedroom Dimensions What room will you put your new mattress in, and how spacious is that room? To avoid a cramped feeling, we recommend leaving about 24 inches of space around each side of your bed. Its best to measure out the approximate measurements of your new bed before purchasing it, to get an idea of how well it will fit in your bedroom.

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Queen Bed Dimensions: 60 X 80

The standard queen size mattress measurement is 60 by 80. Queen mattress dimensions allow extra length and width compared to a twin or full size mattress. The width of a queen size bed is 60 inches providing plenty of space for single sleepers who like to spread out. The length of a queen size bed is 80 inches which is more comfortable for an average height adult.

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Full Size Bed Dimensions

A Full size mattress is 54W x 75 L. This size mattress may also be referred to as a standard double. For single active sleepers who like to sprawl out or couples who have a small bedroom, a Full size mattress may be suitable. A Full or double size mattress may be a tight squeeze for couples who share the bed with children or pets. See all my top picks for the best full mattresses.

Here are some specs to think about when considering a Full-size mattress:

  • For single sleepers, that is 54 of sleeping space.
  • For partners, that is 27 of sleeping space per person .
  • A 6 tall sleeper would have only 3 of extra space if fully extended on this mattress.


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