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Where To Buy Puffy Mattresses

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Puffy Royal Mattress

Puffy Mattress Review | Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy (2021)



  • Too expensive for individuals on a spending plan.
  • The mattress has a soft feel and you might not like it if you choose a firm mattress.

Sizes and Pricing for Puffy Royal Mattress

The rate for each mattress prior to any promos or discounts is as below:


  • Twin39 X 75 X 10 $ 1,645
  • Twin XL39 X 80 X 10 $ 1,745
  • Full54 X 75 X 10 $ 2,445
  • Queen60 X 80 X 10 $ 2,695
  • King76 X 80 X 10 $ 2,995
  • Cal King72 X 84 X 10 $ 2,995

Keep Your Age And Mobility In Mind

A 2015 study involving 40 older adults who lived in a nursing home found that those who slept on a medium-firm mattress experienced an improvement in musculoskeletal pain and changed sleep latency, or the time from being awake to asleep. Its worth noting the mattresses were used on adjustable beds.

Its important to remember that no two experiences with the mattress will be the same.

The Puffy Lux Mattress

The Puffy Lux Mattress is the companys mid-range model. It has the same features as the original model, with some extras.

The mattress contains four layers of foam. The added layer is an extra comfort layer of softer foam.

This product comes with a luxury cover, and the company claims that the mattress offers enhanced spinal alignment.

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Puffy Lux Coupon Code

The good news is that Puffy is extremely aggressive when it comes to sales and discounts. Theyre almost always offering some sort of coupon code or promo code to make the Puffy Lux more affordable. You can usually expect to take $250-$300 off the MSRP. Check the discount box on the right hand side of the screen to see what sort of savings you can score right now.If the Puffy Lux mattress is a little out of your price range, be sure to check out our list of the Best Mattresses Under $1,000.

Who Are Puffy Mattresses Right For

The Comfy Puffy Mattress Is Finally on Sale for the Holidays

These mattresses are really comfortable for most average-sized sleepers, and particularly great for side sleepers looking for a mattress design focused on flexible pressure relief.

This Puffy is just the perfect amount of soft & firm and we can’t stop loving it.

Great price, great support

After 2 weeks of having the Puffy mattress, I can say that is has been nothing but pure pleasure sleeping on it at nights. It took us couple nights to adjust from a spring type to a memory type but now there is no way I will ever sleep on a spring one again. I feel it slightly adjusting to my body and protecting my pressure points. In my opinion is on the firmer side and that’s why I like it so much. My last mattress was on the softer side and after 6 months it started to get deformed. We have been very happy with our mattress so far.

I sleep much better because of this mattress.

Wonderful quality mattress! Never expected it to be this nice right out of the box.

5 stars

Arrived at our door quickly. No strong odor out of the box and it expanded within minutes so we even slept on it that very same night even though they say it fully expands in 24-48 hours.

Delivery was on time

Way better than my $4k mattress

So far so good with our Puffy Mattress

Cooler nights

My old mattress was a heat magnet. My fav thing about this new mattress is that it does not trap heat like my old Temper Pedic did. I would definitely recommend this mattress especially for the price, it is a great one.

Buy One. NOW.

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How Is Motion Transfer On The Puffy Mattress

Heres another video illustrating motion transfer. There is very little bounce with this mattress and I believe this was by design. This mattress would be a good choice for couples looking to eliminate motion transfer. This mattress behaves similarly to other dense foam mattresses like Nectar where there will be little motion transfer. However heavier people may find that it will not completely eliminate this issue.

Heres a picture of how much by bowling ball sinks into the mattress. The Puffy will cradle you fairly well and will give good pressure relief.

How The Puffy Mattress Is Made

All Puffy mattresses are made with Certipur-US certified foam, using environmentally friendly practices. This means that they are guaranteed to be free of any harmful chemicals, ozone depleters, or other pollutants. Not only is this better for the environment, it is also better for your health. You dont have to worry about inhaling any dangerous fumes or having chemicals leach into your skin while you sleep. Puffy mattresses are also 100% manufactured in the USA so you can sleep soundly knowing that you are supporting American jobs.



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Key Differences Between The Puffy And Puffy Lux

While the Puffy and Puffy Lux have some resemblances, they likewise differ from each other in a number of notable methods. Most of these distinctions hinge on the fact that the Puffy Lux is a more luxurious version of the initial Puffy.

  • The Puffy Lux is taller than the Puffy mattress model.
  • The Puffy Lux has more layers than the Puffy mattress.
  • The Puffy Lux consists of a 2nd plush foam layer near the top, while the Puffy does not.
  • The Puffy Lux is a bit softer than the Puffy. Puffy Mattress Where To Buy
  • Puffy mattress is more affordable than the Puffy Lux.

What Does It Feel Like

Puffy Lux Mattress Review 2021 (Watch Before Buying)

Even though the company uses special names for the top two layers of the bed, in our eyes, theyre very comparable to memory foam in terms of feel. As you lay down on the mattress, you slowly nestle-in and the top layers start to contour to your bodys shape. With that said, its more of a light, airy feel than a dense memory foam feel. We happen to really like it.

Overall, its a very soft and plush mattress, making it one of the most comfortable beds on the market. If youre a fan of the plush, conforming sensation memory foam provides, chances are youll enjoy this bed. If youre not a fan of memory foam though, we recommend checking out GhostBed, Purple, or Avocado Mattress. These are three popular mattresses that have more of a neutral or unique feel.

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Where Can I See The Puffy Mattress In Person

You cannot see Puffy mattresses in person if you havent ordered and had them delivered to your home. Nonetheless, it wouldnt take more than ten days for Puffy to ship your new bed, so your waiting time for the delivery is reasonably short. And once it arrives, simply unroll the bed-in-a-box and allow it to expand for several hours before testing.

Is Puffy Worth It

If Im being completely honest, after writing this Puffy Mattress review, the chance of me ordering a Puffy Mattress within the next twenty-four hours is unbelievably high. The reviews alone are enough to entice me that this mattress will undoubtedly take my sleeping game to new levels .

In my opinion, there are certain items that are simply just worth the money. Theyre an investment. And a good quality mattress is definitely one of them. Puffys mattresses are a bit pricey but they definitely seem to deliver on being as comfortable as Puffy promises.

I could easily skip on purchasing the bed frames, no matter how cool they are, and the rest of Puffys bedroom accessories. For me, the real star of their catalogue is the mattress. A good nights sleep is crucial to anyones well being, and sometimes a cheap IKEA mattress isnt really going to cut it, you know?

After skimming the site to write this Puffy Mattress review and reading the thousands of great reviews already posted, purchasing a Puffy mattress seems like an awesome idea. Theyre comfortable, eco-friendly, and come with a life-time warranty! Yeah Im probably going to buy one of these ASAP.

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Trial Warranty And Delivery

Free White Glove delivery to contiguous U.S.


Puffy like most mattress-in-a-box brands provides free ground shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Customers in Alaska and Hawaii pay additional shipping charges. The mattress will be compressed, vacuum-sealed, and shipped in a small box that is delivered directly to your doorstep. You wont need to be at home to sign for the mattress when it arrives.

Tempur-Pedic ships the Cloud in a box for free, as well, but delivery is limited to the contiguous U.S. at this time. All other Tempur-Pedic mattresses qualify for free White Glove delivery in the contiguous U.S. This service includes scheduled delivery date and time, in-home assembly, and old mattress removal upon request. Mattresses are not compressed for White Glove delivery.


Most online brands offer sleep trials so that customers can test out the bed for a certain length of time before committing to it. Sleep trials usually span 90 nights or more.

Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial for all mattress models. This trial includes a mandatory 14-night break-in period, so you wont be able to initiate a return until at least two weeks after the mattress arrives. In the event of a return, Puffy will issue a full product refund, though shipping costs for Alaska and Hawaii customers are not refundable.

Both companies will arrange for couriers to pick up the mattress at your residence and transport the bed for charitable donation or recycling.


The 2 Cooling Cloud Foam Top Layer

Best Puffy Mattress Review

The Cooling Cloud Foam is the top layer on the Puffy Mattress. This layer ensures the mattress is soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough to support the weight and pressure placed on it. The adaptable foam is adaptable to all sleeper types it reduces pressure felt on the hips and shoulders for side sleepers, while still offering enough support for back sleepers. This layer is highly breathable, allowing your body to remain at a natural temperature zone and not overheat.

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First Well Take A Look At Whats Inside The Original Puffy Mattress:

Outer encasement fabric: The cover is Oeko-Tex certified stain resistant and moisture wicking, which makes it perfect for sleeping cool and dry all night long.

Top Comfort Layer 1: From the top down, the first comfort layer is a 2 layer of Puffys proprietary Cooling Cloud foam, which offers a patent pending foam design that reduces and dissipates heat using convection and conduction, with greater airflow than many other foams available. In other words, instead of trapping heat and cooking you in your mattress, the heat is directed away from the body, seeking cooler air at the edges of the mattress. It uses gel infusion with an open cell design that provides 8x more airflow than many other foams.

Comfort Layer 2: This layer is 2 of Puffys proprietary ClimateComfort foam that further regulates temperature and is moisture resistant to provides the same cooling feel all year long. Also, it is slightly firmer than the Cooling Cloud layer above it, for a pressure relieving but supportive transition. In all good cake recipes for mattresses, the concept of getting progressively firmer as you go from the top down is essential to providing good support so that there is no sinking or excessive immersion in the mattress, preventing movement and ease of turning.

The 2020 Puffy Mattress Update

Since this mattress was introduced in 2017 literally dozens of new brands have launched to compete in the online bed in a box space. While all of these have some unique features, the Puffy still has a unique feel.

I think the Puffy is still worth considering and should definitely be on your shortlist if you are a side sleeper as it should completely address shoulder and hip soreness. Everything about the Puffy is convenient so its definitely worth trying out.

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Trial Period & Returns

Puffy offers a 101-night trial period. If you decide its not the right mattress for you, simply return it for a full refund before your 101-night sleep trial expires. Puffy will arrange for a representative to come to your home to pick up your mattress and donate it to a local charity. Puffy does ask that you give it a good 30 nights before you make a decision.

Is The Puffy Mattress Worth It

Puffy Mattress Review – 5 Things YOU Should Know! (GUIDE)

The Puffy mattress is worth buying because it is compatible with all sleeping positions and you can even place it on any base. The largest size, which is king, is only $1,449, and youll get a memory foam bed that provides the perfect balance between support and pressure relief. Dont forget that Puffy also includes a lifetime warranty, so you can feel assured with its craftsmanship.

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Pricing & Purchase Details

When it comes to pricing, Puffy Mattress products are truly a bang for the buck. These mattresses are a good investment since they can last longer than other mattress brands in the market today.

Its currently available for orders on their site as well as in other selling platforms like Amazon. However, they dont have a physical store to offer so all purchases are done through online platforms. The Puffy mattress is currently offered for only $595, while the Puffy lux mattress is priced at $1245. But there are other Puffy mattress models you can find online with more affordable prices to fit your budget.

This US-made memory foam mattress can be received between 2 to 7 business days after placing an order on their website. If you want to get it sooner, make sure to order in advance. Also, theres no shipping fee if your location is within the continental United States. Aside from the lifetime warranty, you also get long-term investment in Puffy Mattress since they are made to last for years.

Moreover, this mattress is made for people who have back issues. The comfort it gives help users get relief from back pain and other physical problems. Whether you need extra support, higher level of firmness, or a more affordable product, this is one of the best options you have right now. Just order online and get your package after a few working days right on your doorstep.

Save $755 With A Puffy Mattress Today And Beat The Black Friday Rush

ByDavina Frankspublished 10 November 21

Buy the Puffy Lux or Puffy Mattress and youll get $300 off plus up to $455 of free gifts

The Puffy Mattress is a popular choice among sleepers looking for all-over comfort in any position, and as of now you can save $300 and get up to $455 of free gifts when buying a Puffy Lux or Puffy Mattress. The free gifts include cooling pillows, a mattress protector and a sheets set, making this a superb Black Friday mattress deal worth jumping on now.

Thanks to the early Puffy Black Friday mattress sale, the five-layer memory foam Puffy Mattress is now priced from $599 , and the six-layer Puffy Lux is now priced from $1,149 . A queen size Puffy Lux costs $1,499 and comes with up to $455 of free bedding. The luxury hybrid Puffy Royal is priced from $1,349 .

While we havent yet reviewed Puffy for our guide to the best mattresses, both the Puffy Mattress and the Puffy Lux have scored high user reviews, and each is available on a 101-night trial. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty on its mattresses, as well as free delivery and returns.

If you sleep hot and other memory foam mattresses have overheated you, you neednt run a mile here as the Puffy Mattress is infused with cooling features and materials that help regulate your temperature. These include Cooling Cloud Foam and Climate Comfort Foam. We also like the stain-resistant Cloud Cover, though you should still use the free mattress protector.

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Puffy Mattress Performance For Couples

If you sleep with a partner, youre going to want to look out for a few extra factors that might not matter for solo sleepers. For example, youll want to know how well your mattress absorbs motion, whether or not its good for sex, if it has strong and sturdy edges, and if it will keep you both cool. Take a look at how the Puffy stacks up in these categories below.

How We Select The Best Mattresses

Puffy Lux Mattress

The Slumber Yard has been around since the beginning of the bed-in-a-box craze. Our team has personally tested over 175 mattresses so far, and we keep more than 150 beds in our office so we can compare them .

When testing mattresses, we evaluate the following factors:

After considering all these factors, our team picks the best beds for each category. Besides category-specific criteria, like firmness level or construction, we look for mattresses with the highest quality and that offer some unique features that make them stand out. And the last decisive factor is price and discounts we always aim to find the best and most affordable options, since we feel it offers more value for the consumer.

Jeff Rizzo is a Certified Sleep Science Coach who has helped over 5 million people with their mattress-related questions online.

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