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What Is A Split Mattress Set

Best Flippable Split King Mattress

Split Queen Mattress Set

The Plank Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

  • Price: $
  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 11.5 inches

The Plank by Brooklyn Bedding is also only available in a split California king and not a regular split king.

You have the option of adding a cooling top panel and, like the Signature Hybrid, you can try this one out for 120 nights, too.

Whats different? Its flippable, so you can choose your firmness level . The flat design is meant to provide an optimal surface for your spine.

It may be a good pick for people who love a firm sleep surface or who primarily sleep on their back or stomach.

What Is A Split King Size

A split king mattress is the same size as a king-size bed, except it is two twin XL mattresses side by side instead of one uniform bed. Split kings are great mattresses for couples with differing sleep preferences, and theyre compatible with adjustable beds.

Split king mattresses allow sleepers to adjust the bed to their preference without disturbing the comfort of their sleep partner, unlike traditional king-size beds. Plus, some companies offer customized split kings that allow couples to choose how firm or soft they want their bed to feel, which is an added bonus for couples with very different sleep needs.

Use The Wireless Remote Control To Position Your Bed Any Way You Like While Enjoying Simultaneous Head And Foot Massage

  • Choose from 15 whisper-quiet massage modesdrift off to sleep with a comforting head and foot massage
  • Easy preset positions for lounging and watching TV
  • Experience zero-gravity modefeel weightless with just the touch of a button
  • Charge your devices in bed with USB ports on each side
  • Never stub your toe in the dark again, thanks to soft, glowing under-bed LED lights!
  • Take your comfort to a whole new level
  • Take your comfort to a whole new level
  • Relieve night time acid reflux, heartburn and GERD
  • Soothe chronic neck & back pain
  • Take your comfort to a whole new level
  • Relieve night time acid reflux, heartburn and GERD
  • Soothe chronic neck & back pain

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Best Split Queen Mattresses And Accessories

What is a split queen mattress and where can you buy one?

If you are looking for where to buy a split queen mattress online you have come to the right place. With a rise in the online mattress trend over recent years, you are now able to easily purchase more custom and odd sized mattresses, including the split queen size . You probably came across this post because you either have a split queen adjustable base or you have a queen size bed and two sleepers with different comfort preferences. A split queen mattress gives you the option to break up a queen into 2 pieces without having to increase the size the the more common split king option. If you have been in the market for a split queen mattress you have probably realized that they are not very common in the marketplace. Luckily, we have done all the research for you and have listed our top picks for the best options on where to buy a split queen bed online. Our list includes everything from luxury options to customizable options and budget friendly picks. We have done our best to make sure that by the end of this post you know who sells split queens and which mattress will suit your needs best.

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Let’s Face It: Not Everyone Sleeps The Same

Serta 11"  Dynamism EuroTop Plush Split Queen Mattress Set ...

As a side sleeper, the perfect elevation settings that keep you comfortable might look a little different for the stomach sleeper next to you. Or maybe you love a nightly massage as part of your pre-bedtime routine, but you dont want to wake your already-sleeping partner.

The solution? Cater to everyone with a split king mattress and adjustable base, allowing each person to find their perfect comfort settings. So you can agree to disagree on your comfort settings… but both enjoy the cooling comfort of GhostBed.

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Benefits Of A Split Box Spring

They are beneficial because, unlike a traditional one-piece design, these two-piece models are quite easy to move. If youve ever had to move a regular one from a house to another or from one apartment to another, you know firsthand just how heavy and cumbersome traditional box springs can be.

Split designs and models bring you the best of both worlds: Extra durability with the lightness of two separate pieces. So you can be sure of two things youll get them in and out of any space and you wouldnt hurt your back lifting them.

They also offer the same support a traditional one provides once the halves are fused together. The easiest way to fuse two of them is to wrap them together with a fitted sheet. Sometimes, making sure the edges are flush with a bed frame can also prevent the split foundation from slipping around or causing any fusing problems.

Another benefit of these two-piece boxes is the cost. They seem to be a bit less expensive than traditional models. This may be due to the extra step of having to fuse the two halves instead of having a single one sent to you, ready to use. Thats another thing youll save some money on shipping since split ones are a bit lighter than a normal traditional model.

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What Kind Of Sheets Fit A Split King Mattress

Youll need to replace your bedding if you decide to replace your king mattress with a split king.

Instead of king bedding, youll need two fitted sheets for a twin or twin XL depending on whether you opt for a California king or not and a single king-size flat sheet to cover the entire width of the sleep surface.

If you have an adjustable base, this setup will allow you to raise and lower each side separately.

When shopping for a split king mattress, heres what to keep in mind.

Bedding For Split King Beds


What type of bed frame works with a split king bed?

Split king mattresses can be used on adjustable bed frames specifically designed for two beds. Each side can be adjusted to separate levels of elevation, and sometimes other sleep settings like firmness and temperature. Split king beds on split foundations are a great choice for couples.

What type of sheets fit on a split king bed?

Split king beds do require a special set of sheets. Split king sheets consist of a single top bed sheet that covers both mattresses, as well as two fitted sheets that will cover each of the twin XL mattresses. Luckily, because of the convenience of split king mattresses, many dual sheet sets are sold in stores.

Can you use a duvet or comforter on a split king bed?

When it comes to outfitting split mattresses with a duvet or comforter, you have two options. You can either get one blanket that covers the entire sleep surface to share, or you can do as the Scandinavians do and sleep with separate twin XL size comforters or duvets.

How do you put a mattress topper on a split king bed?

If youre interested in adding a mattress topper or pad to either or both sides of a split king bed, you can purchase one in a twin XL size since that is the size of each half of the mattress.

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Springwall 2020 Split Queen Boxspring Set

Width: 60″ Height: 8″ Depth: 79.5″

Unique Features

  • Designed to Extend the Life of Your Mattress
  • Required for Manufacturers Warranty
  • Boxsprings Vary Based on User Needs

General Details

  • 2 Halves of the Queen Split Boxspring

Additional Details

Compatible mattress and warranty-approved bed frame.

Additional Information

  • Boxsprings significantly enhance mattress durability, distribute weight evenly and help prolong the life of the mattress. By purchasing your mattress’ matching boxspring, you are ensuring many nights of comfortable slumber.
  • The manufacturers warranty on a mattress depends on the mattress being properly supported by its matching boxspring. Without the matching boxspring, your manufacturer’s warranty may be void.
  • Many boxsprings also come in a low-profile version, allowing them to sit further down on your headboard and help lower the overall bed height, making it easier for those with physical limitations to get in and out of bed. King boxsprings are split, making them easier to move. Many manufacturers also offer queen-size split boxsprings for your convenience. Contact your local Brick Mattress Store for more information about all of your boxspring options.

What Is A Split Mattress & Why Should You Buy One

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you might be feeling overwhelmed by your many options. After all, there’s at least one perfect bed out there for everyone, which means you have a shot at getting a great night’s sleep as soon as you choose the right mattress. But first, you have to learn what sets a split mattress apart from all the others. For example, what is a split mattress, and why should you consider buying one? To start, you should know that a split mattress features two sides that work independently of each other.

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What Is A Split Queen Mattress Used For

Split queen mattresses are not as common as split king mattresses but they do exist. The purpose of a split queen mattress is either to accommodate 2 sleepers with different comfort preferences OR to go on top of a split queen adjustable base so that the two sleepers can recline/incline separately and independently. Split queens can be hard to find in the marketplace but they do exist.

What Is A Split Box Spring

Sleep Zone Huntington 10

Only slightly different from traditional models youre used to, this kind is similar to a traditional one only it comes sectioned. They typically come in two separate sections that easily can be pushed or fused together. Its often, and almost always, with larger bed sizes a split queen or and king split. The make of a split model is the exact same make youd see in a traditional one piece, this is just an easier way to connect the box itself.

They are typically two sections that have a frame usually made of wood or steel. Inside the frame is a skeleton of wood and/or steel with coil springs that promote bounce for your mattress. The bases sections are typically covered by a layer of fabric of padding. When it comes to a split design, youre basically getting two tinier versions of a single model that come together to make a whole.

Best for:

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Do You Need A Box Spring On An Adjustable Bed

No. Box springs cannot bend like an adjustable base, so you cannot pair the two. Adjustable bed frames do not require box springs or foundations since they provide a solid, sturdy support for your mattress. Split king mattress can be kept directly on a split king adjustable bed frame for more personalized comfort. Adjustable bed bases can be elevated at the head and feet to better relieve pressure points.

Go Big Or Go Home With Caspers Split King Setup

While we dont offer a split queen, we do offer a bigger, and better option! If you want the benefits of a split bed, but are looking for a little more room, we have got you covered with our split king! Our split king allows you to customize your sleep setup with full-body adjustability, a massage feature, and more. Also, our mattress-in-a-box model allows you to order your dream sleep set directly to your door.

No matter what size or style mattress you choose, well have your back . Weve got you covered with top-of-the-line memory foam and hybrid mattresses, foam and down pillows, adjustable bed frames, and even weighted blankets. With a little help from Casper, youll never compromise on your sleep again.

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Sleep Positions And Body Type

A sleeper can experience pain with a plush mattress when their perfect firmness is a firm mattress. To avoid getting the wrong firmness, consider your preferred sleep position and body type.

The best mattresses for side sleepers are plush to medium in firmness, as these beds can alleviate pressure points and pain.

If you need a comfortable mattress for back sleeping, youll likely prefer something medium to medium-firm. A firmer mattress prevents the hips from sinking below the stomach, leading to herniated discs, sciatica, and lower back pain.

The best mattresses for stomach sleepers are firm, as firm beds prevent back pain in this sleeping position. Firm mattress materials prevent the sleepers hips and shoulder from bowing into the bed, causing misalignment.

Light people dont have the weight to sink into a firm mattress. A soft mattress contours to petite sleepers to compensate for the lack of pressure, offering conformability and pressure relief.

Heavy people sink just enough into firm mattresses enough that the mattress conforms closely and relieves pressure points. Heavy people should avoid sleeping on overly soft mattresses as the hips and shoulders could sink, causing spinal misalignment and pain.

What Is A King Size

What’s the Difference: King Mattress Vs Split King Mattress

A king-size, or eastern king mattress measures 75 inches by 80 inches. King size mattresses are a great choice for couples and offers more personal space for both sleepers. These types of mattresses fit comfortably in a 12 feet by 12 feet bedroom, including a couple of nightstands with walking space.

  • Best for large master bedrooms

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Best Customizable Split King Mattress

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 11.5 inches

Oddly, you cant get a split king version of this mattress, but you can get a split California king. Its slightly longer and pricier, but more room is more room, right?

Whats great about this mattress is that you can choose from soft, medium, or firm for each side, allowing you and your sleeping partner to pick different firmness levels if you want.

While its not a cooling mattress per se, it does feature a gel top thats designed to help with temperature regulation.

Youll also get 120 nights to try out the mattress, and if you like and keep it, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

What To Consider Before Choosing A Split Queen

Customizable support means you are the master of your slumber when the sun goes down.

When deciding between a standard queen and a split queen bed, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Are you a light sleeper? If your partner dances full ballets in their sleep and you are a light sleeper, you may like the versatility of a split bed. The separation of the two mattresses means you are floating in your own little cloud of support.
  • Do you struggle with back or joint pain? Chronicback and joint pain can steal hundreds of hours of restful sleep from your life. An adjustable split bed allows you to customize your perfect sleeping position on a mattress with the right amount of support so you can wake up with less aches and pains.3
  • Are you a cuddler? Just because you and your partner dont always agree on mattress firmness doesnt mean you dont want some quality time under the covers together. A split queen makes cuddling a bit more difficult as the mattresses could be completely different firmness levels and heights.
  • Do you have narrow hallways and door frames? Split queen mattresses make moving a breeze. Because the bed can be separated into different pieces and assembled onsite, you wont have to worry about shoving your brand new mattress through tight spaces. For tips on fitting a queen bed in your room, check out our blog on how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed.

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Benefits Of Split King Mattresses

Resolves home moving issues. Two twin XL mattresses are more manageable to move than a full king size mattress.

Ends motion transfer. Motion cannot transfer from one bed to another. If your sleeping partner switches sleep positions, the motion is isolated on their mattress, allowing you to sleep through the night undisturbed.

Allows personal space. Personal space is importantespecially where sleep is concerned. Your sleeping partner can prevent you from spreading out and decrease your quality of sleep. The two twin XL mattresses offer a defined line indicating whose side of the bed is whose.

Accommodates separate sleeping preferences. It isnt often someone has the same firmness preference as their partner. Even a couple sleeping in the same position can prefer different firmnesses due to their body types. A split king mattress allows a couple to get two firmness levels to cater to two sleep positions and body types so nobody has to compromise their comfort.

Adjustable Bed Compatibility. Split king mattresses pair very well with adjustable king bed bases. Adjustable beds are great for those with lower back pain, osteoarthritis, skeletal pain and can reduce symptoms of sleep apnea, acid reflux, and snoring.

An adjustable king foundation comes as two separate bases to make moving easier. The split frames also offer couples flexibility, so one partner can raise the head of their mattress while the other lies flat.


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