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How To Get A Mattress

How Long Should A Mattress Last

How to get PEE out of a MATTRESS! â¡ Amazing

Seven years is a good bet, but this can be affected by the mattress quality and the level of usage something to bear in mind if the kids jump on your bed every morning. Although a good quality mattress might withstand ten years of loyal service, keep an eye out for squeaky springs or a dip in the middle of the bed that giveaway signs its game over for a loyal companion. Pay attention to how well youre sleeping too: if you feel stiff by morning, wake up more frequently in the night or settle better in other beds, its time to give your old mattress the heave-ho.

How To Remove Blood Stains

Blood is one of the most notoriously difficult stains to remove because it contains hemoglobin and iron. These two components are especially hard to remove once they oxidise and dry, so its best to tackle a blood stain while its still relatively fresh . Here are six cleaning methods that you can use to remove tough blood stains:

Is A Spring Mattress Better Than Foam

Choosing the best mattress is a highly individual endeavor, and it depends on your sleep position and other preferences, so we cant say whether an innerspring mattress is better than a foam mattress. What we can tell you is that because of their coils, innerspring mattresses are naturally more breathable than foam mattresses . They also tend to offer a bouncier feel than all-foam beds, as well as better edge support. Foam beds, meanwhile, tend to hug the bodyparticularly if theyre made from memory foam. And they provide better pressure relief and motion isolation than innerspring mattresses.

If you like the feeling of sinking into a bed, a foam mattress may suit you best. If you want to feel more held up, opt for the innerspring. And if youre aiming for something between the two, try a hybrid mattress.

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Vacuum With A Hepa Filtration

Start off by cleaning your mattress with your vacuum upholstery or crevice attachment. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system is an excellent option. For anyone who has a breathing disorder, dust mites will make your life miserable. A vacuum is your best friend to fight against the dust mites. It is the first step in removing the dust from your mattress and other areas of your house.

If possible, you should vacuum both sides of your mattress on a regular basis. It is also a good idea to vacuum parts of your bed other than the mattress. By doing this, you can keep the humidity down in your sleeping place, which will decrease the development of dust mites.

Getting A Free Mattress Using Mattress Trials

How to Clean a Mattress with a Steam Cleaner

So hypothetically, you could get a mattress from one company, use it for 100 days, return it and then do the same with a second company, a third company, and so on.

This is an effective way to get a mattress for free, but obviously, you have to deal with things like remembering when the trial period ends and returning the mattress.

Also, you will need to pay for the mattress initially, but then youll get a refund for it, so it turns out to be free!

In many cases, the company will collect the mattress for you. Some will do this for free, and others will charge you, and some companies may put you in charge of returns.

Some make you pay a restocking fee, but many in our list dont.

Many companies will pick up the mattress for you for free and refund you 100% of what you paid.

A lot of these mattress companies will either recycle these returned mattresses or donate them to charity.

Its important to note that most companies only allow one free trial per customer.

So youll need to order your next free mattress from a different company. Fortunately, we list 25 companies that allow you to try mattresses and get a refund!

Its also important to keep in mind that some mattress companies will have requirements for the condition of the mattress when you return it.

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How Much Should You Spend On A Mattress

The first thing you have to do when making a big purchase is set a budget. Remember: More expensive doesn’t always mean better quality. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a good night’s sleep.

Here are the average prices of a queen size mattress for each mattress type:

  • Innerspring mattress: $950$1,000
  • Hybrid mattress: $1,650
  • Latex mattress: $2,000

$1,000 is a good place to start your budget for a quality queen bed. You can find mattresses that cost as little as $200, but you’ll get less durable materials with them. On the other hand, a $5,000 mattress could be packed with extra features that you don’t even need.

Best Way to Find a Cheap Mattress

Your best bet is to buy online, where prices can be up to 50 percent less than in stores. If you prefer to buy your mattress in person, knowing when to shop is just as important as where.

Now that you know how much to spend, let’s figure out which mattress type is right for you.

How Do You Get Pet Urine Smell Out Of A Mattress

For best results in neutralizing urine odors in your mattress, spread a thin layer of baking soda out over the entire mattress surface. If a specific area smells more strongly, you can use a slightly thicker layer of baking soda. Allow the baking soda to sit, uncovered, for 5 to 10+ hours, and then vacuum it.

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Beware Of Bed Bugs & Free Used Mattresses

If you do get a used mattress, make sure that its in good condition first.

Used mattresses can contain bedbugs, mold or mildew.

Here are the signs of bedbugs to look out for:

  • Dark spots, which are around the size of a pin-head. These can be bedbug excrement.
  • Small husks. These are the eggs or eggshells of bedbugs. These husks are about 1 mm in size.
  • Small spots of rust or red color on the top of the mattress. This can be a sign that bedbugs have been crushed on the mattress.
  • Bugs around the mattress tag, piping and seams.

If you suspect that a mattress has bedbugs, then dont accept it.

Mold and mildew, however, can be tackled!

Mold or mildew appears as grey or black marks, such as splotches or streaks.

It can be cleaned from the mattress using one part rubbing alcohol and one part warm water.

Once youve cleaned the mattress, youll need to allow it to dry outside in the sunlight. Drying the mattress in the sunlight also helps to remove any odors from the mattress.

If you dont want to put the mattress outside to dry, then use fans to dry it instead.

Use A Waterproof Mattress Pad

How to Clean a Mattress | Cleaning Tips | The Home Depot

A surprising number of people whove experienced accidents already had a mattress pad, but it didnt perform to expectations. If youve had a leak, then its time to invest in a new one thats waterproof. And, it goes without saying that if you dont have a mattress pad, this should be your very next purchase. Even if youre not worried about accidents, the right protector will keep your bed feeling new and fresh longer.

This concept is especially true if you ever need to file a warranty claim with your mattress manufacturer. Not many people know this, but having a stained mattress often voids any warranties.

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How To Clean A Mattress: Why Its Important

You should aim to deep clean your mattress every six months or so. Regular care and cleaning keeps it clear of dust, dirt and dead skin cells all the things that provide a feast for allergy-triggering dust mites to snack on.

Other reasons to clean your mattress regularly include the accumulation of sweat and body oils, which can stain your mattress and cause it to smell. Using a mattress protector is a great way to keep your mattress clean and fresh for longer, as they can be removed and machine washed much more regularly.

Before you clean your mattress, read the care instructions . We say this because they may be specific things that you should or shouldnt be doing for your specific mattress.

For instance, if you have a memory foam bed and need to clean up a spill, don’t use too much water because mildew can grown in a foam mattress that’s left wet for too long. Let’s now go through the basics of how to clean a mattress…

How To Get Rid Of Old Mattress

You need to know how to get rid of old mattress if you dont enjoy your sleep anymore. Remember, almost a third of your life is spent on the bed. You should take care of your old mattress correctly!

Nobody likes to get rid of their old mattress. It has seen them through some tough times. They also may feel like there is still some use left in the old mattress. However, when the mattress is past its prime, you need a new mattress.

Spending a little more money on a new mattress will be a smart purchase because the old one was uncomfortable and did not give you a good sleeping experience.

But, many people have a hard time throwing away trash, especially mattresses. Many people dont even know how to throw away old mattresses. Thats why were here to help you! Well show you how to get rid of an old mattress in a safe way. Keep reading!


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The Truth: It Might Feel Like A Different Mattress For Several Months

The mattress that you fell in love with in the store may feel very different once you get it home. Why depends on a few key factors: individuality, break-in period, temperature, and airflow.

Not all mattresses are created equally. Even the exact same model from the exact same brand may vary a bit due to manufacturing processes.

The top comfort layers hold all the bells and whistles. They keep the mattress feeling comfortable when you initially lay on it. Lower-quality material in this layer has the potential to break down more rapidly and become uncomfortable. You wont feel this difference in the store but over time, likely after the return period ends, sags and a lack of support might become a problem.

When you receive your new mattresses, it likely will feel harder than the one you felt in the showroom. Many customers test the showroom model often over a span of months, letting it break in and softening it up a little. Your new bed will become softer and more pliable over time, but you may have to wait a few months.

The firmness also depends on temperature, especially with traditional memory foam. If you notice that the mattress showroom feels warmer than your house, the mattress may feel softer than it will at home.

The moral of the story: Testing the mattress at home over the course of a few months proves best. Look for a retailer that gives a minimum of 30 days to return or exchange with minimal fees.

Up To 50% Off At Dormeo

How Long Do Magnetic Mattress Pads Last &  Tips for Care

Specialising in memory foam and hybrid mattresses, Dormeo has a huge range to suit every preferred sleeping position and level of firmness. Its Octaspring mattresses use patented memory foam springs that are eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam and cant be found in any other mattress. The Hybrid also comes with an award-winning mattress cover that is removable, washable and has antiallergenic protection to keep nasties like dust mites and bacteria at bay. As if thats not enough, all mattresses come with a 20-year warranty and free delivery and Dormeo will even throw in a free pillow with some purchases.

Best deal:, Was £1,299.99, now £999.99

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What Type Of Base Or Foundation Can We Place The Puffy On

Our mattresses can be placed on most surfaces!

  • Box springs – if you currently have a box spring that’s in good condition, or are planning to get a new one to add some more give to the mattress, go for it!
  • Slatted frames – just make sure the slats are no more than 4 inches apart!
  • Platform & adjustable bases – find comfort using your Puffy on any solid or adjustable base!
  • Floor – if you have a minimalist room design, the Puffy will even work perfectly on the floor!
  • Solution : Split The Mattress

    If you find it too hard to carry the mattress upstairs, you can consider splitting it. Modern mattresses are made to give you the ease of access while moving them.

    You can buy one of those mattresses, which can be split into two halves. After splitting the mattress, you can get the mattress upstairs, each half at a time.

    But keep in mind that the split portion may cause discomfort to you. So, buy these mattresses only if youre okay with the divided joints.

    And then fit them in your bed. Make sure your bed slats are intact when youre placing the mattresses. Otherwise, your bed wont be able to support the mattresses. This method also comes in handy if your staircase is not big enough.

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    Take Your Body Type Into Consideration

    Once you’re familiar with your sleeping position, next is to factor in your weight or BMI. Weight distribution plays a part in how soft or firm you think a bed will feel. For example, a medium mattress will feel more soft to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but Olympic gymnast Simone Biles will likely think that same mattress feels a bit firmer than advertised.

    Heavier individuals exert more pressure into a mattress, and as a result, have a more plush experience. So, if you weigh 250 pounds and sleep on your stomach, I’d suggest at least a medium-firm mattress.

    People with larger body types should also look into hybrid mattresses. These are beds that include both foam and innersprings. Hybrid mattresses are much more supportive than all-foam beds because of their steel base layer. And in turn, that means they end up lasting longer. Though, if you weigh under 200 pounds, most foam beds should work just fine for you in the long-term.

    How To Buy A Mattress In Store

    How to Make a Bed

    The biggest draw of shopping at a mattress store is seeing the mattress before you buy. You can also talk face-to-face with a knowledgeable sales team. If you have any questions, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

    Can you negotiate the price of your mattress?

    In other words, it never hurts to try. You can also keep an eye out for seasonal sales and special coupons.

    If you plan to shop in stores, follow these tips to find the perfect mattress at a good price:

  • Test several bedsTake time to try out many types of mattresses. Make sure to lie down the way you normally sleep and spend a few minutes in that position.
  • Ask questionsFind out as much as you can about the warranty, delivery, and return policy. Ask about the warranty, delivery, and return policy.
  • Some “money-back guarantees” include a re-stocking fee, which means you won’t get back the whole purchase price.

  • Try bargainingThe price you see isn’t necessarily the price you have to pay. Mattress sellers often have some wiggle room, especially at certain times of the year.
  • Be ready to walk awayYou have options. There’s always another mattress store out there. Or, you could save a lot by shopping online.
  • Popular mattress stores include:

    • Mattress Firm – Best selection and helpful sales team
    • Macy’s – Best department store pick
    • Costco and Sam’s Club – Best value

    Does Costco sell mattresses?

    In many cases, you might be able to find as good or even better prices from online retailers.

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    The Truth: Selecting The Best Option In A Showroom Setting Is No More Likely To Get You Comfortable Than Buying Online

    Common recommendations state that you should spend at least 20 minutes lying on each mattress you are considering.

    Even if you narrow down your selection to a specific price range and firmness, you could still face an ample selection to personally test. Lets say, for example, one store offers six models, and another store five. At 20 minutes per mattress, youll spend four hours relaxing under the glaring fluorescent lights. Not to mention all the while youll be fending off pushy salespeople. Does this sound like your ideal Saturday?

    More than likely, customers shortcut test time, and spend 20 minutes total with all mattresses. Even if you diligently wait out the full duration, studies show that you are still pretty terrible at picking out the best bed in a showroom setting.

    The independent, non-profit research group, RTI let participants select their top choice of seven beds in a showroom setting , then gave them each one to try for one month. The participants did not know which bed they initially chose, and the mattresses arrived in a random order.

    Participants maintained sleep quality journals and underwent electronic monitoring. The study found that people selected the bed after the study they ultimately rated best at the beginning only 38% of the time.

    What Kind Of Mattresses Can You Buy Online

    When you buy a mattress from a store, it usually involves in-home setup via a delivery service. But most online mattress companies use standard ground delivery via a shipping company. To simplify that shipping, the companies typically use bed-in-a-box or mattress-in-a-box packaging. Before shipping, a process dubbed “roll-packing” compresses the mattress and vacuum seals it in plastic, minimizing size. After unboxing, it quickly expands into a full size mattress, ready for sleeping within 24 to 48 hours.

    Foam mattresses dominate the online mattress market — memory foam compresses more efficiently than other types and tends to be more cost efficient. Recently, however, conventional coil/innerspring, gel and hybrid mattresses have surged in popularity.

    One of the most appealing aspects of memory foam? It cradles a body to relieve pressure points, and then returns to its original shape. This makes it a great sleeping surface for people with back issues. Memory foam has evolved over the past three decades, offering much more bounce back, a cooler sleep experience and more longevity, all at a lower price point. There’s also cool gel memory foam, which offers a firmer and cooler sleeping experience. For sleepers partial to old-school innerspring and coil mattresses, hybrids are a great option, combining the support of innerspring and the cradling quality of gel or foam.

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