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What Is The Difference Between Memory Foam And Hybrid Mattress

How To Choose Which Mattress Is Right For You

Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattress – Which Is Best?

Mattresses, like most things in life, are about tradeoffs. If youre ready for a vastly different sleeping experience, memory foam might be right for you. Go for a memory foam mattress if you have back problems, a seriously annoying sleeping partner who squirms around all night, or if you sleep on your back and want a mattress that will fill into the necessary nooks and crannies of your spine. Make sure you dont mind the sensation of sinking into a mattress, which definitely takes some getting used to. Take caution if youre the kind of person who wakes up sweaty in the middle of the night, because memory foam might feel too clammy .

If, however, you like memory foam conceptually, but arent on completely on board, a hybrid mattress is probably your best bet . Maybe you want a little bit more bounce or you favor a firmer foundation because you sleep on your side. Maybe youre a hot mess every night and dont want to sweat all over the foam. Or maybe you and your partner are lucky, peaceful sleepers in need of a comfortable, semi-contouring, but still somewhat traditional mattress. If thats the case, just go with the hybrid.

Either way, youre deciding between a memory foam mattress and a hybrid mattress, you can at least be proud of yourself for graduating beyond typical innerspring coils. Well done, you.

What Is A Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

A memory foam hybrid has a memory foam comfort layer and a supportive coil base. This design essentially combines an innerspring mattress with a memory foam bed. To qualify as a true hybrid, the bed must have at least 2 to 3 inches of memory foam.

Why would the manufacturer blend elements from memory foam and innerspring mattresses together? Its because a hybrids design minimizes the downfalls of each.

A hybrid is more comfortable than a traditional innerspring because of the addition of pressure-relieving foam. It is also more breathable than a conventional memory foam mattress. However, while hybrids minimize the shortcomings of both memory foam and innerspring beds, they still have their own downsides youll need to consider.

Pros And Cons Of Memory Foam


  • It is a perfect option for all the sleeping styles.
  • If you are a hot sleeper then we recommend memory foam for you.
  • This memory foam has a Buoyant transition layer which makes the movements easy for you.
  • It has a Spine support system for your spine.
  • It comes with a 10 years warranty.


  • There are many memory foams that are very bad at the temperature regulations.
  • It is not a very responsive option in mattresses.
  • Edge support of the memory foam mattress is also not very good.

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What Is A Spring Mattress

A spring or innerspring mattress is the most traditional mattress of the lot. Its likely what your parents had, and their parents had, etc. The support system of a spring mattress typically is made up of an interconnected system of steel spring coils. The coils are usually crafted with steel wire of different gauges, or thicknesses, and lined up in rows designed to adjust to support as you adjust your body weight through the night. A note about coil gauge: the lower the gauge number, the firmer the coil spring. The steel used in mattress coils varies typically from 12- to 15-gauge varieties. So a mattress with 15-gauge coils will have a softer feel than the firm 12-gauge coil mattress.

Is A Hybrid Better Than A Memory Foam Mattress

Hybrid Mattress vs Memory Foam

The most important thing you are looking for in the mattress is a comfortable sleep so that both mattresses will provide you. It depends on your preferences if you are a side sleeper,back sleeper, or stomach sleeper and which Memory foam supports your types of sleep.

If you are facing back pain issues or any medical conditions, you should go for the memory foam because it has some pressure relief points, which makes it a better option for back pain. If your partner is restless while sleeping and you get uncomfortable, you should choose the Memory foam again.

But if you are a hot sleeper, you should go for the Hybrid mattress because it is better for temperature regulation and has better breathability. If you are a couple and your partner likes the different comfort levels, you should go with the hybrid mattresses.

So, you can say that both mattresses have some pros and cons, so it depends on your personal preference which one you choose and which one meets your requirements.

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Hybrid Mattress Vs Memory Foam Mattress: What’s The Best For You

A few decades ago, nobody would have given much thought to what material a mattress was made of. This has changed over the years, and we currently have two main classifications of mattresses based on the base material. These are memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses.

The two mattress types have specific characteristics that adapt each for a particular type of sleeper. Each of these mattresses has its advantages and disadvantages. These aspects dictate what mattress fits you best, and that makes our agenda today.

What Are The Cons Of A Hybrid Mattress

The only downside to a hybrid mattress is that they’re not quite as durable as memory foam mattresses. A well-made memory foam mattress can last anywhere from 10â20 years, while most hybrid fillings will usually last around 8â10 years. This is because a hybrid mattress’s pocket spring layer can eventually become compressed through the years.

How long your mattress lasts depends on other factors such as your sleeping style and weight. Old, worn out mattresses can contribute to poor quality sleep and back pain. Luckily, our guide on when to replace your mattress will give you plenty of tips and advice for deciding when you’ve exhausted yours.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses have a wide range of benefits for sleepers looking to upgrade their bedroom. These include:

  • Full-body support: Memory foam has the ability to relieve the body of excess pressure, ensuring that sharper pressure points such as the hips and shoulders stay relieved.
  • Superior motion-isolation: One of the biggest advantages of sleeping on a memory foam is motion isolation – this is especially useful if you share a bed with a partner who tosses and turns in their sleep.
  • Plush feel: Memory foam mattresses are popular for the hugging sensation they cause. Feeling like you can sink a little into your bed and stay well supported can be a helpful way to ensure youre getting the rest you need from your memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are a great choice for side sleepers or back sleepers who share their bed with a partner. Theyre also cost-effective to produce, which is why you might notice they tend to be more affordable than hybrid mattresses.

Memory Foam Vs Hybrid Mattresses: Comparison Chart

Hybrid Mattress or Memory Foam Mattress: The Pros, Cons & Differences | How to Buy a Mattress 2019

Memory foam beds and hybrid beds are some of the most popular types of mattresses on the market, so what sets them apart? While memory foam beds may be the perfect choice for some because of the motion isolation and lower price, others may prefer the breathability and longevity of hybrid mattresses. They go far beyond your traditional mattress.

Check out our comparison chart to get an idea of whether a memory foam vs. hybrid mattress is best for you as a sleeper.

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Which Bed Frame Is Best For A Hybrid Mattress

Did you know that a poor bed frame can affect your mattress? Yup, the noble mattress needs a bit more TLC than first meets the eye, so making sure you have a bed frame that supports it is key. You dont need a box spring with a hybrid mattress, but a good, solid bed frame that doesnt sag and that allows the mattress to breathe will do you right.

The type of bed frame can affect the feel of the hybrid mattress, too. Wooden slats will support the medium firm feel of the mattress, whereas a box spring tends to create a softer feel and is generally less supportive. And if youre wondering whether hybrid mattresses are safe on the floor, the answers yes – but wed suggest propping your mattress on its side every once in a while to let it breathe.

Horizon Discovery 1500 Pocket Memory Mattress

If you want a decadently deep layer of memory foam comfort and plenty of pocket springs – look no further than the Horizon Discovery 1500 Pocket Memory Mattress!

Here’s why we love it:

  • The double size is a 2020 Which? Best Buy
  • Not too firm – or too soft!
  • Super-deep 7.5cm memory foam

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You Can Test Drive Them

Many hybrid mattresses benefit from sleep trials. This means that you can try your mattress for up to 365 nights and, if you don’t love it, you can swap it for a different mattress. It’s a great option if you’re not sure what mattress to choose.

You can try a range of mattresses, including Simba, Casper, DreamCloud and many more.

They Don’t Have As Much Longevity

Memory Foam VS Hybrid Mattress Comparison

Since memory foam mattresses don’t have coils or any other structural support system, they can sag over time, especially if you tend to always lie down in the same spot. After a few years, you may notice that your mattress has an indent that won’t go away. The good news is that many mattress companies offer warranties on this and if the sag reaches a certain depth, they’ll replace the mattress for you.

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Drawbacks Of A Memory Foam Mattress

Some people find the sensation of lying on a memory foam mattress to be very uncomfortable This is because it has a high level of sinkage, and can feel like its enveloping the body. Some report feeling like they are trapped in the mattress.

For those who enjoy moving around a lot in their sleep, memory foam may feel restrictive. Memory foam also offers little to no bounce.

Memory foam is not known for being very breathable, meaning the mattresses can retain a lot of heat and cause the user to sleep hot. This can feel clammy or sweaty. Many memory foam mattresses now come with a layer of cooling foam to mitigate this.

A brand new memory foam mattress can be prone to off-gassing releasing an unpleasant, chemical scent left over from manufacture. This does fade over time, though.

Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Mattress


  • This is the best mattress for the side, back and combination sleepers.
  • If you are a hot sleeper then this mattress is best for you.
  • It is a plant-based mattress that prevents pressure build-ups in the mattress.
  • It comes with five support zones for the premium comfort level.
  • This hybrid mattress comes in eco-conscious shoppers.


  • It doesnt absorb sound so if you have a restless partner then not for you.
  • It doesnt absorb motion so if someone sits on it you can feel the movement on the other side.

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Cons Of Memory Foam Hybrids

A memory foam hybrid isnt flawless. There are drawbacks that sleepers should consider.

Chemical Production

Its impossible to make a memory foam bed without adding in petrochemicals, which are processed from crude oil and natural gas. Some manufacturers substitute a percentage of petrochemicals with plant-based materials, such as castor oil.

You also cant make a memory foam mattress without volatile organic compounds , though it is possible to produce a mattress with only trace amounts of VOCs.


When you unbox a new memory foam mattress, lingering VOCs from production will break down at room temperature. This chemical process is off-gassing. Off-gassing creates a noticeable smell that many people find unpleasant.

The scent usually disappears within a week, and you can speed up the process by keeping your mattress in a well-ventilated area. If the smell bothers you too much to sleep, try encasing your mattress in a protector. A tight woven protector can limit that new mattress smell.

Heat Retention

Perhaps the most well-known drawback of a memory foam bed is how the material can trap heat. The density of traditional memory foam didnt allow absorbed heat to escape easily. You might wake up in a sweat if body heat builds and warms your sleeping surface.

Many manufacturers mix in cooling gels and other materials to help memory foam disperse heat better. See our gel memory foam vs. latex guide for a side-by-side comparison of the two materials.


Layers In A Memory Foam Mattress

Hybrid Mattress or Memory Foam Mattress: The Pros, Cons & Differences | How to buy a Mattress

A memory foam mattress is generally categorized into three layerscomfort, transition, and support. The comfort layer includes the memory foam layer on top which lends the mattress its feel. This layers firmness level determines the firmness you feel when you lie on the bed. The transition layer may include memory foam or polyfoam which supports the top layer and smooths the transition between the layers. The support layer usually includes a high-density polyfoam layer which is responsible for the mattresses durability.

Including all these layers a memory foam mattress may be anywhere between 6 to 16 inches tall. If you dont want to invest in a mattress immediately, you may opt for a memory foam mattress topper. The toppers are 2 to 4 inches tall and may help you experience the feel of a memory foam mattress.

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Choosing The Best Mattress For You

Now that you know the differences between a hybrid mattress vs. memory foam mattress, its time to make your decision. As you search for the perfect mattress, there are a few things you should consider, including:

  • Density: There are many densities to choose from when looking at hybrid and memory foam mattresses. Refer to our complete guide to memory foam densities to help make your choice.
  • Support: Not every mattress is made the same. Before you jump the gun, test out the memory foam and hybrid mattresses youre considering to determine whether they offer adequate support.
  • Trial Period: Some mattress stores will give you a trial period to test out your mattress. At Layla Sleep, we offer you 120 nights to test out your mattress. If youre not satisfied, youll get a 100% refund with no return or shipping fees.
  • Warranty: Defects can happen. Check to see if a warranty is provided with your mattress. Layla Sleep offers a Layla Mattress Lifetime Warranty if there is sagging more than one inch, cracking or splitting of the foam, and loss of mattress height.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the bottom line if youre looking to purchase a mattress. An uncomfortable bed will leave you awake at night regretting your decision. Does the mattress keep you cool? Is it too firm or too soft? Is it loud? These are some of the questions to consider regarding comfort.

What Is A Latex Hybrid Mattress

A latex hybrid is a mattress with a latex foam top and a coil support system. The foam top should feature at least 2 to 3 inches of latex.

There are two types of natural latex, known as Dunlop and Talalay latex. Both are made from rubber tree sap. However, producers following the Talalay process add synthetic materials. That makes Dunlop latex the only 100 percent natural latex.

Youll also find mattresses with synthetic latex. Synthetic latex mattresses are less durable and sustainable than natural latex beds. However, synthetic latex is inexpensive and a good alternative if youre allergic to natural latex.

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The Benefits Of Hybrid Mattresses

If you do decide to go with a hybrid mattress, you will see some serious benefits. These are the most notable positive attributes of hybrid mattresses:

  • Hybrid mattresses are very breathable- The coils in hybrid mattresses add some breathability. There is plenty of room for air to flow through the mattress and keep the mattress from holding too much heat.
  • They are very supportive- The addition of coils also adds some support to hybrid mattresses. Coils are able to handle heavier weights and also provide the support needed for back sleeping and stomach sleeping.
  • They feature a balance of comfort and support- At the same time, hybrid mattresses usually have a softer comfort layer on top. This means hybrid mattresses can be both comfortable and supportive. This makes them good mattresses for combination sleepers.
  • They are durable mattresses- Coils are also a very durable material. This means hybrid mattresses can stand up to many more years of use and the mattress shouldnt sag too quickly.

Advantages Of Hybrid Mattresses

What are the differences between a memory foam mattress ...

Though a wide range of hybrid mattresses is available, most share common benefits.

  • Increased Temperature Regulation: Thanks to the coil support system, hybrid mattresses tend to sleep cooler than all-foam models. Air travels through the core, which can help prevent overheating.
  • Enhanced Ease of Movement: Coil support makes a sleep surface bouncier and more responsive, enabling sleepers to change positions more easily. This trait may also be beneficial for sex.
  • Ample Edge Support: Because of their coil support cores, most hybrid models have sturdy edges. This can allow sleepers to use the entire surface without feeling like theyre sagging.

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They Have Little Motion Transfer

In a traditional innerspring mattress, each coil is interconnected, which means every movement you make in bed is transferred across the whole mattress. One of the benefits of a hybrid memory foam mattress is that they allow for very little motion transfer. This is because the springs in a hybrid mattress are all separate from one another, meaning they can move individually without disturbing the rest of the bed as much.Due to their springs, hybrid mattresses still allow for a minor amount of motion transfer. If you or your partner is a restless sleeper, then a memory foam foam mattress might be a better option for you as they have very little bounce.


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