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Can A Mattress Cause Shoulder Pain

Can Your Pillow Cause Shoulder Pain

How to Choose a Mattress & Pillow (For Neck, Shoulder, Hip, or Back Pain)

If your pillow is too high or too flat, it can cause the muscles in your neck, back, and shoulders to strain, leading to pain and discomfort in the morning. In most cases, the best pillow for shoulder pain is memory foam with a medium loft. These pillows contour to the head and neck and promote a neutral spine to reduce tension and pain.

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Causes Of Shoulder Pain

Because shoulder pain is so common, it is clear to see that there are many causes that people of all ages can have.


Millions of people visit the doctor every year for shoulder injuries. A sizeable chunk of these visits are due to rotator cuff injuries. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and joints that holds the shoulder together. True to its name, it allows you to reach overhead and rotate your arm around. Injuries to the rotator cuff are often due to athletics: swimming, baseball, tennis, etc. If youre an athlete and having shoulder pain, make sure to check out our best mattress for athletes guide too.

Another common shoulder injury is dislocation. When your shoulder is dislocated you will feel pain when you attempt to raise your arm or constantly feel as if your shoulder will fall out of place.


After years of putting wear and tear on your body, its not wonder that people become so sore with age. Your sleep is supposed to be a time of restoration and healing. Thats why its so important to find a mattress for seniors that takes these factors into account and support pain points.

Broken Bone

Sometimes, shoulder pain can be caused from a break or a fracture of the bone. Because the shoulder is a ball and socket joint, the shoulder pain can come when either bone is broken. Occasionally, a broken clavicle bone can cause shoulder pain as well.

Broken shoulder bones often require surgery, and much of the recovery period will be done as you lie on your bed.

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Majestic Mattress By Sealy Posturepedic

The Majestic mattress is suitable for people with shoulder pain because it combines the benefits of latex and innerspring in a zoned support system. The latex core provides maximum contouring for the torso and the Posturepedic innerspring offers correct spinal alignment. You wont be waking up with a sore shoulder if youre sleeping on this!

What To Look For In A Mattress If You Have Shoulder And Neck Pain

Best Mattress for Sleeping on Side With Shoulder Pain ...

If youre experiencing back or neck pain, here are a few things to consider:

  • Look for support. You dont want your mattress to be too soft, and a hybrid mattress with an extra supportive construction is helpful. That said, side sleepers can get away with a slightly softer mattress because they need a little additional pressure relief.
  • Consider pressure relief. You want your mattress, of course, to be comfortable. But you also need it to provide pressure relief. We think mattresses with a medium firmness level provide that sweet spot between pressure relief and support.
  • Look beyond your mattress. Pillows and other accessories make a big difference when it comes to proper spine alignment.

Note that firmness is subjective based on your weight. The lighter you are, the more firm the bed will feel. This is why we present firmness on a spectrumits not the same for everyone.

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Why Does Your Shoulder Hurt More After Sleeping

Shoulder blade pain is commonly more acute during the night and in the morning. This is for two reasons. In the daytime you are busier and distracted by activities but at night, your mind is free to focus on the pain. Also, as noted by the NHS one of the best remedies for shoulder pain is to remain active and to gently exercise the joint. Overnight, you will often lie in one position for hours and your shoulder may stiffen up, becoming more painful by morning.

How Thick Should A Mattress Topper Be For Side Sleepers

A memory foam mattress topper should be thick enough to counteract the effects of the pressure on a persons shoulder while side sleeping. Three-inch toppers usually provide a medium-firm to firm feel for sleepers, so it would work for side sleepers who need extra firmness and support. A four-inch thick mattress topper will tend to be less firm and have a softer feel and can conform to the sleepers body. A four-inch topper can provide a high level of support for the neck and shoulders while also supporting pressure points. The best choice would be a mattress topper with a thickness of anywhere from three to four inches.

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How Can I Tell If My Mattress Is Bad

There are some telltale signs that youve got a bad mattress. Some of them may surprise you. Here are our top five things to look for:

  • It takes you a long time to fall asleep: if youre not comfortable, its more difficult to fall asleep.
  • You wake up tired: your old mattress could be causing things like sleep apnea or other breathing issues that compromise the quality of your sleep.
  • Your sex drive is low: this is surefire sign that youre not getting enough Zzz’s
  • You wake up feeling congested or with a stuffy nose: Unless its allergy season and youve got hay fever, waking up congested or stuffy is a common symptom of a dust mite invasion.
  • Your skin looks lackluster or even starts breaking out: lack of quality sleep increase stress hormones, which result in acne, a loss of skin elasticity, and even wrinkles.
  • Made To Measure Mattresses

    Best Mattress For Neck And Shoulder Pain – Our Top 6 Beds!

    Whether youre looking for pocket sprung or extra-firm options we have a multitude of high-quality mattresses that can provide the additional support you need. You can browse our select range of bespoke mattresses here at Endurance Beds to find your ideal solution or, if you require further advice to work out the perfect type of mattress for your needs simply get in touch with our expert team today for assistance.

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    Warning Signs Your Mattress Is Causing Back Pain

    Sleeping on the wrong mattress can actually cause or worsen back pain. Read on to know how your mattress impacts your back health.

    Can a mattress cause back pain? Yes, a wrong one can. Our mattress plays a big role in enhancing our sleep quality and controlling the way we feel every morning after waking up. Continuously sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause the spine to lose its natural alignment and strain the muscles resulting in back pain. On the other hand, a supportive mattress can help your spine maintain a neutral position and prevent back soreness. People who fail to understand the delicate science behind choosing the right sleep surface as per their sleeping habits are more likely to develop not just chronic back pain but neck stiffness and shoulder aches.

    Lower back pain is not only the leading cause of disability worldwide but in India alone, nearly 60% of Indians suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. The exact cause of back pain is tricky to diagnose in cases there hasnt been a recent sudden stress or strain due to a pulled muscle or tendon. So how to tell if your bed is causing back pain? How to be sure that your mattress is the main culprit behind your back problems?

    Top 10 signs to look out for

    Here is a list of 10 signs to look out for in a mattress to know if it is the sole reason behind your back pain:

    1. Your Mornings Start with Pain

    2. You Are Tossing & Turning All Night

    3. Your Mattress Seems to be Eating You Up

    What About Pillows A Pillow For Shoulder Pain

    Soft, reliable, and frequently underrated, pillows can also have a big impact on body alignment. Too many or overstuffed pillows can cause back and shoulder pain. Not enough pillows can mean your body isnt in a neutral alignment while you sleep, which can lead to spine, neck, and shoulder pain.

    While you are sleeping, you want the right kind of pillows in the right place beneath your head and neck to ensure a neutral spine. A shoulder pain pillow or rotator cuff pillow may be exactly what you need to alleviate your problems. These pillows come in a wide variety of materials such as foam, memory foam, feathers, and fiberfill. They also come in many shapes and sizes depending on whether you want them for your under your head, under your knees, or as back support.

    The best kind of shoulder pain pillow is made of memory foam because it conforms to whatever position you are in to give the best support. Place one, like The Memory Foam Pillow under your head to get enough support for your neck so that it reaches a neutral alignment. You can also place another small pillow under the strained shoulder, making sure your spine maintains neutral alignment. If you have any back pain, a pillow beneath your knees is a good idea to alleviate tension.

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    Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain

    I dont claim to be an expert on anything but sleep, so Id recommend seeing a medical professional if youre suffering from chronic shoulder pain. But if you notice your pain is worse when you wake up and your mattress is 710 years old , that could be the root cause. Additionally, here are some other factors that could lead to shoulder pain:

    • Rotator cuff tendinitis or injury
    • Arthritis
    • General injury or overexertion

    Why Do My Shoulders Hurt When I Sleep

    Shoulder pain from sleeping: Causes, remedies, and prevention

    Shoulder blade pain can be most painful at night while lying still. During the day, youre distracted by running errands, taking care of family, and working. You dont have time to think about shoulder pain, perhaps now and then when you attempt to lift something heavy, youll feel a twinge of pain. At night theres nothing to distract you.

    Side sleepers enjoy the most favorable sleep position for digestion problems, it eases snoring and acid reflux while aligning the spine. If youre a side sleeper who is experiencing shoulder pain from sleeping, youre probably tempted to blame your sleep position.

    However, its often the mattress thats to blame for side sleeper shoulder pain. If your mattress doesnt offer adequate pressure relief, the delicate shoulder areas are put under strain. Shoulder pain at night could be the result of the mattress being too soft. If your mattress is too firm it pushes against your shoulders, aggravating the symptoms further.

    Those who sleep on a memory foam mattress tend to complain about muscle stiffness in the morning. Memory foam usually offers little to no pressure relief. You may think a soft memory foam mattress is ideal for side sleeper shoulder pain but it could make it worse.

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    What To Look For In A Mattress If You Have Shoulder Pain

    If you have shoulder pain and happen to also be looking to replace your mattress, you should look for a brand that offers an easy return policy, says Sinett.

    This can help ensure that you snag the model that feels most comfortable to you rather than get saddled with one that does nothing to ease your discomfort.

    Those with shoulder pain should look for a medium-to-firm mattress, says Sinett. This will give your body some support without being too hard. One thats adjustable can also help you cater to your personal comfort level, he adds.

    What Is The Best Sleep Position For Shoulder Pain

    If you are experiencing shoulder pain, it is best to avoid resting on your sore shoulder. You can try sleeping on the opposite side or rest on your back. Back sleeping can reduce tension on the sides of the body and ensure your spine stays neutral.

    If youre concerned about snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea when back sleeping, you may want to consider an adjustable bed. These bed frames allow you to gently lift the head to open up the airways and make breathing more comfortable. Sleeping on a wedge pillow can also create the same effect.

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    Summary: Best Mattress For Shoulder Pain

    Thats a wrap for the best mattress for shoulderpain guide. No matter the mattress you choose, keeping these tips in mind will help you determine which mattress most effectively offers you shoulder pain relief. Again, please only use this guide as an informational resource. Were not licensed medical professionals, so be sure to contact your doctor with any persistent health issues.

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    Choose A Supportive Mattress

    Best Mattress For Shoulder & Neck Pain (Top 6 Beds For Relief!)

    A supportive mattress can go a long way in keeping you comfortable and in proper alignment while you sleep. The kind of support you need from a mattress has a lot to do with your body type and your sleeping position.

    Body Type
    Stomach or Back Firm

    Lightweight sleepers are typically best supported on softer mattresses, while heavier people need a firmer mattress to offer the best support.

    Side sleepers need softer mattresses that contour to their body to alleviate pressure in the hips and shoulders, while back and stomach sleepers need a more firm mattress to keep their spine aligned.

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    Best Budget Mattress For Shoulder Pain: Vaya Mattress

    The Vaya Mattress features two foam layersa 3-inch foam top layer with a medium firmness and a 9-inch high-density support base. If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable mattress to provide relief from shoulder pain, the Vaya is a good choice.


    The cover of the Vaya features a light, airy fabric that moves with the body as you change positions throughout the night. Beneath the soft cover is Vayas comfort foam. As this material hugs the bodys curves for pressure relief, it also lifts the hips and shoulders, so the spine is not forced to bow. This combination creates a deeply relaxing sleep position.

    The sturdy poly-foam base of the Vaya ensures longevity by preventing sagging. With a reliable support base, the Zoma Mattress will keep you supported throughout the night. The Vaya base is also strong enough to be used on most mattress frames, including slatted foundations and adjustable bases.

    A CertiPUR-US® certification guarantees this bed is free of harmful chemicals and will have low VOC emissions. The Vaya Mattress also comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

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    How To Relieve Shoulder Pain At Night

    If your shoulder pain is unbearable during the night, try to find a better sleeping position. It can be changing from side to sleeping on your back or the stomach.

    If the new position isnât yielding much, perform stretches from that particular shoulder to relax the muscles. You should be gentle enough not to cause yourself more pain.

    Your Body As A Side Sleeper

    How to Find the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers With ...

    Side sleeping is the most comfortable slumber position for many including me. But how does our body look while we sleep? Basically, our hips and shoulders are twisted. When we lay down on our sides, the upper leg will tread forward to rest on the mattress. This twists the hips. And since its impossible to contain the arms parallel to the body, this will also fall on the bed. The result? Twisted shoulders and the other arm is tucked and pressed under the body.

    Some think that side sleeping is the most symmetrical sleeping position. But theres no way it can be. As you lose consciousness, all parts of your body will fall into the mattress, thus various strain points.

    As much as its comfy, there are some problems associated with side sleeping.

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