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What’s Inside The Purple Mattress

If You Decide To Order This Mattress

What’s inside The Purple Mattress Factory?

You can buy this mattress from either Amazon or directly from Purple. I decided to buy it from Amazon after doing significant research on the differences between the two different methods. See what I learned about the differences in the link below this section.

Lastly, I am a stay-at-home mother and part-time writer/researcher. I make my income by researching topics such as this and writing about what I find. If you believe this mattress is right for you and plan to order it, please do so from my Amazon link in this article.

I would never ask that any of my dedicated readers buy a mattress that wasn’t right for them, so if you believe that to be the case, then do not order this mattress. If you are going to order it anyway, please do so from my link and it would be greatly appreciated.

Whats Inside The Purple Mattress

If youve been mattress shopping online, you might have seen that Purple mattress or even Helix mattress are two of the more famous mattress brands and Whats Inside The Purple Mattress is one of the frequently seen searches. So if youre considering mattresses like Purple mattress or Helix mattress, its wise for you to try other mattress brands as well.

You also might have noticed that all those bed in a box brands are quite impossible to differentiate. How are you expected to understand whether a particular bed lives up its hype? Sure you can return it after a couple of weeks if it does not feel incredible, however thats not precisely easy.

And then you get to go mattress hunting all over againWhy not start with a bed developed just for you?

Learning the numerous selection of bed mattress out there can be irritating. If youve never ever considered your sleeping choices, how are you supposed to understand what to select?

Here, we have diligently reviewed and tested numerous bed mattress and came up with this strong, comprehensive, impartial review of them!

What You Get With Every Purple Mattress Purchase

Purple is a cool brand to buy from. As well as the things weve come to expect with mattress in a box , there are some things that stand out: the grid comfort feature and its designed and made in the USA. Heres a full list of what you can expect when you buy any Purple mattress:

  • 100 Night sleep trial
  • Free delivery and returns
  • Purples famous grid comfort and support system
  • Designed and made in the USA
  • All have a bouncy feel, and will allow you to feel like you are sleeping on your mattress rather than being hugged into it

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Why Buy A Mattress Online

Purple sells most of their mattresses directly to you, the consumer. Purple and popular bed-in-a-box mattress brands skip the showroom and pass the savings onto you. Not only do online mattresses tend to cost less than their brick-and-mortar competitors, but there are other benefits, too.

  • Sleep trials: Online mattress brands tend to offer more generous sleep trials. You may have 100 or 365 days to try out a mattress, and many brands offer free returns. Read more about the Purple Return Policy.
  • Warranties: Many online mattress companies back their mattresses with long warranties. Some brands offer lifetime warranties, something unheard of in the traditional mattress space. Read more about the Purple Mattress Warranty.
  • Promotions: You can shop for discount codes online, ensuring that you dont pay more than you need to.
  • Time: You save time shopping online!
  • Zero pressure: In-store mattress shopping typically involves a commissioned sales person. You dont have to worry about high-pressure sales tactics at home.

My Favorite Features Of The Casper Mattress

Purple Bed Review 2020  what is inside of Purple Bed ...
  • Primarily, I think this mattress could be a fantastic suitable for back sleepers. Not only is it simple to move and change positions, but the bed does a terrific task of placing the spinal column in a nice, even line.
  • The soft feel at the shoulders makes Casper an awesome option for those attempting to prevent shoulder discomfort!
  • In general, I believe this mattress could be a great suitable for folks who are having problem with neck and back pain as it strikes a rewarding balance between pressure relief and support.

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My Purple 4 Mattress Findings

This is a mattress that you really sink into. In fact, it is the plushest among the entire Purple mattress line. Below is a photo showing how much my 14 lb. bowling ball sinks into the mattress.

This is a very bouncy mattress as well but not in a bad way. You get lots of quick recovery with the smart grid system and true bounce with the springs underneath but despite the bounciness, motion transfer is contained very well.

Heres a video to illustrate this point.

Purple is one of the coolest sleeping mattresses on the market. If sleeping hot is your primary concern, you owe it to yourself to try the Purple. You dont lose any of this benefit with more of the smart grid. Below is a video illustrating heat retention on the Purple 4. It was taken with my infrared camera. I dont think this video quite does the mattress justice as heat is constantly dissipating through the grid keeping you cool.

Take a peek inside. Heres an up-close shot of the inside of the Purple. Notice how the comfort grid system bounces back instantly. Its almost like a jello type of responsiveness.

Heres a peek inside the purple. I pulled back the foam border so you can see the spring system inside.

Who Will And Won’t Like Purple

To conclude our Purple mattress review, I’m going to lay everything out and help you decide if the Purple bed is the perfect mattress for you.

You might like the Purple mattress if:

  • You get hot while you sleep. The Purple bed’s design offers a massive amount of breathability and should help you sleep cooler and more comfortably.
  • You want a very bouncy, responsive bed.
  • You sleep on your side, back or stomach. It works for all sleeping positions, unless you weigh under 145 pounds and strictly sleep on your side.
  • You love Purple’s commercials and are open to being adventurous with your new bed.

You might not like the Purple mattress if:

  • You’re in the market for a standard, run-of-the-mill foam mattress.
  • You can’t spend over $1,000 on a queen or king bed.
  • You have a larger body type. Purple offers three hybrid mattresses that will offer more durability, comfort, and support in the long run.
  • You’re looking for an extraplush or an extrafirm bed. Purple lands right in between firm and soft.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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Who Will The Purple Plus Mattress Suit

  • Side and back sleepers: the Purple Plus could be described as having a medium firmness rating, as it’s designed to feel both plush and firm at the same time. The Plus offers more cushion than the Original, making it a great choice for side sleepers, particularly.
  • Those who seek breathability: Purple’s iconic grid system has over 1,400+ air channels built to stay temperature neutral and utilizes breathable foams throughout so you can sleep cool
  • Those who seek pressure relief: Back pain is a notion of the past. Back to the soft and cushioning Grid System, that cradles hips and shoulders for pressure point reduction.
  • Those who sleep with a partner: Whether your sleep companion is your significant other or your pet, superior motion isolation means you won’t feel movements of others getting up or moving around throughout the night.

Is The Purple Powder Safe

What’s inside Purple Mattress?

In short: yes.

Purple exists to help people feel betterso naturally, concern for the health, safety, and peace of mind of the customer is in the foundation of every product and process created. Youll be happy to know that the polyethylene copolymer has been thoroughly tested for safety by independent labs, for both its common uses, as well as in the mattress itself.

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Shipping Trial And Warranty

The Purple Mattress comes rolled up in a shipping bag.

Even if you’re an avid online shopper, it’s difficult to purchase over the internet when you’re unconfident about a brand’s policies. Especially when it comes to returns.

The Purple ships for free in a cardboard box directly to your front door. All you have to do is open it up, remove the plastic wrap, unroll, and voila — you have yourself a new bed. There will be an off-gassing smell right when you take it out of the box, but I wouldn’t say it’s a deal-breaker since it disappears after a few days.

They offer a 100-night trial, giving you more than three months to figure out if you like the bed or not. You should give yourself at least 30 days, though, to give your body a chance to get used to the feel.

Purple offers a 10-year warranty for its original Purple mattress, which is pretty much the standard for online beds.

Which Purple Mattress Should I Buy

Best Purple Mattress To Buy

  • Best value for money
  • Optimal amount of Purples famous grid comfort system
  • Best suited to the widest range of people
  • Best edge support

Ive spent a lot of time looking at each of the Purple mattresses to help answer the question which Purple mattress should I buy?. Even though the mattresses may all seem quite similar when youre browsing the Purple website, Im here to tell you that I think that the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is the best Purple mattress to buy.

BUT: is it the best mattress of all the brands that you can buy? Ill tell you later in the article.

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Support And Comfort What\s Inside The Purple Mattress

The 2 biggest aspects when seeking to purchase a new mattress, is comfort and also support.

There are a range of things that ought to occur when you lie down. You want the sinkage and contour to be appropriate, for proper spine alignment.

You also require a mattress to correctly support your body, as you sleep soundly at night. Its essential to have proper alignment from top to bottom as you sleep.

This is essential to be certain that you receive a healthful rest, and to be certain that you are decreasing your neck and back pain. While being supportive of your body, a suitable mattress must offer stress relief.

The pressure points on your body are precisely what is in control of you thrashing during the evening.

Foam mattresses have made their way into the spotlight, but by not only being comfy, but as both supportive.

Who I Recommend The Purple Mattress For

Helix Sleep Mattress Review
  • I think this mattress is a particularly good choice for combination sleepers. It has a really bouncy, buoyant feel that makes switching positions easy.
  • Hot sleepers should be quite happy on this bed. The Purple Grid allows for lots of airflow, which helps keep you cool throughout the night.
  • Shoppers on a budget will like the fact that this mattress is very affordable compared to comparable beds on the market.

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Eluxury Mattress Review: Summary

Whats not to like? Its not the most special bed in the world, however its also not attempting to be. This is just a solid, budget friendly, memory foam bed that we can see a lot of individuals really enjoying it.

And, given that we love this nation and our veterans, we cant help however have a soft spot for this mattress considered that the company is owned and run by a United States military veteran thats quite incredible.

The foams are CertiPUR-US licensed, meaining they contain no forbidden phthalates, ozone depleters, mercury, lead or heavy metals, to name a few things. Essentially, the foams are completely safe to sleep on and be around and that answered your questions about Whats Inside The Purple Mattress.

Casper Vs Original Purple Mattress Comparison

The Casper and Purple mattresses vary significantly in their construction. The original Casper mattress features an all-foam construction and a Zoned Support system thats firmer near the middle of the mattress and softer near the head and foot. As noted above, the Purple is primarily constructed from the brands proprietary hyper-elastic gel polymer.

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These construction differences produce very different feels. The original Casper has a balanced foam feel thats responsive and bouncy. As weve discussed, the Purple has a squishy-yet-firm feel thats also bouncy and responsive.

These mattresses also differ slightly in terms of their firmness levels. We ranked the Purple at 6.5/10, while we ranked the Casper a touch firmer at 7/10.

The mattresses are most similar when it comes to price. Depending on discounts and coupons, both mattresses should cost around $1,000 or so for a Queen size.

Who Should Get The Casper?

  • Folks who like a balanced foam feel
  • Back sleepers
  • Light- and medium-weight combination sleepers

Who Should Get The Purple?

  • Hot sleepers because the Purples materials allow for more airflow
  • Folks who want a more durable mattress
  • Heavier-weight side sleepers

Curious about the Casper? Learn more in our in-depth Casper mattress review.

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My Problems About The Casper Mattress

  • The bed might not be quite right for heavy individuals in need of more powerful assistance.
  • To that point, the Casper mattress doesnt actually feature excessive body-contouring. If youre someone who wants to feel as though theyre sinking into their mattress, this might not be the ideal bed for you.

How Do I Find A Location To Buy The Mattress

What’s Inside The Purple Mattress?! – The Purple GelFlex Grid Explained (REVIEW)
  • We have many retail locations where you can experience Purples innovative comfort products. Find all retail locations HERE.
  • If you’re not near a retail location, don’t worry! We offer a 100-night trial with every mattress purchase. If you decide Purple isn’t a perfect fit for you within the 100-night trial, you can send it back.
  • Keep in mind, we ask all Purple customers to spend up to 21 nights on the Purple Mattress before starting a return or exchange. This time will allow your body to adjust to the incredible support Purple has to offer!

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Casper Vs Purple Mattress

The Casper and Purple mattresses vary significantly in their construction. The original Casper mattress features an all-foam construction and a Zoned Support system thats firmer near the middle of the mattress and softer near the head and foot. As noted above, the Purple is primarily constructed from the brands proprietary hyper-elastic gel polymer.

These construction differences produce very different feels. The original Casper has a balanced foam feel thats responsive and bouncy. As weve discussed, the Purple has a squishy-yet-firm feel thats also bouncy and responsive.

These mattresses also differ slightly in terms of their firmness levels. We ranked the Purple at 6.5/10, while we ranked the Casper a touch firmer at 7/10.

The mattresses are most similar when it comes to price. Depending on discounts and coupons, both mattresses should cost around $1,000 or so for a Queen size.

Purple Vs Purple Hybrid & Hybrid Premiers

  • Both the Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premiers feature a sturdier build than the Purple thanks to the inclusion of coils.
  • The Purple puts a Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid over poly foam, while the hybrid models feature the same polymer over pocketed coils. This creates great bounce and mobility.
  • Both the updated Purple and the Purple Hybrid have 2 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which leads to a supportive, firmer feel because theres not a ton of room to sink into the mattress. In contrast, the Hybrid Premiers include either3 or4 inches of the grid for greater pressure relief. For this reason, the Hybrid Premiers are more likely to appeal to strict side sleepers.
  • Both the Hybrid and Hybrid Premiers are more expensive than the Purple.

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Purple Mattress Firmness And Feel

The secret to its sauce is Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which is what gives the bed its signature feel. What is Hyper-Elastic Polymer, you ask? It’s a squishy, stretchy, jelly-like material that’s laid out in a comfort grid design in the top layer of the bed. It definitely takes a few nights to get used to, but once you do, it’s a lovely sleeping experience.

It’s pressure-relieving and soft when I’m on my side, but my back never felt like it sagged into the mattress. So, the Purple is also perfectly supportive. Not to mention it’s extremely bouncy, which should be music to the ears of combination sleepers because it won’t cause any resistance like memory foam does. I’d rate it around a medium on the firmness scale, or a 5 out of 10 with 10 being the firmest.

You can ask for a sample of the material before you test the bed, which I suggest doing if you’re on the fence about trying it. That way, you can decide with absolute certainty if you’re up for the bed or not. But you’ll probably find that it’s durable , soft and a creative idea for a bed’s comfort layer.

A peek at the Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid that gives the Purple its squishy feel.

Are Purple Mattresses Good

Purple Pillow Review: Dream in Purple

Our answer is absolutely, but for the right kinds of people. Its completely unique and is a great option for those that are interested in trying something new. Its also incredibly breathable, making it ideal for those who sleep hot. Weve featured it on several best lists, including the best bed in a box mattress and the best mattress under $1,000 because, while its unconventional, it appeals to a wide range of sleeper types and offers a perfect balance between soft and supportive.

In this review, well try the best we can to describe how it feels to sleep on Hyper-Elastic Polymer and who we think it is the best mattress for!

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