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Do All Memory Foam Mattresses Contain Fiberglass

Puffy Lux Cheapest Fiberglass Free Mattress

Family forced to leave home over fiberglass mattress cover

A cheap mattress without fiberglass is the best solution for those looking to save money while still getting a high-quality product. If youre worried about fiberglass in your mattress, any mattress from the Puffy range is a safe bet. The company makes three models: the original Puffy mattress, the Puffy Royal, and the Puffy Lux. All are fiberglass free. Puffy mattresses are 100% fiberglass free as verified by the companys customer services.

The Puffy mattress measures 10 inches thick, around average for a memory foam mattress. This memory foam mattress does not contain fiberglass. It provides outstanding support and pressure relief on a budget and has a medium firmness that perfectly meets side sleepers needs.

Puffy Mattress Options Get $300 off Limited time only!

Best Value

$300 Off + FREE King PillowCertiPUR-US® CertifiedLifetime warranty. Suits All Sleeping PositionsMade in USA

Best for back pain sufferers High-Density Transition Comfort Layer

The Puffy Royal mattress measures a whopping 14 inches thick, making it supportive enough for higher body weights. It costs significantly more than the other models and includes an additional transitional layer. This layer has zoned support for additional firmness around the lower back and extra softness where you need it. It has the same medium firmness as the other beds in the Puffy range.

Key Features


  • Zoned support
  • Removable, washable, and stain-resistant cover
  • 101-night sleep trial

Is Fiberglass In A Mattress Bad For You

Since fiberglass doesnt release toxic fumes, a mattress can contain fiberglass underneath the cover and still be perfectly safe for sleeping. However, removing the mattresss cover can release fiberglass particles. These particles can cause:

  • Skin irritation
  • Respiratory issues
  • Throat irritation

Cheaply made mattresses may also sweat the fiberglass out of the cover as the mattress ages. If your mattress is releasing fiberglass pieces, its time to replace it.

Best Budget: Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress

  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty: 15 years

Tuft & Needle is one of the most budget-approachable memory foam mattresses without fiberglass. According to the manufacturer, its T& N Adaptive Foam makes its customers fall in love with it, because it distributes pressure evenly, alleviates the pain, and lasts for decades.

Its great for people who experience back and neck pain, as well as people who suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis. It alleviates the pressure and pain from the main pressure points. Adaptive foam isnt exactly memory foam. However, it has some properties. It adjusts to the shape of your body and hugs it to sleep.

The mattress is equipped with the Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certificates that are important when it comes to the declaration of fire retardants like fiberglass. Another great thing about these mattresses is that the company offers great customer service and a 15-year warranty.

It is also equipped with cooling graphite and gel beads that help preserve the cool sleeping surface that is extremely important during hot summer nights.

Editors notes: One of the things we mind on this mattress is that theres no sleep trial. Another annoying thing is that it can take a long to expand. In rare cases, it can take over 72 hours for it to fully expand. That said, be patient.

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Naturepedic Eos Classic Gots

This organic mattress contains no fiberglass and offers an eco-friendly option for people concerned about environmental damage. Its a hybrid model that combines supportive innerspring coils with pressure-relieving organic latex. It provides an exceptional range of firmness options all the way from soft to extra firm, so there should be a version to suit practically anybody. You can also select dual firmness so that both partners can have their preferred feel on their side of the bed.

This bed allows for plenty of customization, and you can swap out the layers in the comfort of your own home whenever you like to change the feel. The manufacturer allows you to swap layers free of charge within 90 days if you decide it doesnt suit you. Unlike most mattresses, you can opt for a wool-free vegan version on special order. You can also choose to include an extra layer of latex-free microcoils for additional cushioning.

The Naturepedic customer services representative we emailed told us that their range is fiberglass free. Instead, it uses natural wool to meet federal fire standards

Key Features

8-Inch Support Coil Layer: This mattress starts with an 8-inch layer of supportive, individually wrapped innersprings. You can customize the firmness to suit your sense of comfort. This layer offers excellent lumbar support and is somewhat thicker than the support layer on most hybrid mattresses, making it an outstanding choice for people with higher body weights.


What’s The Big Deal About Fiberglass

Memory Foam Mattresses Without Fiberglass in 2021

The importance of getting a mattress without fiberglass can’t be overstated. For starters, a mattress with fiberglass has the potential to leave tiny shards of glass throughout the bedroom, putting you in harm’s way.

This happens if you remove the mattress cover or unzip it. Many mattress brands don’t tell you to avoid doing that, so many people end up accidentally creating a hazardous mess.

It can also seriously irritate your body. You may experience stomach irritation, eye problems, and rashes after sleeping on a mattress with fiberglass.

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Is Fiberglass In A Mattress Safe

The answer here is yes and no. Lets look at it from both perspectives.

YES: Fiberglass makes for a great fire retardant. Its a budget friendly option that allows companies to produce cheap, fire safe mattresses without using toxic chemicals in their fire barriers.

NO: If the fiberglass gets out of the mattress, youre going to end up with the fine strands of it all through your bed, your bedroom, your house. This can cause itching, irritation, and even small cuts. The fibers are so fine it will be nearly impossible to fully clean them up once they escape.

This means that if you do buy a mattress with fiberglass, you can be assured youre getting a good fire barrier, but youre going to have to be VERY CAREFUL to remember to never remove the cover.

Further to that, since fiberglass is usually found in the cheaper mattresses, you need to think about how durable the cover is. If the cover rips or breaks down, you will end up with fiberglass contamination despite your best efforts. Your best safeguard against this issue is to use a mattress protector on top of the mattress .

Fiberglass To The Rescue

Enter fiberglass, a possible solution to the above quandaries. Cheap, easy to use, readily available, and relatively non-toxic, fiberglass has become the preferred material to meet the fire retardant requirements laid out by the US government.

The fiberglass comes in the form of a fire retardant knit fabric barrier that is woven into the memory foam mattress in order to act as a flame inhibitor.

However, nothing is perfect. And the same is true for fiberglass.

Fiberglass is made with a whole lot of tiny glass fibers woven together. And as anyone who works with fiberglass or who has had an unfortunate incident with the material will tell you, it has its downsides.

Most notably, especially when it comes to fiberglass in a mattress, skin contact with fiberglass is a very uncomfortable experience. The tiny glass fibers stick into your skin and make a most uncomfortable and itchy rash.

For this reason, follow these guidelines if you have a memory foam mattress that contains fibreglass or are thinking about purchasing one.

  • Dont remove the mattress cover. This will make sure that those tiny glass fibres stay in the cover and away from your skin.
  • If the mattress is torn or damaged, handle the mattress VERY carefully. Definitely dont remove the cover and consider getting rid of the mattress.
  • Read the label of the mattress carefully before purchasing. Or consider buying an organic, fibreglass free mattress instead.

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Are Mattresses Required To Be Flame Retardant

Yes, they are.

In 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission put into law new standards for mattress flammability across the entire United States.

All mattresses must pass rigorous flammability testing before theyre cleared for sale.Its worth mentioning that, according to the CPSC, chemicals are not the only types of fire retardants that can be used. In fact, the CPSC does not require the use of any specific fire-retardant kind of technology.

Instead, mattresses need to be able to pass the testing protocols in order to become compliant.

Compliant mattresses will state on the tag that it meets the federal flammability standard for mattress sets.

Picking The Right Mattress Firmness


While choosing a new mattress without fiberglass can help you feel secure in your choice, its also vital to pick a bed with a firmness that matches your sleeping style. Choosing the wrong mattress for your needs can leave you waking up sore or stiff. Most likely, sleeping on a too-soft or too-firm mattress will leave you with a case of back pain.

Shoppers should consider their sleeping position and body type as they shop. These factors determine how they press down on a mattress.

What if, despite your best efforts, you find yourself with a mattress thats too soft or too firm? Well, this potential situation is why we always recommend choosing a mattress with a lengthy sleep trial. Most sleepers know within a few months if a mattress isnt right for their needs.

However, there are ways to change a mattresss feel. The most common way is to roll a mattress topper across the beds surface. For example, a firm mattress topper can revive a mattress thats softened with age.

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Do All Memory Foam Mattresses Contain Fiberglass

Well, many of them do.

Mattresses sold in the United States are required to contain some form of flame-retardant property in order to be sold, and fiberglass meets the minimum requirements. Such a material attribute makes it an easy choice for those who are selling memory foam mattresses for a cheap price.

The main thing to be careful of, if you have a memory foam mattress that contains fiberglass, is to be sure that you dont remove the mattress cover.

If you do, youll end up with tiny shards of glass getting everywhere, and that wouldnt be an ideal situation.

What Are Fiberglass Fr Socks

Fiberglass FR Socks have been known to wreak havocin homes. When exposed to the open-air Fiberglass FR Socks expel tiny shards of glass throughout the entire home. Side effects from exposure include skin rash, eye irritation, soreness of the nose and throat, and temporary stomach irritation. In some cases, it will even ruin everything in your home as shards of glass float through the entire home. The Mattress Industry continues to use these construction techniques in fireproofing its mattresses. Recently, this has prompted consumers to take action. Harvest does not use Fiberglass FR Socks.

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Glass Fibers In Bed Mattresses

Fiberglass Awareness

Itâs tucked safely behind the walls they said. Oh wait… itâs in my bed. That’s right, some of us are sleeping on tiny strands of glass. Because of mandatory flammability standards for mattresses, some companies are putting fiberglass in the mattresses to meet the guidelines, while others are adding chemicals.

When our dog sneezed every time she walked over to our bed it was a sign something was in the air, but never did we imagine it would be floating glass. Sure enough, our bed was wrapped in a glass blanket. The label said it was 64% glass fibers. This type of blanket is also sometimes called a silica sock.

Before making the decision to toss the mattress we tried simply removing the fiberglass cover.

Thank goodness we were outside, because while the cover looked nice and soft, it left tiny sharp, glittery strands of glass all over everything.

The glass was everywhere, sticking to everything and my lungs began to hurt.

We bought a mattress that was made of latex and sheep wool to replace our memory foam fiberglass mattress, as sheep wool meets the flame retardant guidelines.

How Can I Tell If My Mattress Is Safe

New Memory Foam Mattress Topper At All Thicknesses and ...

Despite the risks, many companies continue using fiberglass in their mattress construction. Fiberglass fireproofs the mattress, but it’s not worth the potential harm.

Fiberglass is a cheap fireproofing material. You can find new mattresses that are hundreds of dollars cheaper than the alternative. But is saving some cash now really worth the long-term health risk? Be extra careful about deals that look too good to be true.

You can tell if your mattress is safe by looking at the tag. It provides you with a breakdown of what the mattress is made out of. If it contains any percentage of “glass fiber,” then it’s safer to just find a different brand.

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Memory Foam Must Contain Fire Retardant According To Us Law

Many of the changes made to memory foam over the years have been focused on improving the performance of the material from a comfort standpoint.

More recently, however, the law has gotten involved. And, in order to meet certain law requirements, more changes have been made to memory foam.

At the end of the day, all mattresses are flammable. However, being a synthetic material, memory foam in its original form can be both toxic and highly flammable if left to burn.

The Federal Law in the USA tested memory foam in all its forms and ruled that it is not sufficient for fire prevention regulations. This law requires that memory foam should now contain a fire retardant chemical or material in order to measure up to federal standards.

How We Rate Mattresses

We rate mattresses using the following criteria:

  • Comfort
  • Firmness and support
  • Learn more about our mattress rating process and methodology here.

    Psst… the sleep review industry is full of liars, sharks, and thieves. It’s a modern-day version of getting ripped off at your local mattress store. So, why should you trust us?

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    A Step By Step Guide To Avoid Mattress With Fiberglass

    Mattresses that contain fiberglass will always put you and your familys health at risk. The problem with most of us is that we always think about comfort when buying a mattress and rarely pay attention to the materials used. The effect of such actions is bringing fiberglass mattresses into our homes and risking the lives of everyone who resides there.

    But, what if there were ways you could use to avoid mattresses with fiberglass? By keeping this material out of your home, you can still invest in quality beds that use safer materials as fire retardants instead of glass fibers. Here are various approaches you can follow to avoid mattresses with fiberglass.

    Step 1 Go through the Mattress Description Carefully

    The only way to know whether a mattress contains glass fibers or not is by looking at the description. Beds arent any different from other products. And thats why they have a description attached next to them. Whether you are shopping online or in-person, there should be a product description or label next to it.

    In this label, you will see various aspects of the mattress, such as the brand, size, and materials used. Under the material section, confirm whether the manufacturer has included fiberglass or not. Reputable brands will list if fiberglass is used or not.

    Step 2 Familiarize Yourself with the Warning Signs of Fiberglass Mattresses

    Step 3 Make a Personal Inquiry

    Step 4 Opt for Organic Mattresses Instead

    Do Certifications Mean That Mattresses Are Fiberglass

    Sleep on a memory foam mattress? A Round Rock family has a warning

    Not at all. Certifications are indeed a big deal if you are buying a mattress. However, just because a bed has got certain certifications, it doesnt mean it is fiberglass-free. To show you that certifications do not in any way prove that a mattress is fiberglass-free, let us look at the different mattress certifications.

    These three are the most popular mattress certifications. After looking at what each entails, the only certificate that has a close relation to fiberglass is the GOTS since it advocates for the presence of only organic materials. The rest do not prove whether a mattress is fiberglass-free. This implies that as you shop for a bed, do not rely on certifications if you want to know whether it contains fiberglass. Instead, look through the list of materials, confirm from the manufacturer or do more research.

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    Do All Memory Foam Mattresses Have Fiberglass No

    Sure, you expect natural mattresses like latex to come with wool or cotton instead of fiberglass for the fire barrier, but if memory foam mattresses dont have fiberglass, what do they have? Do all memory foam mattresses have fiberglass?

    Luckily, the answer is no. There are a ton of memory foam mattresses you can buy that have NO fiberglass at all. The ones that dont have fiberglass usually use silica, sometimes mixed with wool to create the fire barrier. Ive seen a ton of articles out there telling you about other mattress types that dont have fiberglass, but I want to reassure you here that you CAN buy a memory foam mattress without fiberglass!

    Heres what well cover in this article:

    • 5 Memory Foam Mattresses That DONT Have Fiberglass
    • 5 Memory Foam Mattresses That DO Have Fiberglass
    • How To Tell If Your Mattress Has Fiberglass
    • Why Fiberglass Is Even Used In Mattresses Anyway

    What Is A Fiberglass Fire Sock

    As you shop for mattresses, you will come across various terminologies such as fire sock. In the bed market, there are two types of fire socks. Those that feature chemical treatments and the ones that contain fiberglass. Neither options are safe. You are most likely to come across the term fire sock in low price range mattresses.

    Mattress brands use fiberglass fire socks to pass the flammability test. These socks act as a casing for mattresses, more especially memory foam beds. Fiberglass is the main material in the sock. Its role is to act as a flame retardant. In case your mattress catches fire, the fiberglass will melt, slow down and extinguish the flames. In a memory foam mattress without fiberglass, you will find flame retardants such as organic wool or cotton. These are much safer.

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