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Does Novaform Mattress Have Fiberglass

List Of Companies That Are Reported To Have Fiberglass

Family forced to leave home over fiberglass mattress cover

Some companies are aware of the harm fiberglass causes. Brands like Amerisleep, Saatva, and Avocado have taken steps to remove fiberglass from their production.

It’s great when you can rely on brands to do the right thing. But many still have the material used in their production processes. Here are some that have been reported to use fiberglass.

  • Purple
  • Wayfair Sleep

Mattress Brands That Dont Use Fiberglass

Now that we informed you about most of the mattress makers that use fiberglass as the flame retardant, lets take a look at the brands you should put into consideration.

  • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Cal Split King
  • Firmness: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, Firm
  • Warranty: 15 years

For a very long time, Saatva mattresses are the leaders in the sleep industry. Thats not only because of the quality of the material and unprecedented comfort but also because they dont use fire retardants like fiberglass, while also ensuring great customer service and overall service that will last for decades.

As we described, Saatva Classic mattress is a hybrid innerspring mattress, which means it has high-quality springs in combination with multiple layered memory foam of the highest quality. The top layer features a 3-inch Euro-quality pillowtop for an extended luxurious feel and comfort.

Below that, theres a support foam layer that gives support to the sleeper, especially for the back, and helps alleviate pain and pressure points. There is no annoying sagging feeling when you lay down to sleep. Instead, you and your curves will be naturally embraced by the high-quality foam that is CertiPUR-approved for the highest quality.

You can choose different firmness levels for the bed, as well as the height and thickness. If youre not looking for an extraordinary high bed, 11-inch is good. The 14-inch option is also available for those who want more support and thickness.

What Mattresses Do I Avoid

Make sure you avoid mattresses with manufacturing terms like glass wool or glass-fiber in the product description. Other harmful substances found in these types of mattresses include.

  • Antimony A toxic heavy metal used as a flame retardant.
  • Modacrylic A carcinogenic flame retardant material
  • Formaldehyde This toxic volatile organic chemical is present in many adhesives used in mattress manufacturing.

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Reminder: My Top 3 Fiberglass Free Memory Foam Mattresses

Best Budget Option Casper Element
Silica Fire Barrier
  • Cheapest non fiberglass memory foam mattress Ive seen
  • 100 Night sleep trial
  • Ecofriendly knit cover made from recyclable materials
Most Popular Tuft & Needle Original
Salt Fire Barrier
  • Adaptive Foam Infused With Graphite And Memory Foam
  • Green Guard Gold & Certi-PUR US Certified
Best Luxury Puffy Royal Hybrid With Zoned Coils
Silica Fire Barrier
  • Thoughtfully designed foams in every layer
  • Zoned support coil core

What To Do If You Remove Your Mattress Cover And Get Fiberglass Everywhere

Does Dreamcloud Mattress Have Fiberglass

If you make the mistake of removing the cover from your memory foam mattress youll know immediately whether it includes fiberglass or not because the small shards will cover EVERYTHING. The fiberglass particles look like sharp, glittery strands of glass and will stick to everything and will make your eyes and lungs hurt. Youll develop allergy symptoms such as coughing and sneezing since your body is fighting to rid itself of the fiberglass strands.

The strands are particularly attracted to soft surfaces. This means that your clothes, bedding, towels, washcloths, and more will all be covered with the stuff. Basically everything that you care about will be covered with the stuff.

Everything is destroyed, said Robert Durham. You never would have thought that by taking off a cover, you would destroy thousands of dollars of stuff and your whole life.

Quote from a KMOV4 article about a family who had to leave their home after opening their mattress

Cleaning up fiberglass is a huge job that can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Some families report that they have had to throw away everything they own and even move out of their house after removing their mattress cover and exposing the layer of fiberglass underneath. Worst of all, youll have to buy a new mattress.

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What’s The Big Deal About Fiberglass

The importance of getting a mattress without fiberglass can’t be overstated. For starters, a mattress with fiberglass has the potential to leave tiny shards of glass throughout the bedroom, putting you in harm’s way.

This happens if you remove the mattress cover or unzip it. Many mattress brands don’t tell you to avoid doing that, so many people end up accidentally creating a hazardous mess.

It can also seriously irritate your body. You may experience stomach irritation, eye problems, and rashes after sleeping on a mattress with fiberglass.

What Are The Risks Of Vocs And Off

The most hyped danger surrounding mattresses made of memory foam remains VOCs and off-gassing. The two terms refer to the same phenomenon of chemicals breaking down and dispersing into the air, which some have attributed to allergic reactions, breathing issues and toxin buildup. Memory foam and all polyurethane-containing and otherwise manufactured products can have a new odor, usually most noticeable the first few weeks

The term VOCs is short for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are called such because they are unstable and break down or degrade at room temperature, releasing odors as they do. You are already familiar with VOCs and their odors if you have ever smelled fresh paint, new cars, new furniture, some new clothes, and hundreds of other household and industrial products.

Low-level VOCs are difficult for researchers to study and assess due to their ubiquity and the time frame that would be required to assess effects . Alone, their impact ranges from safe to toxic according to MSDS. Several are no more significant than an odor, and even humans and plants release types of VOCs as a part of biological processes.

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However, some sources have been associated with respiratory irritation, throat irritation, forgetfulness, feeling dizzy or developing a headache, and repeated exposure can lead to sensitization or allergic reactions .

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Fire Safety: The Most Dangerous Part Of Your Mattress

Mattresses are required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to meet flammability laws, which previously meant that they were almost always treated with bromated or chlorinated flame-retardant chemicals, typically one of the first three on this list:

  • Polybrominated diphenyl ethers. PBDEs are associated with hormone-disruption, and neurodevelopmental delays, including lowered IQ. The European Union has banned the use of PBDEs in electronic devices. Studies show that children in the United States have higher levels of PBDEs than adults do. Oh, and heres the kicker: they dont even work very well at stopping fires.
  • Firemaster 550. This nasty chemical cocktail is made with bis tetrabromophthalate . Yes, you saw that word in there: phthalate. TBPH is nearly identical to to DEHP, the phthalate banned in childrens products due to evidence of carcinogenicity and developmental toxicity.
  • Chlorinated tris. This is the notorious chemical that was removed from childrens pajamas in the 1970s because it was shown to cause cancer.
  • Halogen-free flame retardants. This newer class of chemicals is believed to be much less likely to bioaccumulate than bromated flame retardants. I still prefer my mattresses to be free of even these.

In addition to these notoriously toxic flame retardants, companies may use some of the following ingredients to pass flammability tests: boric acid, silica, melamine, vinylidene chloride, and fiberglass.

Does Ghostbed Have Fiberglass

GEL MATTRESS Expanding review – ComfortGrande NOVAFORM – how it grows !!!

Despite their beds being CertiPUR certified, it is unfortunate that they do contain fiberglass. Ghostbed covers their mattresses with fiberglass, which acts as a fire retardant. The company does this to promote fire safety and pass the governments requirements concerning the use of fire retardants in mattresses. You can always confirm if a Ghostbed mattress contains fiberglass by going through the list of ingredients written on the label.

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Does Polyurethane Foam Contain Fiberglass

Not all polyurethane foam beds contain fiberglass. You can expect to find glass fibers, however, in cheap PU foam beds. Because of the low price of the bed, manufacturers are inclined to use cheaper fire retardants such as fiberglass. The best way to find out is to confirm in the description or inquire from the manufacturer.

Avenco Best For Heavier Weighted Sleepers

The best fiberglass-free mattress for heavier weighted sleepers is the Avenco Zone Hybrid mattress because it has a firmer feel and zoned support to provide more pushback that can help to guard against excessive sinkage and keep you in good posture.

Watch the video above to see inside the Avenco mattress and to check for fiberglass yourself.


  • Hybrid design gel memory foam, polyfoam, and pocket coils provide firm support with some pressure relief.
  • Firm feel the Avenco has a firm feel that will benefit front and back sleepers due to the increased pushback that can support your hips.
  • Zoned support the Avenco comes with a 5 zoned support core to provide more give around the shoulders and knees, whilst the head, hip, and foot regions are firmer to combine to keep you in good posture.

Best For

  • Heavier weighted sleepers the firmer feel and robust zoned support means that the Avenco can handle weights greater than 300 kg whilst keeping you in good posture.
  • Front and back sleepers front and back sleepers will be able to enjoy good posture thanks to the firm feel and zoned support.
  • Combination sleepers I found the Avenco to be a bouncy and responsive mattress that allowed me to switch positions easily.


  • Will feel firm to lighter weighted sleepers if you weigh less than 150 lbs then the Avenco may feel a bit too firm try the Nolah Natural for more pressure relief.

More Benefits

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What Is The Difference Between Non

People and companies sometimes use the terms non-toxic and organic interchangeably, but they are slightly different.

An organic mattress uses materials grown organically, but manufacturers may use chemicals to treat the final product. A non-toxic mattress is not treated with chemicals during manufacturing, but it may not contain organic materials.

Many organic mattresses are also non-toxic, and vice versa.

What To Do If I Found Out That My Mattress Contains Fiberglass

Fiberglass From Mattress Cut Up Babys Skin and ...
  • Firstly, never remove the cover. The risk gets evident if you unleash the fiberglass. Keep it as is.
  • Secondly, immediately buy a mattress protector/topper. There is a risk that the mattress in due course may wear and tear or gets a hole. In that case, those fiberglass strands may escape or exposed to your living environment leaving you at high risk. Hence better cover that mattress with a reliable and durable mattress topper or protector.
  • Thirdly, if you can afford to replace the mattress. Getting stressed by fearing the risks, a better option is to have peace of mind. Consider replacing it with a product that is free of fiberglass.

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Fiberglass Free Mattress Buying Guide

So what is fiberglass and why is it found in some mattresses?

Fiberglass is a type of reinforced plastic thats made from a range of natural minerals and manufactured chemicals and is used by some manufacturers in their mattresses as part of their fire barrier in order to meet flammability standards.

However, in the case of mattresses, rather than taking the form of an obvious solid sheet of plastic, the fiberglass is integrated more subtly.

More specifically, the fiberglass is typically infused or woven into the inner mattress cover hidden from view where most people will never realise that they are sleeping on a type of material that in certain forms can cause eye redness, inflammation of the nose and throat, and aggravation of pre-existing conditions like asthma and bronchitis .

Most people only become aware of the fiberglass in their mattress when they innocently unzip the cover for washing purposes or a hole develops in the cover.

At which point, the room is filled with tiny shards of fiberglass that contaminate the surrounding bedding, furniture, and carpets even working their way into the air conditioning where these glitter-like particles can spread through the entire house.

Whilst manufacturers often state on the label of the mattress not to remove the cover, many users dont realise the potential severity of doing so in a mattress that contains fiberglass.

What Is A Fiberglass Fire Sock

As you shop for mattresses, you will come across various terminologies such as fire sock. In the bed market, there are two types of fire socks. Those that feature chemical treatments and the ones that contain fiberglass. Neither options are safe. You are most likely to come across the term fire sock in low price range mattresses.

Mattress brands use fiberglass fire socks to pass the flammability test. These socks act as a casing for mattresses, more especially memory foam beds. Fiberglass is the main material in the sock. Its role is to act as a flame retardant. In case your mattress catches fire, the fiberglass will melt, slow down and extinguish the flames. In a memory foam mattress without fiberglass, you will find flame retardants such as organic wool or cotton. These are much safer.

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How Long Do Memory

Most mattresses, except for those that cost under $400, carry warranties of about 10 years. Still, depending on your size and shape and the density of the foam near the surface, body impressions can develop over time. To prevent them, rotate your mattress at least every six months, and vary where you sleep on the bed. Also take note of how deep a body impression must be to qualify for warranty coverage the rules often vary from 1 inch to 1½ inches.

What Are Fiberglass Fr Socks

REVIEW: Novaform 14″ Comfort Grande Plus Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)

Fiberglass FR Socks have been known to wreak havocin homes. When exposed to the open-air Fiberglass FR Socks expel tiny shards of glass throughout the entire home. Side effects from exposure include skin rash, eye irritation, soreness of the nose and throat, and temporary stomach irritation. In some cases, it will even ruin everything in your home as shards of glass float through the entire home. The Mattress Industry continues to use these construction techniques in fireproofing its mattresses. Recently, this has prompted consumers to take action. Harvest does not use Fiberglass FR Socks.

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Does Helix Mattress Have Fiberglass

Helix is not listed among the companies that manufacture their mattresses with fiberglass. However, it is not explicit whether the company uses or doesnt use this material. Regardless of the Helix mattress you buy, we advise that you check the tag for the mattress. If it says do not remove the cover, it most likely has fiberglass in the inner layer.

Check Out / Read The Label

As a prudent buyer, you are required to check and read the declaration carefully before buying or using a mattress. you must be fully aware of the material used. Look out for words like glass-fiber /fiberglass/glass wool on the label.

These are obvious indicators. But if such jargon is missing, then see to it if the label reads-do not remove cover even though the mattress has a zip cover. This is also an obvious indicator.

Tip: Dont open the zip in that warning case.

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Absolutely No Fire Socks

Inexpensive foam mattress constructions rely on Fire Resistant Socks . FR Socks are the synthetic material that encases the inner core of foam mattresses. Its purpose is to offer an additional layer of protection and slow the combustion of a mattress.

FR Socks are produced using a variety of techniques and ingredients. Most contain fiberglass others use heavy chemical treatments. They are intended to be safe but expose the user to other risks. To give you a better idea the video below shows how an FR Sock is applied to a mattress. Harvest does not use FR Treated Socks.

Who Makes The Best Fiberglass Free Mattresses

Zinus Fiberglass: What

The best fiberglass-free mattress is made by Nolah the Nolah Natural contains no fiberglass and is suitable for all sleeper types.

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Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass

Well, theres a lot of confusion on whether Lucid mattresses have fiberglass or not. Some sites claim that the companys mattresses have fiberglass, and others claim that they dont. What we can say is that it depends on the model.

However, we did our research and concluded that the Lucid memory foam mattress could have fiberglass. On the label, users are advised not to remove the cover. Why? Most likely because doing so could risk exposing the glass fiber.

But the thing we appreciate about Lucid is that they design their mattresses with consumers safety in mind. Therefore, the mattress is not toxic. Plus, it goes through various testing to ensure that it meets the CertiPUR-US standards.

The mattress is made without using harmful flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde, and ozone depletes. The latex used provides more breathability, durability, and bounce.

The company makes its products in China. However, it is listed on Wayfair product listing as one of the companies that meet federal flammability standards.


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