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Does Cool Gel Mattress Work

Nest Bedding Phase Change Cover

  • 100 Nights Sleep Trial

The Nest Alexander Hybrid is an excellent cooling mattress. It also features a cooling cover and perforated foam for better ventilation.

The encased mattress with Thermic Phase Change fabric which is cool to the touch is designed to keep you cool while you sleep.

A 1-inch layer of 4 PCF memory foam is stitched into the cover to provide plushness. This high-density memory foam conforms to the body and relieves pressure gently. Cooling the surface with a gel infusion helps wick away heat.

Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress Gel Memory Foam Mattress 12

Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress, Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The advantages of memory foam mattresses may evenly and individually support each part of the body.

Tossing and turning as well as disturbed sleep patterns are significantly reduced, so you can sleep longer without moving and enjoy the benefits of deep sleep. You will feel more relaxed.Memory foam slowly and automatically adjusts to your body weight and temperature and creates a cooler sleeping surface and keeps the pressure-relieving properties of the traditional foam.

In addition, as you move in bed, the memory foam gently fills and reshapes your new sleeping position, cherishing every contour of your body.

Latest Airflow Technology Gel memory foam is a unique material that complements visco-elastic memory foam. The open cellular physical structure of the foam increases ventilation. Air moves throughout the material and body heat dissipation regulates your body temperature.

Upholstered in a world-class linen fabric that is easy to care for & works on any home bedroom frame, box spring, or futon. Comfortable and feels like a cloud.

The product is also CERTIPUR-US CERTIFIED. Environmental friendliness. It also offers a full cash back guarantee after a trial period of 30 days and 20 years warranty.

The top has a few centimeters of quite soft foam but it gets firmer. Its very comfortable, but if you want to sleep on something a bit firmer, you just have to pull the cover and turn it over and replace the cover.

Benefits Of A Gel Memory Foam Mattress

A gel memory foam mattress also supports the back and is a good choice for people with back problems, such as lower back pain.

A gel memory foam mattress can help people with conditions that increase their body temperature, which might lead to night sweats.

Conditions and medications that can cause night sweats include:

  • menopause

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Pay Attention To The Top

The topmost layer or cover of the bed can also play a part in cooling technology.

From brand to brand, you might see words like gel infusions, metallic infusions or even phase change surfaces.

We know that this can be a bit confusing at first, so weve broken them down:

  • Gel: This gel swirl of foam production can help pull the heat away from the surface of the bed and any from your body, keeping you cool through the night. Youll often see this paired with a memory foam material.
  • Metallic: Made of either copper graphite or titanium, these types of layers help conduct heat so you dont have that cool-to-touch feel of a gel-infused mattress.
  • PCS: Using a phase change molecule surface infusion, youll get a cool-on-contact feel, instantly cooling your body temp down before you fall asleep.
  • Natural Fibers: This is another alternative that sticks to a traditional method. Instead of relying on science, you can go the traditional route instead and stick with what has worked in the past, relying on the wisdom and findings of our ancestors! Materials that are organically made, like bamboo, wool, and cotton, have breathable characteristics and wick-away properties.

How To Choose A Gel Mattress

Contura 3 Inch GelLux Gel Infused Cooling Foam Mattress ...

Buying a gel mattress comes with special considerations. Buyers must decide on not only the composition and placement of the gel foam, but also on the type of mattress.

If youre thinking about whether you should get a gel mattress, you may find it helps to have an understanding of how gel infusions contribute to the overall feel of the mattress, who is best suited to a gel mattress, and what other factors should be taken into account when buying a bed.

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Best Gel Mattress For Couples

The WinkBed

  • Type: gel hybrid
  • Height: 13.5 inches

This gel hybrid mattress can tick off all the boxes: cushioning comfort, dynamic support, temperature regulation, and reduced motion transfer for those who .

The mattress has four firmness levels to choose from at no extra charge, plus easy firmness exchanges.

WinkBeds offers a 120-night sleep trial, a lifetime warranty, and free shipping and returns.

Should You Buy A Gel Memory Foam Mattress

There are many gel memory foam mattresses that are great products, with excellent customer reviews and good performance ratings. However, in most cases, its not specifically the inclusion of gel memory foam that makes these mattresses a good choice.

In other words, gel memory foam is likely not a feature that you need to specifically seek out. It appears to offer minimal, if any, cooling benefit over traditional memory foam. So, whether or not a model uses gel should not be a major factor to consider when choosing your next mattress.

If you are concerned with a mattress sleeping too warm, its best to choose a hybrid model, or even a high-end innerspring mattress. These mattress designs will almost always sleep cooler than foam beds, since the metal coils allow for increased airflow, which helps to dissipate heat. If you are someone who sleeps hot, a hybrid mattress will likely be the best option for you.

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What Is A Cooling Mattress

Does this sound familiar? One moment youre peacefully asleep, and the next youre startling awake, damp with sweat, wondering if you accidentally dozed off in the Sahara. If this happens once in a blue moon, you might be suffering from a mild fever, overly warm flannel PJs, or one too many layers of bedding. But if you routinely wake up overheated with no apparent cause, it may be time to switch to a cooling mattress type.

So how do cooling mattresses work? These advanced bed types use temperature-regulating materials, such as gels and memory foams, to draw heat away from you for a cooler sleep. As a result, your body temperature remains lower throughout the night, improving both comfort levels and sleep quality.

In this blog post, well walk you through all you need to know about cooling mattresses, from their mechanics to their benefits. Soon, youll realize sleeping has never been cooler.

What Is A Gel Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel 12 Inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Expert Review

A gel mattress contains at least one layer of gel-infused memory foam or polyfoam in the comfort system. Generally found in the form of beads or swirls, the gel infusions are intended to help regulate temperature by absorbing heat and pulling it away from the beds surface. As a result, gel mattresses often sleep cooler than traditional memory foam models. Gel foam may also feature perforations or an open-cell design to further enhance airflow.

The gel-infused foam layers can be paired with a polyfoam support core or with innerspring coils in the case of a gel hybrid mattress. There may also be other layers in the comfort system.

Gel-infused foam usually supplies conforming pressure relief, but the feel of the mattress also depends on the other layers and the exact firmness and makeup of the gel foam.

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Who Is Gel Memory Foam Best For

Gel memory foam is a good option for those that tend to overheat but appreciate the cradling of traditional memory foam. The gel is designed to regulate temperatures while the memory foam hugs the sleepers body. This may appeal to people that sleep hot but need a combination of pressure relief and support, such as side sleepers and individuals with neck or back pain. Similarly, those that sleep with a partner may appreciate gel memory foams motion isolation and potential temperature control.

That said, you can expect to pay more for a gel memory foam mattress because they use more materials.

Gel Memory Foam
  • Contours like traditional memory foam
  • May reduce body heat buildup
  • More expensive than traditional memory foam
  • Cooling effect may not be noticeable or lasting

How Firm Are Gel Mattresses

Firmness levels vary from one mattress to the next, and gel mattresses are no exception. You can find gel mattresses that are soft, medium, or firm, which means theres an option for anyone who wants to accommodate a specific sleeping position.

Many mattress manufacturers offer recommendations to help you zero in on a gel mattress that meets your needs. But, in general, here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping.

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Does It Work: Cooling Gel

On the market of sleep-related products, gel-infused memory foam was always highly praised for its cooling features, but how cooling can a gel be, and how does it work in comparison to regular memory foam products? What is the difference between them, and why are not all memory products infused with gel if it has more advantages than the ones without it?

On the market of sleep-related products, gel-infused memory foam was always highly praised for its cooling features, but how cooling can a gel be, and how does it work in comparison to regular memory foam products? What is the difference between them, and why are not all memory products infused with gel if it has more advantages than the ones without it?

Sleeping cool is a relative term since it depends on various factors including the individual feel of what is hot or cool for someone, body temperature, room temperature, and so on, but somehow it became preferred and desired feature of mattresses and pillows. We usually have issues with hot temperatures during the summer nights, and since sleeping with AC on is not recommended, even a slightly higher temperature can keep as awake in bed. Having a cooling gel-infused mattress does not necessarily mean that sleeping on top of it would be as cool as sleeping on ice instead, it should help with heat regulation which is something that regular memory foam material struggles with.

What Is Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Contura 2 Inch GelLux Gel Infused Cooling Foam Mattress ...

Cool gel memory foam Mattress is a specially-formulated memory foam mattress that contains gel particles designed and evenly distributed in the mattress core to absorb heat and remove it from the sleeper. Furthermore, the memory moisture structure itself is optimized over traditional formulations to increase airflow.

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Why Is My Gel Mattress So Hot

Air can get trapped under it, keeping your body heat up and rising. This is going to increase your discomfort. If your bed has a solid foundation, such as plywood, theres the reason why your mattress gets so hot- theres no circulation. The best advice we can give is to replace whats under your bed.

Cocoon By Sealy With Phase Change Material

  • 100 Nights Risk Free Trial
  • Warranty 10 Years

Cooling Mattress Cover by Cocoons has Sealys phase change material on it. Heat is absorbed and dispersed by Sealys PCM in the mattress cover. This cover keeps the Cocoon Chill mattress cold to the touch.

Although several mattress manufacturers promise to employ cooling technology to keep the bed cool, none of them seems as successful.

Cocoon Chills Phase Change Material keeps you cool as you sleep. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, the Cocoon Chill cover contains a cooling chemical. The cooling effect is still there after a long time of use.

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Amerisleep Memory Foam Mattresses

All of our memory foam mattresses rely on plant-based memory foam, known as Bio-Pur® foam. The production process for our unique memory foam substitutes some of the traditional chemicals with plant oils. This creates a memory foam mattress that is more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam.

Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Gel Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Cool Gel Memory foam mattress review after 2 years

Zinus cooling gel memory foam mattress

The mattress gives the feeling of As cool as it getsThis is one of the 1st bestselling Zinus mattresses made with a specially formulated MyGel active powder supplement.Packed with antioxidant green tea and natural wood, these foams work overtime during your sleep and pushing odor triggers out. Also cleverly designed with this mattress, the comfortable moisture helps to shape your body to fit that soothes sore joints.Your body temperature is always perfectly regulated through a cooling super gel memory foam top layer.

Wrapped in a soft-as-feather poly jacquard cover, it promises a clean feeling and sleeps in full control of the temperature.Certified by Certipur USA Certipur USA certifies for durability, performance, and content of the highest quality foam.

After order, the Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress will be shipped to your door with a 10-year free warranty.This mattress can be compressed in a box efficiently for easy transport in the bedroom and movement, simply opening the box, unrolling the roll, and expanding the remaining mattress to its original form within 72 hours.

Zinus cooling gel memory foam mattress has 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12-inch styles.And there are many sizes for you to choose such as Twin, Full, Queen, Short Queen, and Kingsize

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Amore Hybrid Mattress Graphite Infused Memory Foam

  • 100 night risk-free trial

The Amore Hybrid mattress has high-density foam and a pocket coil support system. It comes in three levels of firmness and is 12 thick.

One may choose between organic cotton or copper ion infused bamboo fabric, which is anti-microbial and keeps you cooler. 2-inch graphite-infused memory foam with an open-cell structure naturally diffuses heat. It also contours the body.

A breathable transitional foam layer is there to help disperse heat. The thickness of this layer varies depending on the firmness level. Above the pocket coil matrix is a layer of high-density open-cell foam. The individually wrapped pocket coils softly adapt to your sleeping position and the high-density foam provides structure and durability.

How Does Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Work

To get a better mental picture of how gel works, consider a gel ice pack. Just as the gel inside the pack helps to keep food cold, gel-infused into the mattress usually helps to keep your body cool for the entire night.

Gel foam mattresses are made by either adding gel beads , adding a gel layer on top of the comfort layer, and swirling liquid gel into the memory foam. The cooling gel ideally helps to dissipate heat, which allows the sleeper to sleep cool while enjoying the conforming and pressure relieving features of the memory foam.

Similar to the conventional memory foam, gel foam usually conform to the sleepers body for improved pressure relief and spinal alignment. The material also produces almost no noise and is great at isolating motion. However, when it comes to helping the user sleep cooler, results will vary depending on the brand. Keep in mind that gel memory foam tends to wear out over time, and might lose some of its cooling properties after prolonged use.

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What Causes You To Get Hot While You Sleep

There are many factors working together that can cause your body to get hot while you sleep. Starting with your mattress, having too many layers of material built-in can look good on paper with all its bells and whistles, but the reality is that stacking all of these layers can block airflow. Your body heat travels in two directions while sleeping, up and down, and without your mattress allowing that heat to leave your bed, your body will only get hotter while you sleep.

Having a memory foam mattress with cooling gel or latex in a room that is warm will also keep the temperature of your mattress high. Therefore, if you truly insist on selecting a mattress containing cooling technology, then you must maintain your room temperature level to the lowest setting possible while still being comfortable.

Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress

Thomasville 3"  Cool Tri

If the Nova Hybrid Snow is the plushest mattress from Casper, the Wave Hybrid Snow is the most supportive. In addition to using Snow Technology, this tried-and-tested mattress uses Zoned Support Max + cooling gel pods to deliver our coolest, most supportive sleeping experience possible.

The Wave Hybrid Snow mattress cooling technology rests on five layers of foam:

  • A top comfort layer of breathable polyurethane foam
  • A second layer of natural latex
  • A third layer of zoned memory foam
  • A fourth layer of polyurethane foam with gel pods
  • A base layer of foam with encased springs

Coupled with Snow Technology, these five layers provide unparalleled support and pressure relief while delivering a nighttime sleep thats six degrees cooler for at least 12 hours. As if thats not enough, the Wave Hybrid Snow also uses AirScape 3 and cooling gel to circulate air away from you, keeping your mattress cool to the touch.

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How Do They Work

Many cooling pillows come with an external gel layer scientifically engineered to keep you cool. Its not always gel though some use other types of foam. These work by absorbing body heat from your neck and head, dispersing it across the cooling layer, and leaving you with a fresh, not-too-hot feeling all night long.

How Does The Best Cheap Cooling Mattress Work

A great way to save money is to avoid impulse purchases, which means stopping spontaneous purchases without overthinking about them. Best Cheap Cooling Mattress shopping tip: If you want quality, don’t rush to judge is an excellent place to start, best products at reasonable prices under 2000 and 1000 dollars

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