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Is A Bamboo Mattress Good

Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Reviews In 2022

Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 inch Mattress Review

A bamboo memory foam mattress is always an excellent choice for any demanding sleeper.

Whether it is for coziness or for the incredible benefits they offer â they are an incredible chance to have a better experience.

It will make your sleeping excellent in every way, and sometimes even provide outstanding durability that no other options offer.

But picking among the many bamboo memory foam mattresses in the market can be pretty tricky.

So we decided to bring a set of reviews so you can choose the right one for your needs. Take a look further to find out more about them!

Main Features Of High

Apart from all the significant benefits a bamboo foam mattress offers, you will obtain a set of features only the best ones will provide. Here are a set of features that make bamboo mattresses superior to many other types.

Natural Materials: Most bamboo mattresses use little or no synthetic materials at all. This makes the products more ecological but also safer to use than the rest. The best of all, the mattresses wont have a bad odor as synthetic options, and will probably last longer without side effects.

Moisture Reduction: The bamboo addition on any foam material makes the mattresses more breathable but at the same drier than without. Whether you sweat too much, pour liquid in the bed, or just live in a very humid place â bamboo will keep the mattress always dry and free of moisture.

And of course, this moisture reduction will also give a longer lifespan than no other material, so you get double the benefits.

Comfort & Support: It is very typical to find bamboo mattresses way more comfortable and supportive than standard models. They offer the outstanding ability of bamboo to be flexible but firm enough to support all types of weight.

These mattresses still manage to be hugely comfortable, provide pressure relief and compression, and increase ventilation and cooling effects.

And with this firmness & motion isolation, you also get exceptional odor reduction, which is something you donât usually enjoy.

So Which Bamboo Mattress To Choose

  • This guide already contains all the information you need to know to find the best bamboo mattress for your needs. But if you cant make up your mind yet, we have provided some expert recommendations below.
  • For this round-up, our best pick is no other than the Lucid Hybrid Mattress. This is because it offers the comfort and softness of a memory foam as well as the support and motion isolation properties of coil mattresses at an affordable price. More than that, it contains a blend of bamboo, charcoal, and aloe vera for temperature and odor control.
  • But if you have money to splurge, you may want to invest in the Snuggle-Pedic Mattress. Its patented airflow transfer system, Flex-support Technology, and adjustable firmness option certainly make it worth the investment!
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    Which Type Of Mattress Pad Should I Choose

    Mattress pads come in a number of types of materials, although the range of construction is narrower than in mattress toppers. Each way of designing a mattress pad brings potential benefits and downsides.

    Cotton is one of the most popular choices for mattress pads. Its performance is impressive, providing softness and moisture-wicking with virtually no noise. Most cotton is durable and can be safely machine-washed and dried. Some types of cotton mattress pads are available at a low cost, but many, including higher-end and organic cotton mattress pads, are more expensive.

    Polyester is another of the most common materials used in mattress pads. Polyester can be thin and soft, like in athletic clothing, or brushed microfiber, which has a plush feel. Polyester can wick moisture, although it is not as breathable as cotton. Polyester mattress pads are often the least expensive and easy to launder, but their reduced durability is a drawback.

    Down feathers are found in many bedding products, including mattress pads. Downs light and soft feel makes this material especially popular in thicker mattress pads meant to provide a plush sleeping surface. The negatives to down are its high price point, its potential for causing allergies in some people, and its reduced loft and performance if it gets wet.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Mattress Pad

    Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Protector Queen Size ...

    There are a handful of reasons to use mattress pads, and each customer can consider whether a mattress pad is the best match for their situation relative to a mattress topper or mattress encasement.

    Some of the main benefits of mattress pads include:

    Mattress Protection If a mattress pad is waterproof, it offers a strong seal against liquids permeating into and potentially damaging your mattress. Even if a pad isnt fully waterproof, it can still absorb some spills, reducing the impact on the mattress and buying time to get things cleaned up.

    Reduction in AllergensA mattress pad can provide a defense against seasonal allergens and year-round dust mites that can collect in a mattress. An impermeable layer of vinyl or TPU offers a more dependable barrier, but any fabric can help cut down on the ability of allergens to reach your mattress.

    ComfortThe added softness from a mattress pad can make a mattress more comfortable, and this effect can be pronounced with thicker and plusher pads made of materials like down and wool. Cooling mattress pads can contribute to comfort by preventing sleepers from overheating during the night.

    Ease of CleaningTrying to spot-clean a mattress without damaging it can be a pain. In contrast, most mattress pads are easily washed and dried. In this way, a mattress pad can make it much simpler to keep your bed smelling and feeling fresh.

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    What Is The Best Sleeping Position For My Bamboo Mattress

    Thanks to the wide range of mattresses available on the market, you can choose a unit that fits your preferred sleeping position. That is why you should consider how you like to sleep first and then pick a mattress. Your primary concern should be firmness. If you like to sleep on your back, go for a relatively firm mattress that provides the necessary support. Side sleepers, on the other hand, might enjoy a plush and soft mattress. Finding optimal firmness will help you to relax fully during the night. The proper spinal alignment cant be achieved if you go for the wrong model.

    Bamboo Mattress Care Tips

    Regular mattresses require a lot of attention. Bamboo mattresses require even more attention. Earlier we talked about their antibacterial feature . Because it automatically prevents bacteria and odors, it needs to be aired for at least few hours. Its actually better to let it air out longer than that. The more you let it air, the longer it will last. Its good to have a routine. After sleeping during the night, when getting up, let it air out for the rest of the day. The downside to this is the fact that you would have to re inflate it a little every day.

    Bamboo mattresses are more sensitive than your regular mattress. If you have kids, youve experienced a few wrestling matches because more than likely, your bed was the ring. With any mattress, jumping on it will break it eventually. It may take a few years but it will break. Bamboo mattresses are especially sensitive to this fact. Although very strong, the material used to make them isnt the hardest to break. Its very important to stay away from putting really heavy boxes and items onto the mattress. If you do have kids, buy a miniature wrestling ring, just keep them away from the bed. The more you watch out for it and stay conscious of how you move it, itll last you a very long time.


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    Best Mattress Pads Of 2021

    A mattress pad is a popular choice for people who want to help keep their mattress in tip-top shape while adding a touch of comfort to their bed. With a design thats simple both to use and clean, a mattress pad is a quick-and-easy way to upgrade your sleeping surface.

    Shoppers who start browsing online for mattress pads are confronted by a bevy of options made with a huge diversity of materials and at a wide range of prices. With a crowded set of products, picking out the cream of the crop can be burdensome.

    We take the stress out of the process by identifying the best mattress pads in key categories. Whether youre looking for something organic, budget-friendly, waterproof, or built for kids beds, our guide has you covered. We also provide an in-depth explanation of the benefits of mattress pads, how they compare to mattress toppers and encasements, and the most important considerations when trying to identify your ideal mattress pad.

    Sleeping Style And Body Weight

    BEST BAMBOO MATTRESS TOPPER IN A BOX? | Unboxing & First Look Review

    Side Sleepers: If a mattress doesnt respond to body weight in the right spots, the sleepers posture will suffer, leading to potential aches and pains upon waking. All-foam mattresses typically respond well to a persons body position and weight, adjusting to provide enough give in key spots to help maintain proper spinal alignment.

    The Tulo Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress 10-inch option performs extremely well for most side sleepers in this area, particularly for side sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds.

    The 8-inch and 6-inch height options also support side sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds adequately. However, side sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds will likely prefer a softer bed.

    Back Sleepers: Most back sleepers should receive excellent support from the 8- and 10-inch versions of the Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress, and the 6-inch height option will provide adequate support, too. Thicker comfort layers in the 8-inch and 10-inch options provide the best pressure relief to back sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds. However, sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds will still receive good support.

    Back sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds who prefer a firmer feel may find the 6-inch option a good fit. Those weighing over 230 pounds, however, would benefit from a more supportive mattress.

    Tulo Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress 6-inch

    Under 130 lbs.

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    Three Health Benefits That Come From Sleeping On A Bamboo Mattress

    The thought of bamboo as a mattress might sound unappealing to you. After all, we picture bamboo as having straight, hard branches and this alone gives us uncomfortable thoughts. However, you might be surprised to find out that a bamboo memory foam mattress might just be the most comfortable mattress you could ever sleep on.

    If youre imagining bamboo rods converted into a mattress, then youve got the wrong idea. Instead, bamboo is harvested and processed into fibers that can then be used for linens, pillows, and mattresses.

    Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Twin

    8. Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes

    The Snuggle-Pedic mattress brand has one primary purpose when it comes to creating a mattress â offering enough breathability and freshness. Their Mattress That Breathes is precisely that, a product that will promote the freshest and most comfortable experience when it comes to overall coolness.

    But it still does not lose any comfort, especially in softness and overall pressure relief. Youâll receive a top-notch mattress with exceptional benefits and a 20-year warranty as if everything else werenât enough.

    Incredible Benefits: Boasting the Flex Support memory foam and the Kool-Flow Extra Breathable Micro-Vented Natural Ivory Bamboo cover, this mattress will never feel warm, no matter where you use it.

    It will maintain the freshness throughout the night, making you feel amazingly cool even in the hottest of places.

    Safe, Durable & Comfortable: With a hypoallergenic build alongside an incredible design for durability, this mattress leaves nothing to be desired. And whatâs even better, youâll receive excellent advantages from its memory foam gel layers, promoting a firmer mattress with excellent pressure relief, so you donât feel any problem while using it.


    • Exceptional freshness with superior breathability & cool build
    • Offers top-notch pressure relief and firmness for superb comfort
    • Comes with a hypoallergenic design with contaminants resistance
    • Comes with up to 20 years of warranty for a more dependable product


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    Bamboo Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

    6. LUCID 12 Inch King Hybrid Mattress

    The 12-inches Lucid King mattress is one of the most interesting you will find. With a hybrid build, this mattress offers almost all the benefits you can hope to get from any mattress.

    It helps to sleep comfortably, offers hypoallergenic effects, produces a fresh experience, and helps to improve overall durability. And of course, letâs not forget it comes with a 10-year warranty that not many options out there offer.

    Strong & Durable Build: Memory foam with bamboo charcoal & aloe vera infusion will help you get exceptional benefits, but nothing compared to the strength and reliability of the steel coils offer.

    With its foam-wrapped coils, this mattress will not only provide a medium-plush experience but also increase overall support throughout the whole mattress.

    Excellent Edge Support: The strong and durable build of the wrapped coils is improved by an exceptional set of edge support features.

    With the wrapping of the coils, the excellent materials such as memory foam and support foam, plus the right use of Tencel cover â the edge support of this mattress has nothing to complain about.


    • Luxurious looking Tencel cover with outstanding breathability features
    • Top-notch bamboo charcoal and aloe vera infused layer for odorless mattress
    • One of the strongest builds in the market with the thick base support layer
    • Supportive & firm addition of steel coils in the bottom


    Why Switch To Bamboo Mattresses

    Bamboo Mattress Protector Queen Size

    The number of people who appreciate the properties of bamboo grows each day. And there are many reasons for that. If youre wondering what makes bamboo mattresses a better option compared to regular foam or spring ones, take a look at the benefits you can get when picking the bamboo mattress:

    The list of bamboos properties doesnt end there, but you get the picture. No wonder people dont hesitate to switch their old mattresses to the new, healthier and more natural bamboo models.

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    How To Pick The Best Bamboo Mattress

    It is worth investing time and effort to find a bamboo mattress that will meet your expectations. The more features you cross off your list, the better odds that you will love sleeping on your mattress. Start by learning more about the crucial features that bamboo mattresses have. Check out the factors that are important and keep in mind your preferences when choosing a product.

    Who Might Want To Pick The Cariloha Bamboo Mattress

    • People Who Want A Foam Mattress But Are Afraid Of Sleeping Hot The base layer has lines cut into the top of it to promote air circulation, and the bamboo-infused foam make for a breathable sleeping surface compared to other memory foam mattresses.
    • Those Who Need The Best Mattress For Couples This mattress does a really great job at isolating motion. It also has great edge support for a foam mattress, meaning you get to use more of the sleeping surface. That makes the mattress a solid option for couples.
    • People Who Like Slow-Moving Foam This is an unapologetically memory foam mattress where you slowly sink into the mattress and it envelops you. You feel more that you sleep in the mattress rather than sleep on it.

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    Can Mattress Pads Adjust The Firmness Of My Bed

    Most mattress pads make only limited changes to the firmness of a bed, but some pads, especially thicker ones composed of soft materials like down feathers, can make a bed feel plusher. In most cases, people who want to dramatically change the feel of their bed are better off with a mattress topper than a mattress pad.

    Easeland Bamboo Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress

    Cariloha Mattress Review

    This EASELAND model is a Hybrid mattress.

    The support center is a layer of individually encased coils. Each coil is 8.66 inches high and is separated wrapped by Non-woven Fabric. The mattress support center offers excellent support for your head, shoulder, waist, and hips. It aligns your spine properly and releases the pressure points evenly.

    The comfort center is multiple layers of gel memory foam. It is designed to conform to the contour of your body closely. So you will have a plush feeling in any sleep position.

    The EASELAND mattress has a special 3-inch pillow top which adopts bamboo fabric. You can see it from the above image. The bamboo pillow top is breathable and skin-friendly. It not only provides a plush and comfortable layer but also is the perfect choice for sensitive skin sleepers. To produce a high-quality mattress, the company selects the bamboo material from Thailand.

    The foam layer under the pillow is inflatable to encourage airflow and keep the mattress cool.

    In a word, this mattress combines the foam and coils perfectly to provide excellent support and comfort balance.

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    Where Can I Buy A Good Bamboo Mattress

    You have two options: buy from a local store or shop online.

    In the local store, you can try and feel the real mattress before making the decision.

    For online mattress shopping, you can fully compare the price and experience the convenience of home delivery and white-glove service.

    Now the network and delivery service are perfect, we also suggest you buy mattresses directly from the Internet store, which can save you a lot of time.

    What Are Bamboo Fibers

    Bamboo fibers are processed from bamboo pulp and are often blended with various other fibers to create a thick, plush material. Bamboo is a naturally sustainable product and is economically friendly, and since it is a dependable crop, is readily available. This makes it an environmentally friendly option as well.

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    The Best Otty Mattress Sales And Discounts In 202: Up To 50% Off

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    The new Otty mattress sale saves you up to 50% on hybrid mattresses, with big discounts on accessories too

    Januarys Otty mattress sale is offering great discounts on the brands award-winning boxed mattresses. The best deal saves you up to 50% on select hybrid mattresses, including the Aura Hybrid and the Pure Plus Hybrid Bamboo and Charcoal Premium Mattress .

    50% is a fantastic discount on two of Ottys most popular hybrid models. The brand is featured in our best mattress guide as a solid choice for anyone looking for the cooling comfort and support of a boxed hybrid mattress, but especially one made with eco-friendly materials thrown into the mix.

    There are plenty of bedding and accessories in the new Otty sale too, with the best deals getting you 50% off sheet sets and duvets, plus a 40% discount on the brands Bamboo Mattress Topper with Charcoal, now priced from £89.99.

    Otty offers a 100-night mattress trial and if you change your mind within that time, you’ll be able to send the mattress back for a refund. Theres a 10-year guarantee on these mattresses too. Lets take a look at this months best Otty mattress discounts and sales now


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