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Side Sleeper Neck Pain Pillow

This Pair Of Soft Popular Pillows From Amazon

The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers (Top 7!) – Can These Stop Neck Pain?


Fill: Down alternative fill | Trial period: 30-day return policy | Adjustable: No

Amazons bestselling pillow has gel memory foam filling and a rectangular shape that offer an ideal combo for side sleepers. Its important to have a pillow that contours to the head and neck, and this pillow does just that. Its no-shift design makes it ideal for the side sleepers who switch sides during the night and dont want to constantly adjust to find that perfect angle for a quality nights sleep.

What the reviews say: With more than 155,000 reviews,happy sleepers agree that the Beckham pillows are the ideal balance of firm and soft. When you lay down on them your head sinks into the pillow but is still supported enough to stay slightly elevated, writes one 5-star reviewer. For side sleeping, this is one of the very few pillows where it is just the right height and I don’t have to use a second pillow with it, writes another.

What To Consider When Purchasing A Pillow For Neck Pain

Most people dont give much thought to their pillow, beyond choosing a pillow thats nice and squishy for immediate comfort. This means that when we do realize our pillow may be contributing to our neck pain, we may not know how to go about choosing the best pillow. If youre in this position, you may be susceptible to misleading marketing and end up choosing a pillow thats ill-suited for your needs.

To help you get started, weve made a list of the most important factors. Focusing on these factors and having a basic understanding of pillow features and construction can help you find the pillow that works best for you.

How To Choose A Pillow For Side Sleepers

The best pillow for side sleepers typically has a higher loft and firmer feel to support the head and neck, while still providing adequate cushioning. Our testing shows that pillows that either sink too deeply or feel too thick can interfere with spinal alignment, and neck and shoulder aches typically occur as a result. In determining the best pillow, you should look at several factors, including loft, firmness level, and material composition. Youll want to choose a pillow that is thick and firm enough without propping up your head too high. In the next few sections, well discuss how side sleepers can find a pillow that will work for them.

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Best Customizable: Layla Kapok

If you prefer to customize your pillow, look no further than Layla’s Kapok. This adjustable-loft pillow is made with fibers from Kapok trees that the brand harvests in Indonesia. They’re finely shredded to create an incredibly soft and lightweight down alternative.

The material’s extra fluff provides phenomenal support for side sleepers, as well as back sleepers, by keeping your head and neck in healthy alignment. Plus, it’s wrapped in a polyester and viscose blend cover that allows enough stretch for the pillow to adapt to your unique dimensions.

Buy It: Layla Kapok Pillow,

Best Pillows For Neck Pain Video

Premium Side Sleeper Pillow Adjustable Neck Shoulder Pain

Watch our video below to learn more about our labs top pillow picks for sleepers with neck pain.

Read our top picks to learn more about each ones materials and unique qualities. In the buyers guide section, well break down the reasons you could be experiencing neck pain and how your pillow can help. Well take a deeper look at how body position and pillow construction can enhance comfort, and well teach you what to look for when shopping for a pillow for neck pain.

Black Friday is a great time to buy a pillow, with many companies offering some of their biggest discounts of the year. Head to our complete list of Black Friday discounts to learn about the most up-to-date deals. You can also check out our list of Cyber Monday mattress and bedding sales to learn about deals happening after Black Friday ends.

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$12499 From $9999 At Eli & Elm

The supportive Eli & Elm Side Sleeper pillow has a curved cutout that creates room for your shoulder when sleeping on your side, setting this pillow apart from the rest. We found the extra room quite comfortable and also appreciated how it let us hold onto the edges of the pillow while sleeping on our side, keeping our arms and hands more comfortable too. As a bonus, we loved that we felt like we were cradled when we slept on our backs too, so its a great choice if you shift positions often.

The pillow is filled with a blend of latex and polyester that is adjustable and removable. Similar to other adjustable pillows, you can take out as much fill as you want to achieve the exact height and firmness level thats most comfortable. We found the pillow came with plenty of fill for those that like a firm pillow, though we had to remove some to soften it up. If you like an extra-firm pillow, Eli & Elm offers an option to buy extra fill. It took a few nights of trial and error before we figured out the optimal amount of fill, but once we did we found the pillow very comfortable.

The Side Sleeper has two slight drawbacks. First, we found that the pillow sleeps slightly hot not so much so it disturbed our sleep but if you are sensitive you may want to keep that in mind or plan to accessorize with some of our recommendations for hot sleepers.

How To Choose A Pillow For Neck Pain

If you experience neck pain, choosing the right pillow can be a key step toward living pain-free. The right pillow will depend on your individual needs. Well walk you through the most important considerations, including how to choose the best material, shape, and thickness for your individual sleeping style.

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Types Of Pillows Available

Many types of pillows are available. Some that may suit those with neck pain include:

  • Contoured pillows: With these pillows, a persons head will rest in a specially designed contour, with elevated areas supporting the neck to keep the neck and back in good alignment.
  • V-shaped pillows: A V-shaped pillow elevates the head and keeps the spine straight. This may help alleviate neck and back pain by improving sleep posture.
  • Memory foam pillows: Memory foam molds precisely to a persons shape to provide support in the appropriate areas.
  • Latex pillows: Latex is a responsive material that can support the body, including the head and neck. It is sometimes more expensive than other materials but is more durable.
  • Water pillows: Water can adapt to a persons movements and support the head and neck. However, there may be more convenient types of pillow to use than a water pillow.
  • Buckwheat pillows: An environmentally friendly option, a pillow that contains buckwheat can be comfortable while providing appropriate support.

Other Tips For Side Sleepers

Best Pillow Chiropractor Approved for Neck Pain for Back and Side Sleepers

In addition to selecting a supportive pillow that promotes spinal alignment, side sleepers can use the following strategies for sleeping comfortably each night.

Choose the Right Mattress: The best mattress for side sleepers will provide ample cushioning to the shoulders and hips in order to align the spine and alleviate pressure in different areas. Most side sleepers on our test team prefer mattresses with softer feels that conform closely to the body without sinking too much beneath their heavier areas.Use a Pillow Between the Knees: A pillow between the knees can also improve spinal alignment and reduce pressure in the lower back and hips. Pillows filled with down/feathers, shredded foam, and other moldable materials tend to be most comfortable. You may also find more comfort and pressure relief by placing the pillow beneath your legs.Invest in a Mattress Topper: A topper is a single layer of cushioning material placed on top of your mattress. Toppers can measure up to 4 inches thick, so using one can make your mattress feel significantly softer or firmer. For side sleepers, the right topper can mean closer conforming, better spinal alignment, and less pressure.

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How We Evaluated These Pillows

During the testing process, our team members lie on each pillow for a period of time to evaluate firmness, support, pressure relief, and other performance features that are relevant to sleepers with neck pain. Testers shift around to evaluate the pillows feel and contouring in different positions, and they handle the pillows at length to gauge moldability. We use thermal sensors to measure heat retention and VOC meters to test for off-gassing. The picks above reflect the pillows that out-performed all other models.

Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow


This pillow does it all: Whether youre a side, back or stomach sleeper, this cervical pillow will cradle your neck and head while you sleep at night. Made entirely out of memory foam, this pillows ergonomic design ensures that your head, neck, shoulders and back will remain aligned. Theres even a slope that will keep your head from rolling out of a stabilized position should you move during the night, as well as cutouts on the side that gives your top arm a resting place so you dont hunch your shoulder.

Overall, this pillow has a proven track record of reducing stress and discomfort throughout your body, especially the neck and shoulders. It also prevents snoring, by supporting the natural curvature of your body, which in turn supports your air passages.

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How Should I Sleep To Avoid Neck Pain

To avoid neck pain, its best to sleep on your back or your side. Your head and neck should be on your pillow, while your shoulders remain slightly below it. Your head should also be parallel to the mattress, rather than tilted at an angle. Alignment is key: You want your ears, shoulders and hips to be in a straight line. Any gaps in between the mattress and your body should be filled with a pillow to reduce excess stress. Youll want to avoid overly high pillows, which is why an adjustable option like the Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow can be such a great choice. If you sleep on your side, putting a pillow between your knees can be a great way to minimize pain.

The Best Pillow For Keeping Cool

Side Sleeper ,Contour Pillow for Neck Shoulder and Back Pain Relief ...

Whats better than the cool side of a pillow? A pillow that dissipates heat, of course. This space-inspired temperature regulation pillow is the perfect pick for hot sleepers to stay cool all night. Additionally, Simba pillows also have adjustable height and firmness, which supports your neck as well. The Simba Pillow, Simba Sleep, $179.

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Which Shape Is Best For My Sleeping Position

The right pillow shape for you will largely depend on personal preference, but you might consider paying attention to your doctors medical advice based on your sleeping position. Alleviating neck pain often has much to do with maintaining proper spine alignment, which may be more difficult for stomach sleepers.

Many pillows are made to accommodate a variety of sleep positions, so whether you prefer sleeping on your back or are among the side sleepers, the needed support for your neck is similar. For stomach sleepers, there are still options that may help, though training yourself to sleep on your side may be more helpful for neck pain in the long run.

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Keep in mind that while some options will include more mobility than others to combat neck stiffness, others will keep you more rigid. Your choice is up to preference and preferably advice from a medical professional.

Best For Side Sleepers: Layla Kapok Pillow

Courtesy of Layla

Why We Like It: The Layla Kapok Pillow is a medium-firm, high-loft pillow to keep side sleepers heads higher and in line with their spine, thanks to a hypoallergenic fill of memory foam and natural Kapok fibers.

Its Worth Noting: This pillow is a good choice for side sleepers but is not ideal for back or stomach sleepers.

Side sleepers need a pillow with a higher loft , to bring their head up and in line with their spine, our experts say. The Laya Kapok pillow is filled with shredded memory foam and soft, all-natural Kapok fibers , creating a plush and airy feel while still being supportive. Kapok has a silky, cotton-like texture thats perfect for pillows because it naturally repels moisture. The pillow comes at a medium firmness, which is usually perfect for side sleepers, but you also have the ability to take out some of the fill if you want something softer.

This pillow also comes with a 120-night sleep trial so you can return it if it doesnt suit your sleep style, and is backed by a five-year warranty.

Price at time of publication: $109

Product details:

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What Makes The Tempur

  • Thanks to its unique shape, this pillow works best for back and side sleepers dealing with neck pain.
  • The thick, firm piece of TEMPUR material is very supportive, but also has a bit of give.
  • TEMPUR-Pedic has a version of this pillow thats been infused with gel for hot sleepers.

Read our full TEMPUR-Neck pillow review!

Zoey Side Sleeper Pillow

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers – More Support To Avoid Neck Pain!

Made of a memory foam blend, this side sleeper pillow is fully adjustable. You can add or remove the shredded foam to fit your loft preference. The pillow is designed with your body shape in mind, with a concave lower half to accommodate your head, neck and shoulders.Promising review: “I have been trying so many different pillows and finally found this one. Im a side sleeper and have been having serious neck issues. I wake up in the morning after sleeping on this pillow and my neck feels good!!! I love it. I tossed it in the dryer when I first got it. I did not take any filling out. Its been perfect as is! Im very happy with it” Judith C. Aldrich

You can buy the Zoey side sleeper pillow from Amazon for around $80.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Your Body Size And Body Type

Your height, weight, and shoulder width all come into play for what size, loft, support, and materials are best for you. For example, a small person who sleeps on their side might not need as much loft to put their head in line with their shoulders, while someone with a big frame might need more. Similarly, a small-framed person may be better off with a standard pillow while a person with a larger frame may be better supported on a king-size pillow. People who are overweight may run hotter, so they should opt for cooling materials and stay away from heat-retainers like memory foam.

Then, when youre looking for the best pillow for neck pain, the most important features to consider are:

What Makes A Good Side

To stay comfortably aligned, most side-sleepers should look for a pillow that has 4 to 6 inches of loft, or height, and provides the right combination of softness and firmness . People who sleep on their side need more support than those who favor any other sleep position because, on their side, they have a larger gap between their head and the mattress. As a result, if you have broad shoulders, you need a loftier pillow. The goal of any pillow should be to keep your head and neck in roughly the same position as they are when youre standing straight.

The goal of any pillow should be to keep your head and neck in roughly the same position as they are when youre standing straight.

Terry Cralle, a registered nurse and clinical sleep educator, told us that keeping your body correctly positioned at night is crucial to your physical health and the quality of your sleep. Your sleeping posture is just as important as your waking posture, she said. Your head will be angled downward if the pillow is too thin and angled upward if too thick. Aim for neutral, to keep the head, neck, and spine in alignment. And your neck isnt the only part of your body that needs support. Cralle also told us, If you are a side sleeper, a thinner pillow placed between your knees can help make you more comfortable and help keep your spine in a neutral position. We also recommend using a body pillow to get full-length support while youre on your side.

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Neck Pain Pillow Glossary

CertiPUR-US certified: This is a standard for polyurethane foams, including memory foam. Pillows that are CertiPUR-US certified are made without heavy metals, flame retardants, ozone depleters, phthalates, and formaldehyde. They also have low VOC emissions.

Hypoallergenic: Pillows that are less likely to cause allergic reactions are called “hypoallergenic.” In general, hypoallergenic pillows are made of synthetic materials, like foam or polyester. Bedding filled with down or other animal products is more likely to cause an allergic reaction. Currently, there is no certification process that a manufacturer must go through in order to call its pillows hypoallergenic.

Ghostbed Faux Down Ghostpillow

Side Sleeper Pillow for Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain Relief

What makes this otherwise traditional looking pillow stand out from the rest is its high-quality composition. The gel-infused and down alternative fibers will keep your head supported while emulating the cloud-like feeling of a luxury pillow, with none of that dreaded sagging feeling, perfect for side and back sleepers.

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