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What To Look For When Purchasing A Mattress

What Features Should I Consider In A Mattress When Im Shopping Online

What to look for when buying a mattress

When you shop for a mattress at a retail store, you probably lay on a few before deciding which felt the best and fell within your price range. Now that you can research mattresses online to find the best one for you, there are a host of features you should think about beyond firmness levels.

Some mattress components that should influence your purchasing decision are materials used, size, the best mattress for certain sleeping positions, whether the mattress sleeps cool, if it has good support for back pain or hip pain, whether it can accommodate heavier people, motion transfer, and how easy it is to get delivered.

Figure out whether you want memory foam, innersprings, latex, or a hybrid . Most of the bed-in-a-box companies are made from foam so the mattress can compress when its shipped while feeling supportive under your body.

While many companies have specialty foams as the main material, Purple in particular is known for its proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer foam that features a flexible purple grid so it sleeps cool.

Some say that latex has more bounce so latex mattresses can help prevent aches and pains or relieve them. An innerspring mattress has that spring-like feel youre probably used to and may feel firmer than a memory foam mattress. An innerspring mattress may also not feel as hot to sleep on.

Hot sleepers may like mattresses known for high-tech materials that help users sleep cool, like Ghostbed or Purple.

Is It Really Time For A New Mattress

Do you have to replace your mattress every 8 years, or is it just a marketing ploy? Most mattresses actually last about 8 to 10 years. Your mattress lifespan depends on your weight and how you take care of your bed.

But if you’ve been struggling with sleep, you shouldn’t wait for the 8-year mark. Sleep is crucial for both your physical and mental health.

Here are some signs that you should replace your mattress, no matter how old it is:

  • Your mattress has dents or lumps.
  • Your mattress sags under your weight.
  • Your body has changed.
  • You wake up feeling tired and sore.
  • You toss and turn at night.
  • You’ve started sleeping with a partner.

A lot can happen in a decade. It’s important that your mattress supports you through all the changes.

When You Should Get A New Mattress

If youre not getting a good nights sleep, if youre waking with aches and pains, or if youre just not comfortable in bed, it may be time to get a new mattress. Think about where youre hurtingif you wake up with shoulder or back pain, or hip, knee, or other joint pain, your mattress may not be properly cushioned or supportive for you. Also, if your current mattress sags visibly or has a permanent indent in the shape of your body, its likely time for a new one. And if you find that you sleep better away from home , thats another red flag.

If you consistently wake up with neck pain, your pillow might be the culprit.

Now, before you plunk down hundreds or thousands of dollars, youll want to rule out a couple of things. If youre plagued by neck pain, your pillow might be the culprit, and you may want to consult our guide to the best bed pillows. And if you have a new supportive mattress that just doesnt feel cushy or soft enough, you may be able to improve it by adding a good mattress topper.

Simple ways to make your bed more comfortable

  • After 300 hours sleeping on 17 models, weve chosen four memory-foam, latex, and fiber-filled mattress toppers that we think will work for most sleepers.

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Is The Edge Sturdy Enough For You

If you like to sit on the edge of your bed, youll likely want a mattress with dedicated edge support. Innerspring mattresses are typically constructed with a high-density foam encasement or stiffer coils around the perimeter. Even though some people may prefer the feel of the foam encasement, it could soften slightly over time. If you sit on the side of your bed a lot, you may want to consider a mattress that uses stiffer coils around the edge, which will probably prove more durable. The edge support in foam-forward hybrids and foam mattresses typically depends on the density of the foam in the support layers. So you cant assume a mattress will have good edge support without trying it out for yourself. Both the Tempur-Adapt and the Leesa Hybrid, two of the picks in our guide to the best hybrid mattresses, have foams that are at least 4 pounds per cubic foot and thus offer strong edge support.

Different Types Of Mattresses

What to Look for When Purchasing a King Size Organic ...

There are 3 common types of mattresses: innerspring, memory foam, and a hybrid of the two.

  • Innerspring mattresses are the most common type of mattress, and they are typically the most inexpensive. They provide good support and come in a variety of firmness levels. On the downside, they arent very durable.
  • Memory foam mattresses are great for cushioning aching joints and muscles, but they come at a more expensive price. They can also be hot, but there are options for cooling mattresses if you tend to get overheated at night.
  • A hybrid mattress combines innerspring with memory foam. This is beneficial because you get the support of an innerspring mattress with the cushioning of memory foam. There are several types of hybrid mattresses available with varying levels of support and price ranges.

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How To Negotiate For The Best Mattress Price

If youre married to buying a mattress from a store, then you can use some helpful tips on negotiating so you can be sure youre receiving the best price for your new mattress. The good news is mattress prices are negotiable at most retailers, but the main strategy is to try to play one seller off of another. For example, if you secure a quote from one store, you can take it to their competitor and see that they beat the price. You can continue this process on and on and on by taking that lower price to a different competitor, and negotiating that price down even further. Another option would be to find the mattress you want online, and then get the retailer to match the price you see online.

But if youre not keen on the idea of going back and forth between mattress stores, youll be happy to hear that online prices are typically the best. All you have to do is find the mattress that fits you best, and then find the comparable model online.

Pure Latex: Chemical Free Non

Pure latex is also free of chemicals and toxic volatile organic compounds , formaldehyde, and other noxious chemicals. It is naturally antimicrobial and even resists dust mites. Truly a hypoallergenic sleep surface that is clean, green, and eco-friendly. Best of all, pure latex gives you that flotation-like feel that makes turning effortless and actually improves REM sleep, that deep sleep that provides all of the restorative benefits our bodies need.

But be careful, because many vendors dont use unadulterated latex.

Bottom line: try to buy a pure, all natural latex bed that is not a blend of synthetic latex which has far less elasticity and lifespan, and avoid so-called hybrid beds that incorporate very little pure latex but are mostly made of cheap, low quality synthetic foam layers. Ignore names and nouns like Dreamfoam,Ultrafoam, or BioFoam, which are just code for cheap synthetic crap that we stuff your mattress with to make it look big and poofy, for no reason.

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How To Choose The Right Mattress For Your Sleep Position

If your body isnt properly supported while you sleep, you can start experiencing weird aches and pains. As we mentioned above, neck and shoulder pain could indicate that your pillows arent doing their job. But back pain or other types of discomfort might mean that you need a more supportive mattress. Regardless of your preferred sleep position, the goal is to get to a place where spinal support and pressure-point relief intersect.

As is the case when youre standing, proper spinal alignment is important when youre lying down. Your spine should more or less be straight, except for that subtle curve inward toward the belly, in your lower back.

Pressure points are the bony or heavier parts of your bodysuch as the shoulders, hips, or kneesthat press against the surface of the bed. They vary depending on your sleep position. Pressure-point relief is helpful from a musculoskeletal standpoint if you have muscle or joint issues. For instance, if youre a side-sleeper with hip pain or rotator-cuff tendinitis , youll want a mattress that isnt too firm, so it doesnt put excessive pressure on these painful areas.

In general, here are the features you should look for based on your sleep position, as well as tips on how to check for good alignment:

Does It Keep You Cool Or Warm Enough

Mattress Buying Guide – How To Buy A Mattress And What To Look For!

If you sleep hot, you should probably avoid foam mattresses, which are notorious for trapping heat. Innerspring mattresses tend to be more breathable because body heat moves from the surface through the spaces in the coils and disperses out to the room. If youre a hot sleeper but you prefer the feeling of foam, look for foam hybrids or innersprings quilted with a foam topper. Many foam mattresses tout materials designed to allow for varying levels of heat transfer, such as foam with air channels or gel, copper, or graphite infusions. But be aware that they usually cost more and wont work for everyone, and the effects can be minimal. Mattresses made of latex sleep cooler and feel springier than those made of memory foam.

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Buying A Mattress Online From An Independent Mattress Maker

So we have established that neither the mattress stores nor online ads are really going to suggest a mattress thats ideal for your sleeping requirements. Which leaves us with the most suitable and surprisingly cost-effective way to buy a mattress. Choosing an independent mattress specialist can help you identify the following:

Independent UK mattress makers are experts that can advise on a suitable mattress based on weight, height and your tension preference. For example, here at John Ryan By Design, we use our in-depth knowledge of mattress upholstery and spring counts/tensions to recommend a truly suitable mattress. We then offer a no quibble 60 day love it or return it guarantee without the hidden nasties of other online guarantees. If it is unsuitable you can either exchange for a different tension/model or return it free of charge. No ifs or buts. It is a risk-free option.

Your bodyweight should dictate what mattress is right for you. An 18 stone man needs support, an 8 stone woman doesnt. So how on earth a mattress that is described as medium for example, be suitable for the individual requirements of these two people? Spring tensions change dependant on your weight and this is the first area you need to consider.

Spring Tension

Things You Should Know Before Buying A New Mattress

People spend more time on their bed than on any other piece of furniture in their home.A good nights sleep has a refreshing and re-energizing effect. Thats why mattress selection is quite an important shopping exercise. If you are not sure what to look for in a mattress read up on several important things you should know before buying one.

  • Focus on comfort. The most important thing to consider is your own comfort level. Even if you buy the most expensive mattress, you wont have the best sleeping experience of your life if youre not comfortable on it. What to look for in a mattress boils down to several other factors, like the size, firmness, and type of materials used in the mattress.
  • Dont look for one mattress that is the best for everyone. When youre buying a new mattress, remember to look for a mattress thats best for you, not the mattresses that the experts hail as the best ever on the market.
  • Find the right size for your needs. If you feel restricted by a narrow bed, then you need a more spacious double bed. A queen size may be a bit large for an individual person, but its great if you like the extra space. King-sized or California king mattresses are made for partners and for master bedrooms and offer plenty of space for couples. Keep in mind that moving a mattress this large can present some challenges if not done the right way.
  • Test the mattress. Most mattress and bed shops will allow you to lie down on the mattress so you can test it.
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    What Is Your Sleeping Position

    Now that weve got the age question sorted, its time to think about you, the sleeper. While well be digging into a lot of different factors that have to do with you and your unique slumber style, the first thing to figure out is what position you sleep in.

    Though a majority of folks tend to toss and turn between different positions in the night, most people favor certain positions over others. Maybe youre someone who likes to start off on your back and roll over to your side. Or perhaps you spend most of the night on your side and then finish things off on your stomach while hitting snooze in the morning. If youve never really thought about your preferred sleeping positions before, Id encourage you to pay extra close attention to how you sleep over the next week. Youll likely find that youre either a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or some combination of the three.

    This information is important because all mattresses endear themselves to different kinds of sleepers. Below, Ill walk you through the types of beds best-suited for each position group.

    Which Foam Is Best For Mattress

    Why Your Sleep Position Matters When Buying A Mattress ...

    The majority of individuals spend around one-third of their lives sleeping or resting! And, if you are someone who likes cozy comfy beds, a foam mattress is what you need.

    So, an important question that you must be asking yourself is which foam is best for the mattress as sleep is essential and we are more prone to suffer from certain medical disorders such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and a shorter life if we do not get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation or a lack of sleep may also contribute to mental health problems.

    Since the diversity of foam varieties available might be perplexing, keep reading to see which foam is the best for a mattress.

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    How To Test For Comfort In A Mattress:

    The second most important criteria for selecting the right mattress are comfort . If a mattress is too hard, it can cause pressure to your body. This cuts off circulation and pinches nerves , and will cause you to change positions frequently.

    If youre frequently changing positions, your sleep is fragmented and you dont get into the deeper stages of sleep . This means youll wake up tired, even if you thought you got 8 hours of sleep. When youre trying out the mattress, you should be able to lie in one position without moving around for at least a few minutes. If you can do that, youve found a good mattress.

    Those are the two main criteria. If you find a mattress that keeps you in proper alignment which doesnt cause pressure to your body, youve found a great mattress for you. To help fine-tune it from there, there are a few other things to consider.

    Which Foam Is Best For Mattress: Memory Latex Polyurethane Foam Or Others

    The three most prevalent forms of foam used in mattresses are polyurethane foam, memory foam, and latex foam. While latex foam has come back in recent years, most beds solely include memory foam and polyurethane foam mattresses. Latex foam was widely utilized in mattresses before the emergence of polyurethane foam in the 1950s.

    Here, we will walk you through a detailed discussion about foam mattresses. You can also check out some of the best foam mattress online.

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    Other Factors That Affect Your Sleep

    Mattress TemperatureMattress temperature can ruin your sleep. If your mattress makes you sweaty, find a mattress with cooling, breathable materials.

    Innerspring mattresses are usually the coolest option because the coils let a lot of air through. If you’re a fan of foam, go for one infused with gel, graphite, or copper for a cooler sleeping surface.

    Motion TransferWhen you move around in bed, some mattresses absorb the motion and keep it from spreading. Others bounce and carry the motion throughout the bed.

    Keep this in mind if you sleep with a partner. Your partner should be able to shift in bed without disturbing your sleep. If you wake up at different times, you don’t want to get jolted awake when they get up.

    Edge SupportHave you ever sat on the side of a mattress and almost fallen off? A mattress with good edge support doesn’t give out when you put weight on it.

    This lets you sit or sleep near the mattress edge without slipping. If you sleep with a partner, it lets you both use the full surface of bed.

    Smell/Off-GassingMost mattresses off-gas to some degree. This means they release tiny amounts of chemicals that sometimes make your new mattress smell. But don’t let that scare you off. The amount that’s released isn’t harmful, and the smell quickly goes away.

    If you want to avoid off-gassing, look for organic mattresses certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard or Global Organic Latex Standard . GOTS and GOLS are endorsed by the USDA’s National Organic Program.


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