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What Is The Biggest Mattress Made

Where Do I Find Oversized Alaskan King Wyoming King Or Family Beds

Big Fig Mattress Review – The Mattress Made For Large People?

Youve heard about them, but have you ever seen an oversized mattress? They do exist and in fact we make them here at Von Viva, where there is one on display right in our showroom.

For the past decade, weve seen a growing trend of customers wanting even larger oversize mattresses. Why is the traditional King-sized not large enough?

  • Restless sleepers. Some people like and want more space while sleeping with their significant other the sound and motion from one partner may be too jarring to the other.
  • The Family Bed. Many families, especially those with young children, want the whole family to sleep together.
  • Dog lovers. If you have no space in your bed because of a larger-than-life canine friend, it could be time to upsize your bed.
  • Extra tall sleepers. Some folks are blessed by being head and shoulders above the rest, and for this they will often require a larger bed.
  • Luxury. If you live in a large home with lots of space, sometimes a King doesnt feel the space. Having an oversized mattress gives you more room to get the sleep you deserve. Also, how cool is it to have the biggest mattress of anyone you know.

Where Can I Buy An Oversized Mattress

Oversized mattresses are rarely seen in brick-and-mortar stores, but its possible to find them locally at retailers that sell custom beds. Additionally, by searching in your web browser for the specific mattress size that youre interested in, you can find online vendors that sell the particular mattress type youre looking for. Online custom bed retailers may also have oversized mattresses available.

There Is Something For Everyone

Canadian mattress brands are incredibly versatile. There is no need to settle for one mattress design or firmness when there is such a variation of products on offer. Canadian memory foam mattresses are particularly popular, but hybrid mattresses a combination of spring and memory foam have also seen a surge in popularity in recent months.

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The Polysleep Memory Foam Mattress

The Polysleep mattress is handcrafted for both your comfort and the environment. Not only is it more eco-conscious, it is also a cleaner mattress in general. But it is not just clean and better for the environment. It is also perfectly supportive and made to fit your body!

With a liquid repellent cover and antimicrobial foam throughout, this mattress will stay clean for years. No more worrying about deep-rooted mould or damage!

With four layers of foam, this mattress contours perfectly to your body, providing support without making you feel like you are sleeping on a rock. This is possible because each foam layer is a different density ranging from 1.8 pounds to 3 pounds.

The alternating densities allow for firm support without sacrificing softness and coziness. You will sleep through the night, feeling like you are being cradled by a cloud!

  • Made in Canada
  • 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial is shorter than most of the other mattresses on this list
  • 45-night break-in period before you can return it
  • Only one firmness level of Medium Firm

Save 10% On Your Polysleep Order By Using Code: SUSTAINABLEPLANET

Whats A Double King Size Bed

Bows &  Bugs: Dominican Republic

A double king size bed is the widest oversized mattress at 152 inches wide and 80 inches long. Thats the equivalent of four twin XL beds pushed together.

At 12 feet wide, this bed is absolutely massive and will likely fill the length of most bedrooms, if not more. A double king bed is good for co-sleeping families with three or four children.

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Wyoming King Size Mattress

The Wyoming king is the smallest oversized mattress, but dont let that fool you. At 84 inches wide by 84 inches long, this mattress is still 8 inches wider and 4 inches longer than a standard king mattress. Its 7056 square feet, 976 square inches larger than a king mattress.

Some mattress companies might call 78 by 78-inch beds emperor mattresses, but a 78 by 78-inch bed is a small emperor mattress, not an emperor or Wyoming king bed.

A Wyoming king is a good option for couples who just need a bit more space to spread out or who are both taller than 6 feet. Its also wide enough for parents to co-sleep comfortably with one child.

The Wyoming king bed costs between $1500 to $3000. Your room should be 12 by 12 feet to suit a Wyoming king mattress.

Top 10 Places To Buy A Mattress In Canada

Investing in the right mattress store in Canada is one way to ensure that you get the best sleep. Good sleep is essential and it is vital that you find a mattress that works best for you within your budget. Today, there are many different mattress retailers all with a number of different brands. Although it can seem daunting to find the right mattress, as long as you visit the right places, you will be assisted by experienced and well knowledged staff to help narrow down the options.

There are numerous places to buy a mattress in Canada. However, only a few of them are worth your time. This short guide is to shed light on the very best mattress stores in Canada.

Buying a new mattress is an essential thing to do, and it deserves to be given some thought. There are different factors that you need to put into consideration before going ahead to a store or surfing an online mattress store.

It is very important to consider these factors as they will help you determine the best mattress. Getting the best mattress is a supportive step towards your comfort, and with a good nights sleep, you function better during the day.

Have you been wondering where to buy a new mattress in Canada? Below is a list of our top mattress store options for you in no particular order!

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Benefits Of A Texas King Mattress

As the saying goes, everything in Texas is biggerthat includes the mattresses. While the standard King bed has more surface area than a California King6,080 vs. 6,048 square inchesthe Texas King has even more surface area than either of the two at an impressive 7,840 square inches.

So what are the benefits of owning a mattress as big as the Lone Star state?

  • Ideal for people over 6 ½ feet Just like the California King mattress can help provide a few more inches of stretch room for people over 6 feet, the Texas King is a nice fit for people who are over 6 ½ feet and need a little more room at night.
  • Fill out bigger rooms If youve got a particularly large master bedroom, King beds, or even California Kings can sometimes leave the room looking strangely empty. Texas King mattresses are a good way to fill up a larger space and help maintain that cozy bedroom feeling.
  • Fun for families Whether youve got kids that like to cuddle up in your bed or a pet that likes to sleep at your feet, the Texas King has plenty of space to fit the whole family. This is a good choice for a family bed, especially if you dont want the biggest bed size like the Wyoming king mattress or an Alaskan king mattress.

What Size Is My Mattress


Mattresses come in different sizes. Each mattress size is designed to fit a specific need. Factors like room size, how active of a sleeper you are, and whether or not you share a bed influence which size best suits your needs. Our mattress size information guide is here to help make your choice easier. So, what are the different mattress sizes, and what is the right mattress size for you? Check out our chart of mattress dimensions and read through this article to find out.

See our list of the best mattresses in a box for more options.

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What Is The Largest Mattress Size

Usually, the California king size bed takes the prize as the largest bed size. It has a length of 84 inches and a width of 72 inches. However, some people consider the Eastern king bed, which is another name for the standard king bed, as the largest.

The thing is both of these beds are unique in their own way. California king beds have the extra length that is lacking in normal king size beds.

However, standard king size beds are much wider than California king beds. Both beds are comfortable royal beds and are both large. In the end, the final choice will depend on the individual making the purchase, and such a persons needs.

However, there are companies in the mattress making industry that go-ahead to make mattresses that are way bigger and larger than most standard beds. The emperor size bed, for example, is 215 cm long and 215 cm wide.

This is much larger compared to other standard sizes of mattresses. This mattress also comes in different lengths. As spacious as they are, however, they are rare, and may thus not be easily found.

Caesar mattress sizes are the largest possible mattress size available. They are even larger than emperor size beds with a dimension of 245 cm in width and 220 cm in length.

These bed sizes are made to fit in enormous bedrooms. The mattress can house up to seven individuals. This bed too may come in varying dimensions, but all in all, they are very spacious, comfortable and magnificent.

Bottom Line

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Casper Original Foam Mattress

The Casper Original Mattress is quality built with meticulous attention to detail to ensure you get the best night of sleep possible, every night. It is especially suited to anyone who tends to sleep hot or live in hot climates. Because of the gel foam layer, this mattress has a cooling effect, whisking away heat and keeping your body cool through the night.

The foam also perfectly contours to your body so that you can sleep comfortably on your back or side while still providing the support you need. It will perfectly cradle your hips and shoulders while providing full support to the spin. This is one of the best choices for those who deal with chronic back pain.

If all that is not enough, the mattress arrives in a box just like all the other mattresses on this list, making it easier to unpack and set up than unboxed mattresses. Just make sure to give it enough time to return to its shape after being compressed into a box.

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Where To Buy An Oversized Mattress

An oversized bed is a great addition to your home however, they are not widely available. These sizes do not come standard at most brick and mortar retailers or with many online mattress brands.

A company that offers custom-made beds may be able to create one of these sizes for you. This option will also allow you to select the mattress type thats right for you, such as a hybrid or a memory foam mattress.

Simmons Bedding Company Llc

Australias biggest furniture and bedroom sale starts today ...

Establishment: 1870Headquarter: Atlanta, United States

Serta Simmons is one of the largest bedding manufacturers in North America. The company manufactures mattresses of all sizes that can fit twin, full, queen and king-sized beds. The company is now focusing on developing next-generation mattresses that are CERTIPUR-US certified.

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Is An Oversized Mattress Right For Me

Space is the obvious reason why consumers seek out an oversized mattress. Here is a quick recap of why buying one of the biggest mattresses might be the right move for you:

  • You enjoy sprawling out on the bed and need the extra space
  • You co-sleep with family members such as toddlers who dont yet have their own bed
  • You sleep with a partner but toss and turn and dont want to disturb them at night
  • You have a different sleep schedule than your partner
  • You sleep hot and need the extra space at bedtime away from other warm bodies
  • You happen to fall into the big and tall category and would feel more comfortable in a bed made to fit your larger frame

Investing In An Oversized Bed

Alberta and the states of Texas and Alaska are known for their large sizes. Logically, the mattresses named after them are large as well. The Alaskan King, Alberta King, and Texas king mattresses are larger than all standard mattress sizes. This makes them ideal for people who enjoy more sleeping space or share the bed with the whole family. Oversized beds are so spacious that you can have everyone snuggled up under the covers with enough room to be comfortable.

Speaking about comfort, an oversized mattress can save you from falling off of the bed or rolling into your partner or children. If no one is rolling into someone, youll be less likely to wake up in the middle of the night. That means a good night’s sleep and rest. Another great and comfortable thing you can do while sleeping on these mattresses is stretch out. This improves blood circulation throughout the body for a healthier you.

But make no mistake. Just because the bed is oversized doesn’t mean you cannot snuggle with your loved ones. In fact, having an extra-large bed lets you have more comfort as you snuggle since you don’t have to lie in awkward positions to get close to one another. You deserve an oversized bed. You work so hard and have no reason whatsoever to spare any expense for your comfort.

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Best Customizable Alaskan King Mattress

Von Viva Oversized Mattresses

  • Type: Memory foam and latex
  • Height: 10 or 11 inches

The luxury brand Von Viva sells several options so you can customize this mattress to your Zzzs needs.

First, choose from the Rundle , Kona , Denali , or the Everest, featuring natural materials.

You can customize both the left and right sides of all of these mattresses, as well as the materials under the hips and shoulders for the Denali great for anyone who needs something firm for the upper body and a little softer under the hips.

Large Standard Mattress Sizes


Most sleepers are looking for larger mattress sizes to get enough space to sleep comfortably. Not everyone needs to get the biggest mattress size to get quality sleep. Common mattress sizes can offer plenty of room and are readily available online and in most storefronts.

Queen Mattress

Queen mattresses are 60 inches by 80 inches. Its 12 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a twin bed. While a twin and full-size mattress can only fit one person comfortably, a queen mattress can fit twoperfect for a master or guest room. The extra length offers more legroom and can accommodate taller individuals.

King Mattress

A standard king size mattresss dimensions are 76 inches by 80 inches, making this bed 22 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full-size mattress. The king size mattress is best for couples who need room to spread out, or have a child who sleeps with them.

A person buying a king bed will need a large bedroom to accommodate the mattress size plus any additional furniture. Youll want to plan for at least 3 feet of walking space or the bedroom will feel cramped.

Split King Mattress

Split kings are some of the best mattresses for couples who prefer different mattress firmnesses. Its essentially two twin XL beds pushed together, which form the measurements of a standard king mattress: 76 inches by 80 inches.

California King Mattress

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How To Choose An Oversized Mattress Size

With so many different mattress sizes to choose from, selecting the right one for your needs can be daunting. Fortunately, deciding which size works best for your individual situation and sleeping style can be simplified by paying attention to a few factors.

Bedroom DimensionsIt is important to determine whether you can comfortably move around in the bedroom once your mattress is inside. Be sure to include your bedroom furniture, such as a dresser or vanity, into these figures, as well. A good rule of thumb is to ensure you have at least 2 feet of space on either side.

Ease of TransportLarger mattresses can be difficult to fit through doorways. It can also be hard to maneuver them around staircases. Take measurements, if necessary, to be sure your mattress will be able to make it all the way into your home. You should also consider how many people will be needed to carry the mattress.

Accessories & Foundations

Oversized mattress accessories, such as sheets and mattress pads, can be hard to find. Many times, they need to be custom made, because most companies dont keep these sizes in stock. The foundation that an oversized mattress sits on needs to be carefully chosen, as well, because these mattresses are all too large to sit on a single king size box frame.

Changes In Body Size And Sleep Preference

A bed that you used five years ago may or may not be an ideal fit for you today. Depending on your circumstances, many changes could have occurred in your body and lifestyle. Your sleeping positions could have changed, you may have grown, or maybe you have been injured lately. All these aspects can affect your sleeping experience. Remember that sleep is a crucial aspect of health and wellness, it is when your body repairs itself. A decent mattress is a crucial investment for your immediate and long-term wellbeing.

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Best Cooling Alaskan King Mattress

Mattress Insider Alaskan King Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 13.5 inches

This mattress includes a 2-inch cooling memory foam layer to help you maintain an ideal temperature as you sleep. Breathable cotton encases the memory foam layer, along with a layer of latex. Below that, theres a layer of pocketed coils for extra support.

The rest of the nearly 14-inch mattress consists of foam, with the option to sleep on a firm or very firm side. All parts get zipped together, too, so you dont have to worry about uncomfortable shifting.

The mattress comes in three pieces so its easier to move or rotate.


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