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How To Move A Queen Size Mattress

Tips For Safe Driving With A Mattress On Your Car

How to Return or Move a King or Queen size Foam Mattress Part 1

Follow these tips to protect yourself and other drivers on the road.

Go for a test drive before embarking on your trip. Drive around the block with your mattress strapped to the top of your car to test for sturdiness. If you notice any shifting going on, youll need to pull over and adjust your ropes or straps.

Avoid the highway. The slower you drive with a mattress on the roof of your car, the better. Stick to back roads as much as you can, even if it adds time on to your trip. Between 2011 and 2014, there were 39,000 injuries and more than 500 deaths caused by road debris, according to AAA, with 37% of those deaths occurring because a car was swerving to avoid the debris. If youre driving slower and on a less populated road, your mattress is much more likely to stay in place and not cause any accidents.

Get out and check your mattress. Wind and other elements can cause the rope or straps on your mattress to loosen during travel. Check on your mattress regularly during your drive to make sure its staying in place.

Not up for the task of having to transport a mattress in a car? Hire professional movers instead! Use our free moving company directory to find reputable movers in your area.

Six: Secure Your Mattress And Drive Slowly

When possible, lay the mattress flat whether it be in a truck or on top of a car or SUV. To prevent damage try not to stack things on top of the mattress. When mattresses are flat, be sure to secure the mattress to your vehicle with ropes or straps.

If laying your mattress flat is not an option, lean your mattress on its side against the wall of a moving truck. Use rope or straps to secure the mattress to the truck wall and be sure to not stack items on top of the mattress.

Once youre confident the mattress is secure, its time to drive away. Try and go slow, especially around the corners, to ensure your mattress stays in place.

Moving can be stressful, yet rewarding. No matter how difficult it may be to move a mattress, just know itll pay off in the end when you finally get to enjoy your new space.

Seal The Bag With Tape

The bag you put your bed in is open at the ends, so youll need to seal it with tape. Fold over the edges, secure with tape and then wrap the tape around the bag. Make sure you wrap it around the middle and on the upper and lower thirds. Form a crisscross pattern with the tape, so even if the mattress slides around in the bag, it should still be secure.

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How A Mattress Is Usually Transported

I pulled up behind a car recently and noticed a large bulky mattress on the roof of the late model sedan. Ropes had lashed the mattress haphazardly to the roof rack, squishing it so tight that the springs looked poised and ready to exit the bed like a Jack-in-the-box.

That wasnt even the worst of it. Moving day coincided with one very wet Auckland Saturday & the sodden mattress was dripping and spraying water on the motorway like a high speed sponge. The couple driving the car were blissfully unaware that theyd likely be spending the night on their sofa, presuming that wasnt also in transit exposed to the elements.

Mattresses can be bulky & awkward to transport rendering them a potential hazard while you personally move them from A to B. Case in point, I once shifted house in Hamilton & a work colleague and myself decided that wed also try the above method of strapping said mattress to the roof of my old Mitsubishi Lancer.

Weather wasnt a problem on this occasion but State Highway 1 as it used to veer east of the city did prove the crucial test.

Brakes screeched, horns blasted, traffic was halted and the mattress dragged to the roadside freshly tattooed with angry tire tracks.

It wasnt just my pride that was damaged, a few wayward springs had not held up to the motorway mattress mayhem.

So, how do you safely move a bed? Heres a guide to doing it properly so you sleep comfortably on your favourite mattress in your new digs.

How To Move A Mattress By Yourself: Become Your Own Mattress Mover

How to Move a Mattress the easy way

Mattresses have come a long way from being filled with reeds, hay or wool during the glory days of the Roman Empire or being stuffed with pea chucks, straw or feathers during the Renaissance period. Modern high-quality bed mattresses come in all shapes and sizes: from innerspring mattresses to memory foam and latex ones, there is just the right mattress for every taste and budget.

While getting ready to move out, one question that is sure to come up during the busy preparations is how to pack and move your mattress. Now, dont underestimate the importance of a high-quality mattress you may choose not to move your bed due to the huge transportation cost, but you must definitely consider moving the mattress to the new home unless your careful evaluation of the mattress relocation situation indicates that the effort will not be worth it.

Moving a mattress without professional movers is not going to be easy, but you can make it work as long as you follow the packing and moving tips in this guide. If leaving your trusted bed accessory behind is not an option, then you will need to first learn how to pack a mattress for moving, and then how to move a mattress by yourself.

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Is It Legal To Tie Your Mattress To The Top Of Your Car

Tying a mattress on top of your car is not illegal in the United States unless you havent tied it tightly. If the mattress is not tied properly, it may slide off the car, risking your life and the lives of others. You may be pulled over by the cops for not tying your mattress to the top of your car properly, and if your mattress falls off the roof, you can be faced with fines.

How To Move A Mattress

Youve gotten your supplies and the time has come to finally move your mattress! This will be a cinch if you do the following steps:

Step 1: Purchase a mattress cover and bag.

Step 2: Put the mattress in the cover and package it in the plastic mattress bag.

Step 3: Clear your exit route move furniture, prop open doors, and clear space in the moving vehicle.

Step 4: Carry your mattress out to the vehicle with a friend.

Step 5: Load and secure the mattress with moving straps.

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Be Safe When You Drive

When you drive with a mattress on your roof, you’re carrying a wide load that may block some of your view. For safety’s sake, drive slowly and take the back roads or streets if possible. Consider having friends drive behind you to let me know if the mattress is slipping at all. If you have friends helping with the move, you can also ask them to ride along with you, having each one hold the mattress through the passenger side and back windows. This provides a little more security especially if you’ll be traveling on a busy road, freeway, or interstate.

Consider The Size Of Your Mattress

How to Carry a Queen-Size Mattress : Mattresses

You may think that the larger mattress the more challenging the move. But this isnt always the case. Take, for example, a split king size mattress and a queen size mattress. Although a split king size mattress may be larger when set up, it splits into two parts, while a queen size mattress doesnt. So a queen size mattress could actually be harder to move through narrow hallways and around corners. Its important to consider factors like this when planning to move your mattress.

To avoid any unnecessary surprises, be sure to measure your mattress before attempting to move it. Maneuvering the mattress and moving it out of your home will be a struggle if it turns out to be even an inch longer than you planned.

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What To Know Before You Begin

First, consider its size. A king size bed will most likely be easier to move than a queen size bed. Thats because a king size box spring is usually divided into two separate box springs, and a king size mattress is often split. While the majority of queen size box springs and mattresses are not split. This can make them more difficult to maneuver up and down the stairs, through narrow hallways and around tight corners.

Moving A Queen Size Bed Cost

It goes without saying that there will be a different price for a cross-country move as opposed to moving house within the same city. If the move is local, youll most likely be charged by the hour if you seek professional help. If you are moving to another state, then your mover will charge you based on the weight of the bed and the distance to your new home. Most moving companies will actually deliver the mattress, frame and box spring for a fee of around $100-$200. Contact a few local moving companies that offer single piece moves to get a price quote before making this decision.

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How To Tie Down The Mattress:

First things first, ensure that you have more than enough rope!

Now, after putting the mattress on the roof, loop the rope over the mattress and underneath the car. Make sure the rope wont be in contact with the exhaust system or any moving parts because you dont want it to come undone halfway to your new home.

Now, open all of the passenger windows and loop the rope around the mattress and through the windows to secure it to the roof of your car.

Lastly, you have to tie down the mattress back to front. So tie a length of rope to the front bumper, loop it over the mattress and tie it securely to the back bumper. Try to do this on both the right and left-hand side of your car.

It is essential that the mattress cant move around on top of your car. I cant emphasise this enough!

Choose The Right Vehicle

Moving A Mattress (INFOGRAPHIC

Now that you know the size of your mattress, you can start thinking about the right vehicle for the job. You want to avoid folding your mattress if you can, so try to use a large enough vehicle that the mattress can lay flat in. When deciding how to move your mattress, keep in mind that standard king size mattresses generally only fit inside moving trucks.

The best vehicle to safely transport a mattress is a DIY moving truck. If you can get your hands on one, you can fit just about any mattress into the back. Just make sure nothing heavy sits on your mattress and that whatever it rests on is flat. For those without access to a moving truck, dont worry. You still have options.

The next best vehicle to move a mattress with is a van. Wondering how to move a mattress in a van? Simply remove or fold down the seats and slide the mattress in. Another good vehicle to move a mattress in is a pickup truck. You can fit most twin, double, and even some queen size mattresses. Though this option leaves your mattress exposed, it should be just fine as long as you wrap and secure your mattress well.

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Save The Plastic Wrap

Your new mattress arrives, you rip and tear at the plastic to reveal your answer to perfect sleep but heres where youll need the foresight for that future moving day.

The plastic wrap on your bed fits it perfectly and is made to slide over your mattress and protect it from grubby hands, dirty moving truck floors OR a random rain shower while its on the trailer. Sure, theres a lot of plastic to store & you swore youd never move after the last time but stash it away in the garage and that day will come when youll need it.

Even if youre not moving the bag comes in handy for stashing your bed in long-term storage.

Comforthome Mattress Bag For Moving And Storage Queen/king Size 1 Pack

  • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • ãQueen/KingãSize: Fits Queen and King Size Mattress with Height up to 14 inches. Please see the attached size guide picture to select a suitable plastic bag.
    • ãEconomical & Light Weight Version ã: Includes 1 bag made of 1.5 Mil thick polyethylene . The item weight is about 0.95 pound. It is perfect for disposal and storage as it is a little bit thin. It may tear during transportation or operation, if you want a sturdier one, you could consider 4 Mil or 6 Mil thick bag .
    • ãNO Zipper/Closure/Handleã: Please NOTE that there is NO Zipper or Closure or adhesive strip on the end, you need to buy some packing tape to seal the mattress bag. Place mattress or box spring inside, then overlap the extra plastic and seal tight with packing tape.
    • No vent-hole design. Perfect for long term storage. Water and dust resistant material protects mattress from moisture, dust, mice, and other pests.
    • Perfect for storing mattresses, also useful for protecting other bulky furniture like Patio, Chair, Sofa, Loveseat, even Christmas trees

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    How Much Does It Cost To Hire Professional Movers

    According to the American Moving and Storage Association, a local move comes with an average price tag of $2,300, while long-distance moves cost an average of $4,300.

    The exact cost of hiring professional movers depends on how much stuff you have and the distance of your move. Every moving company’s price moves differently, so call at least three moving companies to get a quote before you book. Comparing quotes can help you create a moving budget, and is an easy way to reduce your moving costs.

    Not sure whether to hire movers or rent a truck and move? Read our guide for our expert advice:

    No insurance if your mattress gets damaged

    Making The Right Choice For You:

    How to Load a Mattress into a Cargo Van

    No matter who is going to sleep with you, investing in the right sized mattress is one of the most important factors. Size is a key determiner of the quality of the sleep youll have. So dont rush into picking a certain size mattress because thats what youve always had.

    View our range of mattresses here or take our Sleep Selector Quiz to find the right mattress for you.

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    Evaluate Your Mattress: Should You Take It

    Before starting to clean, wrap, and load your mattress, consider its age. If your mattress is 7-10 years old, sagging, or uncomfortable, you might want to replace it. Moving is the perfect time to choose a new mattress if you need one, but dont leave a perfectly good mattress when you could follow these steps and take it with you. After all, learning how to move a mattress isnt that hard.

    What Kind Of Mattress Is Best For My New Home

    So, you’ve decided to replace your mattress. New house, new bed, how exciting! But what is the best mattress for your new home? Do you upgrade to a king size mattress? Do you want foam, latex, or a pocket spring? Obviously the size of your new bedroom will impact how big of a mattress you can have. It may be that your room only has room for a twin size mattress . Or maybe you can squeeze a full or queen size mattress into the space if you only use one of your side tables. If you’re going to get a new mattress, make sure you measure the space you have for a bed first. If you’ve got plenty of space, you may be ready for a king size mattress.

    As far as mattress type, that depends on your personal preference. Do you like a firm mattress or something more plush? As long as your mattress gives you the right amount of support , the mattress world is your oyster.

    Ready for the big move? Let Leesa guide you to the best mattress for you and your family in your new home.

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    Take Your Mattress To Your Vehicle

    Once you have your mattress folded or reinforced and covered, you can move it to your vehicle. The easiest way to do this is with help from another person. If you cant recruit someone to help you out, try to get a dolly. Many moving companies like UHaul and home goods stores have dolly rentals. Clear a path and gently roll your mattress to your vehicle.

    You may also need to rent a larger vehicle to transport your mattress. Once again, moving companies or home improvement stores often have large trucks that you can rent.

    Can You Transport A Boxspring On A Car

    How To Transport A Mattress In A Pickup Truck

    Yes, but do so carefully. The sheer size can be problematic in securing it to the roof, and there are some aerodynamic issues involved. For example, if too much of the boxspring is hanging over the windshield and your speed exceeds 20 miles per hour, you may experience some unanticipated lift, similar to airplane wings.

    Be extra diligent with ratchet straps and rope. When you tie the rope under the car, make sure that youre not putting it near any vehicle parts that can either get too hot or cut through the rope. Hot metal can get hot and burn through or compromise the strap and sharp edges could just as easily cut through.

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