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Does An Adjustable Bed Need A Special Mattress

How To Adjust A Bed Frame

Do You Need SPECIAL MATTRESS For An Adjustable Bed? // A No Bull Guide

One adjusts a bed frame differently based on brand and style, but here are some common methods:

  • Remove the mattress from the adjustable bed frame for easier adjustment.
  • Lift the box spring with metal hooks on the end out of the notches in the side of the bed frame.
  • Raise or lower your bed to the desired height and lower the metal hooks on each corner of the box spring to the proper height on the frames notches.
  • Place the mattress back on the bed.

What To Look For In A Mattress

The following factors are especially important when purchasing a mattress for an adjustable bed. These features will help you narrow down your options and find the best fit. It is easy to be distracted by marketing claims, and some companies draw attention to mattress features that may or may not be necessary. Instead, pay attention to the following elements to determine your priorities and narrow down your options.


Match the size of your mattress to the size of your adjustable bed, but double-check all of the measurements before making a purchase. Though mattress sizing is standardized, there can be an inch or so of variation. Most mattresses are produced in six standard sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Split sizes such as split queen, split king, and split California king are also available, but not as common. Adjustable beds may be available in all of these sizes, or they may be limited to queen size and larger.

Split vs. Solid Design

The design of the adjustable bed and mattress can be solid or split. A solid design means that the entire bed adjusts together, so couples cannot adjust each side independently. A split design, on the other hand, allows users to adjust each side of the bed independently. Some beds and mattresses have a full split down the center, which is essentially two mattresses side by side. Others only have a split top, so you can adjust each side of the head of the mattress.

Firmness Level



The Many Positions Of An Adjustable Bed

You might wonder what types of positions you have in addition to the ones previously mentioned. Theres no straightforward answer because each base is a bit different. Typically, most standard adjustable bases have two different areas that you can raise and lower.

The best adjustable beds will have a power base to raise your head and your legs while keeping your pelvic area in a horizontal position. This feature helps support your lower back and upper body at the same time.

Adjustable frames come in your standard sizes: King size California king, queen size, full, twin xl, and more. You can also choose a split king or split queen if you want to control your side of the bed separate from your partner. Many of these beds also feature a zero-gravity, massage feature, and USB ports.

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Warranty & Sleep Trial

Most mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty or longer, but many warranties have stipulations regarding the type of foundational support used. If a mattress is not compatible with an adjustable base, using it with one may void the warranty and cause premature wear and tear or other damages.

A sleep trial lets you try out the mattress in your home, and most mattress sleep trials range from 90 nights to a full year. Some sleep trials include mandatory break-in periods before the mattress can be returned.

Last Things To Consider

Do You Need A Special Mattress For Adjustable Bed

There are a few additional considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for an adjustable bed. These considerations are especially important when shopping for a mattress online, and some are specific to shopping for a mattress for an adjustable bed. Compare warranty coverage, return policies, and pricing to get the best value.

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What Features To Look For In Adjustable Beds

When choosing a mattress for adjustable beds, you should consider an adjustable base that offers all of the following:

  • Big enough for your intended mattress size
  • Sleep trial
  • Fits in your bedroom
  • Split if preferred

An adjustable base is a large purchase. You want to be sure you choose the right one for all of your needs.

Best Mattress Types For Adjustable Beds

Since an adjustable bed is designed to lift the top and bottom of a mattress, the most important thing that consumers should focus on when purchasing a mattress is flexibility and durability. Mattresses that are flexible and durable will last as it can adhere to the nature of the bed. Here are 3 types of mattresses to consider.

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Should I Pick A Firm Or Soft Mattress

Medium firm is a solid choice. A surface that is too firm might not allow for settling into the base, especially at angles that have more curves. However, a product that is too soft is not likely to last as long.

Also, a too-soft surface might make you feel like youre sinking in too deeply, especially when youre at an angle like zero gravity. Softer surfaces can also cause the weight of your body to sink past the comfort layers and onto the harder surface, making for an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

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Amerisleep Percale Cotton Sheet Sets

How do you know if a mattress is adjustable base friendly?

Our Amerisleep Percale Cotton Sheet Set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow covers. The fitted sheets have 18 inch deep pockets making them compatible with adjustable beds and tall mattresses.

With a 300 thread count, these cotton sheets are soft-to-the-touch and breathable. The long-staple cotton woven in the tight percale style makes these sheets strong and durable. Long cotton fibers are less prone to breaking and resistant to pilling.

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Adjustable Mattresses For Health Issues

Hospitals and other healthcare settings, such as home health or nursing homes, use adjustable beds for health-related reasons. However, personal consumer use of adjustable beds has increased significantly in recent decades. Allowing a bed to respond to an individuals personal needs may help decrease the risk of significant health issues, including edema in the legs or pneumonia.

A slightly inclined mattress may help bring relief to individuals suffering from arthritis in their neck or shoulders and may allow them to wake up in the morning with less stiffness in their joints. Additionally, individuals who are immobile may find that bedsores may be prevented at higher rates when their bed is adjustable.

Cost Of Amerisleep Tencel Sheets

Our cool and luxurious Tencel® Sheets with Smarty-Bandzz® technology and a 300 thread count are available in all standard sizes. These sheet sets include one fitted sheet with high-quality elastic around the entire outer edge, one oversized flat sheet, and two pillow covers. The split king set comes with two fitted sheets.


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Does The Eco Terra Natural Hybrid Mattress Work With An Adjustable Bed

A strong and supportive foundation is recommended for the Eco Terra. The Eco Terra hybrid latex mattress is a single-source origin mattress with advanced pressure-relieving coils, making it a perfect choice for all adjustable beds.

Its essential to find the highest quality all-natural latex mattress when pairing it with an adjustable bed base. A low-quality mattress simply wont offer you the support you need when used with an adjustable bed base. It also wont last as long as a high-quality mattress.

Waterproof Mattress Pads With Anchor Bands

do I need a special mattress for an adjustable king bed ...

A waterproof mattress pad has a tight weave, using special fabric which is waterproof. If you experience incontinence, this can be very useful.

The outer surface of the bottom side is usually TPU laminated, which provides a water-proof barrier. This is important to note as the pad will absorb any liquids, instead of letting them pass through so youll have to wash it accordingly.

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The Difference Between Mattress For Adjustable Beds And Hospital Beds

A residential adjustable mattress base and an adjustable bed base for hospitals are similar, but they aren’t the same thing. Hospital beds are normally 6 inches of foam topped with a thick rubbery outer layer that can stand up to being aggressively cleaned and sanitized, but offer less support. Most hospital beds, including the twin xl, also rise up and down to help nurses be able to access patients, and customize the bed height for general safety. Most mattresses on these types of beds are designed for utility and meeting the standards of patient comfort. These mattresses aren’t designed to be an ideal of luxury and comfort and likely aren’t made of a premium material like latex to support your back.

With an adjustable bed for your home, you get the benefits of being able to lift and lower you head and foot areas, without the surgical feel of the bedframes you see in a hospital. Good quality mattresses for adjustable beds are anywhere from 12 inches thick and above and use premium materials such as latex or organic cotton. These mattresses often come with at least a 10-year warranty, depending on the manufacturer.

An adjustable bed for residential use will move the head and foot areas as much as you want, but are often thicker, and nicer to look at. Adjustable beds used in hospitals often aren’t nearly as comfortable, won’t last as long, and looks dreadful. If they’re they same size, they are about the same weight too.

What Are The Best Types Of Mattresses For Adjustable Beds

The main thing to consider when you begin shopping for an adjustable bed mattress is its flexibility.

You will need a style that can be lifted at the top and bottom without springing or bouncing back into its original position.

This reason is why materials such as memory foam are a fantastic option, as they are adjustable on their own.

It is also important to consider durability since you will likely be bending and unbending the mattress continually.

Lets take a look at three of the best mattress types for adjustable beds.

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How To Attach A Headboard To An Adjustable Bed Frame

Look for the headboard brackets on the adjustable frame. There might be a need to purchase them separately if your base does not have strong steel headboard brackets.

Check to see the design with which your headboard can be attached. The two bracket designs are hook-on and bolt-on designs.

  • Prepare a great workspace for yourself.
  • Have the brackets attached to the adjustable frame?
  • Measure the mounting holes.
  • Secure the headboard attachment by lining up the headboards holes with the brackets and sticking the bolts through.

Will A Regular Mattress Work On An Adjustable Bed

Ecosa Mattress Review – Do You Need an Adjustable Mattress?

It all depends on what a regular mattress is for you. For some, a regular mattress is a latex mattress, for others, its a memory foam mattress. But, the most common mattresses in San Diego are still innerspring mattresses, so were going to use them as our starting point.

Although some innerspring mattresses can work fairly well with adjustable bases, the majority of them simply cant, and this is for several reasons.

  • Coil type The coils in your mattress determine whether it can work with an adjustable base. For example, interlocking coils can get tangled when you change the shape of your bed while some mattresses have border wires that simply dont allow for the mattress to change its shape.
  • Thickness If your innerspring mattress is overly thick, it probably does provide more sleeping comfort, but its not suitable as a companion to an adjustable base.
  • Firmness The firmer the mattress, the less likely it will be able to bend to different positions your adjustable base offers.
  • So, inspect your mattress thoroughly and see if it could work with an adjustable base. But, as a rule of thumb, innerspring mattresses are rarely the right choice for adjustable bases.

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    Mattress Toppers With Anchor Bands

    If youre looking for a feather bed type of plushness, a mattress topper is an excellent alternative.

    A topper has the same general thickness as a feather bed only filled with alternative materials, like polyester, bamboo, etc. A topper with anchor bands fits over your mattress just as a pad would.

    It has a thickness of 2, and is filled with 70% bamboo and 30% polyester. The straps will fit mattresses up to 18 deep.

    Good For Comfortthe Craftmatic Legacy

    Craftmatic Legacy beds come standard with a dual density spring mattress that is firm on one side and plush medium-firm on the other. Both sides provide support and allow you to customize your sleep experience. You can retain the option of a softer or firmer surface in the future by flipping the mattress. The Mattress includes layers of memory foam, latex and a cooling layer. The motor can support weight up to 450 pounds. An optional heavy-duty model supports up to 600lbs.


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    What To Look For In Making Your Selection

    The most important thing to look for is if the manufacturer or mattress brand approves the mattress to be used on an adjustable base. Many online brands today not only approve but also offer adjustable beds with their mattresses. Also, top varieties also provide competitive home trial periods, which is ideal if you want to be protected while trying the mattress.

    Key Considerations To Make Before Buying A Mattress For An Adjustable Bed

    Reasons you need an adjustable bed base in 2020 ...

    Sleeping on an adjustable bed, just like sleeping in a reclining chair, may help you get more comfortable if youre recovering after a surgery or have some medical condition. But this will only work if you choose a suitable mattress for your adjustable bed and, most importantly, a mattress that will work for your particular needs.

    And to do that, lets look at the key factors you may want to consider when shopping:

    Sleeping in a slightly reclined position on an adjustable bed has many potential benefits. It might help you feel more comfortable when sleeping with a cold, as the gravity may relieve your nasal congestion. Also, adjustable beds are a good option for snorers .

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    Full Of Health Benefits

    Other than relieving body aches, adjustable beds can help with a whole load of other health issues as well. This alleviates snoring, acid reflux, and heartburn while improving possible swelling, digestion, and arthritis problems.

    It might also help out if youre dealing with bouts of insomnia. Hospitals use adjustable beds for a reason and now you can experience all these benefits on your own!

    Can A Hybrid Mattress Be Used On An Adjustable Bed

    Now were talking! Some consider memory foam mattresses the perfect choice for adjustable bases, but we disagree. Yes, memory foam is highly malleable, soft and plush, and it can change its shape and structure in a matter of seconds.

    But, memory foam also carries certain downsides it can be too soft for adjustable bases, eliminating the perks of certain positions, and its less durable than other mattress types. That is why our choice of mattress for an adjustable base is always a hybrid mattress.

    These mattresses take all the benefits of different types of mattresses, and combine them into a single incredible mattress. They provide the strength of coils, the buoyancy of latex, and an increased durability when coupled with adjustable bases. So yes, you can certainly use a hybrid mattress with an adjustable base.

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    How Do Adjustable Beds Work

    An adjustable bed can be adjusted by elevating the head and/or foot of the bed. This allows you to customize the positioning of the bed, which can result in better pressure relief, improved circulation, and less snoring.

    This type of bed typically has hinges at the head and/or foot of the frame where you can change the angles, and an electric motor powers the frame. You can usually adjust the bed as needed with a remote control, though some adjustable beds are controlled by smartphone apps.

    Some features, like adjusting the head of the bed, are standard. Other features give users more control over the bed, but they can increase the price of the bed. Common features include:

    Since adjustable beds can be positioned at different angles, the mattress used with this type of bed frame must be flexible. It is also important for the mattress to be lightweight, so that it moves easily with the frame, though some adjustable beds can support a heavier mattress.

    Single Vs Split Mattresses

    Adjustable Beds — Why Do You Need The Best Adjustable Bed?

    For the most customizability for your sleeping position and adjustable bed base, take a look at the major differences between split and single mattresses to determine which one is right for you.

    Single mattresses are likely what youre used toa single mattress with a consistent material and firmness level throughout. When paired with an adjustable bed frame, head and feet move together as one.

    However, a split mattress is essentially split down the middle into two separate mattresses.

    This gives sleepers the flexibility of having two different firmness levels and materials in one bed. Its perfect for couples with different sleeping preferences who prefer to share the same bed. When paired with an adjustable bed frame, head and feet move separately for added customization.

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