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What Are Latex Mattresses Good For

I Materassi In Lattice Possono Causare Mal Di Schiena

Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Mattress Review (2020) – Should You Buy It?

Un materasso in lattice è progettato per ridurre la pressione sulla superficie in modo da ridurre il rischio di vomito, ribaltamento e aggravare i sintomi del mal di schiena. Inoltre, il lattice non immagazzina calore corporeo o sudore, quindi non devi chinarti costantemente e indossare coperte. Come sappiamo, i movimenti di torsione e flessione possono aggravare il mal di schiena.

Memory Foam Vs Latex Mattresses: Whats The Best

By Sarah Anderson, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Memory foam and latex mattresses are often compared to each other, as theyre both layered foam beds that adjust to a sleepers body. Memory foam is more affordable, while latex is more durable however, memory foam can retain body heat, but latex mattresses are heavy and awkward to move.

Well learn what memory foam and latex are and the pros and cons of each. Before shopping, you might consider your budget and sleeping preferences to decide which material is the better option for you.

New Latex Mattress = New Lower Back Pain30 Dec 201: 01#2

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So Im slowly working through the information youve pointed me to. Do you have a copy of the lab test results on the essentia foam? The link to it in the other posts are broken.Also, we tried adding some more foam layers that we had around , for a total of five inches. Were now sleeping comfortably, though I think it may be just a little too soft. But at least I feel like Im heading in the right direction.I contacted Essentia by email, and one thing they said is that the mattress starts out hard because of the way its compressed for shipping, but it softens up with used, and can take up to a month to reach its full softness. This seems a little odd, though it does explain why their return policy requires you to keep the mattress for thirty days before you can return it.

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Disadvantages Of Latex Beds

The following list of complaints explain what people are most likely to dislike about these types of beds.

Firmness Excessive firmness is most commonly reported by owners when they initially purchase their bed, although only 10% of owners have complained that their bed is too firm. Checking Impression Load Deflection information before buying can give you added insight, as higher ILDs mean firmer foam while lower ILDs mean softer foam. Many mattresses are more firm in the first few weeks of use. You may need to break the mattress in a little to reach your desired firmness.

Compression Compression, when the mattress forms imprints where the person generally sleeps, has been reported by approximately 10% of the owners of all-latex beds. This issue is less frequently found in beds made with 100% natural latex foam.

  • This occurs with other types of mattresses about 25% of innerspring and 15% of memory foam owners complain about impressions.
  • Compression is more likely to occur on a mattress shared by two people as both are more likely to sleep in the same spot every night.
  • These impressions do not affect comfort or support much on latex, but can limit natural movement of the sleeper.

PRO TIP: Make sure the mattress has a breathable cover, like natural cotton or wool, to allow maximum air flow.

How Does Memory Foam Feel

Lucid 10 Inch Premium Support Latex Foam Mattress

The recovery time for memory foam can be slow with less bounce. This makes memory foam great for those suffering from aches and pains as it works to contour the body for full support of pressure points. These same body conforming quality also reduces motion transfer to prevent a bed mate from waking a sleeping partner when moving.

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How Many Inches Of Memory Foam Do I Need

The exact thickness of memory foam you need depends on your preferred sleep position. Side sleepers need at least 3 inches of foam to sink in and prevent pressure from building up in their sides. Back and stomach sleepers rest well on 2 inches or less as too much softness will cause their torso to bow into the mattress, drawing the spine out of alignment.

Natural Latex Organic Latex And Other Certifications

There are many labels for latex that youll find thrown around in the descriptions of these mattresses. It can get confusing, so heres a quick guide:

  • 100% natural latex means the material is not made with any SBR latex. However, as we stated above, there are curing agents that can make up 5% of the total material. The other 95% or more must be derived from natural tree sap.
  • Organic latex has undergone a process that shows that its production process is in accordance with the standards established by whatever organization is providing the certification. The Global Organic Latex Standard is one well-regarded standard.
  • Rainforest Alliance is another certification that is not the same as organic but also focuses on safe environmental standards.
  • Certifications like GREENGUARD, ecoInstitut, and OEKO-TEX are used to demonstrate that a material does not have harmful chemicals or emit dangerous volatile organic compounds .

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What Is Memory Foam

Memory foam is a man-made foam constructed with polyurethane and additional materials that create viscoelastic properties. When pressure is applied to this type of foam, the mattress will hug and contour to those pressures. Response times vary based on the specific type of memory foam, but in general, memory foam is going to respond slower than most other foams.

The best memory foam mattresses can take on many different firmness levels and feels. One thing to remember about memory foams is that all memory foams are polyurethane foams, but not all polyurethane foams are memory foam.

Il Lattice Dannoso Per La Salute

Idle Latex Mattress Review – Will This Flippable Bed Be Right for You?

Sì, il lattice naturale è considerato sicuro. Non viene trattato con sostanze chimiche nocive come pesticidi o formaldeide. Non tutto il lattice è uguale. Quindi potrebbe reagire ai guanti in lattice, ma potrebbe non reagire affatto al lattice naturale. Parli sempre con il medico prima di essere esposto ad allergeni noti o potenziali.

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What Type Of Latex Is Used In The Comfort Layer

Due to its softer and more pillowy feel, Talalay latex is more popular than Dunlop as a comfort layer. However, Dunlop as well as blended latex is considered more durable. This can make it a better choice for heavier sleepers. The Botanical Bliss Mattress, our Best Latex Mattress for Heavyweight Sleepers, uses Dunlop in every layer of the mattress.

If price is a primary concern, blended Talalay hybrid comfort layers tend to be a cheaper option that is also fairly resilient.

Are Latex Mattresses Safe

Yes, latex mattresses are safe for most people. However, if you have a latex allergy , you shouldnt sleep on a latex bed regardless of whether its natural or blended latex.

Is it true that allergen-causing proteins are practically eradicated during the production process? Yes, but its best to take precautions as theres always the possibility of triggering allergies.

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What Is A Latex Hybrid Mattress

A latex hybrid mattress combines all the benefits of natural latex with an extra-supportive coil base.

Today, most high-quality hybrids use individually wrapped coils, also known as pocketed coils, for the foundation layer. Compared to traditional innerspring systems, individually wrapped coils are quieter and allow for freer movement and contouring. Many hybrid mattresses also feature zoned coils that offer more pressure relief where you need it most.

The best latex hybrid mattresses have one or more latex transition layers between the coil base and the top comfort layer. The transition layer or layers often have a higher ILD than the comfort layer for extra support.

If the eco-friendliness of natural latex appeals to you the most, dont worryopting for a hybrid doesnt mean you have to buy a less sustainable product. You can choose a hybrid latex mattress with coils made from recycled steel, like the Nolah Natural.

Latex Density And Ild

6 inch Natural Latex Mattress wrapped in pure wool ! Shop bedding at ...

With latex mattresses, people will commonly hear two measures of the foam: the density and ILD .

The mattress density will be communicated in pounds and is a measure of weight per square foot. To generalize, the higher the density, in most instances, the higher the durability of the foam.

The ILD is a measure of firmness, ranging generally from 1444, meaning the higher the number, the firmer the mattress will be. ILD describes how easily the material will conform to ones body. So, if someone likes to sink into the bed upon contact, choose a lower rating. A rating of 14 would mean its extremely soft while 44 would be super-firm. However, most ratings fall between a 19 and 37 rating.

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Latex Vs Other Mattress Types

Latex vs. Memory Foam

Perhaps the biggest leg up that latex has on memory foam is breathability. Because memory foam beds are made up of such dense material, heat can easily become trapped within the layers. Latex foam, on the other hand, tends to be more open-celled, and so heat can flow right on out of the mattress.

For couples who arent concerned with overheating, memory foam might be worth consideration. The same thick layers of foam that can sometimes trap heat also make memory foam better than latex when it comes to motion isolation. This means that youre less likely to be disturbed by your restless partners movements.

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Latex vs. Innerspring

Latex and innerspring mattresses have some things in common, namely breathability. They also both provide some good bounce and responsiveness, meaning you shouldnt have much trouble changing positions as you sleep.

As for the differences, latex will most likely do a better job relieving pressure, and it probably wont creak and groan as much as an innerspring mattress will. Be prepared to pay quite a bit more for latex, thoughinnersprings are the most affordable mattresses out there. For some budget-friendly options, check out our list of the best affordable mattresses.

Latex vs. Hybrid

How Does Latex Differ From Memory Foam

Latex and memory foam share some similarities, for example, they both have a cushioning, cradling feel and reduce pain-causing pressure points. They also have a few slight differences the main difference being memory foam is a cradling material and latex is lifting.

Memory foam was first created for NASA in the 1960s. Its constructed of polyurethane foam and added chemicals. Memory foam mattresses are known for their great body-contouring capabilities and motion isolation. However, memory foam not as responsive as latex, and can leave some sleepers feeling stuckthough others may enjoy the extra cushion memory foam can offer.

Latex is made from the sap harvested from rubber trees. Its naturally more breathable because of its porous structure and pinhole construction. The elasticity of latex offers more lift and buoyant support than memory foam, but still provides the desired cushioning effect. Sleepers enjoy a quicker bounce back with latex, making it responsive to movement and much more durable.

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What Makes The Brooklyn Bedding Ecosleep Stand Out

  • One side of the EcoSleep is a medium firmness level that feels more plush, bouncy, and responsive, and the other side is more firm.
  • The firm side is a great choice for stomach sleepers who need that extra support to keep the spine in neutral alignment. It could also work well for heavier people.
  • Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120-night sleep trial period so you can feel secure in your purchase.

The WinkBeds EcoCloud is a hybrid mattress that incorporates thick Talalay latex and pocketed coils in its construction. The latex and coils are both zoned with different firmness levels in different areas, making this a great option for combo sleepers. People should feel particularly good support when theyre on their back and nice pressure relief when sleeping on their side.

Latex Vs Memory Foam Mattress: Whats The Difference

Best Latex Mattress For Side Sleepers (TOP 5 BEDS)

There are essentially five main differences between latex and memory foam: edge support, responsiveness, breathability, motion isolation, and pressure relief. Latex foam is considered to be on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to memory foam. Memory foam has better edge support, pressure relief, and motion isolation, whereas latex foam is a lot bouncier and more breathable. We dig into why this is below.

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Memory Foam Vs Latex Mattresses: Benefits

Motion transfer If you share a bed with a restless partner who tosses and turns at night, memory foam is your friend. The body-hugging feel of the mattress makes it harder for sleepers to toss and turn at night, but also reduces the impact of any movement on the person sharing the bed.

Pressure relief Well-mad mattresses help alleviate pain at pressure points . Memory foam is particularly effective here as it adapts directly to the shape of your body and cushions common problem areas. Latex also contours and provides excellent pressure relief, but memory foam trumps it.

Cooling Memory foam naturally tends to absorb and trap body heat, while latex is far better at remaining at a neutral temperature.

This doesnt mean that memory foam is no good if you sleep hot. But you do need to look for memory foam that has either been infused with other cooling materials, such as gel, copper or graphite, or foam that is open-cell and is aerated.

Durability Latex is far more durable than memory foam, which will sag over time and not regain its shape. Natural latex retains its springiness throughout its lifespan. Youll often find that latex mattresses have far longer warranties as theyre expected to have a longer lifetime. For more guidance, read on feature on how do mattress warranties work.

Hypoallergenic And Low Maintenance

If a bed is not continually cleaned, microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses can easily collect on the top of the mattress and cause mold, mildew, and dust mites. This results in bedroom allergies and an unsafe sleeping environment.

However, latex is naturally antimicrobial, meaning it repels harmful microorganisms, making latex an excellent choice for people with year-round allergies or anyone too tight on time to sanitize their mattress.

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Warranty And Sleep Trial

Latex mattresses can easily last a decade. A good warranty will last at least that long. Some companies offer lifetime warranties, which guarantee repairs or replacements in defective material or workmanship for the life of the mattress.

20 and 25-year warranties are often divided into two parts. For example, a 20-year warranty will protect the customer against mattress defects for the first ten years after the first ten years, the company will offer a pro-rated price on a new mattress depending on how long they have owned it.

The sleep trial can increase a customers confidence by allowing them to test the product without a full purchase commitment. If the customer finds the mattress unsatisfactory, they can return the product within the sleep trial window for a full refund.

Before committing to a free trial, make sure there are no fees attached to the return policy. A trial labeled risk or hassle-free is a good indicator that the company will return the full price of the mattress. Always read the return and sleep trial policies for complete information.

What Is Latex Made Of

Blue Bell Mattress Natural Elegance Clean Sleep 13

Natural Latex is produced by the para rubber tree, Latin name Hevea brasiliensis for botanists, which originally was found native in Brazil. Seeds were collected from Brazil and stored at Kew gardens in the 1870s and reared here in the UK. They were then distributed to areas such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia which are now the largest latex producers.

Latex is produced as a milky substance from within the rubber tree, not to be confused with the sap. These days there are a number of plantations around the world notably Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Cameroon. In its natural untreated form, latex is often referred to as the white gold due to its appearance, durability as rubber and high-quality applications. The natural milky substance is also referred to as N.R or natural rubber.

The rubber trees themselves take 7 years to mature until they can be tapped and harvested for their Latex.

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Latex Mattresses Are Responsive Yet Contouring

Regardless of your sleeping position and sleep style, latex mattresses with their support core offer the combination of support and comfort your back requires to rest and maintain adequate alignment. The comfort layer hugs the most burdened pressure points of your body, like your hips and shoulders, to disperse stress away from them. This also makes a latex mattress ideal for side sleepers. Plus, latex isnt so soft that it ends up sinking beneath your weight like with certain memory foam mattresses, which can mess with pressure points.

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Tricks Of The Trade When Is Latex Not Latex

One key fact to bear in mind is the depth of Latex and construction method used. As Latex becomes more and more popular bed retailers are including it in their ranges, but not always for your advantage. Due to the high price tag adding a Latex component can allow retailers to increase their prices without necessarily increasing the benefits to you over other foams.

For example, a retailer may have a latex bed in their catalogue. You may believe that this brings you the full benefits of latex. Upon further investigation, you find it is a 2cm top layer of completely Synthetic Latex, sitting on top of Memory Foam or a pocket spring unit. Our previous posts on memory foam have established that any layer of foams less than 5cm have no practical use as the accepted compression amount is 2cm on most mattresses.

This means that when the mattress compresses, which all foams will and this is natural, your latex 2cm layer would become completely unusable. Therefore, you would have been better buying a memory foam mattress or cheaper equivalent with 5cm or more of foam! Although the mattress contains a premium material the application of it completely removes the benefit. Though youre still left paying the price tag for it. Confusing isnt it?

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