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What Are The Measurements Of A Camper Queen Mattress

Why Cant I Just Put My Home Mattress Into My Camper Douglas RV Mattress Review

Folks who live near favorite camping spots will be familiar with the sight of a backpackers feet sticking out of an old station wagon early in the morning. Their mattress of choice? Always one of those old foam mattresses covered in thin canvas.

For those of you who want a more permanent mattress solution, unfortunately it cant be the same as the one you use at home. This is because of 2 reasons:

Mattress thickness a thick mattress is not appropriate for floating platforms, bunk beds, on cab-over-beds. Depending on the type of mattress you want to transpose, it will also be too heavy and basically unwieldy. Heavy mattresses inside your RV camper = elevated gas consumption.

Mattress shape RV bed shapes are completely different from the ones you have at home. They are usually slightly shorter, narrower, or higher up . Finding a standard residential mattress to fit will be impossible.

California King Bed Size

The California King bed dimensions measure 72″ × 84″. The average length of the California King bed is 84″. The average width of the California King bed is 72″, 4 inches less than a King bed.

If you are looking for a mattress that can truly accommodate taller people, those who like to stretch out in their sleep or share their sleeping spaces with pets or children, nothing will beat a California King mattress. Unless, of course, your name is Marc Gasol, then you might consider something custom.

A little bit narrower and a hand longer, California Kings are the kings of comfort. Tall people won’t have their feet hanging off the bed, sleepers who move a lot won’t be bothering their partners, dogs won’t get kicked off by accident, and there’s plenty of room for a kid to slip in unnoticed when they have a nightmare.

The California Kings luxurious size means you might not have space for end tables or dressers in some bedrooms. For those with space, the sprawling space may be worth it. We suggest some drawers under the bed for convenience, there’s room!

The Pros and Cons of the California King Mattress Size


  • The California King is longer lengthwise. This makes it comfortable for those who are taller or have pets who like to sleep at their feet.
  • The California King mattress dimensions allow for a closer sleeping arrangement than the King mattress size.


Mattress Sizes Are Not Always Standard

Many RV mattresses are different than standard residential sizes. A queen mattress in an RV is not the same as a queen mattress in your house. What this means is that you cant make any assumptions when youre shopping for an RV.

Other sizes of mattresses are sometimes the same as their residential counterparts. Twin and full beds are often the same in RVs as they are in homes. King-size beds in RVs are usually narrower than residential mattresses.

Lay on the mattress when shopping. Make sure theres enough space for you to sleep comfortably. If you hear queen and just assume theres enough space, you might find there isnt.

The fact that mattress sizes are not standard also makes it more difficult to buy a new mattress for your RV. You cant just go into any mattress store and buy one. Youll need to shop for a mattress that is the appropriate size for your RV.

A smart thing to do is to measure the mattress and the beds space for the mattress. This will tell you how large your RVs mattress is, and how large of a mattress you can fit on the bed in your RV.

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What Is A Short Queen Mattress Topper Used For

Many RVs are short on space and therefore use what is called a short queen mattress rather than a traditional mattress. A short queen is 5 shorter than a traditional queen and allows for more usable space within the RV while still allowing enough room for 2 sleepers. What most customers realize when purchasing an RV or camper is that the mattress that comes standard in the RV is not very comfortable and is often just a cheap piece of foam. Many customers will opt to purchase a mattress topper to go over the mattress in order to provide more comfort. A mattress is a great affordable option for making a mattress more comfortable without having to spend the money on a brand new mattress.

What Size Rv Mattresses Are Available

Tochta Custom Mattresses: The Best RV Mattress &  Custom ...

There are many more RV mattress sizes to choose from compared to standard mattress sizes. RV mattresses are often shorter and/or narrower than regular mattresses, so it is important to check the measurements of the bed frame or foundation. The size of the bed depends on the RV type and configuration.

Mattress sizes can vary between manufacturers, so in addition to double-checking the measurements of your space, be sure to read the product description and measurements before making a purchase. Common sizes and dimensions are listed below.

72 x 84

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How Can You Make An Rv Bed More Comfortable

RV beds may seem uncomfortable because theyre usually smaller and thinner than the average mattress, but they dont have to be.

Choose a high-quality mattress for your RV. Some RVs have built-in mattresses that you cannot easily remove, and if so, use mattress toppers over them for extra comfort and support.

Dont forget to use high-quality pillows, sheets, and blankets to meet your needs and preferences. After all, even with a great mattress, the accessories can make or break your comfort at night.

Are Rv Mattresses Different

The sizes of many RV mattresses differ from those of conventional residential mattresses. In certain cases, the dimensions of other mattress sizes are the same as those of their residential equivalents. In RVs, twin and full beds are frequently the same as they are in residences. RV king-size beds are often smaller in width than comparable residential mattresses.

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Optimal Support And Contouring Around Joints To Relieve Pressure And Prevent Pain

Memory foam is an often-preferred material for those with joint issues such as back or knee pain, and for those who work in physically demanding jobs for faster recovery and improved support. Not only does the memory foam contour to adjust to your bodys positioning, but its heat reactivity enables it to mold accordingly along areas of your body that may be warmer due to injury or inflammation.

Start With Measuring Your Van

Mattress toppers for RV bed – queen size in two pieces

Youll be surprised to find that many campervans will be able to easily fit a queen-sized mattress or even larger! Mattress sizes are standard so you can use the chart below to see what is going to be the best fit:

Mattress Type

RV mattresses have unique sizes that include short-queen and bunk style.

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Rv Mattress Sizes Types And Places To Buy Them

If youve ever slept in or bought a camper or RV of any kind, you are well aware that their mattresses can be extremely uncomfortable, trust me, I know. I bought a camper a few years ago and the mattresses that came with it were thin and very hard. Fortunately, there are tons of places online where you can purchase special mattresses that will fit wonderfully in your RV. If youre going to be traveling, you want to be comfortable right? You arent going to want to travel if youre sore and sleepy. Check out this handy list that may help you figure out what will be best for you and your camper.

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California Queen Waterbed Insert

California Queen Waterbed Insert dimensions are typically 58″ x 82″. The average length of California Queen Waterbed Inserts are 82″. The average width of a California Queen Waterbed Insert is 58″.

The Pros and Cons of the California Queen Waterbed Insert


  • The California Queen Waterbed Insert fits perfectly into your waterbed.


  • California Queen Waterbed Inserts are not available.

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How Do You Measure For An Rv Mattress

As you can see, RV mattress sizes are a bit off compared to in-home mattresses.

Thats why properly measuring your RV replacement mattress is so important.

So, how do you measure your mattress to make sure you have the right dimensions?

Just follow the steps below.

  • Measure how long the inside of your bed is on both sides.
  • Measure how wide the bed is at the head, in the middle, and at the end. We recommend 3-4 different spots.
  • Measure how wide the bed is at the head and foot of your bed.
  • Measure how high you want your bed to finish off the floor.
  • Some mattress companies will even send you a template to help you measure accurately, making the process even easier.

    Request a template on our custom mattress quote form.

    Things To Consider Before Choosing A Mattress Topper For Your Rv

    FirsTime RV Camper Short Queen

    There are a variety of short queen mattress toppers on the market and it is important to think about your specific needs when choosing which may be best.

    • Usage: How often will you be sleeping on this topper? How long will it need to last? If you plan to sleep on it for multiple nights in a row or want it to last for many years we recommend staying away from the entry level affordable toppers. These entry level products are intended for occasional use and wont hold up as well as some of the higher end topppers.
    • Does your mattress have custom cut corners? If your mattress has custom cut corners your options will be more limited to one or 2 retailers.
    • Material: Do you prefer a specific type of feel. The comfort level of Memory foam or latex toppers is different. It is important to understand what it is you like to sleep on before choosing a mattress that is right for you.
    • Firmness: What firmness do you prefer? Some of these toppers will give you more support while others strive to simple make your mattress feel a little softer.

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    Rv Mattress Covers And Toppers

    the outside of any RV mattress should be able to withstand 24-hour use, whether your rig is for weekends or full-time RV living. Check for twisting seams, loose stitching and cover material, and firmness vs. support. Handles to help you move the mattress around it also a good feature to check for.

    RV mattress toppers are the fastest, best way to upgrade a mattress on a budget. They do improve the quality of your sleep as well as protect the mattress underneath from daily wear and tear or staining. Before committing to buying a high-quality topper, however, check that it might not just be your best bet to upgrade the mattress itself. Some toppers can cost the same as a new mattress. Additionally, they do not counteract mattress bug infestations and odors.

    Mattresses Made in the USA It is easier and more budget-friendly to buy custom RV camper and motorhome mattresses in the US. They are also manufactured under stricter quality control .

    Think About Transfer Of Motion

    Youll likely be sleeping or have someone else sleeping while the camper is in motion.

    A mattress that can soak up the movement can help you sleep soundly and for more extended periods. More sleep will let you enjoy your trip and stay awake when you are behind the wheel.

    If you think you wont be traveling while someone is sleeping, then this fact may not apply to you.

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    Wyoming King Bed Size

    The Wyoming King bed measures 84″ × 84″. The Wyoming King Mattress is a step larger than the California King. It has 84 inch of length like a California but adds an additional 8 inches to the width. The larger size allows users to spread out and get comfortable. It is great for instances where more than two people share the bed. Whether someone shares a bed with a large pet or a child with needs, theres always ample room with a Wyoming King. The Wyoming King Mattress is not available from most retailers so finding one isn’t always easy!

    The Pros and Cons of a Alaskan King Mattress Size


    • The long length is great for those who are taller.
    • The extra width of the Wyoming King fits more than two people.
    • The large surface area of a Wyoming King mattress is great for larger individuals.


    • The Wyoming King requires a lot of space, so it requires a larger room.
    • Sheets may be difficult to find for this size and you may find you have limited colour and thread count choices.

    Short Queen Mattresses Have Cuts In The Corners

    Replacing Our RV Mattress – Plus a 10% Discount!

    Many camper owners make the mistake of trying to fit their home mattress into their camper. Often you may have to install the bed by one of the wheels, which wont fit well with the mattress.

    Regular queen mattresses are not made to be cut into or uneven so that you could damage your bedroom mattress.

    A short queen has these cuts already built into them to account for the wheels of your camper.

    RV Mattress Upgrade! Best sleep weve had while RVing! > > Check out the video below:

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    Better: Basics Majestic Plush Top

    The Basics Majestic Plush Top is an especially comfortable, medium-firmness mattress thats economical and low-maintenance. Its our lowest price Comfort Core mattress.

    We stock it in the RV queen size and is ideal for campers. Its single-sided construction is low maintenance.

    Its one of Beloits best RV mattresses.

    What Should You Look For In An Rv Mattress Company

    Just as some RV mattresses are of higher quality than others, some RV mattress companies are going to offer a better experience than others.

    The question is, how do you determine which are the good ones?

    Below are a few of the most important qualities to look for in an RV mattress company. And if you find one that ticks all the boxes, you can be sure youre getting the best products and services in the industry.

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    The Elements Can Make Quick Work Of Your Mattress

    Your bed will be exposed to the elements while in your camper. Your mattress can expand and contract like your tires when exposed to extreme temperatures.

    This factor can cause quicker wear and tear of your bed compared to the one in your bedroom. You want to make sure to protect your camper by heating and cooling it appropriately while using it.

    You can store your mattress when you dont expect to use it over a few months.

    Your Rv Mattress Can Make Or Break Your Adventure

    Night Therapy 10â? Pillow Top Spring RV Mattress Only ...

    Maybe youre a free spirit, living in an RV full time, enjoying the adventure of the open road and the excitement of a new location every night. Or maybe you use an your RV for an occasional family vacation. Whatever your story, we do know that you need to get a great nights sleep on the road to fully enjoy your trip and to make it to your destination and back safely.

    Todays mattress technology means that if you do your research and make a smart choice, you can ensure that your sleeping on the road is just as restful and healthy as catching those Zs at home. If your RV layout can accommodate it, we think adding a Purple mattress to your RV setup can help ensure that you and your family sleep great, night after night. Let the adventures begin.


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    How Do I Choose A Good Rv Mattress

    When trying to find a good mattress for your RV, you cannot just get the cheapest, the one that fits the best, or the one that is the lightest.

    Shopping for a mattress means you have to compare every detail against every other mattress to find the one that works best for you and your RV space.

    One of the easiest ways to figure out what you need is to know what you are looking for in 6 different aspects.

    How Wide Is A Twin Bed

    The average width of the single bed is 39″.

    The Pros and Cons of a Twin Mattress Size


    • The cost of a twin size mattress is less than that of a larger size, though prices can vary depending on the quality selected.
    • Gives parents with young children the opportunity to provide a mattress that suits their needs and is not too big.
    • Can be a very great investment for those with a smaller amount of space to allow for their bed.
    • The Twin mattress dimensions measure 38 inches wide and 75 inches in length.
    • Available in both high quality and lower quality models.
    • Many bed frames that accommodate multiple children fit one or more twin size mattresses.
    • Twin bunk beds can save even more space and be a fun sleeping environment for children.


    • Often the length of a Twin mattress is not great enough to comfortably fit a full-sized adult.
    • Twin mattresses are not ideal for more than one person sleeping at a time.

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    Rv Mattress Usage And Care

    Look after your RV mattress the same way you would one at home. Flipping every month is recommended, so make sure when you order your sofa bed mattress that the matching upholstery is on both sides.

    Memory foam mattresses and hybrids arent flippable, as the memory foam is only on one side. Settle for switching the top and bottom at regular intervals. Mattress protectors are recommended even though they dont extend the lifespan of the mattress, they protect it from substances and spills. Or you could buy a mattress that does this.


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