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What Is The Healthiest Mattress

If You Cant Afford A Non

100% Organic Latex Foam Mattress The Best Most Natural Healthy Bed

Lets say that youve looked all the way down to our Okay Stuff category, and checked out the coupons , and you simply dont have it in your budget to upgrade to a safe mattress right now. Unfortunately, theres no way to wrap a mattress to protect yourself from VOCs. However, running a robust air filter will go a long way towards purifying your indoor air. This is the one I have in my bedroom, because while I do have a toxin-free mattress, I also have other furniture and rugs that arent as clean. I love knowing that the air filter is mitigating the damage!

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Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Helix Midnight Luxe

  • Height: 13 inches
  • Sizes available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king

The Helix Plus is a mattress designed for taller people and people with more weight. It has an extra layer of high-density foam and a strong wrapped coil system to offer pressure-relieving support, durability, and comfort.

The foam in this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. It has a medium feel, so you can snooze peacefully all night long. Plus, a reinforced perimeter creates support all the way to the edges of the mattress.

Helix offers a 100-night sleep trial, free shipping in the United States, and a 15-year limited warranty.

We Reviewed Dozens Of Organic Eco

Finding an affordable organic mattress can be daunting, but a good nights sleep shouldnt be elusive. We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, yet the average mattress contains a cocktail of chemicals and flame retardants.

In 2021, consumers have more options. A new cohort oforganic and natural mattress brands are shaking things up by giving consumers options that are better for their bodies and the environment. Weve included brands that meet the following criteria:

  • ORGANIC & NATURAL | Each of these organic mattress brands use a range of healthy and non-toxic materials, including natural latex, organic cotton, organic wool, and organic bamboo. None contain harsh flame retardants or toxic chemicals.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & GIVE BACK | Each mattress brand employs ecofriendlyproduction practices. Many are made in the USA, significantly reducing their environmental footprint by keeping production local. We also sought out brands that give back to their communities by donating high-quality natural mattresses to families in need or participating in other charity initiatives.

  • DIRECT TO CONSUMER | The direct to consumer model allows companies to offset costs by cutting out the middle person, keeping production in house, and selling directly to the consumer online. These companies are innovating ways to offer greener mattresses so you can have a healthy nights sleep regardless of your budget.

Wishing you good luck in your searchlet us know your favorites in the comments!

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What Materials Are Found In Organic Mattresses

The major materials you will find in an organic mattress are natural latex, cotton, and wool. We will note that these can be accompanied by coils in the mattress support layer this applies when we are talking about latex hybrids. Of course, a latex hybrid will not be 100% organic, but the top layers and those that are closest to our sleeping bodies are.

Lets discuss the major organic mattress materials and what to consider when shopping.

Why Buy An Organic Mattress

Good Health

People are prioritizing the use of organic mattresses in their bedrooms for a number of reasons, for both environmental and health reasons.

They’re non-toxicThe mattress industry is notoriously known for not being the most transparent about its materials and manufacturing processes, and a lot of it comes down to sneaky chemicals. Luckily, organic mattress companies are working to hold brands accountable industry wide as consumers ask more questions about how their mattresses are made.

People choose organic mattresses because they want to avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals. They’re also less likely to negatively effect those with skin sensitivities and allergies.

Organic mattresses are made from natural products containing no pesticides. Organic mattresses will be free of any chemical flame retardants and PBDEs, formaldehyde, and benzene, and even common materials that can pose a hazard like polyurethane. Looking for certifications like MADESAFE or GOTS/GOLS ensure that the materials have been rigorously tested to be better for you.

They have no odorsMost memory foam mattress require an offgassing period after being compressed and a gaseous odor lingers for a few days. Many organic mattresses are GreenGuard certified, meaning they are certified to be low chemical emissions. The

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What Makes The Dreamcloud Stand Out

  • Back sleepers should also be comfortable on this bed, as long as they enjoy a firm mattress.
  • Being a hybrid mattress, the DreamCloud is also quite breathable. The coils promote airflow and gel infusions keep the top foam layer from trapping too much heat.
  • Thanks to its responsive coils, it should be easy to move around on the DreamCloud, making it a great mattress for sex.

Read our full DreamCloud mattress review

Best For Heavy Sleepers Ghostbed Natural

The GhostBed Natural is an organic latex hybrid, with all the features of a springy, latex bed. I chose the Natural because of its eco-friendly materials, as well as its coiled support for heavier people, especially heavier back sleepers. Though this bed has more of a medium-soft feel for heavy people, its latex and coiled layers should offer the durability and support they need.

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What Makes The Brooklyn Bedding Ecosleep Stand Out

  • The entire mattress is made with durable and eco-friendly materials. It has a cover made out of organic cotton and two layers of natural latex.
  • Because its made with both coils and latex, this mattress is naturally breathable. You shouldnt sink inside the layers and trap body heat.
  • For support, this mattress has 6 of Ascension coils.

The GhostBed Natural mattress creates a great balance of comfort and support, which is exactly what you need if you suffer from back pain. In the comfort layer, youll find natural wool and 2 of Talalay latex foam. This breathable material doesnt trap body heat, and it creates plenty of pressure relief. For support, the GhostBed Natural mattress has 8 of individually wrapped, reinforced coils.

Best Organic Mattress For 2022

The World’s Healthiest Memory Foam Mattress at Hippocrates Health Institute!

These top-rated organic mattresses use all-natural materials that are friendly to the environment and your allergies.

McKenzie Dillon


McKenzie is a certified Sleep Science Coach and mattress expert. She has personally tested over 150 beds and a variety of different sleep products. Before she was writing about sleep, she was writing music news for an online entertainment magazine.

Comfortable, cozy sleep is only one of the numerous benefits of a quality organic mattress. Just like organic fruits and veggies in your local farmer’s market or grocery store, organic beds are responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly, free from harsh and harmful chemicals, and best of all, made with at least 95% organic materials. You can sleep confidently knowing that the often certified organic material in the natural latex mattress of your sweet dreams also makes for a nontoxic, chemical-free snoozing surface, as most of those organic materials come directly from the great outdoors. Of course, the best organic mattress type for you will depend on a lot of factors, and how you feel about the impact you’re making on the environment is one that many reviewers overlook.

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How To Negotiate For The Best Mattress Price

If youre married to buying a mattress from a store, then you can use some helpful tips on negotiating so you can be sure youre receiving the best price for your new mattress. The good news is mattress prices are negotiable at most retailers, but the main strategy is to try to play one seller off of another. For example, if you secure a quote from one store, you can take it to their competitor and see that they beat the price. You can continue this process on and on and on by taking that lower price to a different competitor, and negotiating that price down even further. Another option would be to find the mattress you want online, and then get the retailer to match the price you see online.

But if youre not keen on the idea of going back and forth between mattress stores, youll be happy to hear that online prices are typically the best. All you have to do is find the mattress that fits you best, and then find the comparable model online.

Why You Need A Non

Are mattresses really toxic? This is a question I have been asked many times. Heres the deal conventional mattresses are made with synthetic materials and petroleum-based foam that is treated with chemical flame retardants, assembled using formaldehyde producing adhesives and covered in polyester or PVC vinyl.

While you are sleeping, those mattresses are off-gassing toxic fumes for you to breathe.

Those fumes are linked to negative health effects like cancer, reproductive problems and impaired brain functioning. This is not what we want happening while we are sleeping! A safe, non-toxic mattress is the first step to a non-toxic bedroom and a great nights sleep!

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Pressure Relief And Back Support

A product that supports both spinal alignment and relieves pressure can often be found in a hybrid mattress. Hybrid models typically combine the supportive build of spring coils, offering firmness for spinal support, and soft, cushy layers on top, providing pressure relief.

Pressure relief and back support may seem like two contradictory ideas, however, striking a balance between the two could improve sleep and promote an overall healthier life. Sleeping on a mattress that is supportive and relieves discomfort could strike the ultimate balance, particularly with those who suffer from back pain and achy joints.

Too much softness often leads to a sagging middle, which can lead to spinal misalignment and back pain, and too much firmness can lead to achy joints in the morning. Luckily there are products available and specialized technology to mitigate these contradictory issues.

Best Mattresses Of 2022

Centuary Health Spa

The most important eight hours of the day are overlooked by many of us because were unconscious for most of it. You might not think the mattress you sleep on could be such a key part of your wellness, but sleeping on the wrong one could be the catalyst for many other health issues. Healthy Sleeps goal is to help you find the absolute best mattress for your needs and make those eight hours as restful as they can be.

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The Best Mattresses For 2021

  • Saatva recently updated the Zenhaven, our latex-foam mattress pick, changing the type of latex used in its foam layers.

    Show more

  • Saatva recently updated the Zenhaven, our latex-foam mattress pick, changing the type of latex used in its foam layers.

    The Zenhaven now features Dunlop latex, instead of Talalay latex. The company told us that the redesigned Zenhavenn feels the same as the version we tested, but we cant yet say for sure. We plan to test it soon and will update this guide with our impressions.

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Choosing the right mattress is one of the most important steps to getting a restful nights sleep. Its also one of the most challenging, because a perfect match is highly individual. We cant pick a single best mattress. What our guides can do, however, is report on objective features, such as durability and construction, and provide unbiased first-hand impressions.

Wirecutter staffers have spent hundreds of hours interviewing experts, trying beds at our testing site, and sleeping on them in our own homes, all in an effort to zero in on the mattresses that may be worth your money. This page provides a helpful roadmap to our extensive mattress coverage. Consider our guides as a starting point that provides the tools you need to find your best mattressand ultimately find your best sleep.

Intellibed: Best Mattress For Durability

I became very turned off by the claims of the natural and organic mattress industry when the two beds that I purchased for my boys room a few years ago lasted only 18 months! I want to emphasize that I properly turned and flipped the mattress every single month as I was advised at the mattress store. Still, they both still started to sag badly within 6 months of buying them. What a waste of money. I couldnt even give them away they were in such bad shape even though I considered them still new.

The truth is that natural and organic mattresses just dont hold up in my experience. Even a sturdy wool mattress will get you 5 to at most 10 years of maintenance-free use especially if you are a large person or have two people sleeping in the bed. This story about an 84-year-old woman named Mary Hopkins who has had the same wool mattress for over 40 years hides a very inconvenient truth what she does to maintain it:

In the 44 years that Mary has used her mattress, it has had to be re-carded 4 times thats about the 10-year maximum life of a typical organic mattress. I guess she slept on the couch while this was happening. Moreover, Im guessing she is a very small woman and that is one itty bitty twin mattress. I imagine that two people sleeping on a queen or king-sized wool mattress would cause the wool to compact much more quickly especially in the center or if either of them had any weight issues!

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Less Than A Dollar A Day

So, if we spend 30% of our lives on a mattress, does it make sense to invest in a quality healthy mattress? Were talking about an investment of less than a dollar a day over the lifetime of the mattress, to ensure youre sleeping on something to keep you healthy.

Which leads us to a questionWhat are you sleeping on! Our amazing, non off gassing mattresses start at $999.

Organic Lifestyle’s Corporate Responsibility

The Best Organic Mattress

This brand is committed to offering safer products all around and makes it easier to reach for these products too. With no polyester, formaldehyde, or any other toxic materials to worry about, Organic Lifestyle makes for a great option on several fronts. If youre also looking for a good deal, you definitely want to check out their selection for more affordable eco-friendly mattresses.

This mattress maker offers a certified organic mattress made with natural latex foam, perfect for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly memory foam mattress. Their mattresses are also tested to show ambient VOCs so no need to air them out before using them. An optimal solution for allergy sufferers, Essentia products are also vegan and cruelty-free.

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Whats A Good Price For A Mattress

Mattress prices vary based on the style, materials, and size. You should be able to find a decent queen-size mattress for about $800 to $1,200.

However, there are also good budget picks that cost less than this, especially if youre opting for a mattress-in-a-box. You can also find luxury mattresses with extra bells and whistles.

The Mattress And Its Components Comply With Several Internationally Recognized Certification Standards

Our Mattresses carry several certifications which ensure that they are responsibly produced and safe. GOLS and GOTS are organic certifications that apply to products made from organic agricultural inputs. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Greenguard Gold are physical content and chemical emission certifications that ensure product safety.

The latex we use is Fair For Life Fair Trade certified. To qualify for this certification, we source from farmers who treat their workers fairly and pay a premium directly into a worker-directed fund used for community projects.

Every certification that we advertise is issued directly to our company.

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What Makes The Nectar Stand Out

  • The Nectar is likely to feel particularly comfortable for side sleepers, who should sink into the thick memory foam layer and feel pressure relief on their shoulders and hips. Back sleepers may also get some nice contouring and support.
  • The memory foam is infused with cooling gel, so it shouldnt trap a significant amount of heat.
  • For those who want some extra support at the bottom of the bed, Nectar also offers an Adjustable Base.

Read our full Nectar mattress review

Organic Pillows And Bedding

Silentnight healthy growth kids classic double mattress mattress

Pillows, sheets, and other bedding may also be certified as organic if they contain certain materials.

Latex pillows are widely available, and many of them contain the same GOLS-certified organic latex found in mattress layers. If the material is not certified as organic, it may also carry certifications for sustainable farming, eco-friendly production, or testing for harmful substances. Organic latex can also be used in mattress toppers, which are layers of padding placed on top of a mattress to change how firm it feels.

Sheets and pillowcases may also be made of GOTS-certified fibers. Organic cotton and organic wool sheet sets are widely available. Organic wool bedding products may also receive additional certifications for responsible and ethical treatment of sheep used to harvest the fibers.

Silk, a natural protein produced by silkworm larvae, is another fiber that can be used to make sheets and pillowcases. Another natural fiber used for bedding is linen, which comes from the flax plant and also has organic potential. Either of these materials may be GOTS-certified if they meet standard criteria. However, certified-organic silk and linen sheet sets are fairly rare, and both tend to be expensive.

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