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Do You Have To Rotate Purple Mattress

Purple Original Mattress: Firmness And Comfort

Purple Mattress Review – AFTER 3 YEARS (Honest Opinion)
  • 7 out of 10 firmness
  • Very little motion transfer
  • Excellent temperature regulation

Purple classifies the Purple mattress as a medium-firm comfort level, or 6-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale . Our reviewers agreed: they found the mattress to be a 7, noting that it had a soft, plush feel on top, while also offering surprisingly firm support. It was squishy when pressed, but firm when we lay down.

Though technically an all-foam mattress, the Purple mattress feels different. The gel grid gives the impression that youre floating while you sleep: theres a simultaneous sensation of feeling completely supported, while hovering on the top of the mattress.

Our reviewers gave the Purple mattress high marks across the board. It was easy to order, and when it arrived it was fairly simple for two people to unzip, unpack and unroll, with no off-gassing or plastic smell.

When sleeping on the Purple mattress, our reviewers’ pressure points – shoulders, hips and knees – were snuggly supported, with weight distributed easily. Side and back sleeping was super comfortable: if youre a combination back and side sleeper, youll likely find the Purple mattress a great fit. If youre a stomach sleeper, you still may appreciate the soft, firmness of the Purple mattress – but some may prefer a firmer option.

Can You Wash The Cover

The tag on the cover says NO. So dont do it. My cover was disgusting, just imagine how much dirt and grime you would get if you moved a mattress into storage and then back into your house. Now imagine doing that like 12 times over 2 years. GROSS! Thats just the half of it You can see more in the video below.

SO dont try this at home, surely it violates the terms of the limited warranty agreement. If you have issues with your cover just contact the Purple customer service line and purchase a new cover. They told me it would be $189 for a new queen size cover.

I washed mine using the cold setting in my washing machine and then air dried it outside. Did it work? Can I save you $189 with a DIY technique?

Even though it worked-DONT TRY THIS AT HOME .

Should You Rotate Your Mattress

Most mattresses can be rotated. In many cases, this will help to protect the mattress from premature damage. Rotating helps to spread out the wear-and-tear that comes with sleeping in the same position on your mattress every night.

Areas of a mattress that are exposed to heavy pressure tend to sag prematurely. If the mattress is rotated regularly, it is better able to withstand this pressure over time. Often this means that a regularly rotated mattress will outlast a non-rotated mattress somewhat, potentially by a year or more.

To find out how often you should rotate your mattress, check your owners manual. If you cant find recommendations directly from the manufacturer, here are some general guidelines:

However often you choose to rotate your mattress, try to keep it consistent. The idea behind rotating mattresses regularly is to switch around the areas where your body lays on the mattress, thereby spreading out the pressure points that may be subject to sagging. By rotating on a consistent schedule, you can minimize the risk of premature sagging in specific areas.

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Daniel Noyed

Certified Sleep Coach

Danny is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with an in-depth knowledge of sleep health. He has tested hundreds of mattresses and sleep products.

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Purple Hybrid Premier 3

The Purple Hybrid Premier is the slightly softer cousin of the Purple Hybrid. The gel Purple Grid on top is 3 inches thick, allowing for just a little bit more give in the shoulders, hips, and other pressure-sensitive areas. With the extra inch of Purple Grid, this mattress is a solid medium, which suits most sleeping positions.


Back sleepers have to be careful not to choose a mattress thats too soft, otherwise, they risk back pain and pressure buildup. A medium mattress may be too soft for some back sleepers, especially those weighing more than 230 pounds. However, if you primarily sleep on your back and youre average weight, a medium mattress should be supportive enough. Plus, the addition of wrapped coils in the base of the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 means youll feel minimal sinkage.


Most side sleepers should feel well supported on the Purple Hybrid Premier 3. A medium mattress is considered the universally comfortable firmness, but for some side sleepers, it may still be too firm. Dedicate side sleepers, especially average weight, and petite sleepers, may enjoy the Purple Hybrid Premier with the 4 Purple Grid on top.


Since the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is a medium, it could suit some petite stomach sleepers, but overall, we suggest stomach sleepers choose a mattress between medium-firm and firm. This will prevent the risk of spinal misalignment, back pain, or hip pain.

Can I Flip My Purple Mattress

Chair That Turns Into Bed â HomesFeed

Theres a lot of conflicting and misleading information on this topic. The truth is, there are no confirmed standards for what an individual needs to do to properly clean and maintain their mattress.

That means that any advice youre given should be taken with a grain of salt as common practices like flipping the mattress arent based on scientific evidence as much as they are perpetuated by popularity .

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Secure Your Purple Mattress And Drive Slowly

If possible, lay down your purple mattress flat whether in the truck or roof of your car.

Remove all the things from the top of your mattress so you can prevent your purple mattress from getting damaged.

If laying your mattress is not an option then lean your mattress on its side against the wall of the moving truck and use rope or straps to secure the mattress to the truck wall.

Once you are confident your mattress is secured then its time to move your mattress to the new location but go slowly.

Make sure the mattress stays in its place and check your mattress in every short distance so you can make sure the mattress is in its place.

Moving a purple mattress can be stressful but follow these steps properly then you can move your purple mattress easily.

Construction: Whats In The Purple

This bed-in-a-box brand is 9.5 inches tall. The cover extends over three layers and features a SoftFlex material composed of Polyester, Viscose, and Lycra that the company says better complements the unique feel of the comfort grid. The covers soft material allows it to not only adapt to both your movements and those of the grid, but it is also a breathable design.

  • Below the cover is Purples signature 2-inch Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid that the brand calls pressure-erasing. It is highly durable, provides comfort, and protects the layers beneath. In addition, the structure allows it to release and equalize pressure across the grid, which evenly distributes weight. When pressure does not need to be released, the Purple grid holds its upright form to provide support. Purples hybrid version builds upon this construction by adding coils below the grid, and according to the brand, their coils do not cause the squeaking sound commonly associated with springs.
  • The middle consists of 3.5 inches of medium-soft polyurethane foam. In addition to acting as a comfort layer, it helps to create a smooth transition from the top to the base layers.
  • The base layer is a 4-inch medium-firm support level made from polyurethane foam. The layer gives the bed shape and durability.

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Purple Hybrids Vs Original Purple

  • The Original Purple mattresss support layer is made of high-density poly foam instead of pocketed coils.
  • The Original Purple is supportive, bouncy, and firm. Combination sleepers might particularly like this feel.
  • Like the Purple Hybrids, the Original Purple mattress is incredibly cooling, so it could be a good fit for folks who overheat at night.
  • The Original Purple is less expensive than either the Purple Hybrid or Purple Hybrid Premier.

Why Should I Flip My Mattress

Does My Purple Mattress Sag After 2 Years?

The truth is that most modern mattresses are not meant to be flipped. For the most part, they are designed with specific layers and will not operate correctly if turned upside down. Typically, only older mattresses and innerspring mattresses with no pillowtop should be flipped.

The steel coil springs inside an innerspring mattress will wear out over time if someone sleeps in the same spot on the same side every night for the entire time they own their mattress. To help remedy this, it is recommended that people not only flip their innerspring mattresses over but rotate them as well.

Take a look at our list of the best innerspring mattresses for information.

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When To Replace A Mattress

  • Are You Leaving a You-Shaped Imprint? A body-shaped impression on the surface of your bed when you get up in the morning is a sign that your mattress is on the fritz.
  • Are You Hearing a Mattress Symphony? Squeaks and screeching are signs that your coils are on their way out. While you may not realize it, your support level has probably already decreased significantly.
  • Do You Detect an Odor? If smells of mold and mildew are coming from your mattress. You might even notice that you’re sneezing or coughing when you spend time on your mattress if you have allergies to the mattress.
  • Do You Hurt Every Morning? Waking up in pain could mean that your mattress isn’t supporting you in the night. Bad mattresses are notorious for causing pain in the back, neck, hips, and shoulders.
  • Is It Impossible to Get Comfortable? Tossing and turning? An uncomfortable mattress can cause you to feel physically and mentally agitated in the night.
  • Is There Visible Sagging? Visible sagging means that your support is breaking down. Even a 1-inch sag can create a world of hurt for your back!
  • Do You See Lumps? A lump in your mattress means uneven mattress density caused by age and “wear and tear.”

If you are sleeping well and your mattress appears to be in good working order, you may be able to get a few more years on it.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions it may be time to consider buying a new mattress. Be sure to check your manufacturer’s warranty first.

How Is Purple Mattress Different

Purple mattress is neither too hard nor too soft, it is neither medium nor a collection of all 3. Purple bed mattress is not your common memory foam bed mattress either. It is actually made from hyper elastic polymer. Active flexible polymer is a trademarked material. It is a pressure releasing product. It is used in grid formation producing walls that can fold or support based upon the pressure that is exerted on the surface of the product. The grid development or column design naturally assists in free air circulation. This avoids any moisture accumulation or trapping. The absence of wetness makes the bed mattress safer and enhances the resilience. Needless to mention, it also assures better sleep. The complimentary air circulation will cool down the surface and also permit body heat to leave. The most common complaint about memory foam is the heating concern. A lot of business declare to have gotten rid of the heating problem however they havent and people understand quicker than later. The trademarked polymer materials utilized in Purple do not have the intrinsic concern of memory foam or latex among other mattress innovations. How Often Do I Need To Rotate My Purple Mattress

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How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress

Below are the differences between common mattress types for rotating.

  • Innerspring: Rotate your innerspring every six or 12 months if it is newer. Older ones should be rotated every three to four months or so.
  • Memory foam: As mentioned above, youll probably rotate these most often, since many cannot be flipped due to their design. Memory foam mattresses should be rotated every six months.
  • Latex: Six months is good for latex mattresses. Theyre springy and bounce back easily, so you dont need to rotate them too often. But the spongy quality can also mean they need a break from pressure points.
  • Hybrid: Make sure to rotate these quarterly each year. Every three months, or when the seasons change, is a good way to remember to rotate your mattress if you own a hybrid.

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Mattress Advisor Score For The Purple Mattress

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review

Take a look at our score breakdown for the Purple mattress to understand which areas this mattress excels in. Our final score is a combined weighted total of each score. We rate each test and the total score on a scale of 1 to 10.

You can learn more about our scoring system and review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test
Total Score for the Purple Mattress: 8.4/10

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How Often Should You Flip Your Mattress

How often you flip a mattress depends on the type. Below you can see a list of common mattresses and how often you should flip each.

  • Innerspring: These can depend on how old the mattress is. Once or twice per year is fine for newer mattresses. Every two or three months is recommended for older mattresses.
  • Memory foam: These are often best rotated since many are not designed to be flipped. Every six months is a good standard for memory foam that you can flip.
  • Latex: This type of mattress does well with flipping every six months, as well. Latex is very bouncy and spongy, so its important with this type to distribute body weight evenly.
  • Hybrid: This type of mattress does well with flipping four times per year or every three months. When a new season starts, simply remember to flip your hybrid mattress.

Average Weight Sleepers 130 Lbs 230 Lbs

Most average-weight sleepers should find the original Purple to be a great mattress for back sleeping . Side sleepers who are on the heavier side of the spectrum should be heavy enough to collapse the gel grid and enjoy pressure relief around the shoulder and hip, but lighter-weight folks will probably feel that the bed is too firm in this position. Average-weight stomach sleepers should enjoy the Purples supportive nature.

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Who Is The Original Purple Best For

The original Purple was designed to accommodate just about all sleepers. It has a medium-firm feel that most sleepers find pretty comfortable, with enough support for proper alignment.

Sleepers over or around 240 pounds, however, may find that the all-foam design doesnt offer enough stability and support. Heavier back, side, and stomach sleepers may want to consider a firmer mattress with coils.

What Does The Purple Feel Like

Purple Mattress Review (Watch Before Buying)

The original Purple mattress has a unique feel that is simultaneously squishy and firm. This is thanks to the mattresss proprietary hyper-elastic gel polymer grid, which collapses when enough pressure is applied and stays upright everywhere else . Theres no other mattress that feels quite like this one.

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How Often Should I Rotate Or Turn My Mattress

Your mattress should provide you with years of comfort and good support. To keep your mattress in great condition, we recommend that you rotate it at least once every three months. This means moving your mattress from the head of your bed to the foot – from top to bottom.

Rotating your mattress regularly is important, because it helps to keep the comfort fillings evenly distributed. It also means that you’ll use each side equally. It’s an easy way to improve its lifespan and it forms part of general mattress care.

What Is The Difference Between It And What Is It That Makes This Mattress Different From Usual Mattress

Purple comes in various sizes including twin and California King. It also provides that landmark cushioning their unique fabrics provide. The Purple grid is a foundational aspect of the features that make Purple an exceptional mattress since it behaves as a memory foam, but provides the bounce of memory foam but is more flexible. This layer is manufactured using a grid which allows airflow to flow through the spaces between the foam, regulating temperature without sacrificing its overall comfort.

Construction-wise, each mattress is constructed with a 2-inch Purple exclusive grid that is over a 3.5-inch Polyfoam layers. This is further supported by 4 inches of polyfoam with high density, which is a common feature in all full-foam mattresses to give the entire cushion form and shape.

The design is further enhanced by a polyester-viscose blended fabric that helps regulate temperature and offers a superb cool touch. The mattress should be around 9.25 inches high, thick enough for most body shapes, and applicable for all standard sheets.

To put it in laymans terms, look for a mattress thats semi-firm for an affordable price, while also providing high-end materials and superior quality. Moreover, Purple comes with several distinct variants, such as the Hybrid or Hybrid Premier. Hybrid Premier. Users accustomed to coil-support mattresses can opt for these hybrids to get a similar experience but enhanced by Purples own technology.

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What We Love About The Purple:

  • The Purple Mattress gives you a unique feel of relieving pain and pressure around areas of soreness and also provides cushioning and support. This is a pro of having a hybrid bedyou get the best of both worlds.
  • Customer service for Purple scored a 9.5 out of 10, meaning that they are ready and willing to answer any questions and concerns you may have about purchasing or owning a Purple mattress. It makes the buying process less stressful when you know youre purchasing from a reputable company with helpful employees.
  • Because the Purple bed is a hybrid mattress, it is a great cooling mattress, better than all-foam beds, and increases breathability and airflow.


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