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Is A Mattress Pad Necessary

Waterproof Mattress Protectors Vs Normal Mattress Protectors

Mattress Protection – why it’s important for your mattress and your health

There are two types of popular mattress protectors, the quilted protector and the waterproof protector.

The difference between waterproof mattress protectors vs. normal mattress protectors is that waterproof mattress protectors are designed to keep liquid from reaching your mattress. They are fitted tightly and made of hydrophobic materials. On the other hand, normal mattress protectors are not guaranteed to prevent liquid absorption.

A quilted protector consists of two layers made of a mix of cotton and polyester, filled with cotton and polyfibers held in place by lines of stitching. Unless stated and guaranteed by the manufacturer, most quilted protectors are not liquid-proof. In other words, liquids and/or allergens can still penetrate into your mattress. Make sure you research whether your quilted protector is water-proof if you desire that functionality.

The most familiar type of waterproof protector on the market is the Terry Towel Protector. It has an upper layer of absorbent terry towel and a waterproof inner layer. Since it has no filling, this mattress protector is thinner than a quilted mattress protector but its also designed to limit liquid breaches. Waterproof protectors will absorb liquids and repel allergens, keeping your mattress from being soiled.

Do You Need A Mattress Pad Or A Mattress Protector

Comfort or protection? That is the question.

The best way to tell which one you need is to nail your purpose. Are you looking to adjust the comfort level of your new or old mattress? Are you in search of ways to keep your mattress and body from dust, dirt, insects, and other allergens? You will need a mattress pad or topper in the first scenario. Meanwhile, the second one requires a mattress protector.

Of course, there are no strict rules to follow in some situations. Your mattress pad may provide both comfort and protection. But protection is limited to the top part. You can make this work for you if youre disciplined in keeping your sleeping space immaculate. Its also more ideal if you live alone. This may not be the right choice if you have children or pets.

Some mattress protectors can also be thick enough to let you adjust the firmness of the mattress surface. But it doesnt always deliver in this department. You may have to buy both pad and protector if the occasion calls for it.

Different Mattress Topper Types

  • Heated Like an electric blanket topper Ideal for those who are very cold at night.
  • Memory Foam Memory foam mattresses give you a much better night sleep as they turn your existing mattress as close to being a memory foam mattress as possible Ideal for those who have aches or pains or a bad back from sleeping a sign that you are falling victim to pressure points from your hard sprung mattress.
  • Wool Better for regulating heat. If you are a hot sleeper, this is ideal as it will help maintain a level of coolness compared with a regular spring mattress or memory foam mattress. You can add this to your existing spring or memory foam mattress.

Dont give up on your current mattress just yet! Offer it some help and support with a good mattress topper.

You can see the best mattress toppers available on .

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What Does A Mattress Protector Do

A mattress protector accomplishes four things:

  • Keeps the mattress clean. Human bodies are pretty gross. We all perspire at night. We all produce oil from our skins. Some of us wear makeup. We all also shed dead skin cells. There are other activities that can produce a wet spot on the bed. All of this can soak through your sheets and into the mattress. Once a little gets into your mattress, its almost impossible to get it out of your mattress. A mattress protector prevents any of that from getting into the mattress and can be taken off and washed.
  • Keeps the mattress feeling in like new condition for longer. Perspiration will wear down the foams in the mattress, shortening the comfort life. Its a similar effect to a kitchen sponge after too many uses. Even if only a little moisture gets through, after years of every night use that adds up. You will need to replace your mattress more quickly without the protector.
  • Helps prevent dust mite allergies from acting up.Dust mite allergies are very common and can lead to issues such as sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Dust mites eat dead skin cells, and there will be dead skin cells in your mattress if you dont use a protector.
  • Helps protect the warranty. As I mentioned in my warranty post, a stain will void the warranty. Even if the stain has nothing to do with the warranty issue, it still voids the warranty.

For all those reasons, everybody needs a mattress protector.

Do You Need A Mattress Pad Or Mattress Protector

Mattress Cooling Pad

What is a mattress pad? And what is a mattress protector? Are these 2 products the same or different? Maybe you should just choose whatever sounds cool. Well, stop right there. When it comes to bedding items, you shouldnt be ignorant. The mattress youve worked so hard to search for deserves nothing less. What do you say?

A mattress pad and a mattress protector are 2 different things, to begin with. They serve 2 different purposes. They can work together. But most of the time, one of them is enough. In the following guide, you will get to know each accessory and its benefits. It will be clear to you which one you need more.

Once you nail the correct product, you can now start choosing the model that matches your existing mattress. We have top recommendations for you for both items. That said, we shouldnt keep you waiting. Lets get down to business.

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What Are The Different Types Of Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers come in three main varieties: memory foam, latex foam, and down/down alternative.

The best mattress topper for you depends on your needs and preferences:

  • Memory foam mattress toppers: Memory foam contours to your body, making it great for pressure relief for side sleepers. Regular memory foam can feel quite hot as you sleep, but gel memory foam offers a cooler sleeping option.
  • Latex mattress toppers: Latex offers a bit more support than memory foam, making it a good option for people who prefer a firm mattress feel. Latex can also be good for people with back pain, as well as people who prefer natural materials.
  • Down/down alternative mattress toppers: Down toppers provide an extremely soft sleeping experience . Down toppers are great for people who don’t need extra support. Down is also the most breathable of these three materials, so if you tend to sleep hot, this may be the best option for you.

Do I Need A Mattress Topper And If So Which One Should I Buy

A mattress topper is an extra layer of cushion that sits on top of your existing mattress. It is designed to increase the amount of cushion and adjust the firmness of the bed. It is a good choice for temporary living situations. The topper will provide extra comfort while saving money. A topper will prevent your mattress from sinking into the mattress. This means youll have a comfortable mattress in no time. A mattress topper, just like a bunkie board is also cheaper.

The type of topper you choose depends on what kind of mattress you have and how much support it provides. A high-quality latex mattress topper will offer added comfort, but it will not fix a saggy or lumpy mattress. A high-quality mattress topper is an excellent option for you if you are unable to afford a new mattress. If your current mattress is too old to support a topper, consider investing in a new one.

Mattress toppers come in a wide range of materials, styles, and prices. There are a variety of different types and prices to choose from. Just remember that a higher price doesnt always mean its better. The best choice for you is a combination of price, material, and comfort. Youll never know unless you try. Its important to find the right one to fit your needs and preferences.

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What Is A Mattress Protector

A mattress protector also sits directly on the surface of your mattress, but below your sheets. Its similar to a fitted sheet in the way it covers the mattress. They are generally made from cotton, polyester, or other materials, and are designed to help repel liquid and prevent other sources of damage . The most common use for a mattress protector is simply as a liquid resistant protector.

In the event you were to spill a drink, have an accident prone child or pet, or have a sexy-times accident, the mattress protector will help to ensure your expensive mattress stays fresh, clean, and unsoiled.

I would highly recommend a protector to anyone who is purchasing a new mattress, or already owns a mattress without a mattress protector. They are an inexpensive way to ensure your mattress stays nice for years. Most mattress protectors are fairly thin. They dont have to be thick to do their job if they are made well. As such, they have very little impact in terms of the feel and comfort of the mattress they are on.

My wife and I have been using a pretty good and inexpensive mattress protector we purchased from Amazon when we bought our mattress. Weve slept several times with it off to get a sense of the feel and I cannot tell any noteworthy difference in feel, comfort, or sound when the mattress protector is on vs. with it off.

In addition to protecting your mattress from damage, liquids, etc. they can also aid in reducing allergens, dust mites, and asthma issues.

Are Mattress Protectors Necessary: Conclusion

Love Letter to a Five Star Bamboo Mattress Pad

Compared to buying a new bed or some squishy pillows for sleeping, a mattress protector is a boring purchase. However, they are vital to maintaining a healthy sleep environment and will keep your mattress safe from a whole brigade of nasties.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get one, but you should add a proper mattress covering to every bed you own. Yep, even the guest bed. When you see how hard they work, and how many spills and stains they save your mattress from, you’ll quickly see their value.

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What Is The Difference Between A Mattress Topper And A Mattress Pad

As we have briefly discussed earlier, you can quickly differentiate a mattress topper from a mattress pad because the latter is thinner and commonly washable in the machine. Mattress pad also comes in a wider variety of materials for this very reason. Nonetheless, both have similar uses, and choosing among them depends on your preference.

If you want something thicker, especially when youre trying to remedy a dented surface, youre better off with a mattress topper. On the other hand, a mattress pad is enough to adjust the beds feel in most cases. Just remember that neither of these accessories should replace a proper bed for daily sleep.

Do You Need A Mattress Topper Should Or Shouldnt You Buy One

After a bed is used frequently, the mattress can become flat and lose comfort. A mattress topper, in this case, offers many advantages that can improve the quality of your sleep. Sitting on top of your regular mattress, it can keep the mattress in good condition for much longer. In fact, mattress toppers are made to enhance and adjust the level of comfort and supportiveness of your mattress.

You need a mattress topper if you want to make your mattress either firmer or softer or you need to extend the life of your mattress. You should not buy a mattress topper if your mattress is already so old and worn out because a mattress topper won’t improve it.

Mattress toppers are available in different types, designed for different purposes. Memory foam toppers for instance, will increase the level of firmness to combat soft mattresses, while featherbed toppers will provide a softer sensation. Mattress toppers are affordable and can be used as a short-term fix to cover up the lumps and uneven areas of your old mattress until you are able to invest in a new mattress. On another hand, a mattress topper wont make your old mattress feel like new if the mattress is too old and worn out. Otherwise, you need to be honest with yourself and admit when it is time to invest in a whole new mattress. We’ve discussed this mattress topper hack in more detail in our other article.

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What Is A Mattress Topper And Do I Need One

Mattress toppers have been gaining more market presence in the recent years. But to this day, we still get daily queries about it many are still confused about what it does. This article will explain to you what a topper is, why you should consider it, and when you should actually buy one.

A mattress topper is a removable layer that sits on top of a mattress to provide cushioning and support.

Do You Need A Mattress Protector For Memory Foam And All Beds

Is Mattress Protector Necessary

You need a mattress protector for memory foam mattresses because the encasement will protect the mattress against spills, liquids, and sweat and extend mattress life.

A mattress represents an investment and not a small one. If properly looked after, it will benefit you and comfort you for many years to come. The mattress protector acts as a barrier between you and the mattress, extending the life of your mattress. In the event of an unpleasant accident, such as a liquid spill, or child bedwetting, you can simply remove and wash the protector, as it is machine washable, while keeping your mattress intact.

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Casper For The Sleep Support You Deserve

Complete your beds five-star hotel room transformation with our expertly crafted mattresses, pillows, and more. We design our bedroom products to fit every mattress size and sleeper, from cooling gel mattresses to plush down pillows.

Now that you know the differences between a mattress pad and protector, go check out our collection today so you can rest easy tonight.

Is It Necessary To Use A Mattress Pad

We can say that a mattress pad is necessary for setting up your bed because it offers many advantages. It serves as a mattress protector, and you can comfortably wash it in your washer. You can also use it to customize the beds feel without needing to buy a new mattress.

If your mattress or sheet makes noise, having a pad will muffle it as well. But if you dont have any of these issues, you dont require a mattress pad. Some might even mention that its too soft or thin to make any difference.

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Are Mattress Pads Necessary

Mattress pads are useful in many ways. They protect the mattress from the sweat and moist that we all release during the night. Without a mattress pad, your mattress or mattress topper will absorb all of this and get worn out ahead of time. In addition to the protecting and hygienic benefits, a mattress pad keeps your sheets from sliding out of place and provides an extra thin layer of softness for your nightly comfort.

Protect More Than Just Your Mattress

Best Mattress Pads 2019 TOP 10 Mattress Pad

When it comes to keeping your bedding clean, its always a good idea to cover all areas. Weve looked at some of the main reasons why you need a mattress protector, but your pillows are just as important.

Pillow protectors provide the same fantastic protection against dirt, moisture, dust mites and allergens, helping you get more out of your sleep. From eco-friendly materials to heat regulating fabrics, My Bambi Pillow Protectors are as gentle on your pillow as they are on the environment.

Besides Pillow Protectors, we also have an extensive range of luxury pillows to choose from, giving you bed to head comfort and protection. If youre not sure which pillow is best for your needs, check out our guide on How to Choose the Best Pillow for You.

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Why Mattress Protectors: Is It Necessary

Mattress covers are an effective and inexpensive way to preserve your mattress. They are easily one of the best purchases you can make to safeguard your investment. Thats right, mattresses are an investment.

When sleep is compromised, life suffers. Long-term lack of quality rest leads to many problems that are both physical and psychological. Examples are a sense of fatigue and memory loss. Long-term effects of insufficient sleep include increased risk of obesity and high blood pressure, as well as type 2 diabetes.

So, its important to buy a high-quality mattress. And since these are expensive, you want to keep them in great condition. Increasing a mattress lifespan is great because it keeps them feeling like they are new for longer, prevents waste, and saves you money in the long run.

Mattress covers do exactly that.

Plus, they are way easier to maintain than mattresses. When your cover gets dirty, toss it into the washing machine. Bam, youre done. Quick and easy.

But what do you do when your mattress gets dirty?

Vacuum it and clean it in place. Its not as thorough nor as simple as using a washing machine. Plus, dirt accumulates in the places that are hard to reach. And using cleaning stuff on your mattress is not the best, anyway. You risk ruining the fabric.

A mattress cover will save you plenty of time and effort, while keeping your mattress fresh. There are minor downsides to cover, though.


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