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Do They Still Make Mattresses You Can Flip

Do I Need To Rotate Or Flip My Mattress

How To Do A Front Flip (BOTH WAYS!)
How do I rotate my mattress?
How do I flip my mattress?

it’s always best to do a flip-and-rotate so that the mattress is used more evenly

Why do I need to rotate or flip my mattress?

This evens out the pressure on the mattress, which leads to a longer lifespan for your mattress

Which is better: rotating or flipping?
Beware: not all mattresses out there can be flipped

No need to flipNo flipping requiredWhen you are buying a mattress, you will get a longer lifespan out of a mattress which can be flipped

How often should I rotate and flip my mattress?

every six months

Your bed base plays a role in the wear and lifespan of your mattress

A good quality bed base will also help distribute the pressure of the mattress more evenly

How Often Should You Flip Or Rotate Your Mattress

When you buy a new mattress, following the best maintenance practices can ensure your mattress lasts a long time. Washing bedding weekly, vacuuming your mattress once every three months, and using

When you buy a new mattress, following the best maintenance practices can ensure your mattress lasts a long time. Washing bedding weekly, vacuuming your mattress once every three months, and using a mattress protector are general rules to maintain your new bed. Similarly, mattress flipping or rotating can extend the life of your mattress. But you cant flip or rotate all mattress models.

If your mattress is flippable, how often should you flip it? If its not dual-sided, how often should you rotate it? In this article, we discuss the difference between flipping and rotating, why should you flip or rotate, and how to do so.

Types Of Reversible Mattresses

An excellent option for a flippable is a natural latex foam mattress. These mattresses are known for being highly comfortable and durable. Natural latex mattresses are possibly the best flippable beds because of the resilient properties of latex foam. Natural latex foam gets its strength as more pressure is applied, and the mattresss depth. The base layers of natural latex mattresses are slightly firmer but not too hard to be uncomfortable, unlike polyurethane foam. A medium-firm base layer makes them great as reversible beds.

Flippable innerspring mattresses can be hard to find online these days, but you can get them on auction sites or at brick and mortar home furniture shop if youre a true fan of them. The best flippable innerspring mattress you can buy is a flippable hybrid mattress that utilizes some combination of latex foam or memory foam top and bottom layers along with a core of innerspring or pocketed coils.

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What Types Of Flippable Mattresses Are There

Not long ago, there was only one option when it came to two-sided mattresses: innerspring.

Today, there are a few more options you can choose from when looking for the best flippable mattresses for pressure point relief.

  • Natural latex
  • Innerspring
  • Hybrid

Latex for Lesss natural latex flippable mattress is unique, as most two-sided mattresses on the market are either memory foam, innerspring, or hybrids of the two. The all-natural latex mattress offers something special in that it is eco-friendly, dual-sided, and crafted with organic materials. It also arrives with a 120 night sleep trial.

Memory foam is another choice for two-sided mattresses. Those who are in the market for a firm mattress are likely familiar with this type of mattress, as conventional one-sided memory foam mattresses are known to be quite firm. However, you can find these mattresses with different firmness levels as well.

Innerspring two-sided mattresses are more old-school, and feature a spring core system with less motion isolation properties. But most innerspring mattresses on the market today are actually hybrids. Hybrid mattresses have an innerspring core for added support, but firm foam padding for body contouring.

Why Dont Tempurpedic Mattresses Need Flipping

Nectar Mattress

The reason why you dont have to flip or rotate a Tempurpedic mattress is because of its one-sided design and material composition. The manufacturers have designed the mattress with the idea that owners will only be sleeping on one side of it. Adding to that is a viscoelastic polyurethane foam material composition.

Viscoelastic polyurethane foam is known for its ability to slowly conform to objects placed on top of it. Once your body is on top of the mattress, you may feel it sink at first, but then the foam will gradually adjust to it and offer a comfortable fit.

Flipping or rotating may not be much of a concern with Tempurpedic mattresses, but there are still important things to know about its maintenance requirements. Ill tell you more about those important maintenance tips while also clueing you in to the other need-to-know facts about these particular mattresses.

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Are Both Sides Of A Mattress The Same

That all depends on the type of mattress you have.

For decades, the main mattress style was an innerspring mattress system that was designed from the core out. Since the mattress consisted mostly of an innerspring system surrounded by padding, both sides of the mattress were the same.

This meant that you could flip the mattress every three months to improve support and extend the lifespan of the mattress.

However, newer mattress types have sought to provide more comfort and support than these traditional styles by adding specific layers from the ground up, making each side different. As a result, some such mattresses are more comfortable but should not be flipped due to the precise layering involved.

You Shouldn’t Flip Your Mattress

Conventional wisdom goes out the window when it comes to foam mattresses.

Long before foam mattresses, flipping your innerspring bed was the norm. By flipping and rotating your mattress, you could extend the life of it and help it wear down evenly over time.

That wisdom doesn’t really work with today’s foam mattresses that come rolled up in a box to your front door. Many of these new mattresses have strategically placed layers of foam on only one side, so that side must always remain up.

But what are you supposed to do when your bed starts to sag, or wear down in the spot where you sleep? Keep reading.

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Buying A Mattress: Durability

People often ask how long a mattress will last. The industry and the Better Sleep Council have changed their recommendation from 8-10 years to replacing your mattress every 5-7 years. It’s difficult to say what is the more accurate guideline because the life of a mattress is influenced by several factors:

  • the quality of the materials used in the product
  • whether a mattress is padded on one side or two
  • the weight of the person sleeping on the mattress
  • whether the person is a side/back/stomach sleeper
  • how much the person moves while sleeping
  • whether a box spring is used and the type of box spring .

At The Original Mattress Factory, we primarily make two-sided mattresses. This gives you the option to flip your mattress, helping to extend the comfort life of your mattress by sharing the wear over two sides. We also use modules that bend and flex in our box springs to provide better shock absorption. These construction elements are designed to offer greater durability than what is commonly found in the marketplace today.

Sleep Soundly With Casper

Best Rated Two Sided Flippable Mattress (TOP 6 BEDS)

If youre still asking yourself how to make a memory foam mattress firmer after implementing the tips above, it might be time to invest in a new mattress. Over time, mattresses naturally begin to wear. A mattress thats been around for a decade will be significantly softer than when you first purchased it.

To that end, a quality mattress is about more than just a good nights rest.

The firmness of your bed protects your spinal health and prevents body aches, pain, and stiffness. Back and stomach sleepers especially need firmer mattresses to preserve their spinal alignment. Some studies have even shown firmer bedding reduces back pain, improves sleep quality, and reduces general stress.1

If you havent been able to make your mattress firmer, then youre in the right place. Here at Casper, weve got a mattress that upholds the firmness level youre looking for. Ready to give yourself the sleep support you deserve? Perfect. We are too.

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Sided Vs 2 Sided Mattress

One-sided mattresses are built from the ground up to provide ideal comfort at the surface. Two-sided mattresses are built from the core out, usually, an innerspring system surrounded by padding. So, both sides of the mattress are the same.

In 2007, most manufacturers shifted their production to one-sided mattresses. While some manufacturers still produce double-sided mattresses, they’re often sold at higher prices. They usually have to charge more due to lower demand.

There’s no significant difference between durability among the two types. One-sided mattresses allow manufacturers to build the mattress from the ground up to maximize its potential comfort.

They Are A Good Value

Because of their longer lifespan, flippable mattresses are an outstanding value. They will last for many years, which means you are getting your money’s worth. Although you might pay a little bit more initially than you would for a single-sided mattress, two-sided mattresses are a great investment over the long term.

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Mattress Height And Weight Considerations

Reversible beds can vary in height quite a bit. Some come in at about 10 or 11 inches, which is not too unusual for a somewhat thicker standard mattress. Others are much taller, at around 15 or 16 inches.

Make sure the height of your new bed will work with your existing frame. Shorter shoppers may prefer a lower profile mattress, as these can be less difficult to climb into. Heavier sleepers might opt for a thicker product, as these could offer enhanced support.

They Need More Maintenance

Las Vegas Hotel Mattresses and Where You Can Buy Them ...

Many owners of double-sided mattresses dont enjoy their longevity and slow-wearing benefits because they dont take care of them as required.

As I said, mattresses are heavy and cumbersome. I dont blame people for letting months and even years pass by without ever flipping the mattress.

Many people only flip when one side has sagged and is showing considerable wear. It does help a bit, but the damage is already done.

If you want your double-sided mattress to last long, either put the flipping dates on your calendar or coincide them with memorable events to ensure you dont forget.

If you live alone, you are disabled, or you are a senior, you might find it easier to ditch double-sided mattresses completely since you might be unable to flip it on your own.

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Why Should I Rotate My Mattress

First, lets clarify what we mean by rotate. When we talk about rotating a mattress, we mean moving the mattress 180 degrees, so the portion that was at the head of the bed is now at the foot of the bed.

As we mentioned up at the top, some mattresses needed to be rotated because it evens out the overall wear and prolongs the beds lifespan. It also helps keep the spine in neutral alignment, a crucial aspect of getting a good nights sleep and waking up pain-free.

Sleeping in the same spot every night, night after night will cause the bed to wear unevenly over time. This can also result in sagging, which will cause the spine to get out of alignment and could ultimately cause people to feel pain and potentially need to replace their mattress. By rotating it, people are giving one area a chance to recover and a fresher spot to take on new weight.

Rotating your mattress is one of the best ways to make your mattress last longer. Also, see our list of the best mattresses that wont sag.

In addition, if your mattress cannot be saved, check out our piece on mattress disposal.

Two Firmness Levels In One

A big catalyst in the return of flippable mattresses is the recent debut of multiple firmness levels in one mattress. Rather than providing one level of comfort, many companies now offer beds that might feel softer on one side and firmer on the other. As physical needs or position preferences change, shoppers need only to flip their mattress over to experience a different comfort option.

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Kensington Sounds Exactly Like What I Need Where Can I Buy It

If its Kensington king size double-sided mattress you need, there is literally only one place you can buy it, and thats at Mattress Makers in San Diego. We make it with great dedication and professionalism in order to ensure that we deliver the best quality mattresses to our customers. If youre a baseball enthusiast, it takes a well-rested person to cheer loud at Petco Park, so stop by our store and let us help you choose the mattress of your dreams!

Are There Any Mattresses That Can Be Flipped

Frequently Asked Questions about Boxsprings

Most mattresses sold today are one-sided and should never be flipped over. This is because they are usually feature base layers made of dense foam and, in some cases, steel springs using these surfaces for sleep can lead to aches, pains, and pressure points.

Beside this, what mattress can you flip?

Best Rated Two Sided Flippable Mattress

  • Memory Foam Mattress Layla Sleep.
  • Two Sided Foam Bed Nolah Signature.
  • Affordable Luxury Nest Alexander.
  • Best Flippable Innerspring Mattress IDLE Hybrid.
  • Amazon Favorite Nest Flip.

Beside above, do mattresses need to be flipped? You should only everflip your mattress if the manufacturer states that it is a double-sided mattress. Double-sided mattresses need to be flipped at least twice a year and rotated every three months. Rotate your mattress 90 degrees.

Also asked, do they still make double sided mattresses?

So, both sides of the mattress are the same. In 2007, most manufacturers shifted their production to one-sided mattresses. While some manufacturers still produce doublesided mattresses, they‘re often sold at higher prices.

Why don’t they make Flippable mattresses anymore?

If users chose not to flip the mattress regularly, the pressure from the weight of a human body could put too much regular pressure on some of the mattress springs and cause the mattress to sag over time. People could increase the lifespan of their mattress by flipping it or rotating the mattress regularly.

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Plan Out Rotations For The Year In Advance

People should use a phone, laptop or a printed calendar to remind themselves to periodically rotate their mattresses through the year. Some mattress brands may recommend every three months, in which case they could use the beginning/end of a business quarter to rotate. The Fourth of July holiday is a great halfway point to rotate the bed as well. And its never a bad idea to start the new year out sleeping on a fresh side of the bed, either.

Where To Buy Double

When it comes to finding a place to buy a double-sided mattress, its important that you find a trusted provider. There are still some manufacturers out there and you could find them easily if you Google for a bit.

However, before actually buying one, you need to find out which flippable mattress is the best on the market. The competition is fierce, but there is only one double-sided sleeping king on the throne, and its the Kensington.

Kensington comes in three varieties firm, medium, and plush, so you can choose one depending on how firm you like your mattress to be. It features edge-to-edge coils that are individually wrapped, but is still mostly made in a traditional way, assuring good quality and longevity. If you want to turn flippable, there is no better option out there.

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Can You Flip A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are very unlikely to be flippable unless the manufacturer clearly states otherwise.

This is because all-foam, memory foam mattresses are topped by several low density foam layers that adjust to your body shape to increase comfort.

However, in order to stop you from sinking too far into the materials, a higher density foam layer and mid density transition layer take up around 60% or more of the mattress from the base up.

So flipping this type of memory foam mattress over would crush the sensitive comfort layers and cause you to sleep on the more uncomfortable support core.

They Offer More Comfort And Support Options

How To Clean A Mattress: Steps to Remove Mattress Stains ...

Since manufacturers must use high-quality materials on both the mattress’s sides, flippable mattresses are usually more comfortable than single-sided mattresses.

Flippable mattresses are particularly great at contouring, and are beneficial to side, back, and stomach sleepers. They easily mold to your body and relieve pressure on your:

  • Back
  • Hips
  • Shoulders

Additionally, some two-sided mattresses have a unique firmness on each side. This can be a positive for people who like switching up how firm their sleeping surface is every once in a while. However, for those who like to sleep on a consistently firm surface, changing from one firm side to another might be slightly bothersome.

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Choosing Your Firmness Level

Do you know how you prefer to sleep? Do you prefer to mix it up at night?

Side sleepers often prefer softer beds as these are designed to relieve pressure build-up in the shoulders and hips as they burrow into the bed. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, usually require a firm mattress that prevents their hips from sinking below the rest of the body, which could cause improper spinal alignment. Back and combination sleepers may vary by preference.

Determine which sort of firmness level fits your needs before making your purchase.

Need help? Check out our ultimate mattress firmness guide here.


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