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How To Throw Away A Mattress

Break The Mattress Down Yourself

How to Dispose of a Mattress – Get Rid of your Old Mattress!

If you have the time, space, and tools, you can easily break a mattress down yourself. Simply cut around the perimeter of the fabric covering and peel the cloth and foam away from the box springs and wooden frame. You can roll these materials into a compact bundle and put them in your regular trash can. Next, take a saw and cut up the framewhich you can then burn or turn into wood chips. Take the box springs to a recycling center or sell them for scrap.

Given that mattresses can be so difficult to dispose of effectively, you may want to factor durability into your purchasing decisions. Some mattresses come with warranties that range up to 20 years. With proper maintenance, its not impossible for mattresses to last for decades, which can go a long way toward reducing your households overall waste footprint.

B Sell Can I Sell My Mattress And How Much For

You can sell your mattress on websites such as Gumtree and . Prices vary according to the condition, size and age of the mattress but most sell for between £15 and £50. In practice, nobody wants a stained or torn mattress, so only consider this option if yours is in great condition. Also, if yours has reached the end of its life and become uncomfortable with springs sticking out or sagging in places it shouldnt, then someone else isnt going to want to have it.

How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Mattress

While you should inspect your mattress after around 7 years of use to make sure it is still in good condition, Business Insider advises taking these steps to extend the life of your mattress.

Use a mattress protector: This protects your mattress from dirt and stains. It also provides a barrier between your mattress, making it less likely for bugs to burrow inside of it.

Continually rotate your mattress: You should be rotating your mattress every 3 to 6 months. This prevents premature sagging and can even out the natural wear and tear your mattress will endure from everyday use.

Vacuum: You should vacuum regularly to ensure that your mattress is clean. A mattress free of dirt and crumbs is more sanitary and will last longer than one covered in grime.

Wrap when transporting: On the off chance you have to travel with your mattress, you should cover it with plastic wrapping. You do not want to expose your mattress to contaminants on the way to its final destination.

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Mattress Recycling Service And Junk Removal

Mattress removal service is available in most cities. People get rid of their old mattresses every single day. Because mattress disposal is a common problem, there are actual service companies that will take care of your old mattress for you. A mattress recycling service will charge you, most places charge between $50 and $150 for removal, but they will safely dispose of your mattress and box spring. A mattress removal service is also helpful if you dont have a way to transport your mattress to a recycling center. If you dont have other options, paying to get rid of your mattress is an excellent idea.

How To Cut Up A Foam Mattress In Your Home

3 Ways to Throw Away a Mattress

Cutting up a foam mattress can be a messy task. You may end up getting some of the foam stuck under your nails. To avoid this problem, cover your hands with plastic gloves while cutting up the mattress.

You can also wear rubber gloves when cutting up a foam mattress. These gloves are made from latex material. Rubber gloves are better than cotton ones because they prevent dirt particles from entering your skin.

It is important to wear safety goggles when cutting up a foam mattress. The foam pieces can splatter all over your face. You can also buy foam mattresses with built-in safety features. These mattresses are designed to protect you from inhaling dangerous fumes.

Foam mattresses are not very durable. Once they become damaged, they no longer provide good support. If you notice that your mattress has tears or holes, it is probably time to replace it.

There are many different types of foam mattresses available today. However, most people prefer memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are great for back pain sufferers. They help reduce stress on your spine by providing a comfortable surface.

Memory foam mattresses come in various sizes. There are even models which fold flat for easy storage. You can store them inside closets or drawers.

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How To Get Rid Of A Mattress

You might be surprised by how many different ways you can dispose of your mattress. There are at least 10 different options, but some of them are expensive, environmentally damaging and even illegal, so picking the best way to get rid of your mattress can be difficult.


Based on a survey of 1,098 Which? members conducted in March 2021.

Where Can I Throw Away A Mattress

Are you worried about Where can I throw away a mattress? That was a past. We have come up with a solution where you can Earn Money by selling your old mattress.

Nearly 18.2 million mattresses are thrown away in the United States each year, with over 50,000 mattresses ending up in landfills each day. It is important that mattress owners dispose of their mattresses properly to reduce waste.

Generally, you should replace your mattress every ten years. This number will differ for each person based on the kind of mattress they have. Depending on how often you use your mattress and how well you take care of it, you may need to replace it.

Do you know how to dispose of a mattress properly? It doesnt do any good to leave it on the curb, and taking it to the city dump can be stressful. A bed thats not disposed of properly can lead to some hefty fines, so make sure you conduct some research first.

Following are the ways to Dispose your Mattress:

  • Recycle it
  • Resell it or Give it Away
  • Crafting or Upcyling

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Option : Repurpose It

If you love to DIY, break down the mattress and box springs yourself. Mattresses contain a variety of useful materials including steel, polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex foam, natural fibers, wooden parts, nails, screws, and much more. You can use the materials for a variety of purposes including:

  • Recycling the parts: Remove the steel parts and springs from your mattress and sell them to local scrap yards and scrap metal recyclers in your area. If your mattress includes cotton, wool, silk, polyester, or rayon, those materials can be recycled as well.
  • Home projects: The foams and cotton in your old mattress can be used for several things around your home. They can be shredded and used as carpet padding, insulation, filters, seat cushions, pet bedding, pillows, and more.
  • Gardening: Break down the wooden parts of your mattress and use them for gardening. When shredded, the wood works great for lawn mulch. You can also use the wooden slats to create a compost bin.
  • Arts and crafts: The fabric that covers your mattress can make a great DIY rug and memory foam padding can be cut into small sizes and used as cleaning sponges. There are also screws and nails in your mattress that can be used for arts and crafts.
  • : The coils and springs of your mattress can be melted down and made into various objects such as plant and candle holders, ornaments, bird feeders, and much more.

When in doubt, check out for even more ways you can repurpose your old mattress.

Recycling Mattresses With Bedbugs


Mattresses with bedbugs can be recycled at the transfer station and landfilldepending on the level of contaminationfor the mattress recycling fee.

Prepare a mattress with bedbugs for safe transport, handling, and recycling.

  • Wrap it in a plastic mattress bag or plastic sheeting .
  • Seal it.
  • Label it contains bedbugs.
  • Learn about controlling bedbugs External website, opens in new tab in a Vancouver Coastal Health guide.

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    How To Figure Out When It’s Time For A New Mattress

    Before you plan how to get rid of your mattress, you should consider whether you actually need to dispose of it.

    Generally, people get rid of mattresses when they purchase a new one. Here are a few signs that it may be time to buy a new mattress:

    • Sagging: If your mattress has begun sagging in the middle, it can no longer provide adequate support. Buying a new one can save you the back pain that may occur when sleeping on an unsupportive mattress.
    • Discoloration: Mattresses typically change color slightly over time due to the oxidation of the outer cover. However, if your mattress is excessively discolored, it may be time for a new one.
    • Allergies: Innerspring mattresses accumulate dust, dirt, skin cells, hair, and other allergens over time. If you’ve begun experiencing allergies in the mornings, it could be time to replace your mattress with a fresh, allergen-free one.

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    What Parts Of A Mattress Can Be Recycled

    There are many parts of a mattress that can be recycled. Steel springs, wood frames, stuffing, and fabric are all contained in a mattress and can be recycled and reused in different ways.

    However, mattresses are too big to be left out for pickup with your regular recycling. Youll need to find a facility that specializes in mattress recycling and transport it there on your own.

    If you want to make sure all parts of your old mattress are recycled properly without the need to lift a finger, then our friendly and professional crew at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the solution for you!

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    How To Throw An Old Mattress Away

    If your mattress gets worn out and loses the original comfort, its time you throw it away. Beyond that, it may fail to support your body which can affect your sleep quality. But this is not just about putting it in curb as most cities have rules and regulations.

    Mattresses dont belong to the middle of a field, the bottom of a lake, or even the side of the road. To ensure you give your mattress a good send-off, you should look at the disposal options around you. Here is a detailed guide on how to throw mattress away.

    How Casper Can Help

    3 Ways to Throw Away a Mattress

    One of the best things about Casper mattresses is that our limited warranty covers the full 10 years. So, youre guaranteed to have restful sleep for a full decade. We believe that improving the way the world sleeps also means improving our impact on the environment. Thats why we created a bedding recycling program called Resnooze & Recycle. If youre looking to get rid of your old bedding, all you have to do is follow three simple steps:

  • Bring in your old bedding to a participating Casper sleep shop.
  • Well give the sheets a second life.
  • Well offer you a discount on new Casper bedding.
  • Its a win, win. If youre looking to buy a new mattress, Casper mattresses are specifically designed to last long-term, with comfort in mind.

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    Ghostbed Is The Best Mattress For Heavy People

    If youre a heavy sleeper, then Ghostbed may be right for you. This bed was created to support heavier weights with ease in fact, its guaranteed not to droop up until 2025! You can rest assured that youll have a fantastic nights sleep with Ghostbed.

    Ghostbed is the very best bed mattress for those on a budget plan

    While a lot of bed mattress are incredibly costly, Ghostbed offers an extraordinary worth at a cost point anyone can afford! It was even called as one of PC Mags leading 20 mattresses under $1000! You can get an excellent nights sleep without having to break the bank with Ghostbed.

    Return The Mattress To The Manufacturer

    If youre purchasing a new mattress to replace the one you want to get rid of, ask the retailer if you can take your old one and return it to the manufacturer. With an estimated 50,000 mattresses being disposed of each day in the United States, many manufacturers are taking on the task of mattress recycling themselves.

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    Put It In A Skip Are Mattresses Allowed In Skips

    If you just have a mattress to dispose of, this option isnt worth it. But if you already have a skip on your property for some other reason then a skip is worth considering. Bear in mind though that skip companies normally charge extra for a mattress and some prohibit you from putting them in the skip altogether so its best to double-check with the skip hire company before you use it.

    For more general guidance on skips, check out our skip hire guide.

    How Much Does Mattress Removal Cost

    How to throw away old mattress Part 1.

    Mattress removal costs can range from $10 up to $700, depending on the number and size of the mattresses youâre getting rid of, as well as the service you choose and your location.

    The average cost of a junk hauling service is $297, which usually covers 9 cubic yards, or 3 pickup truck loads, of junk.

    If you are getting rid of multiple mattresses as well as other household junk, a dumpster rental will be the most economical option. The average cost of a 20 yard dumpster rental is $447, which includes more than double that amount of debris and can fit multiple mattresses and box springs.

    When you rent a dumpster for mattress and box spring disposal, you can choose a container size that fits the amount of trash you have. And you can keep your dumpster on-site until youâve finished cleaning up, making it the timelier and more efficient disposal option.

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    Can You Take A Mattress To The Dump

    If you have explored these other options, and cannot find anywhere to accept your mattress, you may be wondering how to get rid of your mattress. Avoid dumping or burning your mattress. Obviously, taking your mattress to the dump should be avoided if possible, but if you live in a very rural area or it is very bad shape this may be your only option. This is still a better option than burning it or dumping it somewhere that is not a designated dump or landfill. You should be especially careful about burning or illegally dumping your mattress. Dumping is illegal if you choose to dump your mattress on the side of the road or in someone elses dumpster, you could be fined. Burning a mattress can be extremely dangerous. If you burn a mattress, you are putting your own health and safety at risk. Burning a mattress also releases harmful toxins in the air that cause damage to the environment.

    Mattress Disposal Service By Naturenite

    Naturenite provides old mattress disposal service for all Naturenite customers. We will pick your old mattress up on the day your brand new Naturenite mattress is delivered to your home. This service are only available for all Naturenite mattress purchased customer. For the time being, our old mattress disposal service is only available within KL/Klang Valley. An additional small fee of RM150 per location will be charge for this service. All this fee will go to the driver for the disposal service.

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    Do I Have To Throw Away My Mattress Due To Bed Bugs

    Throwing away your mattress may be a bad idea. Heres why:

    • Mattresses are expensive. Throwing one away and getting a new one isnt always an option.
    • To throw away the mattress, you would have to pick it up and drag it outside. Doing so could spread bed bugs around your home, or give them to your neighbors.
    • Bed bugs dont only live in your mattress. They can live in furniture, wall cracks, and floorboard cracks. You would still have bed bugs after youre done.
    • Because there are still bed bugs in your room, buying a replacement mattress because of bed bugs would be a bad idea. The new mattress would become infested.

    Its understandable if you dont want to sleep on an infested mattress. Bed bugs cause sleeping problems because they bite you, and because they play on your mind.

    Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

    3 Ways to Throw Away a Mattress

    Bed bug infestations are incredibly common, and while they can be quite troublesome and inconvenient, theyre entirely treatable. Your home is not doomed forever. Bed bugs are very good hitch-hikers, and can invade your home in luggage, packed goods, etc. If you notice signs of an infestation, call a professional pest control service right away. If left untreated, the number of bugs will multiply quickly, making them even more challenging to get rid of. These insects are cryptic, very good at hiding, and are known to be tough, resistant and hardy. Because of this, many times the best treatment method of a home for bed bugs is fumigation. The fumigant will control the bed bugs, even in the hard to reach places. In an apartment or condo where fumigation may not be feasible, conventional liquid treatment to the room and adjacent rooms may be an option. Because treatment can be so burdensome, early detection and treatment at the first signs of activity is very important. It is very important to consult a professional pest control company when dealing with bed bugs, because these bugs are known for reinfesting. This is not an infestation a homeowner should try to treat on their own.

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